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Coincidence After All


The confession of Aubrey Davis left me no choice but to admit that all the circumstantial evidence that pointed toward my Wild Bill character really was "coincidence" after all.

I'm glad that after ten years, Ronda's killer has finally been found, and is off our streets so he can not harm anyone else .... at least for a few years. And yet, I remain somewhat confused about the information and evidence that I gathered in those same ten years.

Lee Greenwood Look-A-Like

I looked at the picture of Aubrey Davis in our news paper, and my thoughts went back to one of my early reports from a source who was "inside" the Marietta police department......

"Ronda's killer is a Lee Greenwood look-a-like."

Wild Bill Lee Greenwood

Was Davis a "Lee Greenwood look-a-like" ten years ago? It was difficult to imagine that he ever was, but I suppose anything is possible. We all change. I know I don't look like I did ten years ago, and neither does my Wild Bill character.

Ten years ago, he could have slithered his sexy body into a pair of tight fittin' jeans, donned his silky vest, cowboy boots, and picked up a guitar and in a dim lit room he could have flashed one of his attractive smiles and almost everyone would have agreed he sure looked like Lee Greenwood. He looks more like Santa nowadays with his shaggy hair and beard that rests well onto his chest; both of which are nearly white unless he does a new dye job on them, and a tummy that rolls well past the trim belt line that he once enjoyed and was so proud of. So I suppose Aubrey Davis could have looked a lot like him ... or Greenwood .... back then.

I have spoken to a few people who knew Aubrey Davis back in 1992. They say he never resembled Lee Greenwood in any way, shape or form......ever.

A Dolled-Up Truck

Wild Bill's white, dolled-up, Toyota truck: Picture taken 1993:

Early news paper reports told of a witness who heard screams in the cemetery and saw a white, dolled-up, Chevy S-10 or Toyota truck racing from the cemetery, and called the police.

Did Davis drive a white Chevy S-10 or Toyota truck ten years ago? Was it his truck that was seen leaving the cemetery?

Someone heard a scream, and called the police. The police responded and did a "drive through" of the cemetery but saw no one: The "time element" seems to be off as far as Davis' confession is concerned. It would appear the scream was heard "after" Davis says he murdered Ronda Manley: Aubrey Davis did NOT drive a white truck in 1992:

Was it Davis who had been parking in the shadows of Shoney's and watching Ronda?

Davis did not drive a vehicle even remotely similar to the one seen by more than one employee at Shoney's and described to me:

Did Davis attend a party that Ronda and Wild Bill attended?

If so, I wonder why the two boys who told a Marietta police officer about Wild Bill being at that party didn't say anything about Davis being there too?

As far as I can determine, these two boys were never questioned about "Wild Bill." And guess what ... the former Marietta cop that spoke with the boys eventually gave me the information to 'report' to the Marietta cops [because they wouldn't listen to him!!!] I did report it, but as you can now see, it made no difference.

Did Davis know Wild Bill? Was Davis in jail at the same time Wild Bill was there in 1994? ** See the "He's In Jail" dream report: **

Confession Raises More Questions

Eventually Davis signed a confession and Detective Greg Nohe of Marietta Police Department interviewed him. Davis appeared to speak openly about the horrible crime, and I was reading right along and doing just fine until he said .....


Seven times, Aubrey Davis referred to "being on foot" the night he killed Ronda. He spoke of "walking downtown," ..... "Walking across the street," .... "walking to the cemetery," ..... thinking about "walking Ronda home," ..... etc. Then from out of the blue he tells Nohe ..... "After I got in my car, I ... I sat in the car for a few minutes freaking out and then decided to get rid of the knife."

There is no longer any mention of a small, white, dolled up truck, as in those early days of the case. Aubrey Davis answered my question himself. He did not own a "truck" in 1992!

