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By: Bonnie M. Wells

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Dear Ms Wells,

I stumbled upon your website in hope to find out information on my mother. And I can't put your clues together. Could you please help me. My name is Angie Warner. I am the oldest daughter of Alice Donovan. The women abducted by Basham and Fulks. I really need to find her soon. It is like she is haunting me. Please help me please. You have helped law enforcement with other cases in the past could you please find it in your heart to help me. I need your help I don't know where else to turn to. I miss her so much and she deserves to be lay to rest.

Her birthday is approaching in May along with mothers day. I do hope you can find some free time to help me.

Angie Warner


She was abducted in Walmart parking lot. Never even got out of her car. They pulled up behind her as she pulled into parking space and one got out and hopped in the car and the white pick up truck drove off and she followed it and the other guy got in.

Yes she drove a blue BMW.

Law has the vehicle in their possession. The two men have admitted to taking her but wont say where she is.

I have no pics but you can go to her website. There is a pic there. Keep in mind it is long in that pic but now it is short. Very short.

The website is Hope I have helped. The men have said they raped her and strangled her also. I don't know if that will help you at all.




Thank you for your offer to make a memorial page of mom.

My aunt is the one who is doing that web page you went to.

Here is some info on my mom. She was born May 7, 1958 to Lorriane Moore and Ted Ritchie. She was the third of six children. Four sisters Judy, Gloria, Carol, Sally, and one brother Leo.

She grew up in a rural town in New Hampshire.

At sixteen she married George Warner and had two daughters Angie and Jennifer. After seventeen years of marriage, they divorced. She met a wonderful man named Barry Donovan.

After a year of courtship they wed in December of 1991. They shared a love so deep and great. They were like two puzzle pieces that fit together.

They became grandparents in the year 1998 to a granddaughter Amber by daughter Angie and to a grandson Anythony by daughter Jennifer. A year later another grandbaby came and granddaughter Chloe by daughter Angie.

She was a Quality Techniction at Precision Southeast in Marion SC.

My mom didn't have an easy life by far. It was actually at times horrid. But she made it through anything thrown her way. And no matter what she went through, she never let anything bring her down. She always walked out stronger than ever. She was a remarkable women.

If you need anything else let me know. I will get you pictures also. The white pick up was a man's truck they stole after robbing a house on Juniper Bay Road, November 14 just before going to Walmart and taking mom.

Thank you again.



Received via e-mail 1-04-04:

Dear Bonnie,

I just came across your website after doing a websearch on Alice's case. I worked with her and became good friends with her here in Maine. We clicked immediately on her first day of work.

I wanted to tell you thank you for your website. It is wonderful. If there is any information that I may be able to supply you, I would be more than happy to do so.

Thank you again,

Amy Tremblay


Received via e-mail 7-08-04:

Dear Ms.Wells,

My name is Samantha Goodman.. I was looking for information on if Alice's case had started today when I came across your page..

A little history as to why I am interested.. I am from Wells Maine where Jen and Angie (Alice's daughters) went to high school.. I am a close friend of the girls.. I am not sure as to why Angie didn't send you pictures, I do know that she hasn't has a computer so that might be the reason. I had tried to contact the girls today before emailing you with no luck.

I can say from being around the girls and Alice growing up she was beyond a remarkable women and mother. She always just understood and was so compassionate.

If I get in touch of Angie I will ask her if there is anyway that she can contact you. I know this whole things has been very exhausting for both girls and now with the court case coming in to affect, it must be trying to have to deal with the emotions they are going through...I can not even come close to imagine what this has been like for the whole family.

Thank you very much for that you have done with this. I am sure the efforts are appreciated.


Samantha Goodman


Received via e-mail 8-29-04:

I read here that you do not know where Samantha Burns vehicle was found burned. Well I live about 1 mile from the site so I can help you out there. It was found in on German Ridge road. Chances are the vehicle was never taken onto 64, there are too many law enforcement located on the highway I have always figured that the car was driven directly past my house and then up to the Ridge. Now where we live is an extremely wooded area. I mean I am not sure if you have ever visited West Virginia, but there is nothing but trees here. It is beautiful, but also a good place to hide a body and not be found. Where her vehicle was found was actually located right behind a graveyard in an area that is known for heavy partying and a lot of trouble. There are multiple cases of cars being burnt in the very spot where Samantha's car was found. I hope this bit of information can help you with your quest. If you need to know anything else about any more details of the area just let me know.

I have lived here all of my life and I know quite a few things about the case personally.

One more thing that I forgot to mention is that the car was also the exact car that I myself drive and that I have had dreams about Samantha, I do not know her personally but I have spoke to her parents on several occasions and my best friend went to school with Samantha also, but Wayne county German Ridge road, like I said that is about a mile from my house, my house is in Cabell county. Most people, actually no one that does not live here even realizes that Cabell County has ended and that Wayne has begun. It is basically all the same stretch of road, but one county ands and the other begins without signs telling you so. I do not know why that felt important to tell you but i wanted to anyway.

[no signature]


Received via Guest Book: 10-12-04 / From: Kathy Zackery

Alice was my 1st cousin, though I never got to meet her. My mom & her mom are sisters.

