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Then Comes The "Davis" Strike!


Bonnie M. Wells


You are entering story number 7 in the Symbolic Duplication Series of Pure Coincidence:

This story is color-coded for emphasis and research purposes: Certain things will be repeated from the previous page of The Duplication & Symbolic Murder Of Mysde:

Sometimes Things Are Reversed

Long ago I noticed that some things are "reversed" while others are "scrambled." There are dozens of local people, including police officers, who could verify that I'd warned of numbers, dates and times reversed.

But it wasn't until the "duplications" began that I saw people's names scrambled or reversed. The first 2 duplications involved my sister's name, - Patty Martin-Fulton.

However, our maiden name - "Martin" - was not added to the equation until "after" Patty and Fulton were killed off."

Even then, Martin was not a murder victim, but was the name of a company that Wild Bill went to work for, so I wasn't sure I could count it.

As soon as he had "Martin" in his grasp he went after "Bonnie" and then "Wells." I guess one could say he'd "scrambled" things up just a bit at that point because not only did he duplicate me, but he also duplicated one of my vehicles. The one he was most jealous of I guess - my silver Corvette. He duplicated that in reverse too though, so I guess I should have seen the pattern a long time ago. Well, maybe I did, but who would have listened?

Wild Bill's first live-in-girlfriend {See The Lion Roars & The Wild Cat Takes His Mate} drove a little silver Chevette, whereas his next live-in, the other Bonnie, drove a silver Escort. I think old Wild Bill was afraid I missed the point on this because after he ditched Bonnie #2, he went to his old girlfriend and bought the little Chevette. I'd already noticed. I knew what he was doing, and the "Expensive But Worth It" bumper sticker he placed on his new girlfriend's car was absolutely hilarious!!

The Game Progresses

Those readers who have been trying to follow this ongoing drama, may recall that I have said repeatedly that there is something about anniversary dates, birthdays, even certain address numbers appear to be important in this bizarre game.

I maintained that it took "someone" 3 years to symbolically murder off my sister - Patty Fulton, via the murders of Patsy Sparks in April of 1992 and Kimberly Fulton in March of 1995.

I recall making a vague comment to Detective John Winstanley along these lines shortly after Kimberly was murdered, but by the time the pattern had emerged to the point that anyone should have been able to see it, I had no one left to turn to. So, I did the only thing left. I designed this web site and have been posting things ever since.

Both the Fulton and the Sparks murders occurred on anniversary dates involving the "death" of someone within my family: As of May 2005, both the Fulton & Sparks cases remain unsolved here in Washington County, Ohio:

Just as soon as Kimberly Fulton was murdered {by whoever} Wild Bill began his "symbolic duplication/replacement" of me. There are dozens of people who could verify this, besides the fact that Wild Bill "TOLD" some people what he was doing - how he intended to have everything in his life that my husband had in his!

It took Wild Bill 3 years to symbolically replace me and everything my husband had, that he so obviously wanted! He worked on it from immediately after the Kimberly Fulton murder in 1995, until the Ullman murder in 1998: 3 years, just like it had taken "someone" to symbolically kill off my sister. The second Wild Bill finished his duplication of me - Bonnie Martin-Wells - {and that story is told elsewhere on this web site} "someone" began the "symbolic murder" of my daughter - Christina Gordon-Anderson.

This was accomplished in precisely 3 weeks to the day, and again involved anniversary and birthday dates that were important to me, my family and my friends!

It all reminded me of how many times I'd warned Winstanley of the number {3}. The murders came in groups of 3; They occurred within a 3 day spread of important dates; I usually received 3 warning phone calls "before" the next dead body showed up {that's how I always knew when to start watching the news papers!} and on and on the connections of 3 went. That was something I really could not explain. I didn't know what the three meant to the killer - or the killers as some people wanted everyone to think.

Emily Christine Ullman was a Parkersburg, West Virginia resident - one that I traced back to Wild Bill and the other "Bonnie" - and there again, that story is also told elsewhere on this web site.

Emily was murdered for my wedding anniversary in 1998 , and 3 weeks later, on my friend Mysde's birthday {6-25} Carol Gordon was murdered.