So the questions remain ... Was the driver of the white truck involved in Ronda's murder? Did anyone actually see a white truck that night, or was that just one of those things that law enforcement tosses to the public to see how many nuts step forward to identify vehicles owned by boyfriends, neighbors, etc? If this is the case, it's no wonder murder cases can't be solved around here and have to lie in some forgotten drawer until someone out of this area puts the pieces together for them.... not to mention the obvious "intention to deceive and mislead" the public, such a conspiracy with local newspapers would conjure up. Sometimes, I really wish I was a lawyer!

2007 note: I still have the news clipping that tells about the scream that was heard and the white truck that was seen. Ronda's father also reported seeing a white truck, on the day of Ronda's funeral. He said it had a bearded guy with shaggy looking hair driving it. That wasn't Aubrey Davis ...... but I know who it was!!!

Number Of Stab Wounds Changes

Early "news" reports said Ronda had been stabbed 21 times. I remember it well because it seemed strange to me that she was killed on my husband's birthday and had been stabbed the number of times that represented my birth number (21) since my birthday is 1-21. But that was just something else that had changed after Davis was identified as the killer. Authorities now said she had been stabbed at least 29 times.

How could anyone stab a person 29 times, and not be a bloody mess himself? He had to have had blood all over him. Why had no one noticed any blood in the man's car?

Okay, I figured ..... he went home and cleaned himself up, probably spent the better part of the night cleaning the car out ..... but I couldn't help but wonder ....where was his car in the first place? Why was he walking around Marietta instead of driving?

And what about that white truck that had been reported in the beginning? I'd still like to know if it was a Toyota. I'd still like to know what it was doing in the cemetery; who was driving it; what the driver may have seen or heard that night, and I'd still like to know where Wild Bill was on the night of August 24th, 1992 in his little, white, dolled up, Toyota truck.

Obviously, as far as the Manley case is concerned, it doesn't matter where Wild Bill was ..... but there are others. Some local, some not so close to home .... like the 1996 murder of Chastity Dawn Cottrell in Charleston, West Virginia on my mother's birthday.

Davis' ex-wife told me that Aubrey Davis was driving her mother's station wagon at the time of Ronda's murder. There was no blood in the vehicle when he brought it home that night. According to her, they were living in a house trailer on state route 339, and they most assuredly did have water in the dwelling. Davis was not covered in blood [as Ronda's killer would have had to have been] when he came in that night. And, no, he was not naked when he came home either! [as he would have been if he'd removed his clothing and thrown them into a farm pond, as his 'confession' stated!]

Even Stranger Details

Nohe's interview with Davis revealed details that I thought were even stranger than those already mentioned.

Davis indicated that "if he remembered correctly," he had met Miss Manley near the college that fateful evening in 1992. She was smoking a cigarette when he "walked" up and began talking to her. She offered him a cigarette. He accepted it, and the two of them began walking toward the cemetery. After reaching the cemetery he claims he pulled a knife on Ronda and she asked him why he did that. He said it was because he wanted to have sex with her, to which she reportedly replied that the knife was not necessary because all he had to do was ask.

According to an article in The Leader, Ronda left her sister's home with one cigarette, not an entire pack. She walked down the street to the Super America Service Station where she was seen by several people who knew her, and where she bummed a cigarette from someone she knew. So now we have two different versions about the cigarette. The entire case is racked full of inconsistencies and altered details that should be considered "red flags," but which apparently aren't considered at all, by anyone except me!

Davis says his car was parked "downtown" somewhere, but he doesn't seem to recall exactly where it was parked! I wonder how far the man walked that night while covered in Ronda's blood! And then, there's that little problem of the police cruiser that did the "drive-through" at the cemetery after the witness reported the screams that were heard coming from the cemetery. That officer saw nothing ..... especially a man walking along the street covered in blood. Wonder why? Wonder why that incident is no longer mentioned, and why anyone would want the public to forget about it?

His vehicle was parked a couple of blocks from the cemetery at a restaurant where he worked. In all probability he was wearing the 'uniform' from that restaurant at the time he was with Ronda: Several people have written to confirm that they spoke with Ronda that night, and that she did NOT have a 'pack of cigarettes' and did in fact ask her friends for a cigarette just before she told them she was going to walk on down the street a ways. Some said she acted as if she was waiting and watching for someone.

