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Knew Chad Fulks

Received via e-mail 6-11-04:

Hi, my name is Txxxx Xxxxxxxx and I live in Xxxx Township, Xx. I am writing to you in hopes that you may be able to help with a problem I have been having.

I read your site, which I found from a search engine while trying to find the latest news on the Chadrick Fulks trial. I know Chad from years ago when he dated my youngest sister, Xxxxx. I was wondering if you may have had any visions or feelings of Samantha or Alice being in the Huntington, WV area.

Chad knows that area well. He and my sister dated for more than a year and often walked through the woods surrounding the area. If you could let me know if you have any feelings about this information I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank You,

T. Xxxxxxxx


Samantha's Vehicle

Received Via E-mail 8-29-04:

I read here that you do not know where Samantha Burns vehicle was found burned. Well I live about 1 mile from the site so I can help you out there.

It was found on German Ridge Road. Chances are the vehicle was never taken onto 64, there are too many law enforcement located on the highway. I have always figured that the car was driven directly past my house and then up to the Ridge.

Now where we live is an extremely wooded area. I mean, I am not sure if you have ever visited West Virginia, but there is nothing but trees here. It is beautiful, but also a good place to hide a body and not be found.

Where her vehicle was found was actually located right behind a graveyard in an area that is known for heavy partying and a lot of trouble. There are multiple cases of cars being burnt in the very spot where Samantha's car was found.

I hope this bit of information can help you with your quest. If you need to know anything else about any more details of the area just let me know.

I have lived here all of my life and I know quite a few things about the case personally.

One more thing that I forgot to mention is that the car was also the exact car that I myself drive and that I have had dreams about Samantha.

I do not know her personally but I have spoke to her parents on several occasions and my best friend went to school with Samantha. But Wayne County German Ridge Road, like I said, is about a mile from my house, in Cabell county.

Most people, actually no one that does not live here even realizes that Cabell County has ended and that Wayne has begun. It is basically all the same stretch of road, but one county ends and the other begins without signs telling you so. I do not know why that felt impotant to tell you but I wanted to anyway.


Justice Not Served By Death Sentence

Received Via E-mail 1-28-05:

chad fulks is married to my niece {name removed for privacy reasons}...i want to make it known that i met chad before anything happened and i find it hard to believe that he killed and raped anyone...i dont doubt that he helped rob or carjacked anyone...but i strongly feel that his sentence to die is wrong..

im an attractive young female and chad and {name removed} both used to stay with me. mind you im an exotic dancer and nothing ever happened to me nor did anything ever come up missing.

{name removed} tried to make him look bad in court only to get out of the trouble she was in...she didnt want to lose her really her testimony against him was bs..she is on meds for being bi polar and she has a past of lying on people to destroy them...

i love her to death but right is right and wrong is wrong..i honestly feel that he wasnt given a fair my opinion chad was railroaded. i feel bad for the families of everyone hurt, but justice still has not been served.


My Response To "Justice Not Served":


Thanks for writing to me about Chad Fulks.

I don't think your niece's testimony is what convicted Fulks or Basham either. I believe the fact that they were driving the vehicle of one missing woman and had the license plate from another missing woman's vehicle on that car was a pretty strong indication that the two men were the abductors of Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns.

Also, both men have admitted to the kidnapping, rape and murder of both of these innocent women - women who had done absolutely nothing to encourage, entice, enrage or otherwise attract the attention of these two men. Like I said, they have both confessed to what they did to the women, but they won't tell where they dumped their dead bodies after they finished their little project with them.

If you are not satisfied with their trials, then I suggest you contact their attorney's, or the prosecutors, because I have nothing to do with the judicial system in this country, and if I did, it would be a whole lot harsher than it is now.

I have absolutely no sympathy for criminals, and murderers head my list, so you have contacted the wrong person if you are looking for someone to take their side and try to get their verdicts overturned.

Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns "were" also attractive women, at one time.

You should be thanking God that it wasn't you, and you should be proud of your niece for having the character and courage to take a stand against such degenerates.

Bonnie M. Wells




Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 7:37 PM


I am Samantha's aunt.

Chad, one of Samantha's abductors, was in court today for arraignment. He plead, not guilty.

I guess I should get right to the point, and ask you the question. Have you had any more visions of where they put Samantha?