My daughter had just been symbolically murdered off! Granted, it was a slight variation from my sister's symbolic murder. In her case we saw her first name taken out first, then her married name, and then Wild Bill's "indication" of her "maiden" name. This time, the killer{s} eliminated Christina's first name, then jumped backward to her maiden name, and apparently decided to skip the married name altogether - maybe!!! All I could think was - If I was right, this warped game of a madman had just cost four innocent people their lives, and no one seemed aware or concerned, no matter how hard I tried to show them the pattern.

The murder of Carol Gordon gave us a "double date," because June 25th was not only Mysde's birthday, but it was also the anniversary of when Wild Bill got out of jail in 1994! This "doubling up on anniversary/birthday" dates made it difficult to determine which event was actually being emphasized - or, was it both of them? I didn't know - and wouldn't know for awhile.

The First "Evans" Clue:

Just five days after Carol Gordon's murder in Front Royal, Virginia came the first clue as to where the killer was headed next.

Kimberly Krimm was only 14 years old when she was murdered on June 30th, 1998. Wild Bill wasn't home, and I had no idea where he was, but by 1998, I was pretty much alone in my work, and had backed off from it quite a bit.

Mysde and I weren't running the streets like we'd once done, and I didn't care much for the idea of being out there all alone.

Mysde's boyfriend's last name was Evans, but I'd never met the man, so it didn't really register with me when Kimberly Krimm, who lived on Evans Avenue was murdered.

But it certainly registered when Wild Bill picked up with a woman named "Mysde" who lived less than a mile from my home! Which he did as soon as his "symbolic replacement" of me was complete!

Kimberly Krimm's murder was NOT on an anniversary date. "It must be the street she lived on," I reasoned. That must be what was being emphasized.

Wild Bill quickly moved into the home of Mysde #2, and within a few months was accused of raping her 12 year old daughter - whose last name was "Martin" !!!! {He was indicted by the grand jury on 3 counts of sex crimes against the girl but Prosecuting Attorney Michael Spahr asked that all charges be dropped just as it came into the court room!}

Never the less, it was the EXACT pattern I'd seen in my sister's symbolic murder - Patty, Fulton and then Martin. Now we had {via Wild Bill} Bonnie, Wells and then Martin! Amazing - absolutely amazing, but purely coincidental, of course!

2005: The Krimm case remains unsolved:

The "Evans" Strike

By the time Stephanie "Evans" was murdered, Mysde and I had resumed our work - via the computer. We'd just begun to put the pieces together concerning the cases between 1995 and 1998, and Mysde wanted to know when the next strike could be expected. "Any minute now," I responded. It was 2001. It had been 3 years and another piece of the puzzle was due!

Little did I know that even as we worked late into the night of April 1st, morning of April 2nd, 2001, the next "piece of the puzzle" was about to drop into our laps.

It came home full force when we learned of the brutal murder of Stephanie "Evans" who lived only a few minutes from where Mysde's boyfriend/husband grew up, and who was in all likelihood a distant relative of his!

Stephanie's case can also be found on this web site, and although there is a man in custody, I have never been convinced that he is guilty. He's been in custody for quite some time now, and yet, no trial date has been set. It all makes me wonder if they are as sure of themselves as they want people to believe. Meanwhile, my work continues because if I'm right and they are wrong, my guy will strike again - same theme - different location. We shall see.

Why Two 402's?

Wild Bill and his "Mysde" had fled from Little Hocking by the time my friend Mysde noticed the 402 written on the back of a sign by her mailbox. In fact it had been written twice.

This seemed strange to the two of us and we wondered if it had anything at all to do with Stephanie Evans' murder - or if it was just a number that some kid had written on the sign. That's how it was with many of the things. Sometimes they really were "clues" and other times they meant absolutely nothing. Sad part was, we seldom knew which they were until the case occurred. Then we could see that they had been clues. Still, no one within law enforcement ever seemed to notice or care.

It all reminded me of another murder victims license plate number that showed up on a stack of metal storm drains in front of the apartment where Wild Bill's girlfriend lived back in 1996. I guess Mysde and I were the only ones who thought that was odd, because no one ever paid any attention to it, even though I told them that Wild Bill's vehicle was the only vehicle we'd ever seen parked by those culverts.

Mysde and her family remained at the address where she had seen the two 402's painted on the back of the sign, until April of 2004. Her husband continued to work in Jackson County and drive back and forth. It was a long drive, and eventually they decided to sell the property that had been in the Davis family for 3 solid generations, and move south - to Jackson County.

