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Action Report


Bonnie M. Wells

November 10th, 2000

Three days earlier the people of the United States voted for a new president, but we still didn't know who had won the election!

First the reports said Al Gore had won .... then they said Bush .... then back to Gore and eventually back to Bush! I'd never seen anything like it in my life.

Several states had already had a recount of their votes. Florida was one of them. Now, it seemed Mr. Gore was demanding yet another recount in Florida. As if this wasn't enough confusion, a large number of Florida residents were also demanding another chance to vote because it seemed they believed they had voted for the wrong man!

"Well, I'm glad I didn't vote for the wrong man," I said to Mike as we listened to the reporters on our tv set.

"You'd never admit it if you did," Mike replied.

Well .... I always voted for the "right man." Four years earlier I'd voted for Ross Perot. Doesn't mean my guy always wins but I'll just be damned if I'm going to say I voted for the wrong man!

Dead Man Elected

I'd just finished writing the story .... Dead Man Elected for book number 22 of Pure Coincidence. It certainly had been a strange story, but based on actual events and facts, as all the stories of Pure Coincidence were.

"What's going on now?" I asked Mike as I entered the living room and took a seat on the couch.

"They are getting ready to interview Bush and Cheney," Mike replied.

I stretched out on the couch and waited for the interview to begin.

And when it started, I really was listening to the interview. The story I'd just finished was not on my mind ... but ...

They were showing Bush and Cheney seated at the Governors home in Texas, when, all at once, one of the "wings in the attic" {my term for the angels on high!} smacked me along side the head with a feathered wing hard enough to nearly knock me off the couch!

That's Rick Walker!

"Oh, my God, that's Rick Walker!" I exclaimed as I rolled off the couch and came to my feet!

Mike glared at me ...

"What the hell are you talking about now woman? That's George Bush and Dick Cheney. There's no Rick Walker there .... you're nuts!" Mike growled.

"Yeah, I know I am," I smirked, "but you are blind and deaf, so I can be nuts if I want to!"

"Dick .... my dad's name was Dick. It's a nickname for Richard.... so is "Rick." Therefore Dick Cheney is probably Richard Cheney and could be called Rick as easily as Dick .... right?"

"So, where's the 'Walker' portion," Mike questioned.

I was laughing by this time. I knew I had him. Funny thing was, he knew it too. I just hadn't lowered the boom on him yet .... but I would ... oh yes, I surely would!

"What does the [W] stand for in George Bush's name?" I asked.

Mike had a sick look on his face. I've seen the look several times .... almost always on the faces of men who think I'm a few bricks shy of a full ton .... only to discover at the last moment that I'm actually overloaded, and they voted against the wrong woman ....again!

"I don't know. What does the W stand for?" Mike asked.

"Walker! The W stands for Walker .... George Walker Bush!"

"Oh hell," Mike moaned as I strode from the room and back to my computer. I had a story to write....


The entire "election situation" had actually began with the Dead Man Elected dream and worked its way right on through the Rick Walker dream and the Harkback story.

When I did the original interpretation for the Rick Walker dream, I identified a U.S. Marshall by the name of John Pascucci. Passcucci's own book had revealed many answers and I wrote to him, as is my custom and told him of my dream.

The U.S. Marshalls were President Reagan's favorite group and enjoyed much prestige while he was in the White House. Later, they would be shoved aside in favor of other branches of law enforcement. I predicted they would make a comeback, somehow, but in the year 2000 I didn't know just how.

The stories and books of Pure Coincidence were so interwoven that it was often difficult to decide which book should contain which stories. I couldn't put them all in one book. It would be 3 foot thick!

When I began putting book number 22 together so that I could send it to George Bush ahead of time, I chose a few stories that had been told in earlier books. One such story was The Winner, which was a story about my brother Mike Martin. Mike died on November 24th, 1986 from a heart attack.

In Dead Man Elected, I showed the "connection" between Mike {the 2-09}, and the name Martin. I didn't realize at that time though, that the story was about to continue with the Rick Walker story and the election of the year 2000.

November 16th, 2000

Well, here it is, nine days after the election and Bush and Gore are still slugging it out over who won:

Regardless of who wins ... or even if we live long enough to find out who the winner is ... I seriously suspect November 24th will be an important day in this situation:

And regardless of what the recount reveals .... there is something that Mr. Gore should always remember ..... Rick Walker will not start a fight ... but neither shall he run.{Little did I realize how prophetic these words would be on September 11th, 2001 ... but I got a funny feeling that George Bush and Dick Cheney remembered them at that point. Perhaps I'm wrong.}

November 18th, 2000

Tallahassee, Florida (AP): "With all but one county reporting, Bush has picked up 1,375 overseas [military] votes compared to Gores 748. This expands Bush's lead to 927 votes in the overall vote":

In the dream I mentioned an "army" of police and a "357" .... I wasn't surprised to see these two things show up in the election situation. Part of the reason for the re-count was the "military" votes, and when they came in and were counted, it pushed Bush's votes ahead of Gore's by 927 .... 927 too was a familiar number. {My brother, Richard Michael Martin, checked himself into a hospital on 9-27 (86) because he thought he was having a heart attack. They released him 6 days later and assured him there was nothing wrong with his heart. He died 2 months later on November 24th from a massive heart attack. He was 34 years old.}

Actually I'd been watching for the number 357 to show up in some form, on Bush's side .... ever since I had noticed on tv how much the state of Florida was shaped like a gun!

