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Received via e-mail 7-25-05::

I would like to know where you came about the facts for your website, because not all of the information is correct. I am an estranged family member of Fulks and have heard similar details to the incidents some from Chad directly.

Thank you,

Amy Fulks

Received via e-mail 8-14-05::

I could hardly believe that you put up a page about Alice Donovan and added music to it like you did.

It was incredibly inappropriate and trivializes what happened to her, in addition to being invasive to anyone trying to read the page.

I am frankly appalled that you have chosen to set her abduction and murder to music. Even from a technical standpoint any web design guide will tell you adding music turns off the majority of users (who may be at work or have music already playing), but what you've done here is truly unnerving and I could not stay and read your page.

Robert R.

My Reply To Robert R.


The midi on Alice Donovan's pages - "trivializes what happened to her" - in what way?

You are "appalled that I have chosen to set her abduction and murder to music." I did no such thing. The music is a message to the world that I won't back down from working Alice's case, but beyond that, there are many pages on my web site that profile missing or murdered people. Many of those pages contain songs or midi's that have actually been requested by loved ones of the victims.

But your next comment may explain things a little better ..... " adding music turns off the majority of users (who may be at work or have music already playing.) So, it's okay for the reader to have music playing, but not me. That makes a lot of sense.

Perhaps you should write to the producers of Hollywood and tell them that their background music in every movie I've ever seen, is "turning people off"! Be sure and tell them that you can't watch their movies anymore because you can't stand the music. And by all means, PLEASE write and let me know what they have to say to you!!!!! That should be real interesting.

The story you are referring to contains several "pages," not just one as you said, and I guarantee that you could not possibly have read even one page, much less understood what you read, in the length of time the midi on the page is playing.

If you are simply looking for news articles concerning Alice Donovan, then the internet is full of them. Go read them. They don't have any music or anything to distract your attention from what you are reading, doing or listening to.

And if my music {or anyone elses} bothers you - turn your speakers off! There should be a button on them that says - off / on. Try pusing the "off" one and see if silence helps you concentrate better.

The next time I need help "from a technical standpoint" I guess I'll know who the expert is that I can contact, now won't I?

Meanwhile, my web site contains hundreds of pages. Alice Donovan's pages are but one of the series that I have devoted hundreds of hours to preparing. Some people appreciate the pages. Others don't. Those who do are welcome. Those who don't can go elsewhere - or design their own web site for all I care.

Bonnie M. Wells


Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 05:25:32 -0700

Subject: Re: Alice Donovan

From: "Robert Ruiz"


You are a complete idiot.

You also know NOTHING about artistry or how music is APPROPRIATELY chosen to underscore an emotion.

You have put a terrible story to UPBEAT music which has nothing to do with the emotions going on with your end users reading your site at all.

It's all about you and to hell with Alice Donovan or what happened to her.

I have nothing more to say to you. You are unbelievable.


My Reply To Robert Ruiz


Perhaps you have nothing more to say to me, but I have something to say to you.

Your chauvinistic attitude and insulting remarks show your character far better than anything else ever could.

You say "it's all about me and to hell with what happened to Alice Donovan."

I beg to differ with you sir. From the tone of your letters, I'd say it 's all about YOU, and what YOU think, and what YOU want.

The fact that Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns' stories cover 7 web pages, shows my interest and concern for the horrible things that happened to them.

I invested my own time and effort in designing the web pages, and yes, I suppose you are correct, I'm not an "expert" - like you obviously are - at artistry {although I'd appreciate it if you didn't tell too many people, considering the number of artistic endeavors that I've been quite sucessful in!} But you know something Mr. Ruiz, you are the only person that has written and ridiculed my work; criticized my efforts; insulted my intelligence and accused me of being a selfish idiot. No one has ever accused me of that before.

Like I tried to explain to you in my first reply - Alice Donovan's case is but one of many, many cases profiled on my web site. All the cases are profiled free of charge, and any of my work is also donated to the families of the victims free of charge.

I have corresponded with people far and wide concerning Alice Donovan's case. How much attention have you paid to it? Where's your work Sir? How much time and effort have you dedicated to Alice's case, or for that matter, anyone else's case?

I have been considerate enough of your feelings to remove the music from all 7 pages concerning Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns , whom you don't appear to give a tee diddly damned about, because she wasn't even mentioned by you.

This nation is full of families that have lost a loved one to a monster such as Chad Fulks or Braden Basham. My heart goes out to each and every one of them, and my sincere wish is that the monsters could all be caught and done away with. Yes, that's means put to death. I have absolutely no compassion for any of them, regardless who their victims were. From the hookers walking our streets to the housewife and mothers of our children - from the school girl walking home {Barbara Barnes; Gina DeJesus, and others} to the college girl {Samantha Burns; Rachel Cooke, Brooke Wilberger, and others} I have given my all to help in any way that I can.

