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Bonnie M. Wells

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The Song

Some 35 years ago, I was on my way home from the court house where Gary Gordon and I had just signed divorce papers. Although I was glad to be "free," and "my own boss," still, there was sadness too. Failure had never been easy for me to accept - anymore than it is for any Aquarian. We tend to be achievers, earth shakers and mountain movers.

But, as Gary, and most of the world would eventually learn about me, I didn't like dictatorships; didn't believe in slavery; didn't need a "father" figure, and even as a teenager, seriously resented being treated as if I didn't have a mind of my own. So, after five years of trying to make him understand, Mr. Gordon and I parted ways.

I had just turned the car radio on when the song began playing -

She's leavin', she's leavin'

She's on the ship now and leavin'

Standing by the gateway tossin' streamers over my way

I find it kinda hard believin'.

Deceivin'. deceivin', my subtle game of deceivin'

Standing here and wavin'

Blowin' kisses and behavin'

Like it doesn't matter much to see her leavin'.

I don't know what - I don't know who

I don't know where, she's goin' to

I only know she's goin' out of my life

Across the sea a wavin' hands

And Col'nel Billy's farewell band

I watch the disappearin' face of my wife.

And I'm doin' all I can to hide

The sad confusion in my mind

And brace myself with every trick I know

And though my lips are beating time

To the words of Auld Lang Syne

My voice keeps on defyin', cryin' Bonnie please don't go.

Oh, that fool in me persuadin' me to hide

The broken pieces of my dignity

When a simple reassuring word

Just to reach out and comfort her

Was all I had to say to keep her here with me.

And I don't know what - I don't know where - I don't know who, she's goin' to

I only know she's goin' out of my life

Across the sea a wavin' hands

And Col'nel Billy's farewell band

I watch the disappearin' face of my wife.

She's leavin', she's leavin'

She's on the ship now and leavin'

Standing by the gateway tossin' streamers over my way

I find it kinda hard believin'...

And I'm doin' all I can to hide

The sad confusion in my mind

And brace myself with every trick I know

And though my lips are beating time

To the words of Auld Lang Syne

My voice keeps on defyin', cryin' Bonnie please don't go.

She's leavin', she's leavin'

She's on the ship now and leavin'

Standing by the gateway tossin' streamers over my way

She's leavin', I said she's leavin' - I find it kinda hard believin'...


1972 - 2005

I was captivated by the song, and listened closely to hear who sang it, or even what the title was - but I didn't learn either thing that day.

The years rolled slowly by, and I never heard the song again. In fact, as those years crept past, I sometimes wondered if I'd actually heard the song to begin with! Or, perhaps I was the only person that heard it! That was a scary thought! I'd heard of people who had "imaginations" - but to think I'd imagined an entire song - one that was sung by some man - well, that was a bit wild, even for me!

My mother-in-law moved from the house where my husband grew up in 1982, and into a small apartment.

She gave Mike and I all her record albums when she moved. We didn't have a "record player" anymore - well, we did, but it needed a new needle, so for all intents and purposes, we didn't have one. No one listened to records anymore anyhow, so I simply stored all the albums inside the long stereo cabinet, along with a hundred or so that belonged to me or Mike, and promptly forgot about them.

Then came 2004 - and for some strange reason, I decided I wanted a new "record player" for Christmas. Mike gave Christina the money to do my Christmas shopping for him [as usual] and off she went. One of the things she found at K-Mart was a new record player - complete with cd and cassette players. It was nice. I carried it downstairs, sat it on top of the other stereo and went on about my business - tracking killers! That was my passion, and I'd worked cases all across the country.

I'm not sure what inspired me to do it, but one evening in early November [2005] I decided to get all those old records out, sort them, make sure each was in its correct jacket-cover, and see if they were still playable.

And so the sorting began. There were a lot more albums than I'd remembered - especially when I added Mike's mother's to the collection.

We had instrumentals, country/western, pop, rock&roll, - you name it, we had it.

I was less than a fourth of the way through the stack of albums when I picked up the one titled - The Best Of Jim Ed Brown. "This must have been one of Mike's mother's records," I thought, because I didn't recall having ever seen it before. My eyes scanned down the song list beside the picture of the dark haired singer - down to number [6] and I felt my heart skip a beat as I read the title - She's Leavin'(Bonnie Please Don't Go).

