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Bonnie M. Wells

This page contains 3 photos and a composite drawing: The drawing is based upon the word of the only eye witness in the abduction of Heather Teague, which occurred in Kentucky, along the Ohio River, on August 26th, 1995:

I am conducting my own survey and would appreciate the opinions of my readers:

First, I will present the composite drawing by itself.

Please note: THIS IS A DRAWING -- NOT AN ACTUAL PICTURE. Please keep this in mind:

Also, this is the SAME man. It is NOT two different men. The eye witness saw ONE man, not two: What you are looking at is a police artist's sketch of a man standing, and a head sketch of the SAME man.

Okay, so, here's the composite drawing.

Composite Drawing:

Now, I'm going to place this exact same 'composite sketch' by some actual PICTURES:

The composite will continue to be referred to as 'THE COMPOSITE' whereas the actual pictures of 'suspects or persons of interest' will be named and numbered:

I will now place the 'composite drawing' by each 'person of interest,' for easier viewing and comparison.

Here's the composite drawing: The same one from above:

Marvin Dill [#1]

And here's the first 'person of interest.' His name is Marvin Dill.

For this survey, he is known as #1, or Marvin Dill.

Does this man look like the composite drawing? Look at the hairline. Look at the beard, the eyes, the hair length, the face shape, etc. Is Marvin Dill the man in the composite drawing?

Here's the second 'person of interest' with the drawing:

Chris Below [#2]

Although the composite drawing depicts a standing person as well as a head view, I do not have a picture of either Chris Below or Marvin Dill standing, so I cannot show my readers any standing pictures of either man.

Again, considering the confusion I've encountered. I'm asking everyone to stop right here for a moment:

Compare the hairline, the shape of the face, the eyes, compare everything: Is Chris Below the same man that is depicted by the composite drawing?

If you vote for Chris, your vote should state -- Number 2 [or] #2 [or] Chris Below:

Okay -- moving along:

Following is another copy of the composite drawing. I have placed it above the [actual picture] of a man that I am calling 'The Bearded Man' or 'suspect number 3' [can also be written # 3]

This is an actual photo of #3: this is the composite:

AKA: "The Bearded Man" or "Wild Bill"

I have also placed the 'composite drawing' beside this actual picture of #3, so that my readers can compare the standing view in the composite to #3, and the way he stands:

Suggestion: Use the top composite to compare to the picture of #3, when looking at hairline, beard shape, mustache, etc.

Then move on down to the side view of the composite to compare the body stance -- and shape:

Is number 3, The Bearded Man, the same man that is depicted by the composite drawing? Does his picture look more like the drawing than the pictures of the other two men?

If you vote for The Bearded Man.... PLEASE just say - NUMBER 3, or #3, or if you really want to call him by a name, then just say WILD BILL because that's what he's known by on almost every page of this web site!

So, yes, you folks that have been begging to see a picture of Wild Bill -- well, here's your chance. The above picture was taken in 1990 and of course Heather wasn't abducted until 1995, so [as I explained above in response to one of the answers on this page] he looked different in 1995. His face was fuller. His mustache did curve right on down into his beard [as shown in the composite drawing] and he was a little heavier through the middle than in this photo.

Since I'm on a roll here [no butter required!] I want to ask everyone to participate in yet another survey: Check your arms!! Do your elbows extend down to [or near] your waist? Or do they come right across your chest - like Wild Bill's do, and like the standing person in the composite drawing??? Check this out folks!

The elbows on this picture as well as the composite drawing are located several inches above the waistline ..... which is odd. Look at your own. Look at family members. Look at strangers on the street! I've been looking at everyone for days now!

Notice the hands, and how far down on the body they extend.

I'd appreciate it if my readers would take the time to carefully compare the photos on this page to the composite drawing - compare as many points as you can --- hair, beard, mustache, hairline, hair style, etc. and then send me an email and cast your vote!

Does the composite more closely resemble:

[#1.] Chris Below


[#2.] Marvin Dill


[#3.] "The Bearded Man," / "Wild Bill"

Results of my survey will be posted as they come in.

If requested, I will withhold names, so come on, send me your opinion:

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