Your insults have been uncalled for, and I'd venture to guess this will not be the only letter that you ever receive that tells you that.


Mrs. Bonnie M. Wells

Psychic Detective-Profiler:

Owner/Operator of Starlight Inner-Prizes:

Creator / owner of Aquarian Designs - Zodiac Dream Catchers:

Owner/Operator of Granville Shepherd's Kennels {security and search dogs}:

Freelance writer and author of 25 book series Pure Coincidence:

Author of Bonny Tails {collection of animal stories}

Published author in nationally and internationally known magazines:

Municipal Court Mediator:

Wife, Mother, Grandmother:

Interior & Exterior Decorator:

Quite a list of accomplishments for a "complete idiot," now isn't it? And now Sir, I have nothing more to say to you.

Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 22:43:56 -0700

Subject: Re: Alice Donovan

From: "Robert Ruiz"



If you cannot see that putting up pages with that content that are accompanied by upbeat music is inappropriate and artistically and creatively wrong, then I don't know what to say to you. Personally, I think if you don't know why the music should have been removed then you may as well put it back.

It's not my goal to have you do things my way but in a way that's sensitive to the subject matter and to the memory of the people who are gone IF YOU SO AGREE ONCE THIS WAS POINTED OUT TO YOU -- that's all. In my shock and upset I did not word my feedback in a constructive manner, and for that I SINCERELY apologize. I was wrong.

You have also made several assumptions about me that are at odds with reality, but that's neither here nor there to me.

On one final point I would relate to you that I have sympathy for the victims, certainly, but also for the perpetrators.

The BTK killer is a good example of this. Clearly the man was driven by an impulse he couldn't control at times and that caused him a lot of grief in his life.

While people like this need to be separated from society, certainly, it's a sad situation for all around that human beings are flawed in this way, and so I can find some sympathy there (less so for Fulks and Basham or, for instance, the two men who abused Matthew Shepard, leading to his death).

I can't even resist a dessert at times -- so I can't imagine what it would be like to deal with the inner struggle that someone like BTK must have gone through. That seems mental illness to me than conscious decision to be evil.

For Basham and Fulks I have less sympathy because their actions seem driven mostly out of stupidity and selfishness, but still, who am I to judge them without knowing.

Again, my apologies, and I will give further consideration to why your page's music affected me the way it did. I just felt initially that it trivialized their senseless deaths somehow and I'm sure that wasn't your intention -- I know that. That was never in question.

Be well,


My Reply:

I did not reply to Robert Ruiz's last letter to me.

But I will say this - here and now - I have no compassion for the likes of the BTK killer, and that includes other such monsters as the Uniabomber, John Wayne Gayce, Ted Bundy, Gary Ridgeway, or any of a hundred others that I could name.

Over the past 20 years I have studied these weirdo's extensively - from their early days as children who in almost every case gave off signals on a regular basis that they were not "normal," and should have been delt with at that point and time - to the evil, coniving, deceitful monsters they became as adults, and each time I saw that they were psychopaths that kept hell going in every aspect of their lives.

So, Mr. Ruiz can have all the sympathy, compassion and understanding that he wishes to have for these freaks, because I have delt with psychopaths on a personal basis, and I'm here to tell everyone it's no fun. I want them kept as far away from me as humanly possible, and have gone to great lengths to do this very thing.

Mr. Ruiz asks - "who am I to judge them [Basham & Fulks] without knowing?"

I don't have the same problem that Mr. Ruiz has [ after all, I'm a complete idiot, you know! Thank God I'm "complete!" I'd hate to be a "half-wit!"] My "judgements" are based upon the "law" - God's Law and man's law.

Basham and Fulks were already in jail for crimes they had committed against society before they broke out and murdered two [at least that's all we know about!] innocent women. They had already broken our laws, and they broke them again when they broke out of jail. And they didn't stop breaking the law even after they had abducted and murdered Burns and Donovan. They continued to break as many laws as they possibly could.

Their reasoning is irrelevant to me. As a law-abiding, tax-paying, American citizen, who will be forced to pay a defense attorney for both of these men, I have the moral obligation and the legal right to "judge" their actions as worthy of death.

So you see, that's another problem with me - I have absolutely no trouble saying what's on my mind - which, come to think of it, is a lot!


Bonnie M. Wells

Received: 9-23-05:


I am wondering if they have any idea where she may be? That is any general locations where they may heve gotten rid of her.

The reason I ask is we have developed an instrument that can find anything and we can find human bone teeth and hair.

If you have any information please feel free to call me at xxxxx.

Thanks Tim Gray

My Reply:

9-24-05: Tim,

Thanks for writing about Alice Donovan's case. And thanks for putting her name in the subject space too! You'd be surprised how many letters I get from people who do not name the case they are talking about.