Thank you for taking the time to e-mail me back. To read more about what happened today in court, you can go to the That is our local newspaper.

Thank You

Tammy-Samantha's Aunt


My Response To Samantha's Aunt:


Thank you for writing.

No, there has been nothing more that has come in on Samantha's case.

I continue to feel she will be located in the Huntington area as the photos and info on my web site indicate.

Again, thank you for writing, may God bless and keep you and the family and answer your prayers.


Bonnie M. Wells


Defender Of Fulks

From: Kexxx Hxxxx


Received via e-mail 6-23-05

i think what your doing is very wrong you dont evan know these people chads ex is my mom and i dont believe what you have the nerve to say im sorry but i dont like what your doing and i think need to know the facts first

Ke. H.


My Response:

----- Original Message -----

From: bmwells

To: Ke. H.

Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2005 8:14 PM

Subject: Re:


I don't recall asking if you like what I'm doing. Be thankful your mother is Chad's "ex," as you say, and you aren't the one the world is searching for. By the way, I'm not the one "saying" things about Chad or anyone else. The man is a damned killer, and was a criminal even at the time he murdered 2 innocent people. Loyalty is one thing, but stupidity is something else. I suggest you open your eyes to the reality that the rest of the world has already seen. Chad Fulks and Branden Basham are just plain no good, and only an idiot would try to defend them and what they have done.

Bonnie M. Wells


----- Original Message -----

From: Ke.H.

To: bmwells

Sent: Friday, June 24, 2005 3:44 AM

Subject: Re:

I am Ke's guardian. Who are you, and how did she get your e-mail address?


----- Original Message -----

From: bmwells

To: Ke.H.

Sent: Friday, June 24, 2005 8:49 AM

Subject: Re:

Guardian of Ke.H.,

I am Bonnie M. Wells, owner and operator of the Starlight Inner-Prizes, business and web site, and author of the Pure Coincidence book series:

I have no idea how Ke got my e-mail address, unless it was by typing Chad Fulks into a browser and then snooping around my web site - which is plainly marked for viewers over 18 because it deals with adult content - not pornography or anything of that nature, but homicides, violence against women and girls, abductions, etc. and contains approximately 100 cases, one of which is about Chad Fulks and his part in the abduction and murder of 2 women.

Here's a copy of what I received from Ke, and to which I replied:

" i think what your doing is very wrong you dont evan know these people chads ex is my mom and i dont believe what you have the nerve to say im sorry but i dont like what your doing and i think need to know the facts first. "

I assume she is defending Chad Fulks since that's the only "Chad" whose story appears on my web site. He is a convicted killer, and as I told her, was an escaped convict even at the time he and Branden Basham abducted and murdered Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns.

As far as my "having the nerve to say" what I have said about Fulks and Basham is concerned - most of what is posted is either psychic work {which I also do, as I am a Psychic Detective and Profiler,} or it is actual statements from other people who "knew" Chad Fulks and certainly do not share Ke's distorted opinion of him; or it is news paper articles that have been published concerning the case and/or the trial, and ultimate conviction and death sentence of both Fulks and Basham.

So, as you can see, neither are worth the time it took to answer your letter, and I doubt they ever have been. It's just too bad they broke out of jail, and the public was not notified or an all states bulletin was not issued until it was too late for 2 innocent women - one of which was in college, the other a happily married mother and devoted wife. Neither did anything wrong - simply went shopping at WalMart and the Huntington Mall. Something we all should be able to do without fear of the likes of Fulks and Basham.

And, {if} you are the "mom" of which Ke spoke, consider yourself blessed and protected because it could just as easily have been you or someone you knew. But don't take these blessings and protections for granted - your daughter is headed for trouble. Children should not be taught to accept any piece of low-life trash that comes along, and try to build them into decent human beings. It will not work, and they will destroy the child's self esteem and sense of discernment.


Bonnie M. Wells


Ms. Wells,

I am Ke's Foster Mom. I do not know either of these men.

Ke is in our home to give her a fresh start where people do not know who she is, and therefore, I was not at all pleased to see that she was digging into this "drama" right now.

I'd already found out who you are, and had already spoken to Ke first thing this morning. Nevertheless, I do appreciate your answer to my e-mail.

I have not read the "articles" that Ke read, however, I'm certain she was not defending Chad Fulks nor Brandon Basham, but rather her mother (biological).

