2/3/1975 - 3/22/1998

Stacy Colbert


Bonnie M. Wells

Looking Back

December 2nd, 2004

As I write this story tonight I wonder how many people could tell me where they were and what they were doing in February and March of 1998. I know where I was and what I was doing. I was right here at my computer, writing to that same cop I'd been writing to for several years by that time.

I think I knew in 1998 that it was wasted effort; knew none of my information would ever see the light of day, but for some unexplained reason I just kept trying.... for awhile. Eventually I stopped trying.

How many times had I told Winstanley of the "hang up phone calls" and how they came just before or immediately after arson's or murder's? Dozens, perhaps hundreds .... I told Winstanley a lot of things ..... several books worth of things, come to think of it! Maybe that's why I stopped writing to him. Maybe I just decided to write it all up and put it on this web site and/or in one of my Pure Coincidence books. Maybe ... regardless....

February 1998

The other Bonnie continued to see Wild Bill ... along with several others ... one of which was a Belpre fireman, but she had moved out of Wild Bill's house {again} and into an apartment. I promptly added her apartment to my "check list." Every time I went through Belpre I'd check to see if he was home and if not I'd drive past Bonnie's place and see if he was there. Sometimes he was ..... usually he wasn't.

From my dairy: February 10th, 1998 - My sister came to visit and insisted I go outside and "look at the moon!" It was inside a cross!!!! "What does that mean?" Patty asked.

"Diane received a hang-up call at ten o'clock this morning, and Judy received one at five-thirty this evening .... we have to get ready .... pay attention. It's an omen I'll understand when it comes to be." I mumbled as Patty looked at me as if I'd gone over the edge. Maybe I had .... then again, maybe I hadn't.

February 11th, 1998: Received a call from the Cxxxx police department today: Judy received a hang-up call at four o'clock this evening.

Wild Bill's coming and going at very odd hours for a working man. His house is pitch black, and there is no sign of anyone around it.

I continued to monitor Wild Bill as well as Bonnie H.'s place for several days. He was not going to her place when he left his.

February 23rd, 1998: I received a hang-up call at 7:23 pm: "What is he trying to tell me?" I wondered as I replaced the receiver.

February 25th, 1998: I mailed all my "Triangle Maps & Reports" to John Winstanley. Don't know why I bothered, but just felt it needed to be done, so I did it.

Wild Bill's place remains dark. I don't know where he's working, but if he comes home at all it's in the wee hours of the morning. Probably just to change clothes.

Judging from past experience, I'd guess he's stalking someone. "Gonna get me a woman," Judy and I used to laugh .... but that was a long time ago. I guess we finally figured out what those words actually meant and we stopped laughing.

I'd often warned Winstanley that Wild Bill was a "long term stalker," meaning whoever he chose would be watched for weeks or months before he made a move against them. I know, because he watched me for 3 years before he ever stepped out of the woodwork. Dummy that I am, I had no idea that he was watching me. Guess I'm lucky to be alive today.

February 28th, 1998: Passed Wild Bill in traffic in Parkersburg at 3:00 {am}; came to Belpre and waited at Hardee's until 4:30 {am}, and came home. His place was pitch black and he wasn't home. Don't know where he was or when/if he came home that night/morning.

Piece in news paper about a fire at the home of Carol and Forrest S_______. They live right across the street from Wild Bill's friend Dixie. Seems the fire was set. .... hummm. Another coincidence, no doubt. {This case was never solved although everyone had their "suspect" .... none of which was "my suspect!"

Note: See "Things Not So Ducky On Lee Street" for background info on Forrest S_______ and connection to Wild Bill from 1991:

March 1998

March 1st, 1998: Mike and I passed Wild Bill heading down 618 with Bonnie H. and all three of her boys in his vehicle: "Honey I'm home and need an alibi!" Established ..... as usual.

March 5th, 1998: Anniversary of Kimberly Fulton's murder - {case remains unsolved}: Wild Bill honked his horn at Christina and then waved at her when she looked his direction 7:00 {pm} in Belpre traffic.