Murder Weapon In The River?

Davis reportedly told Nohe that the place where he was living at the time of Ronda's murder had no water! I re-read that a couple of times too, because it destroyed my theory about him going home and cleaning up and working all night to clean his car out!

Where had Aubrey Davis been living in August of 1992? No one ever seems to ask that question, although each source of information reports his comments about not having any water in the house.

Sources tell me that Aubrey Davis was living right in the middle of Marietta in 1992, and that there is no logical reason that he didn't have any water in his home.

2004: I have recently been told that Davis "lived in his car" off and on during the time of Manley's murder.

11-04-2004: Davis' former wife has informed me that he was living in Barlow, Ohio, in a trailer with her and her mother, when Ronda was murdered:

According to The Leader, Davis claimed that after he killed Ronda he returned to his car ..... {he remembered where he'd left it?} .... and got rid of the evidence, by tossing the murder weapon.....a knife with a 3 and 1/2 inch blade on it into "the river." We are not told which river, the Ohio River or the Muskingum, both of which are in Marietta.

More Evidence In A Farm Pond

Next, according to The Leader, Davis drove several miles "out of town" and tossed his bloody clothing into a "farm pond."

** So, Davis now admits to being bloody .... what did he do .... drive back home naked? Or did he carry a change of clothing around with him all the time .... like another person I happen to know? **

It was about this point that my blood pressure shot up about ten points and red flags waved madly in my mind, as I recalled the "No Arms" dream that I sent to detectives Nohe and Winstanley. It was not one of my own dreams, but I did the interpretation for it.

The dreamer was at a "farm pond," which is located several miles outside the Marietta city limits. The police came and began dragging the pond, while her friend (J.) sat on the dock and fished with no arms. She could not understand how J was fishing, but she seemed to be doing okay. The dreamer watched as three skeletons were pulled from the pond. Somehow she knew they were the skeletons of women. One still wore a dirty, yellow shirt. The dream goes on, but this is the most important portion of it because I know that piece of land where the pond is located, and I know that on that same piece of land is a cabin that has no running water! And I know that as soon as I received the dream I interpreted it and sent it right straight to the cops because even then I was convinced the skeleton with the yellow shirt was Ronda Manley. I also thought the other two might be Terri Roach and Patsy Sparks. Someone killed them. Was it Aubrey Davis? Was it someone else?

Note: The No Arms dream can be found in unit 2 of Pure Coincidence:

I find it very strange indeed that two of my friends and I actually went to this farm, and the cabin in question back in 1995! Now isn't that absolutely amazing? Wonder how I do these things? Especially in view of the fact that I never heard of Aubrey Davis until he was named as Ronda's killer!

The Warning

I thought back to another "early" report. One which had appeared in all our local news papers, and which had sent me running straight for the Belpre police department .... and one which I heard eight months before Ronda heard it!

In those early days the police claimed that Ronda's killer probably knew her at least casually because she received a warning phone call at her sister's house on *August 6th, 1992, in which a man told her....."If I catch you out alone, I'm going to kill you."

These words had struck home with me because on December 7th, 1991 Wild Bill had come to me and told me that {a man we both knew} had told him to tell me..... "If I catch you out alone, I'm going to kill you. I'll cut your guts out."

I had been pretty frightened by those words back then, and had gone immediately to the Belpre police department and reported it to Sgt. Bradley Harper. Harper was very quick to inform me that many people said things like that and there was nothing that I could do about it.

Manley received the warning call precisely eight months after Wild Bill issued the same, word for word, warning to me. When Ronda was stabbed to death, I wondered if Harper remembered me coming to him with those exact words.

A while later, the man who supposedly made this threat and I were able to reconcile our differences and I asked him if he made the threat against me. He denied making it. As of [2013], the man still denies ever saying those words to Wild Bill or anyone else.

