Strike 2-26-08

As Predicted?


Bonnie M. Wells


Feb 27, 2008

Reporter: Leslie Cebula


A *fire destroyed one home, scorched two others and the city building in *Pennsboro overnight. The good news is that everyone escaped and two children are to thank for two families escaping their homes safely.

Around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning the fire sirens in Pennsboro were blaring so loud the noise woke up one 12-year old boy, Donny **Bonnell, who opened his eyes and looked out his window.

"And the fire from the house next door was coming in his window and he came and got us and said Britney's house is on fire," said his mother, Donna Bonnell.

So she rounded up her family and headed outside to check on their neighbor Britney and her four children.

Luckily just moments before a child in that home woke up, saw the fire in the downstairs living room and helped everyone escape before it spread.

"And they were just standing in the middle of the street, no clothes, no shoes, or anything cause they just ran out the door. And so everyone come here to be safe and then it got to where this house wasn't safe and back out the door we went," Donna Bonnell said.

The house where the blaze started is on the intersection of Main Street and ** Wells Avenue. It rapidly progressed to damage two neighbor's homes and the city building.

"From heat damage it knocked out approximately 15-20 windows from the Pennsboro city building," Pennsboro Volunteer Fire Chief Robert Riggs said.

However for the home where it all started it's a total loss.

Fire Chief Robert Riggs said the family lost everything and didn't have insurance on the home but is receiving help from the American Red Cross.

Other helpers overnight were the more than thirty volunteer firefighters from the Pennsboro, Ellenboro, and Harrisville fire departments.

"You know they just kept working to save our house and you don't know how much I appreciate that," Bonnell said.

In addition the children's screams from the original house that caught on fire woke up the third neighbor, an elderly woman, who's caretaker was able to help her get out of her home immediately.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.




Bonnie M. Wells


Well, I'm to the point that I'm almost afraid to say anything!! You notice I said "almost."

Quotes / Clues & Reminders:

From Judith Petty, Page 1:



Next strike dates: ** 226 / 303 / ** 305 / 314 / 319 / 326 / *402:

Location: ** Local or near / 2 state radius

Victim Age & Description: Dark haired / *20-50 /

Victim Selection:

1. {If} Random: Hooker

2. {If} Chosen: ** Name & ** Date will apply:

Theme: *Anniversary / ** Birthday


Wild Bill's ex-wife {Renay} lives near *Pennsboro, and yes, he's well aware of it:

*2-26 is the *birthday of a friend of mine that once sold Wild Bill and Renay an aerial photograph of their home:

The fire was *within the two state radius that I said it would be:

It was on the night of the very first *date within my line-up:

The name Bonnell is almost my first name -- *Bonnie:

The street - Wells Avenue - IS my last name -- *Wells:

The 'anniversary' portion also applies. See * link below




For those who do not 'believe in psychic' -- there was nothing psychic about my predictions. All calculations and predictions were based solely upon my knowledge of Wild Bill.

I have no idea of whether the fire marshal will determine that this fire was an arson or an accident. We still don't have a ruling in the Petty fire, but there again, I've never been much on waiting, so I'm going to step right back out into the line of fire - 'no pin intended' - and boldly go where no man seems willing to travel.

I'm going to say that both fires were arsons. There again, I've said that before only to see the fire marshal say it was an accidental fire. I didn't believe it then, and I won't believe it now, so it really doesn't matter what he says. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then in my book it's a duck ..... simple as that.

And, since I seem to be the only one who has their ducks in a row in this valley ..... even though several others promised, years and years ago, to get theirs in a row .... I'm going to issue another bold warning.

This is not over. The strike dates that I listed on Judith Petty's first page still apply, and as soon as he's finished playing with fire, we are up for another homicide.


I sent the Judith Petty pages to ALL reporters listed on both pages. NONE have responded as of 2-27-08, and that's perfectly alright with me. I really didn't anticipate that any of them would respond.

This page will also be sent to them,... {sent on 2-28-08} .... and of course it will be posted on my web site {in the February section,} and will remain there permanently.

Meanwhile, I have other things to do, and will be watching local news for a few more weeks ..... after that, well, I'll try to determine where he's headed next -- just like I've been doing for nearly 18 years now.


Bonnie M. Wells

PS: I lost my little house dog - Copper - last November - just one week before someone tried to break into my home through the back door:

Apparently, little known to my 'would be burglar' I knew Copper's days were short, so I had already bought two little Toy Fox Terriers. They alerted me the night he tried to come into my home.

And of course anyone lurking around my home would know my dogs names by this time ..... Snowball and 'Blaze.' Actually, it's Blaze of Glory - which might be something a certain person might want to think about before he comes too close to me again. Better listen to the song old friend, better listen well.

Bonnie M. Wells

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2-27-08: This page is hereby dedicated to the Renay's; the *Sue's and the Bonnie's of the past: Stay alert ladies.

By the way: Was that 1998 'flame' really a 'name and a location?' Hummmm .... now that's interesting...... kinda like - "Did he say a real looker - or was that a real hooker?"

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