March 7th, 1998: Wild Bill not home 8 {pm}:

March 8th, 1998: Wild Bill not home at 1:30 {am}: Check of all local bars failed to find him! Not home at 3 {am} ... but I'm going home regardless of where he is!

March 8th, 1998 - 6:30 {pm} Wild Bill's car at Bonnie H.'s apartment: Diane received a hang-up call at 12:17 {am} {morning hours of 3-09-98}

March 16th, 1998: I received another hang-up call at 7:30 {pm}: What the hell is he getting ready to do?

March 17th, 1998: Mailed "Forrest/Shamrock" reports to Winstanley and cops in Cxxxx: Wild Bill is switching vehicles.... not a good sign.

March 18th, 1998: Mailed a package of information to FBI Profiler John Douglas: There is something coming, and I can feel it. I just don't know what direction it's coming from ..... but think I know "who" is bringing it!!!

March 19th, 1998: I received another hang-up call at ten o'clock {pm}. Wild Bill's coming and going from his place and Bonnie's place at all hours of the night and switching vehicles so fast I can't keep up with him. He's really on a rampage and I don't know when he's going to blow his stack, but it's coming soon .... I can feel it.

March 21st, 1998: Cold and rainy today: Don't know where Wild Bill is but he doesn't appear to be anywhere in this area:

March 23rd, 1998: Bryan had to spend the night in Columbus, Ohio. I wondered if Wild Bill spent the night in Columbus too .... actually it appears he's spending a lot of nights "somewhere." Guess Columbus is as good as anywhere.

Since he went to work for the "Martin" company back in 1995, it's been incredibly difficult to keep track of him. He's working all up and down the Ohio River and all over the state as well as West Virginia, Kentucky, and elsewhere. Bonnie H. informed me that he sometimes spent 2 or 3 days "on the job" without coming home. That's a lie. He's not staying on the barges like he told her. He's stalking some girl somewhere ..... I just don't know who or where.

March 25th, 1998: Wild Bill's place pitch black inside and out at 2:15 {am}. Don't know where he is, but he's not home and he's not at Bonnie's place either.

March 27th, 1998: Diane and I went to the grocery store in Belpre about 9:30 {pm}. Wild Bill parked at the IGA and walked over to Bonnie H.'s apartment.

"Lord have mercy ..... he's traded his red car for a two-tone brown one! It's running the LHG 603 license plate from the red car. Dear God, what has he done, and where did he do it?"

Neither Diane nor I could answer my questions. We never could, and yet, I somehow always knew the answer would never come in time to actually help anyone or to ever solve the case .... wherever it was. All we could do was watch the news papers and see if we could figure out what he'd gotten by with again .... but whatever it was, I'd personally guarantee he'd get by with it. He always did. He always would.

April 1998

Whatever Wild Bill did in March must have been something pretty bad because he reverted to his "good boy" image. He always did that as soon as he'd done something that he knew would land his worthless ass in jail {or prison}. He'd come back to his house and start cleaning out the attic, the garage, or whatever. You could go by most any time and he'd be there working .... just like a normal man might be. But he wasn't normal and I knew it. He was just laying low and "re-living the thrill" .... every time he saw me drive past or every time a cop drove past.

I kept an eye on the local news for the remainder of March but there wasn't anything except that fire at Carol and Forrest's house, and I didn't think that was the "issue" I'd been anticipating. Actually I figured that was the "issue" that was supposed to "prevent" the big issue .... but it didn't work. It never did. Fire was one thing, but it seldom answered the true "call of the wild" that ran through his veins. What a call it was. Tracking him was like trying to track a wolf.

April 14th, 1998: I received a hang-up call at 11:33 {am}: Someone must be on lunch break - wonder what he's trying to tell me, or remind me of? Who knows?