That ended the sorting for that evening! I immediately put the record on my new stereo and went right straight down to number 6. It was the same song I'd heard so many years ago, and to think I'd had it right here in my own home for so many of those years, and didn't even know it!!

I called my friend [**Mysde / Sindee,] and played the song several times as she listened over the phone. Both of us thought it strange that I should discover the song after all these years, and both of us wondered "what the message" was that we were to receive.

The only thing that came to either of us at that time was --

Billy's farewell / Deceivin'. deceivin', my subtle game of deceivin' / I'm doin' all I can to hide /

Of course the song reminded me of Gary Gordon , and it reminded me of a man named Bill, who had been living with a woman named "Mysde, [Cindy]" for the past 7 years. I'd told many people that I believed he'd drop Mysde no. 2 like a hot potato just as soon as the statute of limitations ran on his last rape charge against her 12 year old daughter. And of course I couldn't think of the name Gordon without thinking of Carol Gordon who was murdered in Front Royal, Virginia on my friend Sindee's birthday in 1998. As far as I could determine, no one had ever been charged with Carol Gordon's murder, and I was still trying to find out if Wild Bill had ever taken any of his women friends to Virginia or to Washington DC, where Carol Gordon worked. So far I'd had no luck - except for Wild Bill's ex-wife who told me about him following her to Sterling, Virginia one time.

{Mysde}-Sindee and I discussed the song and the possible "messages" within the song several times over the course of the next week or so. We both felt the time was right for something, and we felt it involved Wild Bill in some way, but yet there was something else nagging at me, and I didn't have a clue as to what it was.

[** Special Note: My friend "Mysde" is not the same Mysde that Wild Bill has been living with: They just happen to have the same first name, just as Bonnie Hickman and I do. I refer to Wild Bill's woman as Mysde No. 2, or Neon Woman in other stories. Wild Bill's dead baby was named Tiffany, the other Bonnie had a little black dog named Tiffany. Wild Bill left her and went right straight to Mysde no. 2 who has a daughter named Tiffany! Name duplication is one of Wild Bill's obsessions, and no one in this area believes me when I say he's "duplicating me and my family and friends"! Absolutely deaf, dumb and blind! ]

{{2007 note: I am changing some of the nicknames within my stories to the correct names: My friend Mysde is Sindee Davis: Bill's friend Mysde is Cindy B. }}


Dream: Memorial Race Cars

10:00 a.m., November 12th, 2005: I awoke from another of my "silly dreams," only this time I had sense enough to write it down and to call Mysde and report it to her:

My husband Mike, and I were at a race track where the cars were named after dead people. I was surprised when they announced the "Mike Martin, number 025," as a blue and white race car came thundering past me.

I objected to the number of the "Mike Martin" car and said it should have been 209, since February 9th [2-09] was Mike's birthday. The driver was a blue eyed, sandy haired man who appeared to be around 30 and he glanced my way as he drove past.

Mike said something about Scotty Molohan, a dark haired, dark eyed, friend of ours, but I thought the driver looked more like Scotty Martin [Mike's oldest son], although I have not seen Scotty since before Mike died, so I honestly don't know what the boy looks like!

Off in the distance I could see the sleek, long nosed drag cars that have parachutes on them to slow them down. A white one caught my attention for a second, and then I turned back to the stock cars as they paraded past, each with a different name on the side of the car, all headed for the starting point.

I don't recall any other names or numbers on the cars, and I don't recall seeing an actual start to the race, because the next thing I knew Mike and I were looking at a brown sports car of some sort, owned by a dark haired woman whom I didn't know. The car, although not brand new was in excellent shape and still a very expensive car. The interior was soft, coffee brown colored, leather, and very, very nice.

"That's just what I've always wanted" ... I said to my husband - and promptly woke up! Story of my life!


NOTE: I cannot say for certain, but I believe the car we were looking at was a BMW - since that's what I've always "wanted" - since my initials are BMW, and I think it would only be appropriate for me to have one!!! Wonder if I could talk BMW into "giving me one for promotional purposes" - since I'll never earn enough money in my lifetime to "buy" one!! Neah, don't suppose so. Oh well....I'll just stick with my Pontiac Bonneville!

