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The Teddybear Killer


Bonnie M. Wells


Part of the "Dreams Panned-Out Series"

*PC-7 / The Doves

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The Dream ....

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came to me in the summer of 1995 and left me bewildered for a long time. None of it made any sense ....

I dreamed that my friend Judy took me to Wild Bill's house with the intentions of showing me who had been killing the teddy bears!

Wild Bill's son .... whom we shall call Donny {although that is not his real name} was with us. He wore a black leather motor cycle jacket with silver zippers in various places on it. I'd never seen the boy in a motor cycle jacket before, and didn't even know he owned one so I was a little surprised. Still, he looked cute and he wanted to help me search for dead teddy bears while Judy set up the movie screen and projector!

"Chevette Woman" {not her real name} was living with Wild Bill at the time of the dream and she too was in the dream.

We entered what was supposed to be Wild Bill's house, but it was laid out differently than I remembered, and the furniture had changed.

There was a bed that looked as if it had seen better days sitting in the living room, and off to one end of the room was a fireplace with a brown wooden mantle and framework.

Chevette Woman was bustling about the house and saying something about "the old man" had gone upstairs to lay down and take a nap, but that she would have to go wake him up because she just knew he'd want to see his visitors!

Judy worked frantically in the kitchen while Donny and I began searching the living room for dead teddy bears!

"Oh look Donny, here's one that he's killed," I said as I pulled a chunk of fur-covered, foam rubber from under a night stand by the bed.

"Here's another dead teddy bear," Donny said as he reached somewhere around the old fireplace and found another chunk of fur-covered foam rubber.

The pieces of foam rubber were about three inches thick and of various shapes and sizes. All were fur-covered, but none were exactly alike, and they were of various colors ...... light brown, dark brown, black, golden blond, ash blond, beige blond. I don't recall any that were of "unnatural fur color" such as green, pink, purple, blue, etc.

Donny and I laid the "teddy bears" as we were calling them on the bed as we found them. And it seemed there was one tucked in every nook and cranny of the room.

Why we referred to them as teddy bears I have not a clue. None of them had arms, legs, heads, or any semblance to teddy bears as we know them ..... and yet, {in the dream} we accepted these chunks of fur as teddy bears.

Judy called from the kitchen that she was ready to show us who the teddy bear killer was. She had the screen set up and the projector rolling as Donny and I entered the kitchen.

Chevette Woman chose this time to go up the steps to inform Wild Bill, {the old man, as she called him} that he had visitors.

Judy was rolling the film, as I fumbled with the shoe strings on my work boots and tried to lace and tie them up. "Each of these strings is long enough for two boots" I complained as I placed a foot on one of the two old wooden chairs that sat beside the table.

Wild Bill had a very pretty, Early American dinette set when I knew him, and I wondered where the old table and chairs had come from, as I attempted to lace the boot and watch the slide presentation that Judy was giving....

"There he is. See there ..... he's burying the clothing from the dead teddy bears. There's your killer right there," Judy said.

I stopped fumbling with the shoe string and stared at the screen. Wild Bill was out in a wooded area with a shovel. There was a barbed wire fence and tree line on one side of him and a cleared area on the other. He wore jeans, a light colored shirt and work boots very similar to the ones I had on. He glanced over his shoulder every few seconds as if to make sure no one was watching, as he dug holes with the pointed shovel. Then, he looked around again before placing something into the hole, covering it up quickly and moving on to dig a new hole.

"See there," Judy repeated ... "He's burying their clothes."

"We gotta go ..... we have to get out of here before he comes down here and sees us," I whispered.

Judy, Donny and I began trying to get the screen folded, the projector unhooked, and get out of there before he came down the steps. We could hear him talking to Chevette Woman upstairs and we knew he was on his way down, as the three of us raced for the door.

Judy led the way with me coming behind her and Donny pushing me to ...."Hurry Bonnie, hurry.... he's coming down the steps."

We threw the projector and screen into the blazer, Judy dove behind the wheel, and threw the vehicle into reverse, just as Donny and I piled in. The doors were still open as the vehicle sped backward, down the driveway and off the property.

My shoes were still untied and the shoelaces of the right shoe dangled outside the passenger door once the door was closed.

Why did they put such long shoestrings in these boots, I wondered .....

End of dream

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After The Dream

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I wrote The Teddy Bear Killer dream down and sent a copy to Detective John Winstanley of the Washington County {Ohio} Sheriff's Department, just as I did all my dreams that pertained to any kind of crime, but especially murder. I didn't do an interpretation of the dream because to be very honest the dream didn't make any sense to me at that time.

Some time passed, Chevette Woman was finally ran off the property just like everyone else in Wild Bill's life had been ..... everyone except his son. He never ran the boy off, but he certainly used him to his advantage.

