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Case # One -- Pennsylvania Jane Doe:

October 25, 2003

Woman Found In Allegheny River



Description / Identification:

White, 5 feet 3 inches tall, 97 pounds, 30 to 40 years old.



Description - Clothing, Jewelry, etc:

Season Tickets blue jeans w/elastic waist; long-sleeved tan shirt - size 6; white underwear and large-sized, black Basic Edition shoes:



Area Found:

Pennsylvania; Allegheny River, along Old Freeport Road, inlet formerly known as Hidden Harbor Marina:



Unusual/Abnormal Details:

Body was wrapped in a blue blanket; bound with silver duct tape which was wrapped several times around the neck, torso and legs; plastic bag was over her head.


Map-Old Freeport Road: Pennsylvania:



Case # Two -- Illinois - Missouri:



Description / Identification:

Tammy Zywicki - August 23rd, 1992


White, 21 years old, shoulder length blond hair, 5 feet 2 inches tall, 120 pounds:



Area Found:

Her nude body was found on September 1,1992 along I-44 in rural Lawrence County, Missouri (see map below):

Unusual/Abnormal Details:

Grinnell (Iowa) University student Tammy Zywicki was last seen by her disabled car near mile marker 83 on I-80 near La Salle, Illinois between 3:00 and 4:00 PM on August 23, 1992. A passing motorist reported seeing a truck driver stopped near Zywicki's car.

Wrapped in a red blanket bound with duct tape. An autopsy showed that she had been raped and stabbed seven times in the chest and once in the right arm.


Description - Clothing, Jewelry, etc:

35 mm Canon camera / musical wrist watch: Neither have ever been found.



Zywicki Case Map:


July 2007 News:

TBI Recovers Hundreds Of Pieces Of Evidence

From Alleged Serial Killer's Truck

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has collected hundreds of exhibits from the cab of a suspected serial killer's truck, but it will take several weeks to analyze them all, agency spokeswoman Kristin Helm said Thursday.

Meanwhile, the Metro Nashville police are fielding dozens of inquiries from law enforcement agencies and families across the country hoping Bruce Mendenhall will be able to provide clues to unsolved murders that go back as far as 20 years.

Mendenhall, 56, of Albion, Ill., was charged with criminal homicide earlier this month after being questioned by police at the same north Nashville truck stop where Sara Nicole Hulbert, 25, was found dead with gunshot wounds in June.

Police say he implicated himself in at least five other similar slayings in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and Indiana when they first interviewed him. He has refused to speak to police since then.

Nashville Detective Sgt. Pat Postiglione said Thursday the circumstances of the various slayings under investigation are "not exactly the same, but all similar." Hulbert was a prostitute working at a truck stop as were several of the other victims whose murders police are investigating.

However the FBI also is trying to determine whether Mendenhall could have been involved in the death of an Iowa college student nearly 15 years ago, a spokesman for that agency said. Grinnell College student Tammy Zywicki was abducted after her vehicle broke down on an interstate in Illinois.

The FBI has been creating a timeline of Mendenhall's travels during his 20 years as a trucker, Postiglione said, and that will help determine whether he should be considered a suspect in a number of unsolved cases.

Neither Postiglione nor Helm would comment on what evidence they have assembled against Mendenhall, but Postiglione said he is "absolutely" happy with the progress of the investigation.



Mid-eastern State Map

Other Cases With Similar Signatures

&/or Mo's:

1. Ronda Manley /August 25th, 1992 - stabbed to death - Marietta, Ohio:

2. Mabelle Clark / August 1994 / bound with duct tape: Body transported a hundred miles or so:

3. Jenifer McCrady / September 1996 / wrapped in blanket - plastic bag over her head - inside sleeping bag with "ducks" on it - V cut into palm of her hand "after death": Body transported short distance:

Other Maps Of Interest:


Marietta, Ohio

Marietta, Ohio to La Salle, Illinois

Distance: 541.0 miles

Approximate Travel Time: 8 hours 19 mins: {10}

La Salle, Illinois to St Louis, Missouri

Distance: 222.9 miles

Approximate Travel Time: 3 hours 37 mins: {5}

St Louis, Missouri to Charleston, West Virginia

Distance: 504.6 miles

Approximate Travel Time: 7 hours 45 mins: {9}

Charleston, West Virginia to Marietta, Ohio

Distance: 88.5 miles

Approximate Travel Time: 1 hour 55 mins: {3}


Bonnie M. Wells

Starlight Inner-Prizes

Lookin For A Killer

Without A Trace Series

Pure Coincidence Book Series

Synopsis = a statement giving a brief, general review or condensation; summary:

Case Classification & Identification:


Bonnie M. Wells

Case # 1:

Non Symbolic:

Duplication Factors [duct tape / blanket / in water / transported ]:

Target [opportunity]:

Motive [personal revenge]:

Case # 2:

Type: [Non Symbolic Duplication]:

Duplication Factors [ stabbed / blanket / duct tape / transported ]:

Target [opportunity]:

Motive [rage]:

Killer profile: White male; 5' 7" to 5' 9"; mid 40's to mid 50's in age; travels [employment]; trophy taker; may be married or living with a woman; probably sports a beard, and wears a cap, but likes 'western' apparel, especially cowboy boots:

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