So, did Aubrey Davis warn Manley 18 days before he killed her? If so, why wasn't he charged with "premeditated murder."

The problem is - Aubrey Davis said he just met Ronda the night of the murder!

The question still nags at me ..... How did Wild Bill come up with the word for word warning issued to Ronda? Was it his way of warning me? Warning me of what....of who? I took it right to heart .... didn't matter who said it. I tried very hard to never be out alone. But as the years went by I realized something ... the man who Wild Bill accused of threatening me was not a "stabber." He was a street punk and was dangerous when angry, but he never used a knife on anything or anyone ..... which is more than I can say for some people. I'll never forget the time Wild Bill's truck was damaged. Someone had demolished the paint job on his Toyota. At first he blamed me! I've never damaged anything in my life! I don't even damage my own possessions when I get angry at someone, much less someone else's possessions ..... and besides that, I wasn't even angry with Wild Bill when the damage was done!

When he realized I wasn't going to fall for his accusations, his story changed and he accused my daughter of the damage ..... then it was my sister who did it! Finally I told the moron to go to hell because I didn't care who did it. It was probably the irate husband of one of the sluts he kept dragging in from beer joints!

It was many months later when I was helping Wild Bill on another one of his self imposed problems that I stumbled across the answer to "who" destroyed the paint job on his truck ..... and why. In one location I found a statement in Wild Bill's handwriting, that said ...."Took knife to paint on truck." !! In another location, also in his hand writing, it said ....."Used knife on paint on truck."

He received $1,500.00 from his insurance company for the damage to the paint. That paid quite well for his vacation to Kentucky......not to mention the amount he was able to spend on the hooker's that worked the hotel where he stayed. I wasn't an idiot, but in those days, I was pretty naive. That was a long time ago. I'm smarter now!

Even so, I still can not figure out how Wild Bill managed to .... eight months in advance - come up with the exact, - word for word - warning that was issued to Ronda; start a fight with me over nothing on August 22nd; miss work on August 24th, {and later on the evening of the 25th tell me that he spent the day riding around on the motor cycle he referred to as 'r honda,} looking for women he could pick up..(By the way ... FBI calls this trolling for victims! It's the trait of a psychopath, and a well known characteristic of every serial killer that was ever caught!);... be away from home the night she was murdered; drive a vehicle like a witness saw racing from the murder scene; fit the description of the suspect in her case almost to perfection; have a relative who lived within sight of the murder scene; know that August 25th was my husband's birthday .... and yet not be involved.

* August 6th, 1975, nine year old Anna Marie Brown was murdered. Her case remains unsolved:

Who Gave The Warning?

If Aubrey Davis made the threatening phone call, then Ronda's murder was not spur of the moment, as we are led to believe, but was in fact premeditated and planned. If he didn't make the call, then he got in the way of someone else who planned on murdering the girl .... or .... he had an accomplice.... or ..... he had sex with the girl and "walked" out of the cemetery and headed for his car which was apparently some distance away, and someone else came along, picked her up, went back to the cemetery where he'd already watched her and Davis engage in sexual activity and killed her!

If this theory is correct, the killer didn't have sex with Ronda Manley that night. He was on a mission. (* He didn't need to have sex with her. ) That would explain semen that matched Davis, but not the killer.

Of course the DNA evidence against Davis would have been quite compelling in a court room before a jury who had not studied the psychopathic mind of a serial killer or a sexual predator, not to mention a jury who had never heard any of the information I've presented on this page.

I suppose .... under similar circumstances .... if the state were to threaten me with the "death penalty if they got a conviction," .... I might take a month or two to confer with my attorney, and if he/she decided the DNA was more than likely going to convince an uneducated, ill informed jury ..... then I suppose I might consent to an admission of guilt in return for the death penalty being dropped. Hum .... now that's an interesting scenario, isn't it? Of course this scenario is probably my "writer's imagination" running away with me again because I doubt very seriously that anything like this could ever happen ... could it?

