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Ohio Serial Killers

Serial Killer - Marie

Serial Killer Hadden Clark

Serial Killers FBI Files

Serial Killer In Tennessee

Killer Targets Prostitutes In Tennessee

The Organized Sexual Psychopath Serial Killer

Serial Killer - Robert Pickton

Serial Killers In Washington

People Go Missing, Killers Go Free:

Missing-Person Cases Are Routinely Ignored:

Kent - County Solves Case After Kent Dodges It:

Bremerton - Ex-Deputy Angry With Police:

Special Report: Serial Killers Prey On The Less Dead:

Serial Killers - Washington {Part One}

Serial Killers - Washington {Part Two}

Serial Killers - They're Not Always Who We Think:

In Their Own Words: The Twisted Art Of Murder:

Records Often Are As Hard To Find As A Body:

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane Doe?:

Woman Clings To Faint Hope Of Finding Her Missing Sister

After 21 Years The Bones Get A Name

Flawed National Dental Database Leaves Dead Nameless

Lack Of DNA Database Hampers Police

Experts List Ways To Improve System

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