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Guest Book Comments:


Name: Debbie Noland Nitsche

E-mail: Diamonddeb@comcast.net


I just found your website, and read the stories about the unsolved murder cases in Washington Co., Ohio.

I too, was born and raised in Marietta, Ohio, and remember the cases of Lisa Burkhammer, Terri Roach, Rhonda Manley, Anna Brown,and Patsy Sparks quite well.

Sadly, it does not surprise me a bit that the Marietta Police Dept. takes ALL the glory for solving murder cases.

I don't know if you are aware of this or not, but about 5 yrs. ago, while watching Jay Leno on late night TV. He cracked a "joke" about if anyone wanted to commit a murder, and get away with it, just go to Marietta, Ohio.

Boy, is that true!! I speak from my own personal experience, when my brother came up missing in Marietta last year, for two days. I was hysterical, to say the least.

When the police was called, they would not treat it as a "Missing Person". Everyone in the family, and his employer did tell the police that it was not like my brother to come up missing or go any place without telling someone.

Anyway, to make a long story short......the Sheriff's dept., found my brother, 2 days later, distraught wondering in a wooded area out on St. Route 26.

I couldn't get the Marietta Police or the Washington Co. Sheriff's dept. to be more assertive with their efforts in helping to find my brother. What a joke!!

Anyway......one reason why I am emailing you, is to ask you, have you ever considered taking your stories to the John Welsh Show? Please don't laugh at this thought. I really think that your stories touch the heart and would make a good program for the show.

His website is: http://www.amw.com/amw.html Tell him your story about YOUR dreams that you have had in these cases. http://www.johnwalsh.tv/html/tellstory.html

You have stories worth telling.....and most of all it would be a tribute all the YOUNG girls who have been murdered in Washington County, Ohio.

Debbie Noland Nitsche Philadelphia, PA. Diamonddeb@comcast.net PS. I am bookmarking your page into my "favorites", and will be sending your website address to everyone I know in Marietta and Washington County, Ohio. :o)

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My Response


Debbie, Thank you for signing my guest book and for your encouraging comments.

Yes, I have heard what was said on the Jay Leno show a few years ago. It's too bad that those in charge didn't get the message!

The "cases" have let up a little bit in this area for the past few years, but they have gone ahead......same pattern, same theme.....in surrounding areas. I suspect it's the same killer.....or killers!

I'm just amazed at how many think and act alike! I may contact John Walsh some day ..... as soon as I can stop writing new pages for the web site or adding new chapters to existing books!

Keep in mind, the stories on the web site are but mere clips from the actual stories within the Pure Coincidence book series! It's an outstanding series......even if I do say so myself!

PS: I'm very glad to learn that your brother was found safe. That happens sometimes ..... more often to males than females in this area!

Best always,


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Guest Book Comments:


Name: Mary June Blind (Lisa Burkhammer's cousin)

E-mail: Maryhllnonwhls@aol,com

Lisa was my cousin, I loved her with all my heart.

Our mind's are more at ease now that we know how she died, and we had her remains to lay at rest. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Mary June Blind (Lisa Burkhammer's cousin)

E-mail: Maryhllnonwhls@aol,com Comments:

Lisa was my cousin, I loved her with all my heart. Our mind's are more at ease now that we know how she died, and we had her remains to lay at rest.

I just ran across this page when I looked my cousin Lisa 's murder up on the net. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Name: Mary June Blind(Lisa Burkhammer's cousin)

E-mail: Maryhllnwhls@aol.com

Bonnie, I am Lisa"s cousin, you are right on a lot of what you write about Lisa, but you are wrong about her being molested by her dad Russell.

What was told was her step father Kenny Clark was molesting her.

Her father would NEVER have done that Bonnie.

I am happy that you did all of this for my cousin Lisa.

We are at peace now that we know her remains were found.

I go to her grave often, I still cry a lot, she was such a beautiful child, we all loved her very much.

Also I might add, the reason the case was re-opened, was because I requested to Matt Hicky, a police officer, no I begged him to re-open the case.

He did a lot of work, he went many mile's used his own money to finance his trip's.

But you did good Bonnie, you sure did good. Thank you, from Lisa's cousin,

Mary June Blind, XXXXX Dxxx Road, Sxxxx, Ohio..43787

God Bless You...

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My Response


"I" did not say that Lisa's father was molesting her and that she "ran away" to get away from him! What I actually said on Lisa's page is that "The Chief of Police in Marietta [Roger Phillis} told me that!!! He also told me he had proof that Lisa was alive and well, married with 2 children and living in Florida. That proved to be a lie too!

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Guest Book Comments:









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My Response


To Kandi McQueary:

Thank you for signing my guest book.