It was not an easy decision, and yet, in some ways I think Mysde welcomed it. Night after night we talked on the phone until daybreak because Mysde and her mother were stuck out on the farm with two small children, and little chance of getting help if it was needed.

And there were several nights that Mysde and I both thought help would have been nice. Someone was prowling their property on a regular basis. Dogs died mysteriously. Things disappeared. Lights were broken so that outside lighting at night was impossible. Someone entered their homes on more than one occasion while they were in town shopping, and yard items were moved or rearranged on a regular basis.

Men were seen several times creeping along the tree line that ran along the edge of the property, and those that got a pretty good look at the men described Wild Bill to perfection!

Well, after he and his Mysde moved from my home town, he really wasn't that far away from my friend Mysde's home. About 20 minutes could put him anywhere on her property!

I too was relieved when I learned that Mysde and her family were moving out of Washington County. Perhaps Jackson County would be too far away. Maybe he'd forget. Maybe he wouldn't know where they went and just give up. Maybe .....

When Is The Next Strike Due?

The question usually came from Mysde, but this time it came from a cop!

In fact, recently, several cops had taken an interest in the cases, and were asking a few questions.... Questions our local sheriff should have been asking years ago. And there were people all across the nation that were beginning to write to me and express an interest in these cases, and time and time again I'd heard the same statement - "That is not "coincidence," Bonnie. You have uncovered a pattern of behavior. What's wrong with the cops in your area?"

I didn't know what was wrong with the cops here, and to be honest, I didn't have time to wonder what their problem was because I was trying desperately to track and predict the next strike of a damned killer.

"Any day now," I replied when the cop asked me when the next murder was due.

It was April of 2005, and we'd already passed the 3 year mark.... perhaps because Mysde and her family had left the area and the killer had lost track of them - {for awhile.} If so, I figured he'd either continue with Mysde, and back up and get her maiden name {just like Wild Bill did with his duplication of me!! And just like whoever murdered Patsy Sparks and Kimberly Fulton did. Oh, I forgot - that was when Wild Bill went to work for the "Martin" company! Gee, wonder if that means anything!} or he'd strike on another anniversary date. Only time would tell. Little did I realize it might be a "double date" again!

It wasn't too long after Mysde and her family moved to Jackson County that she and her mother went to the store one night and saw Wild Bill and some woman with long brown hair riding on his motor cycle.

"Who was that woman?" Mysde asked when she called and told me about the experience.

I didn't know who she was - but I certainly knew who she wasn't! She wasn't the blond haired Mysde he'd been shacked up with since 1998, and that was a fact! Told me his prowling went right on, just like it always had. He was setting someone else up. He was lying, cheating, conniving and getting ready to strike - just like any snake would do!

Well, Jackson County was a pretty large county and as long as he didn't "find" Mysde or her mother's place, then I thought she'd be alright - I hoped so anyway.

I Thought I Was Wrong

April 2nd, 2005 came and went and nothing happened. I breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps I was wrong - maybe.

"Maybe it means two strikes in the month of April," Mysde said, as we discussed the 402 written on the sign.

"No, it can't be that because there has already been 2 strikes on the 4-02. Remember the Bock fire, and then Stephanie Evans - both occurred on April 2nd, but in different years."

"That's right," Mysde replied. "Then what does it mean?" she persisted.

I didn't know and all I had to judge by was Wild Bill - whom I hadn't even seen in a year or more!

"Now let's look at what we've got," I said to Mysde.

Whoever the killer is - he doesn't symbolically murder off anyone that Wild Bill has 'duplicated' in his own life. For example - there has been no murder victims by the name of Bonnie, none whose last name is Martin or Wells. It seems the only people who have been symbolically murdered have been those individuals who are close to me - family members or friends. And then there are those unfortunate individuals who were friends of my sister's and who either ended up dead or in prison for crimes they didn't commit.

It's almost like a divide and conquer situation - like narcissistic personality disorder - or worse, a psychopathic character defect - or both!!!

I'd known a few narcissists in my time. Even had a friend or two that got tangled up with some of them. They either abandoned all family and friends, went exactly where and when the "boss" told them, gave up everything except "him," or they suffered the consequences.

