The Riddles & Rhymes

Of A Maniac


Bonnie M. Wells


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"Hay's all in, barn burns:"

[M.& Tracy Hayes / B. & B. Allen - fire death / Barbara Barns:

"We rode 'r' honda"

[Roda Snyder & Ronda Manley]

"Sey von Sharee"

[Sheree Petry murder]

"Yellow Jackets Galore"

[Sheree Petry & Jenifer McCrady]

"Jack, Jen & Jill went up the hill, Jack fell down and broke his crown; but Jen and Jill took the real spill!"

[Jack Wolfe / Jill Bohl / Jenifer & Jackie McCrady]

"You turned my world a misty blue"

[Misty Blu Gwinner]

"We're goin' to Jackson, ain't never coming back"

[ Allison Jackson-Foy]

"A man to sing Cindy's song:"

[Amanda Tusing / Cindy Song]

"Coo Coo Ca Choo, Mrs. Robinson:"

[The murder of Mrs. Robinson]



Cindy's Song


"Killer" David

More precious than diamonds

And worth more than gold

I write this song straight from my heart

You're 20 years old

Your friendship - to me

Is worth more than money can buy

When I'm with you

It's like a natural high

18 years we've been friends

And our friendship will never end

Through the good times and the bad

We stuck by each other

When we were happy or sad

But you moved away from this city

But not from my heart

I knew we'd be friends forever

From the very start

So in this final verse

I just want to say

"I love you

As much as a friends love can be

Because your a very special person to me







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