Before And Until Ronda


Bonnie M. Wells

A February Night


It was an early February night in 1992 when my friend Judy and I met with Georgia Rudolph and Mary Dye at Shoney's Restaurant in Marietta.

Mary Dye claimed she'd had the same dream several times, and that she believed it was about the killer of Terri Roach.

Her friend Georgia Rudolph believed herself to be reincarnated, but was not a dream interpretor. I wasn't reincarnated....the Lord said once was enough for me to torture the fine folks of earth!!!......but I was a dream interpretor and had been most of my life, so I agreed to meet with the two women.

Dream Reveals Surprise


In 1992 Judy and I were friends with a man I refer to as "Wild Bill." He'd been "helping" us with a surveillance case we'd been working on that was of a personal nature, and involved a man I shall call Mr. A.

Judy and I thought of Wild Bill as our "protector" on those nights that we had to be out late.

I invited Wild Bill to accompany me to Marietta to meet with Judy, Mary and Georgia primarily because I didn't like to make that long, dark drive by myself. But he had declined, saying he had to get to bed because he had to be to work early the next morning. So I made the drive by myself and we sat inside Shoney's that night until past closing time.

Judy sketched the house and grounds, and I jotted down bits and pieces of information as Mary recounted the re-occurring dream.

Within minutes after Mary began telling the dream, I was exceptionally glad that Wild Bill had declined my invitation! The woman was describing him and the property he lived on to perfection!

"The Swimming Pool Basement Dream".....


I titled Mary's dream the "Swimming Pool Basement Dream," and it was among the first "reports" I ever gave to Detective John Winstanley of the Washington County Sheriff's Department.

I thought the dream was phenomenal. Some dreams didn't need interpreting, but simply needed identified. I thought this was one of them.

Judy and I both recognized Wild Bill's house in Mary Dye's dream ....

The Dream


PS: clue words appear in this color.


A dark haired man slaps a girl that the dreamer believes is Terri Roach. Blood trickles from the corner of the girl's mouth as she tries to free herself from the man's clutches.

The man and the girl are in front of an old wooden garage. The property appears to be farmland, and yet, there is a street light, as one might see in a city.

When the dreamer looks up above the couple she notices an eagle light on the garage. The semi-circle driveway divides two huge trees as it circles around the garage. Off to the rear of the garage is what appears to be farmland, and yet, the dreamer is aware of something "metal" back there .... perhaps house trailers, she surmises.

The house in the dream appeared as old, if not older than the garage; was green in color, had old style columns that supported the porch roof and a couple of stone steps that led up onto the porch.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the dream is that the inside of the house contains a set of old, rough, wooden steps leading to a basement.

According to Ms. Dye, each time the dream occurred it was the same, and each time she entered the house and started down the old steps into the basement she had the feeling that she was walking down into a swimming pool, because "the basement walls were rounded out and had no corners, and the concrete was painted blue."

And each time, Ms. Dye insisted this is where the dream ended.

Dream Identification


Judy and I were both pretty excited that night. It was almost as if Ms. Dye had seen the house and grounds where Wild Bill lived ..... and yet, I was certain she had not.

I couldn't let her go home without seeing the property .... the house. I couldn't show her the inside of the house because Wild Bill was home and supposedly in bed asleep ..... although I did have a key to the house! But, even I wouldn't be that brazen. I decided I'd just show her the house and grounds and tell her about the inside.

We arrived at the property at four o'clock in the morning.

I showed her the semi-circle driveway and the two huge trees that sat on either side of it, at the rear of the garage, just like in her dream.

She saw the large garden area behind the garage, and the "metal" storage buildings that also graced the property. She saw the big street light that lit up most of the front and side yard area, and the light that was mounted over the walk-in garage door .... a gold light with an eagle base mounted to the wooden framework.

And the porch, with it's large, old wooden columns and two stone steps ...

And she objected because the house was not green. I explained to her that my family and I had helped Wild Bill re-paint the house only a few months earlier, and how we had discovered about 3 layers of medium green paint as we scraped the house in preparation of the new paint.

Even with all the evidence staring her in the face, Mary Dye insisted it was not the right house. She began to squirm and I began to suspect there was something much larger at stake here than the mere interpretation and/or identification of a dream.

So I didn't mention the inside of the house as I'd originally planned. I never told her about the old, rough wooden steps that led to the small basement in the house. I didn't tell her about the walls in the basement and how the corners had been filled in, thus giving the room an oval shape. And I never mentioned the fact that those walls were painted a light blue color ..... just about the color of a swimming pool liner!

But it was all true, and there were many, many people who could easily verify the facts. The only question that remained in my mind was ....

Was it a dream ..... or was it "hand delivered information" to test me and see what I'd do?

Oh the games people play ....

Especially when other people's lives are at stake, and there's no way they can get the credit, the glory, and "win" except by deception ..... but, that lesson lay a few years ahead of 1992 ....


Ronda Ellen Manley

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