November 12th

Of course, when I awoke from my race car dream, and went to write it down, I realized it was November 12th - Kimberly Fulton's birthday. The story Help Me Fulton crossed my mind briefly, simply because the story had begun with my sister Patty Martin-Fulton thinking her son Caleb was playing tricks on her by writing on the steamed up mirror in her bathroom.

And I thought of Samantha Burns, who had been abducted by Fulks & Basham on November 11th; and I thought of Alice Donovan who drove a blue BMW and who was abducted on November 14th by the same two criminals.

Fulton's case remained unsolved here in Coincidence Valley, while Burns and Donovan remained missing..... and the years just kept rolling by...

By the time I had the Memorial Race Car dream, I had pretty much forgotten about Jim Ed Brown and the old song. It was just another of those unusually strange things that seemed to come into my life at unexpected times.... or so I thought.

The First Email

The first email I received concerning a broken link to Help Me II came in from a woman on November 20th, and simply said .....

"I read Help Me and am anxious to read Help Me II, but that link seems to not be working. All that comes up is a blank page. "

I'd been up all night with a sick goat - Oh, I know, that sounds strange, but she's a very special little girl, and she got poisoned, and I was trying to save her life so I wasn't paying much attention to the web site or anything else at that point - but I wrote and told the sender that I'd get on it as soon as possible.

The Second Email

The second letter came to me on November 21st - and said -

"I am [related to] Chad. I have had a few dreams about him. One where I have seen him riding a bike as a innocent child then to see him as a man with no understanding of the meaning of truth or right from wrong.

I have not seen or heard from him since 2002 in Huntington, WV. {Another family member} said he asked if he could write and I agreed. I have not heard from him. I have spoke with his brother and he said Chad claims Basham knows what happened to one of these women for when he last seen her she was alone with Basham. Chad's brother is unsure what the truth is here.

I do not understand why the authorities could not locate these women. I understand they were right on their trail. These criminals have out smarted our law enforcement to an extent where families have no disclosure of their loved ones whereabouts. Lies will change as well as come and go but the Truth will always remain. I pray that the Truth is revealed here.

My condolences to the loved ones of these missing women.

Please feel free to contact me.


C. H. "


Again, I was continuing to give Shoshone around-the-clock care, and had to tell C.H. that I'd get to the page as soon as possible. However, I did think more about the stories at this point because November 21st. is my nephew, Caleb Fulton's birthday.

On the morning of the 21st. I had a veterinarian come to my home to treat Shoshone. It was her 9th day, and we both had been through the mill by that time. The vet was surprised she was still alive and said whatever I had been doing must have been right because they were normally dead within 48 hours after the onset of symptoms.

I also received a strange phone call that morning. It would deliver some rather disturbing news; the first "news of Wild Bill," that I'd had in some time. More on that later.

The Third Email

It was the third email, on the eve of my brother's death, that stopped me in my tracks:

"Hello Bonnie,

As many others have stated in their letters to you, I also stumbled across your web sites.

To explain who I am; I am a close and personal friend of Barry, Angie, Jenn and of course Alice Donovan.

Barry, Angie and Jenn my wife and I all are preparing for tomorrows Thanks giving dinner as I write this.

We will say a prayer as always for Alice and Samantha.

My first intent on writing to you was that I could not get the ‘Help Me 2’ page to come up. I was very intrigued by ‘Help Me’ and wish to read ‘Help Me 2.

As of this writing I cannot get it to open.

I also wanted to inform you of a dream. The dream was told to us by a sister or cousin of Alice and I apologize for not knowing exactly who, but if you are interested I am sure I can find out tomorrow when I am with Barry at dinner.

Anyways, on ** Nov 21st ** 2002, I volunteered to go on the search parties in the hunt for Alice.

We first searched Savannah Bluff in Conway SC.

Then the search went to Shallotte NC.

These two search areas were identified by the FBI and local law enforcement.

Back to the dream. Barry received a call from either a sister of Alice or cousin as I stated before and She had told us that when we get to Shallotte NC that we should be looking on ‘green road’. Much to our surprise the area was a game reserve in Shallotte that the FBI was searching. Along with having hunting clubs and a lot of woods and far reaching trails along with open fields was green road.

We also knew from the FBI that we should be looking no further than 50 yards off of any road.

Well late in the afternoon we came across sheriff Hewitt of Shallotte NC and he was with the local dog team for search and rescue.