I figured that was the problem with me - No, I'm not a narcissist!! - I just don't "control," and will not conform to their warped image of what I should do or be. And that tends to irritate the hell out of them - especially when they cannot force the "consequences" upon me any easier than they can enforce their dictates or personal opinions.

Wild Bill might be a narcissist, but from what I'd seen, my best guess was that his problem went even further and he was a full blown psychopath.

If I was right, I'd managed to get deeper under this guys skin than any living human being had ever managed to do, and that could be a major problem.

The Reason & The Rhyme

"It wasn't the day - it was the month, Mysde," I said as we talked on the phone the night of April 27th, 2005.

There were a few "anniversary dates" in April. One of course was {4-02} the Bock fire and the Evans murder. Another was Patsy Sparks' disappearance date {4-23}. Another was Wild Bill's arrest {4-17} in 1994. And of course, last, but maybe not 'least' in our line-up was the "double anniversary date" that I'm sure continued to bring Wild Bill pangs of resentment EVERY time he thought of it!

I met Wild Bill for the very first time on April 26th, 1990. He'd lied to me that day and said his name was Tom D. - a man whom I got to meet before Wild Bill and I parted ways - and a man who is, in reality, Wild Bill's cousin. I continue to wish I'd had the opportunity to tell Tom D. what Wild Bill had done.

And of course there was April 26th, 1994. It had been the very last time I was ever in the same room with Wild Bill. I stood in silence as he plead guilty as charged in the Washington County Court House, and I felt the shattered trust slip away as they snapped the handcuffs on him and led him to jail for 60 days.

The birthday and anniversary strikes had begun in earnest when Wild Bill got out of jail in 1994. If it wasn't him, then it had to be someone who had access to all the information that surrounded him - and me! That was even more frightening than thinking it was him! At least I recognized him when I saw him and could get out of his way, and not bother the man - which is exactly what the former prosecuting attorney told me and a friend to do if we didn't want any trouble with Wild Bill!!! Yeah, I out-lasted him and the sheriff!!!!

"He's going to backtrack on us," I warned Winstanley long ago. He probably thought I was nuts too. Well, I wasn't nuts then .... and I'm not now either!

Switching Tracks For A Second -

From The BMW & The Mothman comes the following quote:

" Around the middle of December Mysde called and reported a dream that she'd had the night before.

She dreamed that a man's voice had instructed her to tell me that.....John Winstanley, a Washington County Cop had a message for me and was waiting for me in Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

We laughed about the dream and wondered what Winstanley could possibly have to tell me and why he'd go all the way to Point Pleasant and wait for me there. It was cute, and soon forgotten just like most of our dreams now days. I didn't send much to the cops anymore. I figured they had their "psychic" and as far as I was concerned they could keep her."

And from the very end of that same page comes this quote -

"And back here in the "real" world ..... A woman named "Parker" is an acquaintance of "the reporter," and the "cop" is a man named "John."

Guess it just goes to show how incredibly strange life can sometimes be. Then again ..... perhaps "the bridge" is the message after all. Sooner or later the "bridge" must fall. Only question is ..... will it stay "reversed?" Will "the reporter" rescue the cop ..... or will the "cop" come to the aide of "the reporter?"

Time will tell ..... and then, so will I."

News Paper Articles:

April 27, 2005

Point Pleasant Woman Found Dead In Home:

By Diane Pottorff / Point Pleasant Register:

Tim Maloney/photo

Law enforcement officials conduct an investigation into the death of Stephanie Davis at this house at 2421 Monroe St. Tuesday morning.

Tuesday = {April 26th,} 2005

POINT PLEASANT: — Law enforcement officers with the Point Pleasant Police Department are waiting to hear from the West Virginia Medical Examiner’s Office to find out if a woman who was found dead in her home Tuesday morning was a victim of a homicide.

Members of the Point Pleasant Police Department, with assistance from the West Virginia State Police, are investigating the death of Stephanie Davis, who was found dead in her home early Tuesday morning.

Around 7:15 a.m. Tuesday, dispatchers with Mason County 911 received an emergency call about a woman who was lying on the floor, according to officials.

A Mason County Emergency Medical Services unit was sent to 2421 Monroe St., followed by the Point Pleasant Police, Chief R.D. Spencer said.