April 15th, 1998: I received a hang-up call at 3:30 {pm}: What the hell does he want me to know? I haven't got a clue:

April 16th, 1998: I received another hang-up call at 8:40 {pm}:

April 17th, 1998: I received a hang-up call at 3:40 {pm} and another at 9:03 {pm}:

By mid April Wild Bill had successfully talked Bonnie H. into moving back into his house. I wondered how long it would last this time. However long it took for him to slide back into his fantasy world. I was betting on four to six weeks.

May 1998

During the early months of 1998 Wild Bill seemed to be concentrating on my sister again... {Patty Martin-Fulton}: He swung from Patty to me, and back to Patty, while keeping an eye on my daughter Christina too! He was one busy man. How he managed to handle so many projects remained a mystery to me. Guess he was a very "organized" person.

It just amazed me how he could appear to be reaching forward and then all of a sudden you realized he was actually going backward! I'd been watching it for years, but no one else seemed to be interested or even find his behavior strange. All that did was make me wonder about them, because I knew the man's behavior was abnormal. Any man that's been arrested and jailed twice in his own county for sex offenses against women and girls is not "normal" in my book. And as far as I'm concerned any cop who considered him "normal" had to have a problem of his own. But, I wasn't a cop. All I was, was an intended victim that turned the table on a lunatic and figured out his game before he could act it out on me, my daughter or my sister. He was still ticked, and still trying.

May 13th, 1998: Well wonders never cease! Wild Bill has gone to the woman he lived with before Bonnie H. and bought the old gray Chevette that she drove while she lived with him! It's sitting in his yard with temporary tags on it. How strange. How incredibly strange.

The two tone brown car turned out to be a Pontiac 6000, and he didn't keep it very long. Just long enough .... regardless, it's now gone, and in its place is a white, four door car of some type. I haven't gotten close enough to determine the make and model of it.

June 1998

June 1st, 1998: I received a hang-up call at 4:55 {pm} and Judy received 2 hang-up calls this afternoon: What's he doing now?

Bonnie seems to be at Wild Bill's house off and on but they are having problems and he's not coming home until the wee hours of the morning if he comes home at all.

June 3rd, 1998: Wild Bill's place is pitch black inside and out {midnight}: He's somewhere in the blue Cavalier {yes, he got another car!}. I can't tell where Bonnie and the boys are but I don't think they are all in the house with all the lights turned off.

June 17th, 1998: Wild Bill was at the Oasis night club tonight trying to talk my sister into going home with him!!!! Bonnie H. has moved out again! Guess I was right ..... just about a month.

This would ultimately be the last time that Bonnie H. moved from Wild Bill's house and actually "dated" the man, although he continued to force his way into her home {on "Cross" Street} and continued to drive by her home and verbally assault her and demand sexual favors, even though he knew she was dating someone else. And it would be the beginning of a discovery that still sends me into a tail spin every time I think about it .... and yet, it was one of the most brilliantly orchestrated plans that I have ever seen or heard of in my entire life.

June of 1998 is when he switched from my sister Patty over to me and then right on to my daughter. Those stories can be read in the "Symbolic Case" section of this web site. They are amazing and fascinating, and of course purely "coincidental" .... just like everything else in Wild Bill's life is. Yep, it's all coincidence .... Pure Coincidence!

A Long Time Ago

Once, a long time ago, my sister's name was Patty Martin. She married in 1978 and her name hasn't been Martin since then. I have never known of her to use the name Martin since her first marriage.

In 1994 I stumbled across an old phone directory in Wild Bill's house. While looking through it, I found "Patty Martin" written in Wild Bill's hand writing. Immediately I phoned Judy and my daughter and had them come to his house and witness this peculiar event because I didn't know exactly what it meant except I knew it was important. He had always insisted that he never knew Patty, never knew anyone named Martin, and had never heard the name until he met me in 1990. This proved he was lying. Upon questioning {without mentioning Patty's name} he said the phone directory was the one he'd used before he and his first wife married in December of 1978.

Back in those days Patty had a friend named "Stacey" who lived a short distance from where Wild Bill lived. Looking back, I think he was stalking my sister when she was a 14 or 15 year old kid. Was he stalking Stacey too? I didn't know.