After he ran Chevette Woman off and picked up with the other woman named Bonnie {Attention: This was NOT me. I never lived with Wild Bill and was never married to him. Please remember this, because I'm sick of being accused of being married to that man!} .... the first person that Chevette Woman called was me! This was in September of 1995, and I'd already forgotten about the Teddy Bear Killer dream. It only crossed my mind briefly when Chevette Woman told me of the projector and screen that Wild Bill owned, and on which he'd shown her a picture of me ..... a picture that I was not even aware that he had. Nor was I aware of the screen and projector. {PS: There was nothing wrong with the picture. It is not anything that anyone would be ashamed of or in any way could be considered inappropriate. I was simply outside with one of my German Shepherds, and I was dressed in a white Fur coat, hat and boots .}

More years went by. Women came and went in Wild Bill's life. Judy and I both "went" in 1994, when he showed us that he was never the friend we thought he was. Neither of us ever wanted to be around him again.

Eventually he ran the other Bonnie off too, and once again, I was among the first people she called. And once again, I heard the story of the projector, screen and picture of me. He didn't seem to mind the rest of the world knowing he had a movie screen and projector and at least one picture of me that he had made into a slide. After questioning both women extensively about the picture, I came to the conclusion that the reason Wild Bill never showed it to me or even mentioned it to me was because that picture could prove that he had been stalking me for at least three years before we met. I'm certain he also knew that I would eventually decide that our "meeting" was no accident either, but was simply another of his plans. A plan that, in spite of concerted effort, failed miserably.

I saw Wild Bill in a parade in 2000 and remarked to the friend that stood beside me that "he looks like a big ol' teddy bear, doesn't he?" Even then, the Teddy Bear Killer dream never crossed my mind.

By this time Wild Bill had pretty much given up the house that he'd shared with Chevette Woman and the other Bonnie. His son had moved in and Wild Bill had found himself yet another woman to con and deceive. This one lived less than a mile from me, which made things pretty convenient for him.

2001 came along and Wild Bill and his new woman had to move from the Little Hocking property on which her mobile home had been parked for several years. I hear someone bought the land, and the first thing they did was tell the two of them to hit the road. I wondered how he felt being told to "get off the property!" He'd said it to enough people. I was glad it was finally his turn.

PS: The "path" through the pasture field that led from the rear of his girlfriends property, across the field, behind the fire department and the sheriff department's outpost, and directly to the road, disappeared within a few months after Wild Bill left Little Hocking! Strange, the deer herd has actually increased - but I noticed long ago, a deer trail isn't nearly as wide as a "human trail." Too bad no one else pays any attention to "natural" things around them.

I can't say I missed him and "Neon Woman" ... {that's what I dubbed the one who lived near me! Hey, at least he was "getting brighter!"} In fact, I cheered them on as they hauled her house trailer up the highway. I was thrilled.

Donny remained in the old house and every once in a while I'd go by and see Wild Bill's vehicle there. Guess he figured he could go back to the house any time he wanted to, because that's what he'd told the other Bonnie as well as a couple of other people. Well, as long as his brother owned the land, I suppose he was right.

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A Miracle Beheld

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What I refer to as the "East Coast Murders" continued to mount. There was seldom an arrest or even a suspect. I thought we had a serial killer on our hands, but many {most} disagreed with me.

Winstanley had long ago left the department as a detective, and I had long since stopped writing down my dreams or much of anything else. It was nothing more than a waste of my time and effort, not to mention postage. Winstanley had said..."Keep me informed," .... and I did. When he left, so did my obligation.

2003 came and I beheld another miracle! I'd seen many in the years that I'd been documenting Wild Bill's strange behavior, but this one was one of the most remarkable I'd ever seen, and I was impressed!

Suddenly, without warning ..... Wild Bill's brother sold the property where he had lived and where Donny {now an adult} continued to live! Within a few months after the property was sold, Donny was packing to move and Wild Bill was back clearing out the garage and storage buildings! It looked to me as if the new owner had said those words that Wild Bill and a few other members of his family liked sooooo well ..... "Get off the property!" Yes sir, it appeared the tide had turned, and I was thrilled. Perhaps I shouldn't say that. Perhaps I shouldn't feel that way, but sometimes, when man refuses to do his job, God steps in. I believe in my heart that it was just such a miracle that I had been witnessing .... God was doing that which mankind had failed or refused to do ... and I bowed my head in humble appreciation and mighty admiration.

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Some Had No Clothes

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The murder cases that I felt drawn to ranged from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, and right on into the Carolina's.

Over the years I'd spoken to dozens of officers from all branches of law enforcement .... city, county, state and federal .... and each time, I'd presented my "evidence" as well as my "serial killer theory," and each time, I'd had such high hopes ..... and each and every time, those hopes were dashed to pieces because the cases were either never solved or they were solved with the conviction of men who just didn't fit the picture. And it wasn't "my picture" they didn't fit. It was "their picture!" From DNA to whereabouts to witnesses, the solved cases didn't add up .... but the Teddy Bear Killer dream was probably the furthest thing from my mind.