Davis was found dead in her living room, according to Spencer. It is not known at what time she died and officials would not comment if the body had been found lying face down.

Spencer said he was not going to speculate about the cause of death but that it is being treated as suspicious.

Because of the suspicious nature of her death, Spencer said police were getting a search warrant to go into the home and collect evidence.

“Right now, we’re in the process of collecting information to determine what happened here,” he said. “We’re in the middle of it. I don’t want to say what’s going on.”

Davis’ body was taken to the West Virginia Medical Examiner’s Office in Charleston for an autopsy.

Members of the West Virginia State Police Crime Lab also responded with their mobile unit to collect evidence.

May 6th, 2005:

Police Awaiting Autopsy Results In Death Of Woman:

By Diane Pottorff / Point Pleasant Register:

*Map shows 2421 Monroe Avenue:

POINT PLEASANT: — Investigators are still waiting for the autopsy report on a Point Pleasant woman who was found dead in her home Tuesday morning.

Point Pleasant Police Chief R.D. Spencer said the medical examiner in Charleston was continuing to do tests Wednesday on Stephanie Davis, 25, to determine the cause of her death.

Davis was found face down in the living room of her home.

Members of the West Virginia State Police Mobile Crime Lab also were at Davis’ home on Monroe Avenue to collect evidence.

Spencer said that since her death was suspicious in nature, his department was treating the home as a crime scene.

One neighbor had said that she heard Davis’ boyfriend leave between 3-4 a.m. that morning. However, Tom Ury, stepfather of Kevin Cole, who had once been Davis’ boyfriend, said that was not true.

“He was not there,” Ury said. “He was in my home in bed at that time.”

Map shows route from Richmond Dale, Ohio

{where Stephanie Evans lived}

to Point Pleasant, West Virginia,

{where Stephanie Davis lived.}

Starting from: 202 Water St, Richmond Dale, OH 45673-9718 Save Address

Arriving at: 2421 Monroe Ave, Point Pleasant, WV 25550-1519 Save Address

Distance: 51.7 miles Approximate Travel Time: 1 hour 6 mins

Numbers, Names & Dreams

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I have been working with numbers for many, many years, and may in fact have one of the best code number systems in the world. The 517, for example is a warning number, regardless of how it is arranged. It can appear as 175, 715, 157, etc, etc. and depending on other factors, I can usually come pretty close on the predictions of what is coming and when.

My books have a large section dealing with this number and its meanings. Also, Detective Winstanley was very much aware of the number - or he should have been because I warned often enough about it.

Beginning in February of 2005 - in fact on February 5th, the 517 began to show up almost everywhere I looked. I mentioned it to several people, one of which was my grandson. Josh began to notice it too and before long he became curious about it and asked what it meant.

"We have a murder rapidly approaching," I told him. I think it's coming in to West Virginia this time instead of Ohio, and I believe it will involve a name that we are familiar with - but probably not the person that we actually know.

"That's good," Josh replied.

The number 22 has also been a prominent number within many of our murder cases. More often than not it is presented as 2.2 mile connections {or coincidences, whichever one chooses} but it's almost always present in one way or another. In the Stephanie Evans case for example, we found it in several ways. First and foremost Stephanie's address was 202, thus we can see the 22. Then Mysde and I discovered 2.2 written on a guardrail post close to where Stephanie was found. And last but not least, Mysde clocked the distance from the small convenience store/restaurant where Stephanie Evans had worked to the Jackson County line, and it was 2.2 miles. Of course if one looks at the Evans case and looks no further, then it appears to be mere coincidence. Perhaps it is, but I think it's mighty strange that this same number shows up in almost every one of our local {within 200 mile radius of Belpre, Ohio} murder cases. That just seems a little strange to me.

Of course if one looks at the house number of Stephanie Davis, they can quickly see the 22 within the house number.

When I did the map search I was not surprised to discover it is 51.7 miles between where Stephanie Evans lived and where Stephanie Davis lived. I almost expected the 517 to show up again - it had showed up once in the time the neighbor called the police - 7:15. It means little to anyone else, but to me it tells a mighty story.

I'm going to crawl back out on that lonely old limb and make another bold statement here - - "I believe Stephanie Davis was murdered. The way I figure it, she was murdered around 3 a.m. / I'm going to guess she was barefoot {they always are.} and I'm going to guess she was strangled to death.