She is a minor and she is doing quite well with her life and with decisions she makes. She is heading down the "Right" path now, regardless of the lot in life she has been handed.

Unfortunately for her, she made a very wrong decision in contacting you, and in researching anything about this case without an adult present. I would very much appreciate you keeping her privacy, as we are trying to give her some "normalcy" during her teenage years, and as anything that happens to Ke, affects my other children, biological and foster.

You will not hear from Ke again. Since it is apparent from your e-mail that you have some understanding of what children need, I'm sure you will understand why I do not wish for you to e-mail her again, either.

By the way, I AM very blessed and protected!! Not in the way that you were thinking, but because I have given my life to God and I trust in His care. No matter what comes my way, I know He is with me and will see me through it, even to the end of my life.


Note: I did not respond to "Ke's Guardian" but had to chuckle to myself that she felt it necessary to tell me not to write to Ke again! I'd already said everything I had to say to the girl - and her too- as far as that's concerned.



Received 7-25-05 via email:

I would like to know where you came about the facts for your website, because not all of the information is correct. I am an estranged family member of Fulks and have heard similar details to the incidents some from Chad directly.

Thank you,

Axxx Fxxx

My Response To Estranged:

What "facts" are you referring to?

Note: There was never any reply to my question.

I cannot explain or defend statements when people refuse to tell me where I've made a mistake and/or been wrong.

I assume A.F. was referring to my web pages which concern Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns, however, since she mentioned "facts for my web site" before she said anything about Chad Fulks, I cannot be sure of the intent.

Still, the fact that A.F. says she has heard some of this same information from Chad himself, makes me wonder if she thinks he is wrong also!!

This web site is enormous in scope, as anyone who has spent a month or more roaming around it, and still not reading all the stories, can easily tell you. So, without some type of direction, a quote, something to guide me, I cannot possibly discern the area any one is speaking of, if all they say is "my web site."

Anytime anyone can substantiate their claims of error in my work, I will gladly correct the mistake. Until then, things stay as they are.


A Letter From Chad Fulks, via Tracy Graybeal

Received via e-mail 7/19/06:

Ms. Wells,

Chad Fulks was told about your site and asked me to e-mail his response letter to you in hopes that it will be posted. Seeing as how your site is one-sided, and has a lot of information about him, he felt that he has the right to respond and defend himself.

It's a shame some people such as the world renowned Bonnie M. Wells finds a twisted sense of satisfaction from maliciously bashing others she knows little, if anything, about. In this case, I, Chad Fulks, am that person.

Without enunicating any evidence to support her conclusory claims against me, she prefers to make bland, insipid insinuations against me. Her critical analysis of my life without providing any specifics to support her theories, confirm her sinister motives. If she (or anyone else for that matter) wishes to discuss any legitimate issues, accusations and/or claims germane to the cases, I would be more than happy to answer those with both copious and cogent evidence.

Perhaps Ms. Wells could do the same when twisting and spinning the useless evidence she makes a general reference to when arriving at her less than rational conclusions. One would think such a highly respected and renown psychic would provide substance to her claims through evidence and documentations, instead of continuing to make outlandish claims against me without knowing what she is actually talking about.

But, then again, it may be that this psychic is suffering from severe psychosis and paranoid delusions in her evaluation of the crimes that I have been charged with because she certainly has no clue to the applicable facts of the cases based on her far-fetched claims. She is full of herself, amongst other things!

If you wish to contact me, please do so at:

Chadrick Evan Fulks






Note: The above information was removed for obvious reasons: He's not using my web site to gain pen pals!


My Response To Tracy Graybeal:


Have no fear - I'll be more than happy to post Mr. Fulks' message to me, so the entire world can see for themselves exactly what those attending the trials saw, and what the families of Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns have had to endure. Yes sir, I'll be more than happy to post it - and anything else he has to say.

By the way, since you seem to be so close to him and like to relay messages, perhaps you could ask the killer what he did with Alice and Samantha, and maybe one of you would have guts enough to write and tell me.

As far as his opinions of my psychic work are concerned - I could care less because records live and opinions [among other things, such as convicted killers] die.


Bonnie M. Wells

Psychic Investigator & Profiler


A Few Comments Concerning Chad's Letter:

Well, there you have it folks. A letter from one of the men whose defense attorney tried to defend on a 'stupidity' plea!!!