As far as I'm concerned this scenario can be blamed on Davis' attorney, who responded to a news reporters question of why he pled guilty .... "What other choice did he have?" That sounded like a "backed into a corner" comment from a defense attorney who couldn't "prove" their clients innocence and was afraid circumstantial evidence (DNA) could prove he was with the victim and the jury would jump from there. It wasn't as if it hadn't happened before.

Actually, if that defense attorney had paid any attention to a letter she received from me, and had bothered to pick up the phone and call me, she might have been able to establish enough 'reasonable doubt,' in the jury's mind to get her client off. But, as with all the others in this area, they think they know it all, and don't need any help from anyone. So be it.

(* In 1990 a Parkersburg hooker by the name of S----- G----- told several people that she had 'serviced' Wild Bill on several occasions. She said he was somewhat strange even for her line of work, but he paid good so she continued to go out with him - for awhile. On one occasion she claimed that he showed up wearing women's silk underwear; another time he had an short handled axe in the truck with him and tried to pass it off as a toy [it was no toy]; on another 'date' Wild Bill reportedly offered her extra money if she would allow him to use a pair of pliars to 'pull off one of her long fingernails'! ; and on the last date, SG claimed that Wild Bill brought a knife along with him and informed her that 'he didn't have to have sex with her that night, and would pay her extra if she would allow him to put the knife into her vagina and "wiggle it around"!! ) Thank God this woman had sense enough to get away from this man, and thank God that even though she was a cocain addicted prostitute, she was still responsible enough and concerned enough to warn the other hookers and club-women about this man. She also warned my own sister about him, saying that he was one of the most twisted men she had ever met and that she wouldn't go anywhere with him for any amount of money: There was also another young woman by the name of D. who warned my own daughter, saying that she had dated Wild Bill when he was just out of high school and that she had to get away from him because he wanted to do weird sexual things to her. ))

Other Things Don't Add Up

Davis claimed that he cut his own hand while murdering Ronda Manley, and that he waited until the next day to go to the hospital to get the cut taken care of. So, does the hospital have a record of this??

His ex-wife told me that he cut his hand at work. It was not a bad cut, and the next day when her grandmother had to be taken to the hospital, Aubrey Davis had asked the doctor to check the cut and give him some medicine for it. Apparently there were people who worked with Aubrey Davis who could have verified this. Of course, no one could do that, could they? No, we wouldn't want to 'debunk' the man's confession!

According to news reports Davis gave Nohe two conflicting reports about what he did after he killed Ronda. First he said he went home. Then he said he went several miles out of town to an old cabin. So which was it, and why didn't Nohe insist on a straight answer?

Watch Those Anniversary Dates

News reports revealed that Aubrey Davis had been arrested on the first anniversary of Ronda's murder, for violence against another Marietta woman..... And I can't help but wonder who this woman is, and why he didn't go to jail or prison.

Davis was never even considered a suspect in Ronda's murder until the DNA test in 2002! Why did no one notice the "anniversary" connection? Sure wasn't my fault! But it did make me wonder just exactly where all my reports were actually going. How many times did I stress the importance of "anniversaries?" Hundreds ..... thousands. No one paid any attention what so ever. Thank God for DNA testing, profiling, and the crime labs.

Concerned, Law Abiding Citizens

Aubrey Davis' wife was also interviewed by local news papers. She claimed that she "had always questioned it (Ronda's murder) in her own mind," so three children and ten years later she came forward to inform Washington County authorities that she believed he killed Ronda Manley. Well, actually it must have been eight years after the fact instead of ten because she says she came forward after he was arrested and convicted in Tennessee in the year 2000.

Gee, they must have filed her suspicions in the same bottom drawer all of mine were tossed into! Because two years later it was DNA tests that made him a suspect, not anything his wife reported, and certainly not as a result of any ongoing investigation by any police agency in this area!