I think they did "listen" to what I told them about Lisa - although I did not know my information pertained to Lisa's case because no one would talk to me about her case.

However, the cops working the case should have known where my information fit, and there is every indication that they did in fact know which case it went with.

I'm just glad that the case was eventually solved and there is at least one less killer walking among us today.

However, I just can't swallow the "persistent police work" that was given credit for solving the case after 12 and 1/2 years!

Although, if you read their own words carefully, you will see that they couldn't help but brag that they actually began "working" the case at the precise time I began sending the clues!

How sad that their ego's won't allow them to admit that a non-law enforcement person actually helped them solve a crime.

Then again - perhaps it's not so much a "local" thing, as a national thing. I guess, nation wide, as long as the cops take the credit, it would save them from paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in "reward" money, now wouldn't it?

Hum... Don't suppose I just stumbled across another dirty little secret, do you?

Best Always,


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Guest Book Comments:


Name: debbie

E-mail: starlight19582003@yahoo.com

Your doing a great job and service to Washinton County.

Keep up the good work.

I haven't read everything you have written but enough to know your the real thing.

You have a gift, keep using it.

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Guest Book Comments:


Name: Melissa

E-mail: averybugzmommy18@aol.com

I am amazed at all the work that you've done and at the same time, appalled, well more than appalled by the law enforcement organizations who have more than ignored what you're telling them.

I live in Washington County and I agree with you that these agencies need to do some serious re-thinking on the way that they've handled lots of cases.

I just can't believe that with all of the information that you've given them, that they could possibly ignore it. I'm sickened by it and really don't feel all that protected by the people who have sworn to protect and serve.

I thank you for writing your piece. It was quite interesting and my mind is definitely working a mile a minute now.

It's an outrage that no one listened to someone with such an extensive amount of reliable information...at least it sounded important enough to me that it should've been checked out and I'm a civilian!

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----- Original Message -----

From: StolenInnocence1@aol.com

To: BMWells@1st.net

Sent: Tuesday, February 05, 2002 5:45 AM

Subject: Re: Elizabeth Ruth Burkhammer


My gosh! So sorry to hear about your stroke!! I hope you're ok!

Working on these kinds of cases for so long from all over the country, I know all too well your frustration with the lack of concern for these poor girls.

Unfortunately, it happens all too often. I was interested in hearing about the Lisa Burkhammer case because I started my research for the website when she was still missing. Then, one day, she wasn't missing anymore, and I couldn't find one bit of information on what happened to her.

Its like these kids just drop out of everyones memory!! So sad....

There should be huge neon signs everywhere memorializing these poor innocent kids, and no one even has the decency to write an article!!

I'm going to read your site tonight. Thanks for writing me!!!


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Well, I have the decency, and I wrote "the article," - one of the few that remains on the web and available for the world - but apparently my "article" is not what most people wanted to hear.

There was some talk about a "psychic section" being added to some of the groups who seek missing and murdered children. I was told they were interested in my work, in me becoming a listed psychic on their group pages, but that never happened. Nothing more was ever said about it, and about the only mention that's ever made to me concerning "psychic work," is in reference to Georgia Rudolph and/or Silvia Brown.

Usually it's people writing to ask me how to get in touch with Rudolph! I've been decent enough to keep up with all her moves from state to state, name changes and/or additions, and phone numbers, and I have diligently passed these on to the folks who asked for them. And each time I have wished them well, jotted down their information, and have noticed none of their cases have been solved.

Meanwhile, my work continues - mostly unnoticed, but that's okay. I have nothing for sale except my books and that project is moving as fast as I can accommodate it, so I have nothing to complain about.

I do wish that Rudolph would take the time from her 40+ readings per month, at the rate of 50 to 70 dollars [attention IRS!] per reading, to "give" a little back to the local communities that are supporting her so well. I'm certain she could have solved the Burkhammer case long before I ever sent my hand full of pathetic clues, and I'm just as sure that she could help local cops solve the "still unsolved murders" of Terri Roach, Patsy Sparks, Marie Blough, MaeBelle Clark, Deputy Ray Clark, Jill Bohl, Kimberly & Daniel Fulton, and probably a few others.

Wonder if that's why I posted their stories? Suppose I wanted the entire world to be able to see what I said - years ago - and continue to say today - just in case tomorrow brings some great spiritual revelation to someone else, and the cops jump for joy like they did in the McCrady case. Yeah, I suppose that has a lot to do with everything I do now days, and I just wish to high Heaven I'd had this web site up and the McCrady information posted as it was being sent to the local cops.

Trick me once - shame on you.

Trick me twice - shame on me.

Won't happen again.

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Bonnie M. Wells

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