Even when a friend reported seeing Wild Bill riding a black and silver motor cycle the dream never entered my thoughts.

I thought of Wild Bill, and wondered where he'd been whenever another dead woman was discovered .... especially one that was found in the area where he'd been working, at or around, the time of her death. And I noticed some of the women were dressed remarkably alike, or disposed of in similar {or exact} manner .... take for example 3 women were found wrapped in blankets, with one buried, one dumped and the third tossed into a river. Of these same three women, two were bound with "duct" tape, while the third was stuffed inside a sleeping bag with "ducks" on it! And then there was the two women found who wore pajama bottoms, but not the tops that matched the bottoms. Both had been buried. One was the mother of two little boys, and the other wore a bracelet that said "No. 1 Mom." I thought this was extremely unusual, but I realized it was going to be impossible to ever show a connection between the cases, because there was a man sitting in prison for one of them! He swore he was innocent, but ....

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A Dream Recalled

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November 2003: Sometimes I could barely believe it had been nearly ten years since I'd last stood in Wild Bill's driveway and talked to him as he washed his motor cycle. It had been the last time I was ever on his property. Within a few weeks from that spring day, he had made a friendship with him impossible ...... at least for me. Other people didn't seem to have as much problem with what he'd done, but I just couldn't get over it. And of course there was yet another problem. Every time I began to think that maybe what he'd done wasn't as bad as I was making it out to be ..... he'd go out and do something even worse, and I'd see his name in the news paper again! It was almost as if the Lord wasn't taking any chances of me ever going near him again, and when he saw me begin to weaken, he sent me a strong reminder! Oh yeah .... I was impressed .... several times!

But I don't think I have ever been as impressed as I was a couple of days ago ....

I stood at my back door and watched the kids who lived next to me, as they piled leaves and sticks onto the fire they had built. We hadn't been taken over by all the "no burning" rules and regulations yet, and most of the neighborhood had burned leaves and branches in the past few weeks in an effort to get our yards cleaned before winter set in for good.

An hour or so later, one of my pet pigeons pecked at the screen door to let me know she either wanted to come inside and have some of that bread I kept "hidden" from her and the rest of the flock, or I was to come outside and put some seeds {and preferably a half loaf or so of bread} out for them! Pushy bunch of feathers! "Okay, okay....I'm coming," I scolded as I grabbed a handful of bread and the seed basket.

I tossed the bread over the banister and poured the seeds into the bird feeder on the deck, and then stood on the deck and watched the flock of a dozen or so try to decide which they wanted first. "You guys are goofy," I smiled as one landed on my shoulder and cocked its head around as if to ask if that's all I had to offer!

"Go on ..... go eat before it's all gone," I said with a shrug of the shoulder on which the bird sat.

That's when I glanced down toward the area where the boys had built the fire. The fire was out now and the boys were gone .... but there, beside where the fire had been, sat two old, brown, wooden chairs ......

And from the recesses of my mind came a dream that I hadn't thought of in years .....

I remembered placing a foot upon one of those chairs .... long ago .... as I tried to lace and tie a shoestring that was far too long for the work boots that I wore .....

I thought of a little high school jacket that was once carried in a motor cycle by a man who had been out of school for twenty years.

And I thought of Judy, Donny and me .... all leaving "the old man's" property ..... only eight years ago Wild Bill didn't look like an "old man," but he did today.

I recalled a fire place as I stood gazing at the area where the neighbors fire had been; and chunks of foam rubber covered with different colors of fur. And I thought of the long list of dead women that had been found in those same years, and how they had dark hair, medium brown, light brown, and a dozen shades of blond....and how most had disappeared on week days ... work days....

And I glanced down at my bare feet .... and smiled because everyone who knew me had said they never saw anyone who went barefoot as much as I did. Even in the rain or snow, I was notorious for running out to the garage or taking the trash out, or whatever ......barefooted!

In 1995 I couldn't lace the shoe strings { the cases} , much less tie them {tie the cases together}. Eight years later, there are no longer any loose strings.

I wasn't seeking the killer of teddy bears ..... never had been. I'd spent my time and energy trying to find the killer of several women whom I never knew, but whom I believed might have been connected {laced} by a common killer.

Today, I believe there is buried evidence, and the "proof" lies within pictures. It is not up to me to gather that proof. It never was. My only obligation ....both legally and morally was to present the evidence .... and I did, yes sir, I surely did that with more gusto and style than they had ever beheld before.

And for the first time in many years I thought about my Teddy Bear Killer dream .... smiled to myself ....... tossed a few more seeds to the pigeons and thought of a man I once saw in a parade, and my words to a friend ...

"He looks like a big ol' teddy bear, doesn't he?"

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