Pure Coincidence

Book Series

Written By:

Bonnie M. Wells

Books 13 - 18

Book Number Thirteen:

"Many Arrows"

Table of Contents

And The Hail Flew

Telgram - Ohio

Many Arrows

The New Daughter

The Breaking & Entering w/Forgery!

Blow The Green Judge Down

The Torn Teddy

The Double "L" Killer

Pages From The Past

All The Martin's Aren't Purple

Letters To Winstanley


All The Martin's Aren't Purple

Book Number Fourteen:

"All Tricks and No Treat"

Table of Contents

A Snake On A Rock In The Sun

Memories Of Chi

Those Crazy Days Of Summer

Stinky Poo

Stinky Too

By Hook Or Crook?

The Tricks Continue

The Fishing Pole

The Seven-Tenths Report

Civitan/Middleton Action Report

The Electric Games


By Hook Or Crook?

The Tricks Continue

Books Number Fifteen-a & Fifteen-b

"The White Wolf"

"The White Wolf II"

Table of Contents

Iceland Escapade

The 357 report

The Past And Present Mingle

Composite Drawings of Pony Express Robber & Purse Snatcher

The Horse Issue

Hay's All In .... Barn Burns

Chariots Of Fire - To The Castle

Fire on Vanderhoof Road

The White Wolf [Vision & Action Report]

The White Wolves Return

The Star Fish

The Fish, The Cross & The Shepherd

White Anchor In The Sky

Letters To The Castle

Before And Until Lisa

The Rusty Nails [The Rusty Nails Dream Interpretation]

If I Had A Hammer

'Tis The Season


Isaac * I Zeek

Paw Prints


Hay's All In

Judy, Strikes 1, 2 & 3

Re-Bock - Judy, Strike Three

Isaac * I Zeek

Lisa & The Rusty Nails


Book Number Sixteen:

"Letters Of Scarlet"

Table of Contents

The Golden Stars [Law enforcement poem ]

Dick Did It [Dream, interpretation & action]

Letters To The Editor: [Flippo murder]

Editor: Parkersburg News / Parkersburg, WV.

Editor: Marietta Times / Marietta, Ohio

Editor: Huntington & Charleston, WV

Mama's Concerns

The Flippin' Fish

The Cheryl Flippo Murder Case

Mama's Concerns

Re-Bock / Catch 22 Series Report Number 23:

"Another friend, another fire, same old flame!"

Fighting Wild Bill

Old McDonald Had A Farm / Catch 22 Series Report Number 24

Here A Quack-Quack, There A Quack-Quack [Mark Drake's death ]

They Called Her Marty [ Leslie Marty murder case, Parkersburg, West Virginia.]

Coming Or Going?

Of Killers & Thieves

It's A Fire

Confusing Times

Of Liars & Thieves

Bonnie & Clyde!....AGAIN?

Never Fear ... Nobody's Here


The Flippin' Fish {8 pages}

Mark Drake


Book Number Seventeen:

"A Hill Of Roses & Thorns"

Table of Contents

The Morgan

Every Rose Has Its Thorns

Dudley Do Right

The Symbolic Murders & Duplications Begin

Symbolic Murders & Duplications Continue - Un-Noticed

Know Thy Predator

Letter To The Chief

The Balding Man



The Duplications Begin

The Duplications Continue - Un-Noticed

The Balding Man


The Symbolic Cases

Book Number 18

"The Trials And Tribulations

Of A Trooper"

[Four Vol. Set]

Book Number 18-A:

"The Early Warnings"

Table of Contents

The Packer

The Vampire

Ask For Jenifer

517 & The Pond

Looking For Triple Play

Early Warning To A Sheriff

Consider The Clues

On The Lee Side

To Bobby, With Love

The 506 Warning

Reminders From The Past

Tracking A Triple Play:

Twenty Three Days And Counting

The Gray Snake On A Raft

Gloria (Part One)

Ten Days And Counting

Midnight Messages

1. The Cowboy's Wedding

2. The Broomstick

3. The Brown Snake

The Tanning Salon

The Bobby Paper

Book Number Eighteen-B:

"After The Arrest Of A Trooper"

Table of Contents

The Ladies

The Ladies

Aaa Mon

Things Not So Ducky On Lee Street

Yellow Jackets Galore

The 357 Report

The Twenty-Eight Report

The Seven-Tenth's Report

The Comforter

Answers Without Questions

The Golden Nugget

The Early Clues

The Dummy In A Cage

Gloria / Part Two

The Tricks Continue After The Arrest Of A Trooper

Book Number Eighteen-C

"The Trial Of A Trooper"

Table of Contents

For The Glory [Parts 3 & 4 of the Gloria series]

The Investigative Reporter

See You In Court

The Dream Seeker

The Purse Packin', Shovel Totin' Trooper!

The Access Road

Little Hocking

Nothing Matched

A Badge Of Betrayal

Book Number Eighteen-D:

"The Tribulations Of A Trooper"

Table of Contents

In-Laws, Out-Laws, And Ex-Laws

Searches But No Seizures

In Their Own Words

New Suits, No Suits & Law Suits

Gossip In A Small Town

Facing The Facts - Some Dreams Don't Come True

The Truth, The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth

The Dream Seeker [Maps, pictures & court room Testimony In McCrady Trial]

"The Terrycloth Blanket Dream"

"Rudolph - The Re-incarnated Dear"


Midnight Messages

The Bobby Paper

The Comforter

The Clues

The Clues Versus The Case

The Dream Seeker, page 1

The Dream Seeker, page 2

The Dream Seeker, page 3

The Dream Seeker, page 4

The Access Road

Access Road Photos page #1

Access Road Photos page #2

Little Hocking

Nothing Matched

The Purse Packin', Shovel Totin' Trooper

Gloria / part one

Gloria / part two

Gloria / part three

Gloria / part four

Gloria / part 5, page 1

Gloria / part 5, page 2

Gloria / part 5, page 3

Gloria / part 5, page 4

Gloria / part 5, page 5

Gloria / part 5, page 6

And What A 'Book' It Is!


A Badge Of Betrayal

The Real Dummy / with 2006 update

Vibrational Patterns

Rudolph - The Reincarnated Dear!

Massachusett's Graves

What Did They Say?

Bodies In Blankets

The Terry Cloth Blanket

The Candlelight Vigil

9-19-06 Another Anniversary; Another Coincidence

Jack & Jill

Dave Garvey's Complete Testimony In The McCrady Trial // Four Pages

Dave Garvey's Interview With Jackie McCrady // Two Pages

Dr. Joshua Perper's Testimony / Direct Examination

Dr. Perper / Cross Examination

Dr. William Bass Testimony & Cross Examination

Closing Arguments; McCrady Case

Response Page For Book #18

Bonnie M. Wells

Pure Coincidence Books Page Three



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