We've lived in Florida most my life, while they lived elsewhere & we never got to meet. I wish we could have.

I was surfing, looking for any other pages/info on her case & found your site. Today is 10/12/04... I was wondering if you ever had any feelings/ideas about where they might find her.

They've recently convicted the Basham boy of all charges, but I haven't heard if decided on death penalty or life. I pray that he gets the death penalty as Chad Fulks got. Thank You for caring :o)


Received via Guest Book: 10-21-04 / From: Kathy Zackery

Thank You Bonnie... I feel that whatever you are working on to do with Alice, as well as Samantha, may finally bring peace to all of us.


Received via e-mail 10-26-04:

I have been reading about Alice today and got to a part that I am going to quote below...

"Donovan also was a hard worker and loved piddling around her home, said Gloria Lindsey, Donovan's older sister by a year. "She loved flowers and gardening," Lindsey said from her home in Bristol, N.H. "She's had to put that on hold while she and Barry worked on their house. But she truly loved to do that."

The reason I am writing this, is because I live in Bristo, NH and didn't know if I could be of any help or support for Gloria.

I, too have a missing loved one. My nephew, Lorne Boulet, has been missing for 3 years and almost 3 months. I know that I have found some very wonderful, supportive, people during my search; and if possible, would like to return that to others.

If Gloria would like to write, please give her my e-mail address...

Thank you for your help with this,


Aunt and Person of Contact for Missing NH Man, Lorne Boulet

Note: I try to give credit where credit is due, and never say that something is mine when it isn't. For those who are interested, the lines quoted by "Louise" in the above letter, are NOT my own work. I do not know any of Alice Donovan's family members and have only spoken via email to her one daughter. I cannot deliver the message that Louise wants me to deliver to Gloria Lindsey since I have no email {or other} address for her. However, I suggest one might be able to get a message to Lindsey by writing to the reporters who did the story. They are ... Elaine Gaston and Jay C. Grelen of the The Sun News:


Letter # 1:


I stumbled across your web page this evening as I was thinking about Alice Donovan. I noted some clues you suggested for Samantha, but did not see any you may have noted for Alice. I am the chief of the search and rescue team here in Brunswick County (Shallotte), NC and we have Alice still in our hearts. Should you have any ideas that we might pursue to help locate her, please forward them to me. Thank you.

Christy Judah

Brunswick Search and Rescue Team, NC


Letter #2:

Bonnie, you can rest assured that according to all our clues…..Alice is NOT in W VA. Highly, highly unlikely. I can’t go into it specifically, but she is somewhere here in our county OR Horry County, SC. And you can also rest assured that down here we have not forgotten Alice…she is ever in my heart and as I drive each day (to work or shopping, etc), I am constantly looking for a potential new spot….If anything hits ya, remember me…I WILL follow up on any clues.

Christy Judah

Carolina Kennels

Brunswick Search and Rescue Team, NC


Received via e-mail 5-14-05::

Hello Bonnie,

I am in the process of checking out the information on Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns on your web site, and I wanted to email you.

I wanted to especially thank you for having this information online for people to read. I am from Lincoln County WV, but now reside in Wayne County. I didn't know Samantha personally, but when I first heard about her disappearance, I was heartbroken for her family. I am still heartbroken, because I know it is hard for them to receive any closure from her death.

I lost my brother in September 2004, and my niece and her two children in February 2005. My family was lucky enough to have the closure of saying goodbye, but I have tried to put myself in the Burns family situation, not having the opportunity to say goodbye to them, or to see them one last time, and I get an overwhelming sense of loss and confusion.

My heart and prayers go out to the Donovan and Burns families. I do not know what it is like for either of the families, but I pray that they are able to receive some sort of closure from these tragedies.

Thank you again, for your visions, your words and your inspiration with these cases.

God Bless --

D. R.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."


Received via e-mail 8-14-05:

It is amazing that three years have passed since the disappearance of my "second mother" Alice Donovan.

Hi, I am Gina Xxxxxxx of Wiley, Colorado.

We are fastly approaching the holidays, the fall, and the anniversary of her disappearance and death. It brings about a feeling of melancholy. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her, or hear her voice, laugh or remember some crazy comment or story she had to say. Alice was such a big part of my life. Alice, George Ang, and Jen....we were one HUGE family. Picnics, bq's, Christmas, etc. Always us together.

Even though there is some closure due to both men receiving the death sentence, truly there is no closure to losing a loved one. She is gone and nothing can bring her back.

I wanted to tell you that I have never felt that Alice was on the east coast. I have always felt she was left in another state. I have always felt it was Ohio or Indiana. Fulks was very familiar with those places and would know where to dump her body.

I also never felt that she had died immediately. I always felt it a week later on a Thursday. I woke up and KNEW she was dead. It was like feeling her very breath leave her body. I always thought she had been dumped into a well and left to die.

In a sense I pray we never find her. I pray to really never really know what she suffered. Because what both men only hearsay....only they truly know what happened.

And Samantha Burns family. It is so sad to have to see such suffering. I pray they are able to go on and I pray someday there is a final closure for them.

Thank you for this site. I didn't know it existed. I was fooling around on google and put my own name in it and POOF...there it was!

Thank You,




Bonnie M. Wells



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