The dogs had a hit on an old abandoned grave yard about 50 yards off of green road.

The dogs went nuts over an old grave site that had fresh earth surrounding it.

After an hour or so the Sheriff was able to contact family members of the grave site and ask permission to dig into the fresh earth that was at that site. Please understand Bonnie that the family hadn’t been to the site in years and there was no reason that there would be freshly dug up earth around this grave site.

As you can imagine our hearts sank.

The Sheriff reached down with a shovel and hit a cement tomb or casket, and asked Barry if he was satisfied that there was no body i.e. Alice there and that it was just the casket of the family member of years ago that was buried there.

Bonnie to this day it bothers me that the casket was not opened.

I truly read through your site in all matters that pertain to Alice and Samantha.

We did attend the trial of Mr. Fulks and Mr. Basham and are pleased that they have been given the death penalty.

I also saw in one of your articles that you were wanting Alice’s and Samantha’s license numbers. Did you ever get them?

I am hoping that the dream to search green road may help you. I am worried still about the grave site.

I am intrigued that you may think that Alice and Samantha are close together in their final resting place.

I am intrigued that you think Ohio stands out so deeply to you.

I truly wish to read ‘Help Me 2’. Hopefully you can see your way to sending it to me.

I will be with Barry Donovan and Angie and Jenn tomorrow and I shall speak of you.

I am looking forward to speaking to you further.


Jim Brown

Aynor, SC.


Mysde - "Sindee"

Still feeding and watering Shoshone with an eyedropper a dozen times a day didn't leave much time for anything else - including sleep or thinking - and yet, there was this nagging feeling that I just couldn't shake.

I called Sindee almost every night, and we spent hours on the phone working "our" homicide cases. If there were two cops anywhere in this nation that devoted half the time to unsolved cases that we two "housewives" devoted, I am certain we wouldn't have half the unsolved cases that we now have!

"You know Sindee, I think that dream has something to do with the 25th of the month .... maybe that's why the number on Mike's race car was 025. He knew I'd notice it, and he knew I'd wake up sooner or later and start putting the pieces together," I said one evening as we talked. {{ 2009 insert: see page 19 }}

Sindee agreed that the dream wasn't just some silly dream as I first suspected. It seemed every time I thought I had a silly, meaningless dream, it turned out to be a very important dream.

I answered Jim's letter:




Thank you so very much for writing. You are the second person this week to notify me that something is wrong with Help Me II. I have been doctoring a sick [mini] goat since Nov. 12th when she went down from poisoning. It's been an around the clock job, but I do think she is starting to recover at this time. However, I did try to repair the story at one point but cannot get it to come up for me either, so I'm going to strip the entire page and re-do it. I will try to get to it today if at all possible:

The grave is interesting, and I too wonder why the sheriff didn't open the casket - however - I have never felt either woman was actually buried. They may have something tossed over them, but not an actual grave -ie-under 3 or more feet of dirt. Basham & Fulks were "on the run," and would not have taken the needed time [nor did either have enough respect for their victims] to bury them.

I am presently in touch with a family member of Chad Fulks [have actually been contacted by several people who know Fulks, but none that know Basham]. Anyway, this person says that Fulks claims that Basham was "with one of the women last" and he never saw her again.

I am working to try to find out [which] woman it was, [which] state they were in and the general area. I have submitted these questions to my contact, and am hoping to receive an answer. I have also suggested that the person visit Fulks in prison or write to him. I am also working this exact angle with a guy in Michigan who has been writing to a prisoner in Texas that we believe is responsible for the abduction of Stacy McCall, Cheryl Levitt and Suzanne Streeter in Missouri. We have been working this angle for nearly a year now, so it's not usually an overnight success.

I admit, my style is a little different than law enforcements, but I do the best that I can do, and NEVER give up, once I've sunk my teeth into a case.

By the way, I believe the FBI is wrong about the 50 foot from the road deal. Chad Fulks is a deep woods West Virginian. He grew up around Huntington and loved the heavy woods, and spent a lot of time in them.

