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Bonnie M. Wells


Hawks, Doves & Owls, by Newt Gingrich

The Zodiac Killer

Tracks Of A Wolf / Terri Roach & Elizabeth Falco

Doe & Dodd

And A Shot Rang Out

Jennifer Servo

The Atlanta Bombing / Eric Rudolph & Richard Jewel

The Killer Squad

Lisa Burkhammer

Response Page For Lisa Burkhammer

Allison Jackson-Foy

Letter To Editor / Psychics

Serial Killer In New Jersey?

Federal Corruption Probe In New Jersey Nets 11

The Golden Horseshoe Murders

Ex-Cop Says Winnipeg May Have A Serial Killer

Canadian Murders

Serial Killers {1}

Serial Killers {2}

Michael Connelly {Never Cold}

F.B.I. Profiler John Douglas {Stalking}

Dark Dreams

Quotes From Dark Dreams

F.B.I. Profiler Roy Hazelwood {Compliant Victims of the Sexual Sadist}

Serial Killer Glenn Rogers

Ohio Serial Killer's House To Be Torn Down

The Beginning Of EquuSearch

Equusearch In Ohio

Ode To America

Obama & Rush Limbaugh

The Disappearance Of Joan Renee Cook

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Sued By Obama & DOJ

Articles By Ann Coulter

Supreme Court Seeks Public Comment on Judicial Education Requirements

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

One Of Those Days

Mahalia Xiong

Mahalia Xiong - BMW and

Obama-One Simple Question

Brooke Wilberger Is Finally Found After 5 Years!

Billy DiSilvestro {Feb. 7, 2011 / OH}

The Murder Of Alyssa Otremba

Robin Durrer {1981 case}

Mike Murdock- Trust God To Stop The Attack

Mike Murdock- Be Tough

Articles By Ann Coulter

Supreme Court Seeks Public Comment on Judicial Education Requirements

McCrady Case Section:

Midnight Messages

The Comforter

The Clues

The Clues Versus The Case

The Dream Seeker, page 1

The Dream Seeker, page 2

The Dream Seeker, page 3

The Dream Seeker, page 4

The Access Road

Access Road Photos page #1

Access Road Photos page #2

Little Hocking

Nothing Matched

The Purse Packin', Shovel Totin' Trooper

Gloria / part one

Gloria / part two

Gloria / part three

Gloria / part four

Gloria / part 5, page 1

Gloria / part 5, page 2

Gloria / part 5, page 3

Gloria / part 5, page 4

Gloria / part 5, page 5

Gloria / part 5, page 6

And What A 'Book' It Is!


Psychic Witness

Vibrational Patterns

Rudolph - The Reincarnated Dear!

"The Physician Within"

A Badge Of Betrayal

The Real Dummy

Massachusett's Graves

What Did They Say?

Bodies In Blankets

The Candlelight Vigil

Response Page For Book #18

Jack & Jill

Inside The McCrady Trial

Dave Garvey's Complete Testimony In The McCrady Trial // Four Pages

Dave Garvey's Interview With Jackie McCrady // Two Pages

Dr. Joshua Perper's Testimony / Direct Examination

Dr. Perper / Cross Examination

Dr. William Bass Testimony & Cross Examination

Closing Arguments; McCrady Case

The Never Ending Challenge

The McCrady Case In Review:

Cover Page For The McCrady Case In Review

Gun Shot To Head, No Blood & Killed At Night, Buried, Maggots In Hair

Forbidden Testimony

Hairs Found On Victim That Didn't Match Anyone

Pink Carpet Fibers That Didn't Match Anything

The Shovels & The Grave

The Shots Were Heard

The Marathon Witnesses

She Saw McCrady

Books Of The Month

Written By

Bonnie M. Wells

The White Wolf

The White Wolf II

18a / The Early Warnings

18b / After The Arrest Of A Trooper

18c / The Trial Of A Trooper

18d / The Tribulations Of A Trooper

Quotes Of The Month:

"So shall I have wherewith to answer him that reproacheth me:

for I trust in thy word." (Psalms 119:42)

"An unchallenged lie quickly becomes a truth"

"Forgive your enemies - but never forget their names." / JFK

"Never let it be said that I ever failed to challenge a lie, or a liar, for that has never been, nor will it ever be, the truth." / BMW

We Won't Back Down

September 11, 2013

Ted Nugent

Obama's Mother's Passport 'Missing'

Obama U.S. Citizen?

Marxist 'Mentor' Sold Drugs With Obama

Obama Predicted?

Obama Tied To Ayers At Age Eleven

Obama - A Canadian Prediction

Obama & The 57 States

Obama & Harvard Law School

Change, Chicago Style

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words / 2007

Obama & The U.S. Flag

Obama Grants Immunity To Illegals

A Muslim Male

Hal Lindsey - What's Obama Hiding?

Obama-Rush Limbaugh

Obama Against Making English Our Official Language

Obama - Born In The U.S.A.?

Obama - Socialist 'New Party' Member?

Obama & Lt. Columbo

Obama-In The Name Of Equality

Obama-Random Thoughts / by: Thomas Sowell

Obama-Joe Biden / by: Bruce D. Riddle

Tracking Obama's Wealth!

Spreading Obama's Wealth!

Obama - "Stupid Cambridge Police"

Questions For Obama

Obama - The Messiah Speaks

Obama's New Postage Stamp

Obama's New World Order

Obama- One Question

Obamacare by Michael Connelly

Racist American Empire

Obama - A Scandal Of Epic Proportions

Obama -America's Marxist Picnic

New Sheriff In Town

Obama's Fast & Furious

Obama's Hit List

Obama - Death Panels

Obama's Impeachable Crimes

Marxism Infecting The U.S.

Obama - And It Came To Pass

New Ice Cream Cone - Barocky Road

Obama - Divorce Agreement

Is Obama's Health Care Legal?

Obamacare - Michael ConnellyHealth Care Legal?

Starlight Inner-Prizes

Pure Coincidence Book Series

Case Directory Page

42 Days & Holding; Updated and Revised

The 2.2 Mile Connections

New: The River Pattern

In God's Glory Web Series

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