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Serial Killers In Washington

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Daniel Yates

Tattoo artist, Bremerton: Convicted of raping and killing a 13-year-old girl -- one of three hitchhikers he picked up, abducted and tortured. Yates also raped and tried to kill a 12-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl during the same attack. Later charged with killing a 35-year-old housemate in Oklahoma. Status: In undisclosed out-of-state prison.

Dismemberment Murders

Identity unknown: One killer could be responsible for three murders in which the victims' bodies were dismembered and dumped in remote areas in Snohomish County. One victim was a Bulgarian organized crime figure whose body was found in 1987, but wasn't identified for 10 years. Another was a Korean immigrant from Bothell with a record for prostitution. Her body was found with the remains of a third man, who has never been identified, in 1991. Status: Unsolved.

John Bill Fletcher Jr.

Convicted in 2001 of two stabbing murders of Yakima-area women in 1987. He was a convicted rapist already serving more than 46 years for a similar 1987 sex attack when he confessed to the slayings. Status: In prison in Washington.

The Index Killer

Identity unknown: One killer may be responsible for murders of two Seattle women whose bodies were dumped in the Index area in 1988. Both victims, known prostitutes and drug users, were stabbed. Three other women -- two found dead nearby and a 14-year-old runaway last seen with one of the murder victims -- may also be victims. Status: Unsolved.

Westley Allan Dodd

Shipping clerk, Clark County: Raped, tortured and killed three boys in Vancouver-Portland area. Caught after he tried to abduct a boy from a Camas movie theater. Admitted to molesting about 30 children. Status: Executed in Washington in 1993.

Scott William Cox

Long-haul trucker, Newberg, Ore: Stabbed one prostitute and strangled another in Portland. Suspected in more than 20 other murders, including the 1988 homicide of Snohomish County transient Hazel Gelnett and the 1990 murder of Tia Hicks, a Seattle woman whose body was found in Montlake Terrace. Also suspected of raping and trying to kill a Seattle prostitute in May 1991. Status: In prison in Oregon.

Happy Face Killer:

Keith Jesperson

Long-haul trucker, Yakima Valley/Portland: Confessed to eight murders in five states. Jesperson typically raped, beat and strangled truck-stop prostitutes and transients, then dumped bodies along wooded roadsides. Sent taunting letters to media and authorities, signed with a "happy face." Caught after killing his girlfriend near Camas. Status: In prison in Oregon.

Eastside Serial Killer:

George Russell

Unemployed, Mercer Island: Raped and killed three women he met in Eastside bars, leaving their bodies in particular poses. A small-time burglar/con-artist who pretended to be a cop, Russell made his living off women he met, through trickery and theft. Status: In prison in Washington.

The Box Car Killer:

Robert "Sidetrack" Silveria

Railroad transient: Claimed to have killed 28 drifters while riding box cars in seven states, mostly bludgeoning his victims with rocks and axes. Convicted of four murders -- two in Oregon, one each in Kansas and Florida. Seven other murders also have been directly linked to him, though Silveria was never tried for these crimes. Member of the Freight Train Riders of America, a loose-knit gang of transients, Silveria frequently traveled to Washington from 1988 to 1996. He was questioned about a transient's death in Klickitat County. Status: In prison in Oregon.

Jack Owen Spillman III

Laborer, East Wenatchee: Raped, murdered and mutilated three females, including a 9-year-old girl, and a mother and her teenage daughter in a separate attack. Also charged with rape and robbery in Kent. Status: In prison in Washington.

Robert Lee Parker

Unemployed, Shoreline: Separately killed two neighbor women and set fire to their Shoreline apartments in 1995. Also is suspected of shooting and killing a man in a passing car in 1996. (Note: Details of the 1996 incident were incorrectly reported when this list was originally published.) Parker, an Arkansas fugitive who lived with his girlfriend in Shoreline, is suspected of a similar murder-arson that left one woman dead in Georgia in 1995. Status: In prison in Washington.

The Railroad Killer:

Rafael Resendez Ramirez

Day laborer, transient; robbed and killed at least eight people who lived near or spent time on railroad tracks around the Midwest and South in the late 1990s. Has not been named as a suspect in any Washington state crimes, but is known to have been in Seattle, the Tri-Cities and Spokane in 1996. Status: On death row in Texas.

Dewayne Lee Harris

Transient. Killed three prostitutes and transient women in Seattle. Typically would bind his victims' wrists and ankles with their shoelaces, gag them with their under clothes and strangle them, then leave bodies in vacant city lots. Status: In prison in Washington.

John Eric Armstrong

U.S. Navy, Bremerton/Detroit, Mich.: Claims to have killed two women and a transsexual man in Seattle while stationed on the Bremerton-based USS Nimitz from 1993 to 1999, plus eight others worldwide. Convicted of five Detroit-area prostitute murders. Police discount many of his claims. Status: In prison in Michigan. Awaiting trial:

Brian Keith Lord

Carpenter, Kitsap County: Suspected of the 1986 sex slaying of a Poulsbo teenage girl. At age 14, Lord shot and killed a family friend in California; and abducted his sister-in-law when he was 20. His conviction and death sentence for the Washington murder was overturned, with retrial set for this year. Status: In Kitsap County Jail, awaiting trial.

Green River Killer:

Identity unknown: Forty-nine murders are attributed to the Green River Killer, whose victims were prostitutes and runaways in the Puget Sound area.

Gary A. Ridgway

A South King County truck painter, is accused of killing Cynthia Hines, Opal Mills and Marcia Chapman in 1982 and Carol Christensen in 1983. Although all four deaths have been attributed to the killer, and Ridgway remains a suspect in other deaths, authorities are careful not to call him the Green River Killer. Status: Ridgway arrested in 2001, awaiting trial. The Green River investigation continues.

Michael J. "Cowboy" Braae

Transient, Lacey: Suspected of killing five women and assaulting others in Washington and Oregon. Braae faces trial in the slaying of Lori Jones, 44, whose body was found July 8, 2001, in her Lacey apartment. He is also charged in Yakima with shooting Marchelle Morgan, 50, of Yelm, also in July 2001. She survived.Braae is a suspect in the death of Velina Larson, 37, whose remains were found in Oregon in January 1998, and the disappearances of Deb VanLuven, 45, of Lacey, in 1997, and Susan Ault, 39, of Roseburg, in 2001. Status: In prison in Idaho.

Lee Boyd Malvo


John A. Muhammad

Mechanic, Tacoma/Bellingham: Best known in connection with a seemingly random series of sniper shootings in the Washington, D.C.-area last fall, they are suspected of 13 slayings and five attempted killings in five states and the District of Columbia, including the fatal shooting of Keenya Cook in Tacoma in February 2002. Status: Awaiting trial in Virginia.

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