And A Shot Rang Out


Bonnie M. Wells

This story originally appeared on my web site at the end of page two of The Hootin Honey, under the title of Another Anniversary.

September 15th, 2005:

8:15-8:30 PM: Mike and I were sitting in our living room watching Bill O'Reilly.

I didn't watch a lot of tv, but I seldom missed the O'Reilly program. He was talking about the adoption system in Ohio and how 11 children had just been found in cages, after being adopted by two people who were apparently making hundreds of thousands of dollars off these kids and then abusing them. O'Reilly was quite irritated by the fact that Ohio doesn't appear to have any "check and balance" system in which people are monitored.

Hell, I could have told him that. I told local authorities years and years ago. I figured if O'Reilly dug deep enough he'd discover a lot of really despicable things going on in this state. I had, and I'd been screaming about it for years. That's what made me so popular with authorities in Ohio!

Well, I'd been saying for years that sooner or later someone was going to come along and discover their treacherous filth, and then everyone would know that I'd been telling the truth all along! Seemed that time was rapidly approaching. I wondered if certain little assistant prosecuting attorney's thought of me - neah, probably not. Didn't matter. I still had copies of everything I'd sent. Sooner or later I was going to be proven right - just like I told Winstanley - "It may take awhile, but I'll prove it's true."

I'd also sent another line from that same song - "I'll buy you tall, tall trees and all the water in the sea."

He probably thought I was nuts. Maybe so. Strange how the Ohio River actually went dry just recently! First time in recorded history - and I doubt Winstanley even noticed. That's okay, I noticed!

I was sitting in a chair straight across from the window, watching tv, but also watching the traffic that passed our house. I don't know what it is about traffic, but I've always liked to watch the traffic go by.

A car approached from out the road, headed toward the four lane, and just as it got in front of our drive-way all the lights went off!

I never said a word, just rose from the chair immediately; took one large step and put myself behind the brick portion of the front of our house.

Mike looked at me rather strangely, but didn't say anything.

I moved forward toward the wall, making sure I stayed behind the brick until I was beside the door.

I opened the door slowly, peeked out the door, still staying safely by the wall. There was no vehicle anywhere in sight.

Mike was still watching me when the shot rang out!!

"What the hell was that?" He asked.

"It was a gun shot," I replied, while still safely tucked behind the protective brick.

"Yep, the old instinct is still intact, and working just fine." I said as he got up and walked toward the door.

I'm reasonably certain the vehicle I saw darted into my former neighbor's property, and someone fired off one shot.

The property had been abandoned nearly a year ago, and the government had been trying to clean the place up enough so that it could be auctioned off at the sheriff's sale. I'd considered buying the dump, just so I could prevent the exact type of situation from happening again. Hadn't made up my mind yet though, whether I actually wanted to deal with it or not.

Mike went outside [since I refused to! ] and walked around to see if the car was still in the driveway. It wasn't. I didn't think it would be.

We could not see the driveway from our house, so I figured whoever it was, knew that and they had stopped long enough to get off one shot - which may [or may not have been planned for the window of our house - and me!! ] and then they had gotten out of there, without lights, just like they had came in.

It reminded me of the shooting down in Jackson County recently, where a school official by the name of Anderson, had shots fired through his window.

I appreciated the warning, and had been watching ever since.

And I also understood the message that was conveyed in this instance.

It's Hootin' Honey time!

Oh yeah, I remembered - September 16th, 1995 - and I remembered that Sammy Davis has been sitting in prison for the murder of Roda Snyder all these years. He said he didn't kill her. I was inclined to believe him - but no one else seemed to care one way or the other.

I did not report the shot. There's no reason to report it. This page serves as my documentation of the fact, and I maintain the same position on Roda Snyder's murder that I maintained back in 1996.

I know who murdered Roda Snyder, and he knows that I know. Only problem is, he thinks I've forgotten him. I haven't. I just got bored with him.

*I hereby issue this warning: We are up for another strike. The victim has already been selected - in fact, I'd guarantee 3 victims have already been selected. Any one of them can be first, any one of them can be second or third. They are interchangeable. The strike will come, and [if] an arrest is ever made [it's not an election year, ya know, so don't count on an arrest being made! But if one is -] some innocent man will be arrested, tried and convicted of the crime, so heads up fellows. Pay attention to who you are with; where you go and anyone that sees you. And for God's sake be careful, because prison is no party, and I've got too many cases now so the chances of me wading into yours is remote.

Best wishes,

Bonnie M. Wells


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