The Disappearance Of

Rachel Cooke


Bonnie M. Wells



Georgetown, Texas 2002:

Rachel Cooke was born on May 10th, 1982 in Dallas, Texas, to Robert and Janet Cooke.

She developed into a beautiful young lady of 5' 2', 110 pounds with hazel colored eyes, and blond hair with auburn streaks.

At Christmas time in 2001 Rachel came home from college to spend the holidays with her family, and could be seen jogging in their Georgetown, Texas neighborhood almost every day.

On the morning of January 10th, 2002, Rachel dressed in a gray t-shirt, a green sports bra, gray shorts, and white tennis shoes, slipped her bright yellow portable radio with headphones on, and went for her usual jog around the neighborhood.

Rachel didn't return from her jog and there has been no word from her or of her since approximately 11:30 a.m. that fateful day in 2002.

Rachel had no "known enemies," and her loving, gentle, carefree personality made her a hit with everyone she met. And yet, everyone agrees, somebody abducted Rachel Cooke .... but who? That question continues to haunt her family and friends.

Rachel has pierced ears and a pierced naval. Both ears have multiple piercings with one ear having an upper piercing in the cartilage. She has a tattoo of two heart-shaped cherries on her left shoulder and a black star on her left foot.


Authorities ask that individuals with information concerning this case take no action themselves, but instead immediately contact the nearest FBI Office or the Williamson County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) at (512) 943-1300 or (512) 943-1396.

For any possible sighting outside the United States, contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate.

Texas Department of Public Safety

Special Crimes Service

Missing Persons Clearinghouse

PO Box 4087

Austin, Texas 78773-0422

Phone: (512) 424-5074

Fax: (512) 424-2885

Helpline: 1-800-346-3243


Psychic-Dream Work On Rachel's Case:

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Dream Interpreter & Identifier: Bonnie M. Wells

Dream Title: The Cook-Out

Note: At the time I had the following dream, I knew nothing of Rachel's case. Only after I learned of her case could I understand where the dream belonged:


I was in an unknown location, and recognized none of the people, buildings or terrain in the dream:

There was a very large, old, two or three story building in the dream, which I thought was an apartment complex, but which could have been a college dorm or other such type housing unit.

I feel I was facing westward in my dream, since the building was located behind me and to my right.

In front of me, and off to my left were some people who were having a cook-out. I recall seeing a man wearing white, knee length shorts and a pull over shirt of pale blue or green. There were other people at the wooden pick-nick table that was situated beneath a large shade tree.

I remember seeing a woman and possibly a couple of children who were around 9 or 10 years of age.

There was a girl who lived in the apartment building, but I never saw her. I just know she lived on an upper floor and that she was either in her late teens or early twenties.

While watching the activities, a man approached me and began talking about another man who lived in the building.

The man I spoke with had a mental problem that became apparent as we talked.

The name Bob was mentioned by this man and he informed me that "the girl who lived there was afraid of Bob."

He wanted to know if I thought Bob would hurt or kill the girl.

I could see that the man was not very stable and I tried to calm his fears by telling him that "we would watch Bob closely, and if he went near the girl or tried to harm her" we would call the cops immediately and they would come and get him.

The man said ...."I think we should go ahead and call them because I'm afraid of him too.

End of Dream:




I have two living brothers. One's name is Robert, we call him Bob. Bob's birthday is January 10th.

No, don't jump to any conclusions. Bob didn't drive all the way to Texas and kidnap Rachel Cooke!

He might be a little on the wacky side, but he's not that bad off!

Rachel's father's name is also Robert, and no, he didn't do anything to his daughter either. Neither of these "Bob's" are responsible for Rachel's disappearance.

I believe my brother Bob's birthday was an "identifier," so I would recognize the case when it came to me. Rachel disappeared on his birthday:

If I face westward. I face Texas. Behind me is the east coast region of our country.

It is very difficult to try to work this dream without giving too many details.

All I can say at this time is that I believe the dream contains several "vital clues" to the identity and whereabouts of Rachel Cooke's abductor .....

I believe the term "brothers," is very important, although it does not appear in the dream, but has been shown in connection to the date Rachel disappeared.

The east coast area is very important, as is a mentally ill man :

Since there are {in reality} two Bob's and since we have seen January 10th shown twice .... perhaps the term "twins" should be examined very closely, while considering both "eastern and western" areas of the United States. Perhaps such an investigation would reveal twin brothers .... one of which is in the east coast area, and who may be incarcerated in a mental facility for crimes that he committed, while his west coast twin brother, whom he is afraid of himself, may in fact roam at will and perhaps be as much a killer as his east coast twin. In fact he may have the same "mental problems" his brother has, but being the dominant of the twins, it is not as obvious. Perhaps even being employed as a security guard in some facility which is located near where Rachel disappeared from.

