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Russian serial killing suspect says he has 60 victims Calls first killing 'like first love' Conor Sweeney, Reuters Published: Tuesday, October 09, 2007 Warning: This story has graphic content

MOSCOW -- A Russian man accused of murdering 49 people asked a court on Tuesday to add another 11 victims to his tally, and told a jury when he first strangled a man it was like falling in love for the first time.

Supermarket worker Alexander Pichushkin, 33, has been branded the "chessboard murderer" by Russian newspapers because he hoped to put a coin on every square of a 64-place chessboard for each murder.

"A first killing is like your first love. You never forget it," he said from a cage in the courtroom, after explaining how he started killing at age 18 with the murder of a classmate.

Pichushkin said he had suggested to his classmate that they kill someone, but when his friend refused, "I sent him to heaven." He then smirked at the jury.

"The closer a person is to you, and the better you know them, the more pleasurable it is to kill them," he said.

"In all the cases I killed for only one reason. I killed in order to live, because when you kill, you want to live."

Often aggressive in court, Pichushkin gesticulated to show the jury how he strangled his victims and the marks his victims had left on his hands as they struggled.

Prosecutors have charged Pichushkin with 49 murders and three attempted murders, but he asked the court to take into account another 11 murders.

"I thought it would not be fair to forget about the other 11 people," Pichushkin told the court.

Prosecutors say he lured most of his victims to secluded parts of Moscow's Bitsevsky Park, where he plied them with vodka and then smashed their skulls with a hammer.

Other victims were strangled, drowned in a sewage pit or thrown off balconies. He said police interviewed him at the time of his first murder but let him go due to a lack of evidence.

"You should not credit the police with catching me. I gave myself up," he told the court.

If convicted, Pichushkin could be Russia's most prolific serial killer.

Andrei Chikatilo, the "Rostov Ripper," was convicted in 1992 and executed in 1994 for raping, butchering and in some cases eating as many as 52 people.

Pichushkin's trial is expected to be lengthy, with testimony scheduled from at least 41 relatives of the alleged victims and another 98 witnesses.



Bonnie M. Wells

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How incredibly sad that this is yet another serial killer that could have been stopped before his career actually got started. Apparently he was interrogated after his first killing, but 'let go because of lack of evidence.' How difficult would it have been to get the evidence needed on a first strike, teenage kid?

And, if authorities suspected him in the very first case, why didn't they follow up with other cases?

What is it going to take to convince law enforcement that the serial killer lives in a different world; plays by his own rules; and as time goes by, gets better and better at evading detection?

After years of studying psychopathic serial killers; and watching psychopaths in general, I believe there are several classifications in which these killers fit.

Although Alexander Pichushkin is not 'classified' in the above article [and may not be 'classified' anywhere] I would consider him a 'random striker, who killed victims of opportunity.' Even so, his desire to 'fill up a chess board' with victims shows a theme to his madness.

Ted Bundy for example, preferred college-age girls with long dark hair, parted in the middle. Many experts believe this was because he had been rejected by a young woman who fit that description. Perhaps they are right. Then again, perhaps the former girlfriend simply became the 'model' for Ted's 'chosen' victims. That doesn't mean he wouldn't take a victim of opportunity. Bundy didn't seem [ at least to me ] to be working out any specific plan within his chosen victims, as Pichushkin and others have done.

Gary Ridgeway apparently preferred hookers, and there wasn't as much similarity in their looks as what there was in their occupations. There again, Ridgeway's victims were easy targets. Their profession dictates 'taking chances on strangers,' and hoping for the best. Ridgeway's victims met one of the worst.

BTK Killer Dennis Rader was unusually candid in his own admissions and descriptions after his arrest. He confessed to having fantasies and described them as being "almost like a picture show," - which he said he wanted to "produce," "direct" and go through with "no matter what the costs or the consequences."

Rader considered his victims - "projects," which began by stalking, and claimed that, "the stalking stage is when you start learning more about your victims (or) potential victims."

In police and news interviews, Rader claimed - "I went to the library and looked up their names, address, cross reference and called them a couple of times, drove by there whenever I could." And, when ready to make his move, came armed with what he called his "hit kit," which included "plastic bags, rope, tape, knife, gun."

Nancy Fox

Rader admitted that the murder of Nancy Fox on December 8, 1977, had been one of his "projects," and explained to the judge - that serial killers go through phases: first trolling, where they are looking for victims, and then stalking when they "lock in on a certain person."

Rader described his methodology: "First, she was spotted. I did a little homework. I dropped by once to check her mailbox, to see what her name was. Found out where she worked, stopped by there once. Sized her up. The more I knew about a person, the more I felt comfortable. So I did that a couple of times. Then, I just selected a night, which was this particular night, to try it and it worked out."

And I Think Back ---

He came walking from the shadows of a local park, right at dusk, in April of 1990. He wanted to know my name, but didn't want me to know his. He wanted to know if I'd go for a motor cycle ride with him - but of course I wouldn't.

The cop parked just over my left shoulder, and talking to a group of kids, never knew what his presence meant to me that night.

Our next encounter came in July of 1990 - just after the brutal murder of Terri Roach. He approached me in broad daylight that time, and asked for directions to a mall that he knew exactly how to get to. Guess he didn't think I'd recognize him in the daylight -- and I didn't -- but he messed up and gave me the same fictitious name, and I remembered it from April.

The next encounter came in September, and by this time I'd realized the man had to be stalking me, so I did the only thing I could do ..... I turned the tables on him and became the thorn in his side that would NEVER be removed; never be forgotten; never be possessed or controlled; and would NEVER give up

The stalking theory was verified in 1995, when I learned that he had a picture of me from a parade in 1987 -- three years before we ever met!