Mrs. Davis admitted that the reason she didn't come forward sooner was because she feared for her own life. She said she couldn't tell on him as long as they were married.

According to information received in September of 2004, "Mrs. Davis" is still "Mrs. Davis," and calls herself "Aubrey Davis' wife." She also claims that only she and her husband knows what really happened to Ronda Manley!!! Check out my Ronda Manley Response page!

November 2004: According to a letter just received by me, Trinda Davis says she is now re-married, but remains Trinda DAVIS, and always will.

A Word Of Thanks

Thank you Tennessee, for nailing Aubrey Davis ......

Thank you Florida, for nailing two more pieces of Marietta trash. Granted it cost you some of your cops and a little boys life, but Hank Carr and his "understanding" woman got what was coming to them.

It would never have happened here.

Here the "county" prosecuting attorney is real quick to tell the women that if they don't want any trouble with the pedophiles, the sexual predators, the rapists and stalkers, the peeping "Tom's", then the best thing they can do is to "Stay out of the man's way and not bother him!!!" Yes sir, the women of Washington County Ohio ... the ones not drawing a welfare check, that is .... had better stay slim and fast! Not to worry ... the old BMW can still outrun those little short legs! Much to the disappointment of some, I might add.

November 2004: As of the election on Nov. 2nd, Washington County has a new prosecuting attorney. Michael Spahr decided he didn't want to continue so Jim Schneider ran {unopposed} for the office. We also have a new sheriff. He too ran unopposed. Almost everyone is unopposed in this county ..... except me. I have plenty of opposition, and I never win, and yet, here I am, still running! Perhaps I'll stop some day .... it's all just coincidence anyway!

Closing The Case

The solving, or perhaps more correctly termed "closing" of the Manley case appears to destroy my "Teenage Trio" theory .... well, almost! Actually Chastity Cottrell can slip in where Ronda slipped out, no big deal. The pieces within these cases are so similar that sometimes, even I have a difficult time determining which case I'm looking at. None of the facts have changed so there will be no changes made within the pages of Pure Coincidence with the exception of updates to show the reader the outcome of the individual cases or to provide additional information.

Of course some of the "dream work" will eventually be marked invalid or void, because most indicated a different killer than Aubrey Davis. That's okay too. I simply interpreted the dreams that were given to me by other people. If they didn't pan out then I'm sorry for that, but they were worked honestly and in the hopes of helping law enforcement stop a killer. That I will not apologize for. And neither will I mark those dreams invalid or void for awhile .... I just got a gut feeling about this ..... and I'm going to stand firm until it's all over. Stubborn? You can bet your bottom dollar I'm stubborn, and when things don't smell right or look right to me, then chances are they aren't right. And this case {STILL} stinks to high heaven.

The Process Of Elimination

As far as I can determine at this time, we are working through a process of elimination. It shall not end for me until the killer of Terri Roach is behind bars. That's where it started for me, and that's where it shall end.

Perhaps when Terri's killer is apprehended, a "trophy case" will be found ... or perhaps he will be offered a deal in order to save his own life. Perhaps then details will come out that only the killer would know for certain, maybe even details about cases that everyone thinks are already solved, and we will finally have the long lost answers to so many questions.

I wait and pray for that day ... and I pray for authorities honest enough to admit that they were duped and tricked by a psychopathic serial killer.

Other Unsolved Murders

Other "unsolved" cases in this area include, but are not limited to .... August 6th,1975 murder of 9 year old Anna Marie Brown / 1983 suspicious death of Jill Bohl / 1986 murder of Marie Blough / 1986 murder of Janet Miller / 1990 murder of Terri Lee Roach / 1992 murder of Patsy Dawn Sparks / 1993 suspicious death of Charlotte Russell / 1995 murder of Kimberly Kay Fulton and her two year old son Daniel.

2013 note: We can now add several more to the above list. The disappearance of Kimberly Jones; the murder of Ruth Robinson; the murder of Judith Petty; All remain unsolved:

They are gone .... but never forgotten.


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