A large building where people are watched closely is a vital clue:

The property on which I live, and on which I had this dream was purchased from a woman named "Rachel," while the "Cook -out" in the dream was to identify the last name of the victim and her family:

Sometimes dreams reveal details of multiple cases. It is possible that the above dream was directing my attention to Rachel Cook's disappearance in order to show one or more other unsolved disappearances. This can be revealed only in God's time, not man's. If and/or when further details emerge, or new information is granted to me, I will share it with my readers:

SPECIAL NOTE: When in high school, my sister had a very close friend by the name of Stacy Cook:


Rachel Cooke Response Page


New Developments

July 1, 2011:

Rachel Cooke remains missing as I return to this page some eight and a half years after her disappearance.

I guess with so many other cases since Rachel's disappearance, it's been quite awhile since I visited this page, but I did promise to come back to it should there be further developments which I felt involved this case. That time has come.

I ended the original page with - " When in high school, my sister had a very close friend by the name of Stacy Cook:" and I said - "Since there are {in reality} two Bob's and since we have seen January 10th shown twice .... perhaps the term "twins" should be examined very closely."

Today I believe I was right.

Back when I worked Rachel's case I did not know that my suspect in several other 'local' cases was also traveling to such distant places as Texas, Wyoming, etc. I found that out much later.

When I worked Rachel's case and mentioned Stacy Cook I did know that my suspect had been stalking my sister when she was still in school and had been a friend of Stacy Cook's and had often gone to Stacy's home, which was located only a short distance from my suspects home. The problem was, I didn't meet my suspect and become suspicious of him until 1990, which was several years after he'd apparently been watching my sister and her friend.

The idea that he was 'duplicating' or 'symbolically killing' people from his past would not occur to me for several more years. By then I was waist deep in missing and murdered person cases. Still, I would not seriously consider Rachel Cooke as a possible victim of my suspect until just recently.

My suspect has a brother named Bob, just as I do. He has used his brother's name on more than one occasion when introducing himself to women. He's also introduced himself as other members of his own family.

Twins would not become an issue though until sometime in the mid 1990's and to this day I'm not exactly sure when it did become an issue but I think it had something to do with two twin girls who were commonly referred to as "The Belpre Twins." I know that he was following the girls and watching them a lot. Other than that I don't know that he ever did anything to them --- or that he didn't for that matter.

By the time Jenifer McCrady was murdered in 1996, I saw the 'twin' thing but I really thought Jenifer's murder dealt more with the 'sister and cop' issue that my suspect had. Perhaps I was wrong. Perhaps Jenifer was the real beginning of the 'twin' syndrome, which continues to this day.

As I mentioned my suspect has two brothers. The youngest had three children when I was friends with my suspect. Two of the kids were girls. The oldest was Rachel and the youngest was Lauren.

I saw my daughter 'symbolically' murdered off in 1998. It began with the June 3rd murder of Emily Christine Ullman in Louisiana, and continued on until her entire name had been murdered.

For now, I want to concentrate on Rachel and show how I believe she was a warning of things to come.... as were the words - twins, brother and even birthday.

By 1998 my suspect was living with a woman who had a set of twins whose birthday is June 3rd, and that really was the beginning of the 'Twin Nightmare,' which continues to this day.

For several years it seemed the victims were people who had the same first or last name as someone in my family. Those cases are documented on this web site and can be found on my 'Symbolic Cases' page, so I won't go into detail on this page. However, in recent years I have noticed the victims have names from my suspects family, or from the name pool of women he's dated, married or lived with. The same was true of the dates of the disappearances and murders .... first they all pertained to me or my friends or family, now some are dates important to people in his life, although he hasn't completely given up on me and mine.... especially the Martin portion! This should be a red flag to law enforcement, but so far it hasn't captured anyones attention, interest, or concern. Maybe some day it will.

The last two female victims who I believe fit into the pattern of my suspect have strongly resembled Rachel Cooke. I am going to place their photos side by side on this page so that others might see why I am so convinced that we must surely be looking for a serial killer instead of a dozen 'one time strikers,' as so many in law enforcement seem to want everyone to believe.

The names, dates, times, places all seem to run together eventually until it is difficult to determine exactly which case a person is looking at. It has been a real challenge for me since I have had no official training -- which at one time bothered me, but in more recent times I have been thankful for because I have not been blinded by indoctrination and training. Therefore, I simply see that which is tossed in front of me, and although I admit there has to be a few coincidences when one is working homicides that span a dozen states and twenty or more years, I just cannot believe there can be as many coincidences as I have uncovered. Some of this has to be clues to approaching cases and hints of answers from past cases.


Rachel Cooke Holly Bobo Lauren Spierer

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