The Disappearance Of

Shaylene Farrell

Presented By

Bonnie M. Wells

Date Of Birth: June 19, 1976

Age at time of disappearance: 18 years old

Height and Weight: 5'3, 135 pounds

Shaylene Farrell was last seen leaving her family's residence in Piqua, Ohio at approximately 10:00 AM on August 8, 1994. She was driving her mother's 1981 silver Chevrolet Malibu. Later that same day the car was discovered abandoned in the parking lot of the Pick-N-Save on Route 36 in Piqua, where Shaylene was employed, but there was no sign of her. Shaylene Farrell has not been seen again. Her case remains unsolved.

Wild Bill

My Diary: Saturday, August 6th, 1994: Today is the 42nd day since "Wild Bill" got out of jail. I wonder if history will repeat itself.

He picked up a woman with blond hair at a Parkersburg, West Virginia bar 2:30 AM. Left town. Returned at 5:00 AM - alone:

[few days later Mae Belle Clark was found murdered in the Charleston, West Virginia area. Her case remains unsolved, and no one is working it or interested in who murdered her. I'm afraid I know who it was, but---]

I didn't know anything about the disappearance of Shaylene Farrell until January 2006. I immediately began researching her case.

Today, after seeing Shaylene's picture, I cannot help but think how much she looked like Wild Bill's first wife - whose last name was Farrell.

And today I can only wonder - was a load of kitchen or bathroom cabinets delivered by truck or van to a store in the area that Shaylene disappeared from, around the time she disappeared?

These cabinets would have been brought to the area from the Beverly, Ohio area.

If any of this matches with any known information, those who are involved in researching this case are welcome to contact me via email and I will discuss further details with them.

All I know for certain is - Wild Bill has been arrested twice in this area on sexual offenses committed against women and girls. In 1994 he went to jail for 60 days for one of these offenses, and when he came out he was in a rage, and stayed in it for quite some time.

He roams in about a 200 mile radius of Belpre, Ohio on a regular basis, and when time permits he ranges even further.

Map shows route from Beverly, Ohio to Piqua, Ohio. Distance was given as 185.4 miles ... about a 3 hour drive.

Email From Shaylene's Mother:

Date of email 6/1/07 [copied and pasted here just as it came to me]

he didnt have anything to do with it,I should know for Iam Darlene Farrell her mother wish I could help

My Reply To Darlene Farrell

I'll be glad to add your message to her web page. Hope you're right.


If being a person's mother enables you to say who 'didn't' abduct/kill your daughter, then shouldn't it also give the answer of who did?

I had this same thought several years ago about a certain cop who insisted - "It isn't Bill." If he was so damned sure it wasn't Bill, then he should have known who it was.

Personally, I'm not convinced 'it' isn't Bill, so I'll continue on with my work until I can see who 'it' is, one way or another.

From Project Jason

Nikki Lynn Forrest

Date of Disappearance: September 25, 2010

Age: 19 to years old

Race: White

Sex: Female

Height 62.0 inches

Weight 160.0 to 180.0 pounds

City: Piqua

State: Ohio

County Miami


After a fight with the person with whom she was staying, Nikki disappeared. Her identification and medication required to keep her from losing her baby was found later.

Physical Characteristics

Hair color Brown

Head hair Brown to black, changed often.

Left eye color Brown

Right eye color Brown

Eye description Small, close set.

Tattoos: Tattoo of a scarecrow (with caption "If only I had a brain") on her arm, a moth from The Silence of the Lambs on her stomach, and a Bat with a celtic knot on the center of her lower back. Others perhaps, but unknown.

Piercings: Ears and tongue

Other distinctive physical characteristics Very small, button nose.

Police Information:

Title Detective

First name David

Last name Thomas

Jurisdiction Local

Agency Piqua Police Department

City Piqua

State Ohio

Phone 937-778-2027 x3031

Case number 10-15778

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