Now I realize the autopsy reports are not back yet, and I realize I'm trying to deal with a case that I have no information on other than what appears on this page and what my instinct and psychic interpretation abilities tell me. But, we shall wait and see how close I come to the facts when they finally come in.

There has only been one dream that has come in that I feel pretty certain pertains to Stephanie Davis' case. It comes from a Michigan woman who doesn't even know about the case. But I have been working the case of her cousin who disappeared from Columbus, Ohio almost a year ago, and during the past few months we have become pretty good friends.

I received the first message from KC concerning her "weird dream" on 4-29-05, and will recount it here to the best of my memory - and will color code it for any cops that are interested:

KC was riding a bicycle to a nearby convenience store. When she got to the store she became concerned about leaving the bicycle outside. She pushed the bike as close to the entrance door as she could and went into the store.

Once inside the store, a robot, much like "Rosie" on the cartoon Jetson began to follow her around warning, "You left your bike; you left your bike."

This made the dreamer nervous and she decided she'd better get back to the bike before it was stolen.

As soon as she left the store she realized the bike was not where she left it. A quick peek around the corner revealed a van - white in the front and charcoal gray in the rear - and a dark haired man with a mustache, putting the bicycle into the back of the van.

Dreamer immediately tried to retrieve the bicycle from the thief, but he was too strong for her and got away with the bike.

However, the dreamer did get the license number from the van!! It was 4CD309.

Reality: KC does not own a bicycle, and has never owned a white one: Wild Bill owns a white Honda Trike.

KC has never seen a vehicle painted like the "van" in the dream - white in the front and charcoal gray in the rear: City police cruisers are white and state police cruisers are charcoal gray. Also, my Pontiac Bonneville is charcoal gray. The police showed up first in this case, and then I came into it.

The "bike" in the dream, could be an indication that a "white bike" {not bicycle} was seen parked at the convenience store where Stephanie Davis worked:

The dark haired guy with a mustache: Wild Bill has dark hair {when it's dyed} and a mustache {as well as a full beard - usually - although the other Bonnie told me of 3 times he shaved it off during the time she lived with him.}

The license number on the van is probably the most remarkable thing that came from the dream: 4 CD 309.

I see this as - "FOR C. D. and 309"

309 4th Street is the address of the sheriff's department here in Washington County, Ohio. It is the address that I put on each and every packet of materials that I sent to Detective John Winstanley, back when I sent him things on a regular basis.

There was a time period of several years that John Winstanley was no longer a detective with the department, and no longer had a title except deputy. He taught Criminal Justice at the Career Center full time, and simply remained a deputy with the department.

Several things have changed since our last election. We have a new sheriff now. I do not know the man, and have put forth no effort to get to know him. Nor have I bothered John Winstanley or anyone else within the department for a long, long time. But I have not forgotten them, and recently I was told that John Winstanley is back in full force.

Never the less, the 309 stands for "sheriff department," and I think it is amazing that Mysde's initials are C.D. {she still goes by Davis, although she and J. Evans have been together for several years now. The name on the mail box is Evans though, so I can understand a persons confusion.} I also think it is amazing that J. Evans is employed by the sheriff's department, and April is the 4th month of the year - thus we can easily see - 4 CD 309:

The dreamer has absolutely no knowledge of this, even now, and won't until this page is finished and posted.

Where Do We Go Now?

My grandson and I discussed "our cases" as we came home from the store.

"So, if this latest case fits into the puzzle, then Mysde's "symbolic murder" is completed - right?" Josh asked.

"Well, it appears that way at this time," I replied.

"So, if he's finished with Mysde, what or who is next?" Josh persisted.

"I don't know Josh. He's symbolically murdered off almost everyone around me - my sister, my daughter, my friend. We've seen Patty / Christina / Fulton / Gordon / Davis and Evans all murdered off. And we've seen strikes on my mother's birthday / Mike's birthday {my husband} / Christina's birthday / Mysde's birthday / death anniversaries / wedding anniversaries / "get out of jail" anniversaries belonging to Wild Bill / "go to jail" anniversaries belonging to Wild Bill and we've seen Wild Bill "duplicate or symbolically replace" Bonnie / Martin / Wells / Corvette / furniture ---"

"About the only name we haven't seen is your mother's married name - Anderson, - unless I was right about Stephanie Evans' case in which "and her son" played an important part!" I explained.