The Duplicator

As Pichushkin had a 'chessboard' theme, and Rader had 'projects,' each killer has his own agenda. In my opinion, and to the best of my ability to reveal and understand the workings of such warped minds, I believe that when my 'person of interest' met me, the game took on an entirely different perspective. Prior to that time, it appears there was no definite pattern to the murders in my area. That would all change within two years of our meeting.

From 1990 until 1995, most of the murders I've worked were close to my home area. However, since 1995 they have spanned out to include several neighboring states. Oddly enough, since 1995 my guy has traveled in his line of work.

I dubbed him the 'Symbolic Duplicator' a long time ago. It continues to this day.

I didn't know what else to call him .... or 'whoever' it is that's killing people -- usually cases that are never solved -- and when I noticed the names of my family members and friends on the victims, it just seemed appropriate to call him the Duplicator.

I remember the little run-a-bout boat he bought back in the mid 1990's. He'd proudly written -- "The Night Stalker" on the side of it and then parked it broad side, so all passersby could see his boast. It didn't mean anything to anyone except me and a hand full of friends who'd been watching him get by with all kinds of things for years and years....

Although I knew he did stalk his victims at night, I could not accept the name he'd given himself because it already belonged to one of the worst serial killers in California's history - Richard Ramirez.

Court TV's Crime Library had this to say about Richard Ramirez --

"Richard Ramirez typically came in the night, sneaking into his victims' bedrooms. Males were dispatched quickly, usually with a bullet to the head. Females were kept alive to be savored after he ransacked the homes, looking for valuables.

After raping and degrading the women, sometimes repeatedly, he would most often kill them, or at least try to. Amazingly, some of his victims managed to survive his vicious attacks.

Of all the serial killers who have plagued the modern world, the Night Stalker was perhaps the most sensational in the way he committed his crimes.

He was a living nightmare, a boogey man who invaded bedrooms and tore innocent people from their dreams. His method was worthy of a grade-B Hollywood horror movie. He was a killer tailor-made for his prime hunting ground, Los Angeles."

In My Opinion

Personally, I though my guy was far more 'sensational' than Richard Ramirez could have ever dreamed of being. He had more style, more pizazz and far more creative ability than Ramirez, and I understood why he nick-named himself [via the little boat] the Night Stalker. But, it didn't matter what I understood. As long as law enforcement understood absolutely nothing the man was saying, there was no way of stopping his maniac obsessions.

I've watched in shocked dismay -- but never silence! - as so many have been symbolically murdered. And, I have tried to stop him - tried to issue warnings in advance -- tried to show the world what he's doing .... it doesn't seem to matter.

For those who are interested, I have done up another section on this - already massive web site - dedicated to the 'symbolic victims.' It's strange and bizarre, and I don't think Hollywood has a single producer that could touch it! It would be horrible enough if it were mere fantasy, but the actual reality of it has been a nightmare for me, and all the unwitting, uninformed 'actors and actresses' and their family members.

My sister's name is Patricia Fulton: In three years time, 'someone' murdered a girl named Patsy [1992] and another whose last name was Fulton [1995] both Washington County, Ohio residents:

1995 to 1998: My friends and I watched my guy duplicate me - Bonnie Martin-Wells - by first living with a woman named Bonnie; going to work for a company named Martin; and finally dating a woman whose last name was Wells. There is absolutely no doubt about who did this, although the murders of Patsy and Fulton remain unsolved:

1998 to 2001: My daughter's name is Christina Gordon-Anderson: Her symbolic murder cost three more innocent people their lives. They were - a girl named Christine; a woman named Gordon; and another named Anderson:

For several years I referred to my friend Sindee Davis-'Evans' as Mysde on this web site: [Mysde is pronounced the same as Misty] Between 2001 and 2004 we saw three more innocent people fall because they had the right names: They were - one woman named Davis; One named Evans; and one named Misty: And my guy began living with a woman named Cindy just before these three victims were murdered. By this time the victims were spanning out from this area. We were now working in about a five hundred mile radius, almost exclusively to the south and east of Ohio. Still, no one noticed, and when I showed it to them, no one cared. So be it.

In the last few years it appears that a few new women have been added to my guys 'hit list.' He's also added birthdays, anniversaries and 'look-a-likes', which has kept things interesting - to say the least.

There's been murders on my birthday; my wedding anniversary; my husband's birthday; my friend Sindee's birthday; his friend Cindy's birthday; his sister's birthday [this one was really astonishing.... the victim had his girlfriend's sister's first name, and she was abducted on his sister's birthday!! She hasn't been found yet -- and may never be at this rate]. And there's been other victims with my grandson's last name, who disappeared within a couple of days of Josh's birthday, etc. etc. and on and on the insanity has gone, with the last namesake victim [that I've found, so far!] having the last name Wells, on the birthday of a co-owned dog that me and a friend owned [and that he knew quite well!]

So, no, I'm sorry but I have to disagree with many of the experts who say that the above listed serial killers were the 'best of the lot' - or the 'worst of the lot' - depending on how one wishes to look at things. My guy has them all beat hands down, and he's still going strong!

Wish us all luck, dear world, wish us luck, because unless he drops dead from exhaustion, there's more to come - or perhaps I should say, 'go' ......

They said it wasn't going to be over until the fat lady sang --- I gained some weight --- but I guess I can't sing. Sorry ......

Bonnie M. Wells

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