Statement Of Det/Cst Lori Shenher

Regarding DCC LePardís Report

On The Missing Women

Presented Here By

Bonnie M. Wells

I want to take this opportunity to commend DCC LePard for his most thorough, accurate, sensitive and fair investigation into the Vancouver Police Departmentís handling of the Missing Women case.

This report should stand as the definitive VPD account of this file. As an investigation, DCC LePardís work stands above any judicial inquiry or review I have ever read in its scope, depth and intellect. As a teaching document, this report should be required reading for every police investigator, supervisor and manager in the Province of British Columbia. The recommendations he makes will go a long way to ensuring the errors in this file are never repeated.

This case remains nothing short of a monumental tragedy and marks a very dark chapter in the history of British Columbia. Whatever minute measure of personal vindication I may feel will always be grossly overshadowed by a deep, lingering sadness for the pain and suffering these women endured both in their challenging lives and in their lonely, gruesome deaths. I must stress that there are no heroes in this case and everyone associated with it carries with them a measure of sorrow for what these women and their families and friends have gone through.

It is my profound hope that the facts put forward in this report will provide the families and friends of these women some answers. I feel fortunate to see this day come and believe that the release of this report is very much in the public interest. What these women and their associates have endured is horrific and their pain is unending. It is my continued hope that they can find some peace and meaning in their struggle.


Det/Cst Lori Shenher


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