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"Research conducted by K. S. in connection and consideration of all the unsolved missing and murdered cases in Ohio and surrounding states, in an effort to determine whether there really is a 'river connection' in the cases as I have been stating for the past 17 years!"

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Bonnie M. Wells

E-Mail of 9-26-10


You told me that the cases are along the Ohio River or pretty close to the Ohio River. Or in other areas along a major river.

I did a bit of research looking at some maps.

There is a river pattern that I am seeing here among the cases that you have reported at your website.


Shaylene Farrell, Piqua , OH & Laney Gwinner, Fairfield , OH.

Both were last seen in a area near the Great Miami River. Great Miami River flows into the Ohio River at Cincinnati, OH.

Erica Lee Fraysure, Brookville, KY.

She lived between the Ohio River and the North Fork of the Licking River. North Fork of the Licking River flows into the Licking River. Licking River flows into the Ohio River. Licking River separates Covington and Newport at the Ohio River across from Cincinnati,OH.

Stacey Beth Colbert, Columbus, OH.

Stacey lived between the Olentangy River and the Scioto River. Stacey's body was found near the Scioto River in Delaware County. The Olentangy River flows into the Scioto River in Downtown Columbus. The Scioto River flows into the Ohio River at Portsmouth, Ohio.

Emily Ullman, New Orleans , LA.

She likely was near the Mississippi River . Ohio River flows into the Mississippi River at Cairo , Illinois .

Kimberlie Krimm, McKeesport , PA.

She was last seen in an area near the Monongahela River . Monongahela River flows into the Ohio River at Pittsburgh , PA.

Stephanie Evans & Shannon Anderson.

Both found near the Scioto River near Richmond Dale, OH . Scioto River flows into the Ohio River at Portsmouth, OH .

Stephanie Davis, Point Pleasant , WV.

Point Pleasant is next to the Ohio River and across from Gallipolis, OH.

Krystal Coy, Ludlow , KY.

Ludlow is next to the Ohio River and across from Cincinnati, OH.

Leah Hickman, Huntington , WV.

Huntington is next to the Ohio River.

Crystal Gayle Hall, Pikeville, KY.

Pikeville is next to the Levisa Fork River. The Levisa Fork River flows into the Big Sandy River at Louisa, KY. The Big Sandy River flows into the Ohio River. The Big Sandy River separates Catlettsburg,KY and Kenova, WV at the Ohio River.

This is a 'river pattern' that I am seeing here.

In all of the river areas where women have disappeared, all of the rivers are connected to the Ohio River.

It can be along or near the Ohio River itself or it can be along or near another river which flows into and meets the Ohio River.

Here are some links about the rivers that I'm talking about.

K. S.

Thank you K.S. I appreciate your taking the time to actually look into what I've been saying for many years. Few, if any have ever bothered to check out any of my research and work.

I think one main factor in these cases is the skipping of jurisdictions - state and county lines - thus creating confusion within the branches of law enforcement that have to work the cases.

In my opinion - which I realize few have ever asked for! - when tracking a serial killer, there should be no jurisdictions - or if nothing else works, then let the FBI be in charge. Let them foot the bills and do the work. To be honest, I don't care who does the work. Hell, I'll do it for them - free of charge - just like I've been doing for years and years now.

If we have a serial killer living here in the Ohio area - as I firmly believe we do - then doesn't it make more sense to combine our forces and try to stop him, instead of pretending that serial killers don't exist in our area? Who does this attitude benefit? It certainly doesn't help our people any. And, some day, it's going to make us look like a bunch of ignorant, back woods hicks that couldn't pour piss out of a boot backward --- "with the instructions printed on the heel" - as Sindee says, every time I make this statement!

There are many, many other cases 'along the river' that comes to mind as I work on this page. Some of these cases, 'they' say are solved. I say they may have a man in prison, and the naive family and friends of the victims, that have listened solely to prosecuting attorney's who wanted to be re-elected - might be content that their case has been solved - but, some of them haven't been solved correctly. Too many similarities within the solved cases to the unsolved ones. Way too many. The killings have continued, regardless of who they locked up.

But, therein lies yet another problem - and another answer to the problem.

People who have lost a family member tend to concentrate solely upon their missing/murdered loved one. And I guess that is understandable. It would be difficult to lay your own pain aside and look into a stranger's case --- and yet, Randy Shaffer comes to mind - a courageous man who lost his wife to cancer, then had his son Brian disappear, and even went to his own grave {September 14, 2008} without ever having an answer to where his beloved son is, or what happened to him. And yet, Randy didn't hesitate to jump into the rat race with both feet. Even while grieving for his lost wife and son, he joined search parties and helped look for other missing people.

I never knew Randy but I wish I could have met him. I think he had a heart of gold and a strength of character that is seldom seen, and sorely needed.

Some of the other cases that come to my mind at this time - and I'm certain there are others - are the following:

Jill Bohl

(left overlooking DavLin Lake)

Anna Marie Brown

(lived within sight of the Ohio River)

Maria Blough

(left beside the Ohio River)

Janet Miller

(close to the Little Kanawha & Ohio Rivers {November 28, 1986})

Kristina Porco

(last seen beside the swimming pool on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina - {November 29, 1986, 10:30 pm}

Terri Roach

(lived by the Ohio River)

Patsy Sparks

(lived by the Ohio River)

Ronda Manley

(lived by the Ohio River)

Dawn Holiday

(found on an old fishing road, along a creek)

Charlotte Russell

(found in the water, Athens County, Ohio)

Sarah Rae Boehm

(found in the "Berlin Reservoir," located within an Ohio state park, Portage County, Ohio.)

Kathryn Menendez

( found on oil road near the Berlin Reservoir)

Barbara Barnes

(lived in Stubenville, Ohio - near Ohio River - found in water - Pennsylvania)

Sheree Petry

(in a drain pipe overlooking and leading into the Ohio River)

Jenifer McCrady

(vehicle left by the Ohio River & she lived within sight of it, buried on an oil well access road near the Little Hocking River) (** had plastic bag over her head; worked in Oak 'Grove' )

Amanda Tusing

(found under a bridge / water )

Jennifer Short

(found under a bridge / water )

Mahalia Xiong

(car found in water with her inside)

Laney Gwinner

(found in the Ohio River, Warsaw, Kentucky)

Misty Blu Gwinner

(found on the bed of a Lexington creek, Fayette County, Kentucky)

Dalila Chacon-Lazaro

(located in the Little Miami River, Anderson Township, Ohio)

Molly Bish

(Cummings Pond, Massachusetts)

Allison Jackson-Foy

(Carolina Beach Road Wilmington, NC.)

Kelly Nolan

(University of Wisconsin- (*Whitewater) student)

Unidentified Female

(found in a creek in FOND DU LAC, Wis -2008)

Jameika Porch

(found dead on Riverside Drive, {TN}

Katelyn Markham

Found near creek in Cedar Grove, Indiana. (** had plastic bag over her head found in Cedar 'Grove')

Total number of cases listed on this page: 41


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