Silver Wings


Bonnie M. Wells

I originally wrote the following poem for my husband, Michael Wells who was in the US Air Force in the mid 1960's.

It was given to my friend Michele, who was married to an Air Force pilot, who later became a West Virginia State Police pilot by the name of Bill Stone. Bill was also a pilot for the Governor of West Virginia, as well as a Medivac pilot. Bill died in a helicopter crash on Cheat Mountain in West Virginia as he attempted to life-flight a seriously ill patient to a hospital in the month of December 16, 1982.

Silver Wings is presented here today in appreciation of all the pilots who risk their lives for the sake of others, and in memory of Officer William Stone:

Silver Wings

Silver wings up in the air...

Like giant birds without a care.

Up, up, up, ... forever high,

They seem to touch the deep blue sky.

With a touch of Godly grace,

Their vast playground is all of space.

Like beautiful eagles, born to soar,

So are the boys ... of the U.S. Air Corps.

They place their lives in God's hand,

Like the fish of the sea and the souls of the land.

Leaving silvery trails of crystal smoke,

On silver wings ... they seem to float.

Over mountains high ... and valleys low,

They are the Air Force ... wherever they go.

To touch the silver lining of every cloud,

'Tis no wonder they are so proud.

In these hands we put our trust,

We know ... they will protect us.

They always live ... and sometimes die,

By their silver wings, up in the sky.

So we are proud to give our support,

To the Silver Wings ... of the U.S. Air Force.

2014 Update: My grandson, Joshua Thrasher graduated from the Ohio Police Academy in 2011. He went to work for the Beverly, Ohio Police Department and worked there for several months. In December of 2013 Joshua was sworn in as a Parkersburg, West Virginia Police Officer. He is now in the West Virginia State Police Academy, where Bill Stone's picture hangs in the memorial line up. And all I can say is I think it is very strange how things work out.

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