I know very little about Basham, but [my personal opinion is] that Chad Fulks was the 'ring leader' and the two went where he directed. I also have some deep rooted suspicions about the women who were with the two of them and wish the law had charged them with something. This bs of always assuming the women are innocent victims is crazy. Look at that mess in Pennsylvania right now. 18 year old kills the 14 year old girls parents and she chases him down the road, jumps into the vehicle and says 'let's run as far as we can, get married and start a new life.' Her parents have just been murdered and she wants to marry the killer!!! And the poor little thing is a victim!! Yeah, right. She'll pick up with another psychopath [because that's what she is too] and she'll get someone else killed. What a mess this nation is in.

Anyway, thanks for writing. Have a nice Thanksgiving. Tell Alice's husband and family that I send my deepest condolences and that I am continuing to work their case.

PS: Is there any way that you could find out what clothing was [missing] from the murdered nine year old girl [Jennifer Short]? She lived in Bassett, Virginia.

I had a phone call just 2 days ago from [ identifying portions removed ]


Bonnie M. Wells


Eventually I will just copy and paste the important things from Jim's emails, but for now I want my readers to see, and understand how this got rolling, and where it's headed, so I will post the entire letter.

Thanksgiving At The Donovan House:


Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me.

I will look forward to reading ‘help me 2’.

I appreciate what you have said, you have great insight.

I should have mentioned that the grave site the dog hit on was strange.

Reason being, when the sheriff put his shovel into the ground he immediately hit the casket.

The casket was only less than 6 inches under ground.

At any rate if you feel it is of no concern I trust you.

I also agree with you on the two girl friends that Fulks and Basham were with.

They obviously know more than they are given credit for.

Do you know both girls were living here in Myrtle Beach?

You are also correct as far as the ring leader goes. It was Fulks and we don't believe him when he says it was Basham who killed Alice and Samantha.

I observed both of these killers in court. Fulks was evil looking and manipulating.

Basham acted like a child and even at one time started a major commotion in court when he wasn't’t given a piece of gum to chew on. He was eventually shackled and physically removed from court.

Any take on the dream from Alice’s sister on a road named ‘green road’. Granted green road was in Shallotte NC and this area was searched. Well searched the best it could be for it is a huge hunting area and game reserve.

‘CUE’ the center for missing persons were the folks spear heading the search along with the FBI and local law enforcement.

May I ask about you a little? From what I understand you are a psychic. Is this true?

Sorry to be ignorant to your background. I tried finding your biography yet was having problems with pages loading.

I try so hard to be logical in my efforts to find Alice.

I sometimes try to reach out to feelings or images that appear in my mind.

My wife says it is because I am a pieces that I may have some perception.

Anyways… Even to this day now 3 years I am sad that Alice is gone.

I miss walking into the house with Barry and having Alice look at the two of us in from a long day of riding and tells us to sit down while she makes us something to eat.

I miss seeing the two of them together. If anyone could be envious of a marriage it would be Alice and Barry’s.

They were two peas in a pod.

I am saddened at how Angie and Jenn get this time of year. They become depressed.

Most likely tomorrow will have tears and some sadness. This should not be.

Fulks and Basham whether they believe it or not have and still impact our lives.

Again I do appreciate your efforts.

As Angie said…Please help, Please continue to help.

Thank you,


Although I answered each of Jim's letters, and have copies of everything, I will not bother with putting what I said here because it's not me that's important in this story. I just want my readers to see the progression of events. Hopefully I can get everything on this page. If not, I guess I'll build another page and attach to it.

I did assure Jim that I have no intentions of "backing down" from my work - as I tried to explain to another man one time. Originally these pages contained the midi "I Won't Back Down" by Tom Petty [with both the names Tom and Petty being symbolic and spiritually connected to a killer that I've been tracking for more than a dozen years now. But my visitor [whose comments can be seen on one of the response pages] didn't take the time to read anything, but just automatically attacked me for having "upbeat music" on Alice Donovan's page.

Personally, I think Alice liked that music. But, that's not what I'm working on today, so I'll get back to this story.

The following letter from Jim gave the first "clue" as to what direction I was to head ....


A Blue BMW

11/23/05: Bonnie,

Barry and I drove to the Indiana FBI headquarters last February and picked up Alice’s car. [* License number- 845 HLG.]

Once the trials were over the BMW was no longer needed. (as evidence.)

Barry insisted that he wanted the car.

So I told him I would be happy to take one of my race car haulers and him to go pick it up.

I couldn't’t figure why he wanted the car. He told me when I asked that he wanted to bring something of Alice home.

So with a tear or two we went and picked it up.