Since there are probably close to 100 cases on my web site, this can make for a very confusing time.

Most people believe that Alice Donovan remains in North Carolina. I do not have that feeling, but until she is found, no one can say who is right or who is wrong.

I do know that Samantha Burn's was abducted on November 11th, and Alice Donovan on Nov 14th, and that when Fulks and Basham were apprehended they were driving Donovan's car with Burns' license plate on it.

I continue to wonder if the two women are not going to be found within a short distance of each other.

We know that Fulks and Basham "backtracked," and this makes me wonder exactly which state they stopped in long enough to get rid of their hostages.

Something tells me it was West Virginia. Possibly because Fulks had lived there most of his life and he was familiar with the area.

An area has been pinpointed in the Huntington area of West Virginia, but as far as I know, no one has ever gone there and looked for the women. There has been absolutely no interest from any branch of law enforcement, and very little from private citizens.

The vast portion of emails that I have received concerning the cases has been very negative, with some actually insulting me and calling me a nosey, lying, trouble-making bitch.

I guess I've posted most of them on the response page so the world can see how people really feel about someone trying to get this pack of killers off our streets. I'm convinced the world likes them far better than it likes me, and to be honest, I'm about at the end of my rope with the entire pack.


Bonnie M. Wells

Received: 9-27-05:

Thanks for your reply.

You never know who will email you about anything and how would someone describe you as a trouble maker?

Anyone who would keep the person in the news or in the minds of the public.

Thanks for your work and keep it up.

Anyway do yo have any information on these missing ladies as to where they may be buried or stashed? Anything that could get me in the neighbor hood would be all I need and if they are there we could find them.

Let me know call if necessary xxxxxxx.

Thanks again


Received: 8/11/06:

Dear Miss Bonnie,

I was offended by Mr. Ruiz posts and I'd like to address him directly. I would like the reader to know first of all that I am absolutely NOT in support of psychic efforts of any kind for any reason. I have my reasons, but that isn't the subject of why I'm writing today. I would like to say however, that I have a great deal of respect for the work you've done on your website, and that you don't deserve some of the criticisms I've seen on your pages. Those criticisms are what I'd like to address.

I do have a clue about how hard you've worked to build your website. This is YOUR website and you have every right to build it as you see fit, for whatever reasons. It doesn't matter what anybody thinks of it, but I'm sure you like to be complimented when a complement is due. So, my hat's off to you regarding your hard work and efforts. I would have felt a little better about it had you requested permission for using my graphics before using them since you did get it from my website when it was online. Someone else's work is copyrighted whether or not it bears the symbol. The heart picture of Alice was MY creation. I will give you permission to use it as long as you acknowlege it properly, because I intend to continue to use it on the web.

To all surviving victims featured on this site: Everyone has my uttmost compassion and sympathy. May the Lord of All creation bring peace to your broken, hurting hearts.

Now, to the topic at hand and the reason for my post.

Robert Ruiz said:

"I have sympathy for the victims, certainly, but also for the perpetrators.

The BTK killer is a good example of this. Clearly the man was driven by an impulse he couldn't control at times and that caused him a lot of grief in his life.

I can't even resist a dessert at times -- so I can't imagine what it would be like to deal with the inner struggle that someone like BTK must have gone through. That seems mental illness to me than conscious decision to be evil. Who am I to judge them without knowing"

God help us.

You equate willful murder with resisting dessert?

You "say" such things (sympathy for the perpetrators, equating murder with resisting dessert" ) on a site dedicated to murdered people and their families with the same 'mouth' that you used to criticize the website owner's choice of music out of 'concern' that it might offend a family member???

You feel qualified to judge what the victims of these lost dear ones might like, or not like in terms of music, (despite not knowing them at all) but you don't feel qualified to judge right from wrong with regard to your own mouth, or with regard for horrid crimes the listed murderers in these posts committed against living, breathing human beings? And you EAT with that mouth too? Mr. Ruiz, WHO did you say needed a reality check? It isn't Miss Bonnie, that's for sure.

You had the unmitigated gall to call the website owner an idiot? Then what does it make you to belittle murder by equating it with dessert? Or not being able to judge right from wrong? Do YOU have a problem resisting murder too? If the answer to THAT question is a firm "NO" then you have also made a liar out of yourself with regard to being able to 'resist' wrong impulses.

There is nothing 'wrong' with over indulging in dessert, but since you can't tell the difference between that and resisting the desire to murder in trade for an orgasm or a bank account, or for the power it takes to be judge, jury and executioner of innocent people, then maybe YOU need to be locked up before you get yourself in trouble!

