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Bonnie M. Wells


The *Pure Coincidence portions of this web site are not designed as "entertainment" and are "not" suitable for children, as they deal with rape, murder, stalking, domestic violence, arson and other criminal and/or immoral behaviors.


Old Eastern proverb:

"The quest for truth can have a sweet ending,

only after one has faced the bitter beginning."

Coincidence Spatter Analysis

By Vance Holmes

"One suspicious death, does not a pattern make;

It's impossible, from a single fall, to say it's real or fake;

But a second fatal event is a wholly different matter,

It allows for an inspection of the coincidental spatter.

Some large and obvious similarities, may reveal a single source,

And the smaller the coincidences -- the greater was the force.

Look for tiny dual details, dots in odd and angled degrees,

And the cast off stains of haunted lives that appear in twos and threes.

From guilty smears and transfer stains of similar shape and size,

Two homicides will converge, in a string of deadly lies --

Tying together twin details from remote and distant times,

To a point of common origin, the perpetrator of both crimes."


Bonnie M. Wells



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