November 20th, 2000

The entire nation continues to await the answer of who our next president is going to be:

There are only a few noteworthy things that came through today's news though .... at least as far as my work is concerned .....

1. The deadline for all the recounting has been set. Wouldn't you know .... it is December 12th, which just {coincidentally, of course} happens to be my sister's birthday! The same sister {the only sister I have} that now lives in Tallahassee; the same city where Lisha lives.

2. I got a real charge out of learning who the Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court was .... Wells! Talk about coincidences!

3. Some reporter {and I don't recall his name} was rattling on about the election, and at one point said...."If anyone could have predicted who would eventually win ... / if they could have predicted that things would get hung up in Florida, etc ..."

I have news for that guy ..... SOMEONE did predict it! She came in with the names of the people involved, the name and shape of the state, the dates, times and other important numbers, you name it, she was well ahead of it ..... but nobody would listen to her. However, she knew something else. She knew who they would eventually listen to!

Dents & Shads

It seemed the main hangup on the election results involved the voting methods of Florida. Apparently it was a punch system of some sort, and there was a problem with the machines because some ballots were "dented" while others were actually punched out as they were supposed to be. Another thing that really caught my attention was the continuous reference to counting "shads" .... I assumed this stood for shavings and debris: Both reminded me of my Rick Walker dream though because I'd actually said "examining a dent and comparing holes" and that Jim "Shad" had given me the object in my hand.

Also, I was standing in a room filled with papers and files. The people trying to re-count all the votes were certainly surrounded by papers and files! And I was impressed!!

November 22nd, 2000

November 22nd. That's when President Kennedy was shot and killed in Texas.

My brother Mike Martin suffered a heart attack and died on November 24th.

From these facts, and in consideration of my psychic/spiritual facts, came several clues that I felt would pertain to the people involved in the 2000 elections: We'd already seen "a dead man elected to public office," and we now realized that "Lisha/Florida did have our 'baby,' in as much as the entire nation awaited the "birth" of the answer!

Other clues were .... The Winner / Heart Attack / The President / Texas / and the two dates November 22nd, and November 24th:

News: On November 22nd, {2000} Dick Cheney suffered a mild heart attack and was hospitalized. A heart catheterization was performed, and he was released on November 24th!

There has been a lot of discussion about "no guidelines to go by ... no set rules for determining voter intent," ..... it reminded me of "no recipe, only ingredients," from my Rick Walker dream.

In my Dead Man Elected dream { and both of these dreams must be worked together at this point} I said I'd took my concerns to a man named Lee who had been a friend of my brother's.

I just smiled and shook my head when I learned that Tallahassee is in Leon County. The same county in which George Bush's brother Jeb resides.

JEB are actually his initials. His name is John Ellis Bush. Once again I was reminded of the Rick Walker dream in which I'd came up with the name "John," ... as in "John Wayne drawl." [As well as "John" Pascucci]

And from where I'm sitting, it appears that my entire 22nd book of Pure Coincidence is prophetic in nature! From the titles of the stories to the stories themselves, it appears that the entire book, written several years in advance, pertained to a national election which involved people whom I did not know ... and probably would never know.

I wondered if it was all to show some local people that I was really not crazy ...... really not a lunatic who imagined all kinds of things, and who "believed herself to be psychic." If so, then it was wasted effort, because I'd already told Rick Walker .... "They won't listen to me."

Of course, there is still something about that dream that bothers me. Rick Walker said .... "I might listen, if you talked to me."

Has he?


The only connections to "Martin" were made in the Dead Man Elected dream story. By election time I was certain that dream and the Rick Walker dream went hand in hand and neither told the complete story on its own.

So, again, I was not surprised when I discovered the two counties where the most election problems had occurred, and the two counties that continued to hold the final decision because they were not finished with their re-count was .... Seminole and Martin!

No Wings Needed!

The proceedings in Florida were guarded by "an army of cops." And while the Florida Supreme Court was trying to make a decision, the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C. was also about to issue their decision.

Both courts had chosen December 4th to announce their decisions.

Reporters Roger Cossack and Gretta Van Susteren filled time by discussing the various ways the court could rule. I was only about half listening to them, when suddenly Gretta asked Roger ....