I was pulling the car into the garage when Josh asked - "Has he killed me off Mamaw?"

I put the car into park and looked at Joshua. Could I explain it without passing on the same guilt that I had felt off and on for years; the same guilt that I'd heard Mysde express? Could we yet live while innocent people were murdered because they made up our names, and not feel guilty - not for the murders, but because we couldn't find anyone willing to consider the possibility that we were right?

"I don't know Josh," I finally said. "There was a young man named John Thrasher who disappeared from a fair in Tennessee last year {2004} on August 14th. As far as I know he's never been found, and no one has any idea what happened to him. {Note: Joshua's name is Joshua Wayne Thrasher. His parents are divorced and both remarried. His mother is my daughter Christina Anderson. Joshua's birthday is August 17th.}

"Good lands Mamaw, someone has got to listen to you. He's killing all of us!" Josh exclaimed.

And so many things went through my mind as we walked toward the house. Judy's "Yellow Eyed Woman" dream in which she was told - "If ye want to live through this ye must pay attention." "Pay attention to what?" Judy had asked. "Everything - the names, the numbers, the times, dates and places - or ye shall not live through this," the yellow eyed woman replied.

I thought of my own dream about the Catholic sister driving the car backward and how I'd told her to turn around and drive the car correctly or she was going to "kill all of us."

In the years since those old dreams, we'd watched as everything had been ran forward, backward, and forward again. And we'd all been paying close attention, and eventually it was the names, dates, times and places that had alerted us and perhaps actually saved our lives.

The Final Pieces

The autopsy reports on Stephanie Davis are not back yet. Some have said I shouldn't post this page until they are back. I disagree. If I'm wrong, then I will come back and say that I am wrong. And in all honesty, I hope that I'm wrong. I hope Stephanie Davis wasn't murdered at all, but passed away of natural causes. It would be much easier for her loved ones - and for me.

There remains only a few things which I have not previously mentioned. Whether these are important or not, I cannot say. They could be more "coincidences," since we seem to have more than our fair share around this area.

I can't help but think of the 402 written twice on that sign by Mysde's house, and wonder - was it simply a warning of 2 strikes on "Mysde's name" - Evans and Davis? Or was there even a more bizarre warning within it?

Could it have indicated - "two women named Stephanie," both to be murdered in the month of April?

Could it have been a message that showed that in the month of April; two women would be murdered from towns which contained 2 names, and in 2 separate states - Richmond Dale {Ohio} and Point Pleasant {West Virginia}?

Is it possible it was all of the above? If so, then law enforcement is going to have to backtrack 3 or 4 years if they ever want to catch this guy. {** Any cops that are interested are welcome to e-mail me, and I'll explain how to "backtrack" on him.}

There also appears to be a connection in the "Stephanie" cases by the fact that both women worked in convenience stores where gasoline was sold.

In the beginning I didn't plan on telling the following information. I figured it was my ace in the hole - and everyone knows I always hold the aces! However, it just might be the kicker, so I'm going to toss it out to the world and see if anyone can catch it.

Assuming this is all an orchestrated plan, and that the killer is intent on leaving a trail that he knows I am probably the only person on earth that can follow, then I must also assume that Mysde's symbolic replacement{Wild Bill's girlfriend named Mysde} and symbolic murder, did in fact begin with the murder of Carol Gordon in Front Royal, Virginia on Mysde's birthday in 1998. As previously stated, it was also the anniversary of when Wild Bill got out of jail in 1994:

Moving into 2005 and the murder of Stephanie Davis, I have to repeat that she died on the ** anniversary of when Wild Bill "went to jail in 1994."

However, there remains one thing that I have not mentioned. I believe it is important and may actually be the final straw - hopefully the one that will break a killers back!

So far, most {if not all} of our murdered women have been smokers, and almost all of them have been barefoot when found. {And to think they called in a Criminal Psychologist in Louisiana because a hand full of young men were found murdered and "barefoot," and they actually think they have a serial killer and this "barefoot" thing is a signature!!! {Now why does that sound so familiar to me? !!}

When Stephanie Evans was murdered, three cigarette butts were found in an ashtray inside Stephanie's house. They were not the brand that Stephanie smoked.