As I am writing this I can look out the window over to Barry’s house and see the blue BMW that Alice loved so much in the driveway. Always clean and has been serviced repaired and running fine.


November 23rd is two things in my life: First, it is the anniversary of my daughter's wedding to my grandson's father Brett. That's the day Christina's name changed from Gordon to Thrasher. Years later the two divorced and she remarried Mr. Anderson.

[** Those stories can be found within the "Duplication Cases" on this web site, with key words being Gordon, Thrasher and Anderson.]

And, November 23rd is the "eve of my brother's death." Mike Martin lived just one year and one day after his first niece, my daughter was married and moved to Kansas. He died at approximately 2 pm on November 24th, 1986.

[** Mike's birthday was February 9th, thus my reasoning in the Race Car dream that the number on the car should have been 209, and not 025.]

But, beyond this, it once again reminded me of the race Car dream that I'd had on the 12th of November.

I sent the following email to Jim -


Working on something here: Need info:

What color are your race cars? [blue and white??]

What numbers are on them? [looking for 025]

How many race cars do you have?

What kind of race cars do you have?

Will let you know if this pans-out. It's based on a dream I had a few nights ago.


A Blue And White Race Car & The 25!!

On 11-[25]-[0]5, Jim sent the following reply to my questions:


May I say first… Wow, I just read Help Me 2.

Race cars;

My team consists of 5 cars. [5]

Yes we have a blue and white one its number is 32 it is driven by Keith Ferrell. He and that car won last Sunday.

[** Nov. 19th, precisely one week from my "Race Car" dream, and 3 days before Jim first contacted me.]

The second car is red and white number 18 it is driven by {Brian} Moniz. Its red trailer is the trailer I used to go and pick up Alice’s car with Barry.

The third id also white with Black and Blue splashed color on it. Its number is 08 and it is driven by Neil Cox. This car and Neil won the season championship.

The 4th car is silver and black number 34. Driven by Dal Wright.

The 5th car on the team is yellow with a big red star on the hood. Its number is 4. Driven by Ron Miller.

All the race cars are late model stock cars. They weigh 3200lbs. The body style which is sheet metal is Monte Carlos.

The number 18 car was bought 2 years ago its number used to be 2.

The 18 car is sponsored by Chic-Fil-A Restaurants. The enclosed trailer we used like I said above to pick up Alice’s car is all red with Chic-Fil-A in white letters on the side. This trailer belongs to the 18 car.

Barry and I drove straight from Gallivants Ferry, SC. To Gary Indiana to get Alice’s car from FBI headquarters.

Bonnie, I am sorry I didn't’t write yesterday, As I said before we spent the day at Barry’s with Angie and Jenn.

I am so intrigued over your web site and have spent many hours in the last few days reading.



p.s. If I can help anymore you are free to call me if you wish, might be easier than email.[phone number removed for privacy reasons]


Another November 25th Surprise

As if Jim's "race car" information wasn't enough, the phone rang just as I sat down to begin compiling all this information, and when I answered it, I was speaking to the woman Wild Bill's has been living with for the past seven years - Mysde No. 2!

Within an hour Mysde II was walking through my front door with some hard to believe news! (Standing by the gateway tossin' streamers over my way I find it kinda hard believin'.)

We had about a three hour conversation about "common interests," and "uncommon interests" of certain people.

It seems she and Wild Bill split, and this time it was he got off the property! (Billy's farewell) And he did it right on schedule - just wish I could have been there to see it!

I won't go into great detail on this page, because this page really isn't about Wild Bill, but as in every other instance, when I wade into a murder case, he's always peeking around the corner with that "I swallowed the canary" grin of his.

But Mysde II did confirm his deceiving ways, (my subtle game of deceivin') just as everyone else who had any kind of relationship with him had confirmed. And she confirmed a couple of things that I have wondered about for a long, long time. She also confirmed several things she'd found hidden at her place that [in my opinion] should be of interest to some cops somewhere ..(I'm doin' all I can to hide). And then she threw me a curve that put me right back on the track I'd been working on - Alice Donovan!

Mysde II told me that she had accompanied Wild Bill to Virginia and to Washington D.C. [** wake up Front Royal, Virginia!]

She also confirmed that the trailer moving company that moved her trailer in 2001 was NOT from this area. [**wake up detectives working the Jennifer Short murder case - for crying out loud, wake up!]