"Roger, is this a coincidence? Is it simply coincidence that both of these courts are preparing to announce their decisions at the same time?"

The wings in the attic didn't need to slap me with a feathered wing, because when Roger Cossack replied, I almost fell off the chair all by myself .....

"Pure Coincidence," he replied.

December 8th

December 8th held it's own importance with me, but I was curious to see what else was going to happen in Florida.

"The Florida Supreme Court has just issued an order to re-count the votes; a ruling that was denied by the lower courts of Lewis and Clark.

The decision came in a 4 to 3 vote with Chief Justice Charles Wells dissenting with a stinging declaration that he concluded the "this contest simply must end," and that in his opinion the Florida Supreme Court's decision "cannot withstand the scrutiny that will follow."

December 9th

On December 9th, 2000 at approximately 3:15 pm, the United States Supreme Court issued an order for the counting to cease and desist immediately throughout Florida!

And I was impressed!

My husband? Oh he started looking at me a little strangely .. as if maybe there was something to all this weird stuff after all ....

"Told ya," I chided.

The Winner

The Winner is a story I wrote many years ago about my brother. I showed how he won a court battle even though he was already dead. Mike's birthday was 2-09:

The decision about who won the presidential election of 2000 was eventually made and George Bush was declared the winner.

The Florida votes for George Bush totaled .... 2, 912, 790:

If Mike's birthday .. 2 0 9 ... is removed that leaves 9127:

Now, remove the day Mike went to the hospital ... 9 2 7, and that leaves a remainder of 1.... won!

And I do finally close this story with a reminder to ...Harkback. Go back, look back .... to the Rick Walker dream and see the one and only number that I presented in that dream .... 357:

When all was said and done ..... and George Bush had been declared the winner, he ended up with a mere 537 more votes than Al Gore had received. Probably one of the closest elections in history!

I only had one hope. I just hoped no one asked me who the president of the United States was ....

I was just sure I'd snap ... "Rick Walker" .... before I had time to think!

As I said to Mr. Bush, before it was all settled, before the world knew .....

"Me and the Lord might have a peculiar way of talkin', but that doesn't mean we're wrong!

Congratulations, and best always..... / Bonnie"

Special Note:

In December of 2000, I purchased a mobile home that was owned by an elderly lady who rented trailer space on my rental property. You can read the story, or part of it, on All The Martin's Aren't Purple:

Mrs. Martin was in her 90's and no longer permitted {by family and doctor} to remain in her home alone. She decided to sell the trailer to me. I agreed to buy it and almost as an after thought asked who the manufacturer of the trailer was.

Her answer .... "White House."

2006 Message

The elections of 2000 are long forgotten by everyone, and I'm sure most people won't even bother to read the stories I've posted about that time period. But I didn't write or post the stories because they were about President Bush in particular -- because they weren't. They involved many other people, but the amazing part to me was that the Lord had seen fit to send me information concerning a national event -- in fact a series of national events that would grab the attention of the entire world, and hold it spellbound for weeks on end.

I don't actually believe that this was done for President Bush's sake, although I continue to believe he's still shaking his head and wondering about it, to a certain degree. But I think it was for my sake ... mine and other people like me .... people who have no titles, no high ed degrees, ... the people who think that no one cares about them ... no one listens to them. God is listening folks. And Rick Walker said he might listen if I talked to him.

Well, anyone who knows me could easily tell you -- ANYONE who says they will listen to me WILL be spoken to and told how things really are. I don't pull any punches, don't color the truth anything but stark, glaring white, and let the chips fall where they may. Most have fallen on me, but that's okay too..... I just figured the Lord was putting me 'under cover!'

I suppose everyone thinks it's all over .... but it isn't. The killer that I've talked about for sixteen years is still out here on our streets. During the past six years he's murdered even more innocent people, and I will eventually get around to writing up the "Symbolic Murder Series" so everyone can see for themselves, that if I am imagining things, then I've got more evidence to support my 'imaginations' than the average prosecuting attorney has to support his theory in any court room of our nation. And since I see the people of our nation as the greatest court room of all time, then I will present my case to them. What they choose to do about it, is strictly up to them.

In the meantime, President Bush was in Arkansas last week - the Springfield area, I believe. And I just wonder if he heard the names --- Bonnie, Kenny, Tim, Alex, or Kathee while he was there.

The world is about to see another miracle .... based upon dreams and visions of common people .... and it will unfold precisely as the dreams that I have revealed within these pages unfolded. Because as I said, God is listening .... and although 'Rick Walker' might not be exactly aware of it - so is he!!

No matter what the world says about George Bush, I only have one thing to say ....

He's The Winner!

"See ya in Arkansas, Mr. President"

Bonnie M. Wells

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