As far as the letter is concerned; Tracy Graybeal is the one who made the statement that my web site is 'one sided' and has a lot of information about him: First of all, this isn't the O'Reilly Factor, and I don't have to express 'both sides' of an issue --- but I have. I've posted those responses that have sided in with Fulks [and Basham too, if there has been any] and I've been as fair minded as anyone could ever be. But, if the attorney's who defended these men couldn't convince a jury [and a nation full of people] that there were extenuating circumstances that justified what they did, then how the hell would anyone expect me to do it? And 'why' would they expect me to do it? I am the only person [known so far anyway] that was given advanced warning of what was going to happen to Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns. Why would I want to defend the scum that murdered these two women.

The letter from Chad doesn't sound like it was 'to' me as much as it was a letter 'to' Tracy Graybeal, perhaps in response to something that Fulks had been told.

The section of my web site that contains the Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns stories consists of some 15 pages. Regardless of how well a person reads or understands what they are reading, there is no way that anyone could read these pages and then relay the content to another person based upon memory alone.

Once again, nothing in particular was mentioned; no definate area in which I 'twisted or spun useless evidence' as Fulks claims.

Most of the information on the web pages came from other sources - news papers, people who know Fulks or Basham, etc.

Here's a few quotes from a news article that appears on this web site as well as many other places on the net: "Police now believe the Basham-Fulks trail began when the pair escaped from the Hopkins County Jail in Madisonville, Ky., on Nov. 4, 2002. Within a 10-day span the pair are alleged to have: stolen cars, trucks and minivans; kidapped a man in Kentucky who they later left taped to a tree in Indiana; and abducted and killed 19-year-old Samantha Burns in West Virginia."

"On Nov. 17, Basham was captured in Ashland, Ky. Three days later, Fulks was arrested in Indiana."

Chad states: "But, then again, it may be that this psychic is suffering from severe psychosis and paranoid delusions in her evaluation of the crimes that I have been charged with because she certainly has no clue to the applicable facts of the cases based on her far-fetched claims. She is full of herself, amongst other things!"

Severe psychosis and paranoid delusions?? ! Me? It wasn't me who was caught driving one dead woman's car, with the license plate from another dead woman's car on it!

The man has been video taped committing at least one of his crimes; has been caught, tried, convicted and sentenced to death - and all he can say is "the crimes that I have been charged with!" And he thinks I'm delusional!!!!! Duh.....

Mr. Fulks goes on to say - "One would think such a highly respected and renown psychic would provide substance to her claims through evidence and documentations, instead of continuing to make outlandish claims against me without knowing what she is actually talking about."

There again, I haven't a clue as to what 'claims' Fulks is referring to. The 'claims' were all made in the court room, and obviously substantiated, and I don't need any 'documentation' other than the news reports that everyone has already seen.

Before leaving this page, I'd like to say thanks to Mr. Fulks. Until I received his letter I didn't have a clue that I was such a "highly respected and renown psychic," but I would like to thank him for letting me in on this secret! Maybe now someone will go down there to the Guyandot area of West Virginia and find Samantha Burns!

PS: Note to the prison in which Fulks is incarcerated: If this killer escapes again, please send me an email - quick! I'm just delusional enough to think he'd come lookin' for me - and I'd have to put a bullet through him - 'cause I'm paranoid and have a severe psychosis, ya know. Wonder if he has a license to diagnose psychiatric conditions?


Another Response To Chad's Letter


I was reading the responses on your website about the Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns case, and came across that email from Tracy Graybeal.... the message that Chadrick Fulks wanted posted. Wow I have to wonder if those were really his words. I didn't think he was that intelligent and knew words of that nature!

In court he came off just as dumb as his little friend Brandon Basham.

I can understand that friends and family members of the accused feel hurt about the things they have read about those two idiots. But as far as I can see you have posted nothing but the truth. And all the information that you have there is all in news articles on the internet. So why should they be bashing you? I think the thing here is that old saying "The truth hurts"! Those two guys are pure evil monsters. Maybe they should have thought about ALL of the people that they were going to hurt before they did what they did.

And to the family and friends of the killers, Be thankful your loved ones are still alive, FOR NOW anyway. I can't wait until those two guys are put to death. The only thing that I don't like is that they don't get to die in pain and suffering like Alice and Samantha.

[Someone who knows]


Bonnie M. Wells



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