I'd heard that Wild Bill's son had sired a child with a Belpre girl. I hoped it fared better than his little sister had - and it must have, because I didn't hear any horror stories. I figured those would come later, when grandpa got his hands on her! Yeah, I have a pretty low opinion of Wild Bill - but believe me, he earned every bit of it.

"So where is Wild Bill's granddaughter living now days?" I asked Mysde II - and was not prepared for her answer -

"Oh, she lives with her mother in [Conway, South Carolina]"! She quipped.


Some Very Strange Facts

Repeat: Jim Brown: "Yes we have a blue and white one its number is 32 it is driven by Keith Ferrell.

Mysde II's birthday is [March 2nd... 3-2]

Wild Bill's first wife, the actual grandmother of his only granddaughter passed away nearly two years ago. Her maiden name was Ferrell. It is this child that now lives in Conway, South Carolina, the exact town from which Alice Donovan was abducted.

And I don't know what - I don't know where - I don't know who, she's goin' to

I only know she's goin' out of my life

Across the sea a wavin' hands

And Col'nel Billy's farewell band

I watch the disappearin' face of my wife.

Jim [Ed] Brown: Country singer, popular in the 50's, sang with his two sisters - Bonnie, and Maxine. Born on 4-01. Married to Rebecca Sue Perry:

Jim [A] Brown: Began writing to me/Bonnie about the Alice Donovan case on November 23rd, 2005: Born 3-11 ( 3 plus 1 equals 4, and 1 stands alone, thus equaling the other Jim Brown's birthday ... 4-1!)

Jim A. Brown, married to "Rebecca" ____ on February 9th, 1985!

Jim tells me he and Barry used a Ford 250 truck when they went to Gary, Indiana to bring Alice's BMW home. [** Message ** "BMW bring Alice home!"]

And I'm doin' all I can to hide

The sad confusion in my mind

And brace myself with every trick I know

And though my lips are beating time

To the words of Auld Lang Syne

My voice keeps on defyin', cryin' Bonnie please don't go.

I had originally hoped to get this page posted on November 28th - the nineteenth anniversary of my brother's burial [ and the brutal Parkersburg, West Virginia murder of Janet Sue Miller from Indiana.] But between normal activities, a sick goat, and other things beyond my control, I didn't meet my deadline.

Never the less, Mike is buried in West Virginia.

The license number on Alice's car was 845 HLG. If one totals 8 + 4 + 5 they get [17]. LHG used to be the letters on the car that my grandson Joshua now drives. We always teased him and said they stood for Little Hocking Guy.

In the Burns photo page [8], one will find Joshua's birthday [8-17] plainly marked on a slab of concrete in West Virginia.

My family and I all live in Little Hocking, Ohio, and although there has been times that I have threatened to "go away," - shut the web site down - just walk away from it all - when I'm at my lowest, and don't know where to turn - trying to "hide the sad confusion in my mind," as to why no one [ in law enforcement] will listen, then, it's as if God knows I'm about at the end of my rope, and he sends me someone like Jim Brown. Because he knows, all I need to hear is -

"Bonnie, please don't go."

And the Lord knows I won't. I would never walk away when asked to help someone - especially one of my dead girls. For he knows the old BMW would blaze a trail through the pits of hell for any one of them, regardless who she was or what she did in this world.

But for the Grace of God - there goeth I or one of my family.

I continue to believe that I have a psychopathic serial killer on my back and that the day will come when he makes a direct strike at me or one of my friends or family member. I used to ask for help from the FBI or someone - but no one ever came. That's okay. I'm doing just fine without them, although I feel pretty sorry for the unsuspecting women that are unfortunate enough to have our names!

Alice Donovan and Samantha Burns were victims of madmen, just as surely as any of the others were. The only exception is that their killers have been caught, tried and convicted. I look forward to the day they are executed.

I continue to believe if one woman could be found, then it's possible that Fulks or Basham might speak up and tell where the other one is. And I honestly believe that one [if not both] are in West Virginia.

If anyone is interested, I can provide a "guide" for the area in question. [Not me. I don't know the area.]

It is my hope and prayer that this page, as well as the other eleven pages in this series will somehow be of assistance to those who are looking for Alice and Samantha. I will be available to help in any way I can.



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