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Bonnie M. Wells

This page is "color coded" for clarification and research purposes:

Things from the dreams will appear in - "this" - color:

Fulfillment of those things within the elections of 2000 will appear in - "this" - color, and will follow the dream statements:

Events may or may not be in sequence as they occured in the dreams:

From The Dead Man Elected Dream & 'Reality'

Dead Man Elected / Public Office / Martin / Little Hocking /

Fires in the "Martin" household and on "Stella" Street, the same day that "man running for public office" was killed, alerted me to "election" news and to watch for dreams panning out during this time period: Melvin Carnahan was elected to the senate even after he was dead:

Lisha has our baby:

Alerted me to watch "Florida": By election time, the youngest in my family and the youngest in my husband's family were both living in Tallahassee, Florida, where "Lisha" lives:

Brother elected / Lee

JEB Bush / Leon County, Florida

"tell the people they have elected a dead man,"

News Reporter: "A dead man has just been elected to the United States Senate!"

From The Rick Walker Dream & Actuality

I was standing / files, books, records / Washington County Court House / Rick Walker /

I = Wells; Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court = Charles "Wells" / files, books, records = recounting votes / Washington = Washington DC / County = "Martin" / Court = U.S. Supreme Court / House = White House / Rick = Cheney / Walker = Bush /

Southwestern body / alligator cowboy boots / "John" Wayne d-raw-l /

Southwestern body = George Bush, from Texas / alligator = Florida / cowboy boots, spurs, horses = George Bush, owns a ranch in C-raw-ford, Texas and does ride horses {hopefully without spurs!} / Florida Govorner = "John" Ellis Bush:

soft brown eyes / brown hair / length of hair / age - 30's /

George Bush does in fact have soft "coffee brown" eyes / medium brown hair color / wore his hair longer when he was in his 30's than he does now:

I hit the floor hard, face down /

December 8th, 2000: The Florida Supreme Court issued an order to 'recount the votes' ... The decision came with Chief Justice 'Wells" dissenting with a 'stinging declaration' that this contest simply must end."

I = Wells / Floor = Flor{ida} / hard = stinging declaration / face down = dissent - decent:

The guy with Dave / wore dirty, / low hanging / jeans / and a blue shirt./ he toppled backward, and came to rest primarily on his left side / handcuffs /

December 10th, 2000 - "Al "Gore" was represented in the Supreme "Court" by Attorney "David" Boies! / w-ore- dirty = G-ore / {Dictionary} "gore - dung, filth; blood shed from a wound" / Low Hanging = Florida, a lower; far south state that actually "hangs out into the ocean." / Jeans = Melvin Carnahan's widow's name is Jean. She took his place in the senate after he was elected / Blue = Gore; the states that Gore took in the election were colored "blue" on the map, while Bush's states were "red" and undecided were gray:

No recipe to follow, only ingredients /

Florida had the ballots {ingredients}, but when it came to examining them, they soon found that there was no set rules, standards, guidelines ..{recipe}! / This was one thing the attorney's involved asked Judge {Lewis} to provide for them: In the dream, I handed Christina a pair of scissors and said "cut the ingredient list out and we'll make our own recipe. / Dictionary - Lewis/lewis = an attachment for lifting heavy stones:

I got into a little trouble /

George Bush admitted that several years back he had a drinking problem and that at one point he had a run in with the law because of it:

found a dead man / going to compare holes /

Dead man found = Melvin Carnahan October 16th, 2000 / "After" Carnahan's death the elections of 2000 were held, and we saw a lot of "comparing dents and holes" during the recounts:

Small caliber bullet / Shad /

Indicates only a small amount of 'amunition' would be discovered in the recount, and it would ultimately be of little value / Shad = One form of attempting a recount involved paper shads:

They won't listen to you anymore than they listen to me / "They will listen"

"They" did listen:

Rick Walker had a firm grip on the .357 Magnum / Dave Garvey's smaller weapon:

Al Gore's argument {weapon} was not as persuasive {large} as George Bush's.

No one came to take the gun away from Rick Walker:

On my sister's birthday {December 12th} the "death blow" was delivered to the juggler vein of Al Gore's attempt at becoming our next president, and no one came to take the state of Florida {which is shaped like a hand gun} away from George Bush and Dick Cheney!

"Whatca doin' down there?" / "Checkin' out the boots dude, just checkin' out the boots!"

December 9th, 2000: The U.S. Supreme Court {more or less said} "Watcha doin' down there?" ... in more correct English, they asked .... "What are you people in Florida doing?" / Florida's reply - "Well, we are just 'checking out the votes' ... especially the ones from Miami-'Dade' County." /

an 'army' of 'cops' came from all directions /

There were more cops present in the election situation in Florida than I have ever seen in one spot without there being some type of civil disturbance or uprising. / Some of the problems in Florida stemed from the overseas 'military' votes which still needed counting:

dead man came to rest on his left side:

How ironic that the Democratic party is known as "the left," while the Republican party is called "the right."

After taking careful aim, George Bush "shot down" Al Gore's bid for the White House just as surely as Rick Walker had in the dream, and the really amazing thing about it is the fact that ultimately the decision was made in a court house. There were actually 2 main courts involved in the decision ... the Florida Supreme Court and finally the United States Supreme Court. In the dream I went from room to room. This shows movement, but still remains within "the court house."

"Sometimes I see things....know things. Sometimes I can't explain "how or why"" .....

"I'm aware of that too," he grinned.

"Here, you take the damned thing and maybe since you are a man, they will listen to you.

"They will listen" ....

It has taken more than three years since the election, for me to get this page posted on my web site, so that the "things I saw and knew could be explained." But it is done now .... and it stands as one more piece of evidence to law enforcement, and the people of this area ..... one more chance to get it right.

Has my "Uncle Sam" listened to me? Or was Uncle Sam ever the one listening to me? Oh, time will tell .... and then, so will I.

But, the one thing that I have learned for certain through this experience is this ..... Never ..... never again will I listen to those people who say that one person's voice cannot be heard .... one person's vote does not count ... one person cannot make a difference, for I know differently.

One lone woman voted for "Rick Walker" .... and when the dust finally cleared .... he had won election to the highest office in the nation!

Bonnie M. Wells



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