Sheriff Joe's Response

To The DOJ Lawsuit Against Him

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Bonnie M. Wells

The following is an official statement by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio regarding today's lawsuit filed against his office by the U.S. Justice Department in Washington, D.C. for alleged refusal to turn over documents. It is followed by another statement from his Washington, D.C. attorney, Bob Driscoll.

"The Obama administration has filed three lawsuits against Arizona in the last few weeks ... one against a college district, one against the state of Arizona and now one against my office. Each lawsuit centers on something to do with alleged racial discrimination.

These actions make it abundantly clear that Arizona, including this Sheriff, IS Washington's new whipping boy. Now it's time to take the gloves off.

As for today's lawsuit against my office: These people in Washington met with my attorneys only a few days ago. And in that meeting, Washington got our cooperation; they admitted they already have thousands of pages of the requested documents; and they were given access to interview my staff and get into my jails. They smiled in our faces and then stabbed us in the back with this lawsuit. The Obama administration intended to sue us all along, no matter what we did to try to avert it. Washington isn't playing fair and it's time Americans everywhere wake up and see this administration for what it really is. Calculating, underhanded at times and certainly not looking out for the best interests of the legal citizens residing in this country. "




"Today's lawsuit by the Department of Justice is part of a deliberate media strategy to "get tough" on Sheriff Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and undermine immigration enforcement by a local Sheriff who is trying desperately to make up for this Administration's own indifference to the topic.

The DOJ suit speaks loudly by what it does not say. It does not allege that Sheriff Arpaio or the MCSO have discriminated against anyone because the DOJ, after 18 months of soliciting allegations against Sheriff Arpaio, has come up empty. Even the purported basis for the suit, which alleges a lack of "cooperation," is a sham.

In fact, after meeting with the DOJ last week, just last Friday, on behalf of MCSO, I informed the DOJ that MCSO would cooperate with all reasonable document requests and would schedule tours of MCSO facilities and interviews with senior MCSO command staff. We were awaiting a response from DOJ, and this lawsuit is apparently it. Clearly DOJ is more interested in filing its third lawsuit in as many weeks against Arizona defendants than in looking into the allegations that purportedly gave rise to its investigation. This lawsuit is nothing more than anattempt to obscure the fact that DOJ still has no case. Today's suit over documents oes not change that."


Comments By Bonnie M. Wells

How long are the American people going to stand by while the pack of thugs in Washington D.C. declares war on one of our own states?

I suggest we contact our senators and congressmen/women and tell them flat out -- either you people put a stop to this tyrany, or we are going to impeach and probably imprison the entire pack.

I for one have had enough, and I've been fed up for several years.

Many years ago I was raising hell about no 'enforcement of our laws,' and still have copies of the letters to the editor that I wrote. I have NEVER been one to stand in silence while someone, anyone destroyed our nation.

This absolutely must stop, and if those people in D.C. would like to keep their jobs and stay out of prison themselves, then I suggest they start upholding the Constitution of the United States of America. And I mean start NOW, not six months from now, not even this time next week .... NOW!

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Reply by Jim Skala

The unlimited resources of the Federal Government are being used against one good and courageous man. If you want to help Sheriff Joe, there is a contribution web site where you can do so. He certainly could use the support and help right now.

Here is his Internet site for those who wish to donate to his cause: Sheriff Joe

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

100 West Washington, Suite 1900

Phoenix, AZ 85003

Joe Arpaio


Ph: 602-876-1801

Fax: 602-251-3877

Switchboard: 602-876-1000

A Few More Comments From Resistnet.Com:

Comments by me are in this color:


The Obama administration is derrick in their duties and should be counter sued as a aider and abettor to drug smugglers and human trafficking.

Joe should now counter sue and demand all documents of the Obama administration covering up illegal immigration, if with nothing else the freedom of information act.

Right Mr. Miller. You are absolutely right. I've said this very thing since day one. Granted, I've been told I was wrong, but I'm not wrong and neither are you! // BMW

By Robert Bechtel

See I said many times now they are going after citizens not just Arizona or a college now it is a sheriff and his department. Next it will be Joe citizen.

They already went after "Joe The Plummer!" // BMW

By T Jeffris

I hope Arizona and other states and organizations sue the federal government and the DOJ for their negligence and irresponsibility. This has gotten to be too much. The country needs to rid itself of these fools.

I couldn't agree more! // BMW

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