Shortly after the Evans murder, a woman came into my life who said she had encountered Wild Bill, and insisted she was afraid of him. The story can be found below under The Tonya Trio link. A few days went by and this same woman reported that she had found a cigarette butt in an ashtray inside her home, and that she had not been home when it was left there and did not know who it belonged to. Again she hinted that Wild Bill was involved. I didn't know what to think - for awhile. Then, based upon some other information I made my decision and walked away.

On May 3rd, 2005, I came down to my office and found a cigarette butt in an ashtray that I know for a fact was clean the day before. Now I am a smoker, and some may wonder why this is such a big deal, and why I'd even notice. Well, I notice almost everything - especially in and around my own home, but beyond that, the cigarette butt was a white filter, and my brand has brown filters!

It is a Virginia Slims brand. I cannot find anyone who smokes Virginia Slims that has been in my house in recent months. And yes, I am absolutely positive that ashtray was clean - had been washed, dried and placed back on my study table - two days earlier.

Also of some interest is the fact that Joshua and I redone my bathroom - wallpapering, painting, decorating, everything in the past 2 weeks. Josh took all the switch covers off the walls, and we placed them in a small, blue storage crate and set it in the front bedroom where it would be out of our way. Other things went into a larger crate and it too was set in the front bedroom.

When we finished the room and began putting things back, one switch cover was missing. It remains missing, and I have looked this entire house over. It is not here!

Now I'm certain everyone is wondering what this has to do with Stephanie Davis' death - or anyone else's death for that matter. And I must admit, for awhile I couldn't figure it out either. Nor could I figure out how someone got into my home - and I still don't know exactly "when" he came in, although I'm pretty sure I know "who" came in.

My husband has a bad habit of leaving our garage doors open all night. Usually I go out and shut them, but sometimes I don't notice that they are open until 2 or 3 am and I'm not about to go out there then!

We also keep a spare key to our front door in the garage so that Josh can come into the house if he comes here after school and no one is home. He comes here instead of going home several times a week. Sometimes I take him home later and sometimes he spends the night here.

Josh has always been very good about opening the door and then taking the key right back to the garage and putting it where we kept it. Since he was the last one to use that key, I asked him to go to the garage and see if it was still where he had put it the last time he used it.

He returned with an odd look on his face - The key was "where" he put it, but not "how" he put it! It had been moved about 2 inches. The wire attached to it was exposed, and the box that he'd covered it with was moved!

Bingo! Someone had discovered my spare key and had let himself into my house! When? I still don't know. It may have been in the middle of the night - it may have been when Mike and I were both gone. I really don't know. But he can rest assured that I have discovered his method of entry and all changes have been made and the key is no longer in the garage or anyplace where he can get to it.

You must remember - this page was not posted on my web site until May 15th, so there's no way anyone could have seen it and read what I'd written and played into it. This left me with the dilemma of trying to figure out what {if any} message was intended with the cigarette butt and the missing switch cover - and who {what case or cases} it involved.

Of course "Virginia" Slims reminded me of Carol Gordon - who in turn reminded me of Mysde's birthday - and my daughter - and Wild Bill.

The date of May 3rd reminded me that Terri Roach looked a lot like my daughter and her birthday was May 4th. Terri is the murder victim that started this entire nightmare for me. Her case has remained unsolved since 1990:

But what did a switch cover have to do with anything?

Terri - Tareyton Cigarettes - "I'd rather fight than switch." It was an old cigarette add from long ago, and it took me awhile to put it together.

Whoever this killer is, he is telling me that all the cases really are connected. From Terri Roach right on down to the last one, they are all connected to me symbolically, and he'd rather fight than switch tracks and go after someone else.

Message = "He will fight for what he wants, and what he wants began with Terri Roach, and has not ended yet. He is not going to switch tracks on me, although they will be covered as well as possible from the rest of the world. If he's finished with Mysde, the next strike may be a home strike {Ohio} and will be against Christina - either in reality or symbolically. I don't know if it will be Christina or Anderson, or even possibly Wells since the message was delivered to me. If it's a reality strike it could easily be Bryan or one of the kids. If it's a symbolic one then it will be one name or another of Christina's, and the only one we haven't seen yet is Anderson!

Bonnie M. Wells

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