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Regina Renee Cox

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Regina Renee Cox

Missing Since: August 23, 1997 from Somerset, Kentucky

Classification: Endangered Missing

Date Of Birth: July 10, 1979

Age: 18 years old

Height and Weight: 5'2, 110 - 115 pounds

Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair, green eyes. Cox has scars on her right elbow and on her right wrist. Her ears are pierced. Cox's nickname is Reggie.

Clothing Description: A tie-dyed shirt, jeans and black sandals.

Cox's family believes that she was taken against her will. Her case remains unsolved. Cox joined the United States Marines prior to her disappearance and was scheduled to report to the Great Lakes Recruit Training Center in Illinois on September 9, 1997.

Cox was born in Hamilton County, Ohio. Regina was last seen leaving the parking lot of the Armed Services Recruiting Station in Somerset, Kentucky about 11:30 AM on August 23, 1997. She was driving a white Chevrolet Cavalier and it was later found at the Wal-Mart parking lot in Somerset approximately 1 mile from the recruiting station at about 5:30 AM on August 24, 1997. Inside her locked car, her mother found her purse, drivers license, money and other personal items. All that was missing were her car keys. She was last seen wearing a tie dyed T-shirt, blue jeans, and sandals.

SPECIAL NOTE: Both of the names 'Regina' and 'Renee/Renay' hold "special meaning" for Wild Bill.


January 4, 2009: I have received information from Regina's father, Steve Cox, that Regina did not join the 'Marines' as reported above, but had in fact joined the Navy.

Something Else Of Possible Interest:

"Unlike Hollywood's Hannibal Lecter or the real-life Ted Bundy, not all serial killers present an easy-to-spot profile ripe with rituals, methods and arcane messages. Many remain unnoticed for years because their crimes show little or no common link."

Ahh, but some serial killers are- "ripe with rituals, methods and arcane messages." Some do NOT "remain unnoticed for years because their crimes show little or no common link."

And sometimes - their crimes DO show common links - but, if no one is looking for those 'links' - no one is willing to go beyond their own case; their own jurisdiction; across state lines and boundaries, and into the deep, dark, perverted reasonings of a psychopathic mind to discover those "rituals, methods and arcane messages," then it is possible that the cases will remain unsolved and pile ever higher until the killer is stopped by natural death, or retirement {if retirement is an option for such a person!}

Granted, it is often not "an easy-to-spot profile" nor is it something that can be done overnight. In some cases - such as the person whom I believe is a serial killer - it takes several years to be able to establish the pattern within that person's work. It can take even longer to see the reasoning or the 'arcane messages' as the quote above calls it.

But, I believe there is a 'message' within each and every one of the serial killers that are operating within our nation. And I believe it's almost always a personal message, and is usually directed toward the women within the killers life that he has not been able to kill or to 'control' - because control is what it's all about.

"Big tough woman" -- I will never forget those taunting words. Not that I could understand them when they were snarled at me for no reason at all. But today, I think I can see the meaning, the hatred of all who 'got away' from the monster. That's why I designed the "Symbolic Case" section of this web site - and that's why I have devoted 15 solid years {at this point} to trying to show the world what he's doing.

My work is not for him. It's not even for me - although it does serve as a therapy of sorts for me - but primarily it is for those innocent victims who simply had the name of a woman that he wanted so desperately to kill - or who share the birthdate of one of those women - or who are simply available on one of those dates, when it's 'celebration time' for him. It's sad - it's heartbreaking - and yet, it continues.

With Deepest Respect And Sincere Devotion

Bonnie M. Wells

My 'cases' are divided into 'groupings or catagories,' just like the killer's 'cases' are! Following is the group I call my 'August Girls' since they were all taken in the month of August.

Sometimes one or more victims from one grouping will also fit into another grouping. For example - ALL of the August Girls could easily slip over to the "Dark Haired Beauty" grouping, while some could be placed into yet another grouping - such as the 'Renee' grouping that is listed following the August Girls.

Regardless, I have had no 'professional assistance' in setting up these profile groups, so those who wish to track one or more cases will just have to bear with me, while I continue to try to show his pattern of destruction, while trying to stay alert for new cases! It's sometimes a little confusing, not to mention time consuming, but I'm doing my best folks. // Bonnie

The 'August Girls'

Anna Marie Brown {No Photo Available}

Murdered: 8-6-1975: Age: 9 years old.

Maybelle Clark {No Photo Available}

Murdered on or about: 8-6-1994; Found 8-15-94:

Ronda Ellen Manley 8-25-1992Shaylene Farrell 8-8-1994

Heather Teague 8-26-1995Regina Cox 8-23-1997

Jenifer Short August 15, 2002 Brandi Ellen Wells 8-03-2006

The 'Regina & Renee Girls'

Regina Renee Cox // August 23, 1997 // still missing

Amanda Renee Tusing // June 14th, 2000 // found murdered, case unsolved

Jennifer Renee Short //August 2002 // found murdered, case unsolved

Gina Renee DeJesus // April 2, 2004 // still missing

Melanie ReneeMetheny // July 19th, 2006 // still missing

Bonnie M. Wells

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