Finally, I live beside people who encountered BTK personally. He killed the dog belonging to the little girl next door to me. She still grieves about that dog. He pulled out a ruler to measure people's grass to make sure it wasn't a fraction of an inch out of compliance with city ordinances so he could write them tickets. The man was an A$$_ _ _ E. Period.

xxxxxxx A relative of Alice Donovan xxxxxx.

Please keep name and mail address private.


Received: 8/11/06:

Miss Bonnie,

I've seen some posts here made by some of Chadrick Fulks family/friends. I would like an opportunity to address them as I've not had opportunity to do that yet. I've not seen anything by Brandon Basham's friends/family, but I'd like them to be included as well.

I'm doing it this way because I don't want to become involved in private mail with them, and only now just realized that I do need to address them for my own peace of mind. So with your permission, I submit the following:

Dear Friends/Family of Chadrick Fulks and Brandon Basham,

I am a relative of Alice Donovan and was present during Chadrick's trial, and was partially present at Brandon's trial. I am very deeply grieved by the loss of Alice. The pain will never go away completely, and it crops up strongly, frequently. I am very angry about what happened to her, and I am angry because your family member played judge, jury and executioner against her. I don't morn the loss of your family member to the death penalty. The penalty they receive is commited after just trials and a finding of guilt. They have already received more mercy than they ever extended to my dearest loved one.

I also have no feelings at all whatsoever for Chadrick or Brandon. I feel no hate, no love, no compassion, no anger...just...NOTHING. I can't feel anything for either of them, in any way. I despise, hate, and rage at what they DID. It's difficult for even ME to understand, but never the less, that is my stand.

But to YOU..the families...YOU are victims too. I saw some of you humiliated, desperate. I saw some of your faces, watched and heard you testify. I saw your haunted fear and your pain. Your emotions were for YOUR loved one, not my loved one. I hate that you were put into that position by your loved one. He had no mercy for you, and he had no mercy toward those he killed, no mercy to the children he injured. None.

I don't know what it is like entirely, to stand in YOUR shoes, and I hope I never do. I don't ever want to watch someone I love put himself into a death penalty position. That's got to be a terribly helpless feeling. You can't stop him. You can't help him. You can only watch the collision occur. You can only stand by and watch him die. You too will grieve. You also suffer loss.

I can't feel such compassion toward your loved ones, those who murdered my loved one. They chose their course. They chose the death penalty. Alice and Samantha had no such choices. You remember that in court? Choices?? They could have stolen the cars, and the money. I know full well that if Alice had been offered a genuine choice, Your money or your life, she would gladly have traded the measly few hundred bucks she had, for her life. Samantha would have chosen the same. Neither of them got to choose. They chose for her, and they chose for themselves. That is how I see it, even if you disagree. In that choosing, they also chose shame for you. They chose embarrassment, humiliation, blame, excuses. That's what Chaddrick chose for you. That's what Basham chose for you. You are victims too. I pity you.

They also choose, even still, to not have mercy four years later. They refuse to tell where they hid the women they killed. Chaddrick claimed in January that he would reveal where Alice was in exchange for a shorter sentence, ie..a sooner execution. But you know, he lied again as we knew he would. And he was selfish again as he genuinely is. He couldn't give a half an ounce of care about anybody, but his own comfort. Well, he had the opportunity to tell her whereabouts from the day he was caught. And he wouldn't do it then, either. Basham isn't any more merciful. They can never be accused of being sons of mercy. They will never be found guilty of mercy, no matter how long eternity is, will they?

There is no comfort for you in that, either. I pity you, family. Yours must be a very great burden.

Thank-You Miss Bonnie, for the opportunity.

A relative of Alice Donovan


please don't print my name or email address.


Part of another letter from J.

"I apologize for the heart picture. I didn't realize Axxxx invited you to it or I would never had said anything to you about it. But now you do have permission from the horses mouth lol! I saw several of my graphics taken and used on other sites which really bothered me. Nobody asked."

I saw the post written by Fulks' sister. I was reminded of his family and how hard I know this is on them too. Or was, anyway. A couple of his brothers tried to hide the car, one tried to lie in court, they wanted to help him in anyway they could, no matter how bad he was. They are all womenbeaters.

Oh...something you said..can't recall now exactly what it was, maybe a vision or a dream...

Fulks was incarcerated in Kentucky where he broke out of jail. I think he was originally incarcerated on credit card fraud. Just before his break out he'd been given notice that he was facing 60 years in prison for injuring a child. He was additionally suspected of having killed a child under 2 years old. He said the kid fell or something, but the kid was all busted up inside..bones and all. They couldn't definitively pin murder on him. They WERE able to pin the other abuse on the other child, on him. And, when Robert said he had compassion on the perps....I thought of those children.

Thank you,


Our love must not be a thing of words and fine talk.

It must be a thing of action and sincerity (1 John 3:18).


Bonnie M. Wells



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