The "Duplications and Symbolic Murders" of 1998 and into 2000 kept me busy writing and tracking. Regardless of who I tried to show the "pattern of behavior to" no one within law enforcement seemed to give a hoot about any of it, so I finally said okay, have it your way, and gave up .... well, I gave up telling them about it. I didn't give up documenting, waiting, watching ... I'd never give that up. But nowadays I just wrote it up and put it on my web site or in one of my later issues of Pure Coincidence. If anyone wanted to read what was happening, then they could hunt it up on my web site or contact me for more information than I felt comfortable putting on the web site.

Patty moved back to Florida a couple of years ago, and I don't anticipate that she will ever return to this area. If she does, well, she's been warned. And that's about all I can do for anyone.

Wild Bill was indicted for raping the daughter of his present girlfriend in the winter of 1998 ..... he picked up with her just as soon as the "Duplications" of me, my sister and my daughter were complete {coincidentally, of course} and moved into her home here in Little Hocking about a mile from my home.

All it told me was that I was definitely right about him in 1998. Sad part was, no one even knew about what he'd done until March of 2000. It took Washington County that long to present the case to the grand jury!! Then it turned out to be a waste of the grand jury's time because the prosecuting attorney refused to prosecute him and dropped all charges as it was coming into the court room! Wild Bill wins again ..... as usual.

I've often wondered if the little town of "Waterford" knew what it produced! Then again, perhaps no one cared. Perhaps no one had ever cared .... and then along came me ..... and Billy's life was never to be the same ..... but then, neither was mine.

Skeletal Remains Found In Northern Ohio

The remains of "Stacey" Beth Colbert was found in a wooded area by two deer hunters in November of 2004:

She was last seen at her apartment, located at 1221 "Waterford" Drive, Columbus, Ohio, Saturday, March 21st, 1998 {or the early morning hours of March 22nd, 1998}.

Colbert's remains were located in Delaware County: Columbus is in Franklin County:

I don't recall ever hearing of Colbert's disappearance, prior to the discovery of her remains.

I was fortunate enough to locate a couple of pieces of information though that I felt might be of importance.

Stacey's uncle is a doctor in Columbus, Ohio .... a surgeon. Made me wonder what type of surgery he does ..... back surgery? I just happen to know a guy who says the doctors really messed his back up when they operated on him .... yep, just happen to have seen him wearing a back support and sweeping snow off the roof of his latest fling's trailer in the winter of 1998. Just happen to know the woman he complained to that he'd had several surgeries on his back and it was messed up.

My own husband had back surgery a few years ago. We went to Columbus, Ohio for the surgery. I spent the night in a motel, reading a John Douglas book about serial killers while Mike spent the night in the hospital. That story is told in Pure Coincidence book number six and is titled ....A Trip To Columbus With "Spooky, Weird & Strange."

Another news item that I thought was real interesting was the fact that law enforcement removed some blood stained carpet from Stacey's home at the time of her death.

Made me wonder if her killer would have gotten enough of her blood in his own vehicle to justify a "vehicle trade," .... just in case anyone ever paid any attention to that damned mouthy woman in Little Hocking! Not that he'd ever have to concern himself with it ..... ever.

Chalk It Up To Coincidence

As with all the other cases profiled on this web site, the case of Stacey Colbert appears to have occurred at a time when Wild Bill was not home, and had not been coming home for days prior to her murder. And, if one looks at the time table presented above, they will see the same "cooling down" period right after her murder that I have shown in at least a dozen other cases.

FBI profilers and others who study psychopaths and serial killers warn repeatedly about "stressors, triggers, phases, and cycles. How Wild Bill can fit so perfectly into their profiles and yet never be involved is beyond my understanding .... and yet, he obviously is not involved. He couldn't possibly have gotten by with so much ...... could he?

January 2008: As far as I can determine, Stacey Colbert's case remains unsolved in Columbus, Ohio.

Bonnie M. Wells

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