"That Rings A Bell"

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Bonnie M. Wells

That Rings A Bell

When asked if they were buried under the concrete at Cox Hospital South [as Tim Gray and associates indicated back in April of 2006 ] Suzanne replied -- "That rings a bell."

It was an odd statement, and the words nagged at me even after I'd posted the page that they appear on.

Apparently I wasn't the only one who thought the statement odd, because within a day or so after I posted - Visions Of Suzanne 2007 - Josie was calling me with even more startling information.

Grandma Dreams Too

When Suzanne appeared to *Marty in the vision she had told him there had been three men 'involved' the night of their disappearance, but that only one man was the 'killer.' That went along pretty well with what I'd felt from the very beginning, and have stated several times. Still, we didn't seem any closer to getting the names of anyone involved than we'd ever been, and this concerned me.

I had really hoped that one or more of the missing women [Sherrill Levitt; Suzanne Streeter & Stacy McCall] had known or recognized one or more of their abductors. Now, I had to face the idea that this might not be the case at all.

Then again, perhaps the question wasn't worded correctly. Maybe the spirits of Suzanne and Stacy thought we wanted to know if they 'knew' the killer personally. Maybe that's why their answers kept sounding strange.

Maybe -- if there was ever another chance -- the question should be simply -- 'Who abducted you?'

I'd also like to know one way or another if a green van was involved -- since that rumor has persisted since day one.

Regardless, within a few days of *Marty's vision of Suzanne, his grandmother *Tilly had a dream about three men. They were all wearing brown shirts and dark pants, that looked like uniforms of some type. She saw a tattoo on one man's arm, but could not determine what it was.

Josie called and reported the dream. I jotted the info down and waited to see if it tied in with the Springfield case. Josie's next phone call convinced me that it certainly does go with that case.

I Heard Tia

The very first time that *Josie called me and reported *Marty's vision of Stacy, she told me about a 1992 automobile. It seems she said "Kia" but for some odd reason, I heard 'Tia.'

I spent a few hours roaming around the net looking for a Tia car, and of course couldn't find one - since there is no such thing! I even had poor Kenny searching for one -- hey, when I'm stumped, I'll have everyone I know trying to help me find the answer!

It was Kenny who discovered that in Spanish Tia means aunt.

That was interesting in view of certain facts that only a hand full of people know about. Still, it didn't help in the case in any way that I could see, so I dismissed it as my misunderstanding. I've done that a few times in my life -- then I find out I hadn't misunderstood anything!!

And so it was this time too.

We Will Help You

The last words that Suzanne spoke to Marty, were "We will help you."

How, I wondered when I was told what Suzanne had said to Marty. How could dead people do what the living refused to do? It seemed I'd been asking that question for many years now, and was still waiting for the answer.

As far as I could determine, the group of people that I'd been working with on the missing Springfield women's case, had already gone far beyond the call of normal citizenship duties to help a bunch of people who, in the beginning said they wanted 'help' in finding the missing women, only to turn on us at the very first opportunity, and call us all liars and crazy people.

That's one of the main reasons that I decided to stop releasing the names of people who came to me with dream or vision information. I figured it was all going to be ignored and ridiculed anyway, so why subject newcomers - especially children - to the absolute rudeness and humiliation that the authorities ALWAYS wanted to dole out EVERY time anyone tried to help them with a case?

I wasn't going to play their game any more.

The way I figured it, their game was enabling killers to remain free so they could kill again and again. Then, someday, when some cop 'discovered' some information, then everyone would be cheering; he'd get a promotion; go down in the history books along side all the other brilliant {men} who have 'solved crimes' before, and once again, the grass roots folks that actually done the work and handed the genius his information [and sometimes even put the pieces of the puzzle together for him before handing it to him!} would once again never be mentioned.

Well, that's the reason for this web site. They will be mentioned. They will be given as much credit as I can give them.

"Tia" Enters The Picture

I seldom hear things wrong -- but, sometimes I hear things 'in advance' -- even when the person talking hasn't known they said the things! Confusing? Neah, you get accustomed to it - eventually!

Suzanne's statement - "That rings a bell," not only nagged at me, but it seems it struck Marty's {aunt} *Jill a little odd too, and was something that continued to nag at her.

Finally Jill decided to go over to Alex Trent's web site and read what he had posted concerning the missing women. That's when she read Ken's account as told to him by a man who claimed he'd seen the women in a van. He claimed the van had Pennsylvania tags on it.

"That rings a bell," "Pennsylvania," Jill mused. The Liberty Bell is in Pennsylvania. She searched - http://www.ushistory.org/libertybell/ - and up came some interesting information and pictures.

Of course I had to go check it out too. And when I did, I saw the same thing that Jill and Josie were so excited about. The pictures of the man whom we assume to be a security guard at the Liberty Bell, is dressed like the men in Josie's mother's dream -- AND he has an exceptionally uncanny resemblance to Robert Cox!!!

Robert Cox

Thank God For Kenny!

I am so glad that Kenny was able to get the above picture of Robert Cox, and had insight enough to send it to me and several others.

I must have lost my copy when my old computer crashed a few months ago, so the fact that Alex also had it made things a lot easier for all of us.

I have no idea when the photo's were taken with the Liberty Bell -- and of course have no way of knowing if the young man in the pictures could possibly be Robert Cox. All I know is - Suzanne said 'we will help you,' and I expect to be directed to the answers that we have been seeking for several years now. Perhaps this is the only way that they can direct us ..... I don't know.

But I do recall that Robert Cox was once in the Army and was an Army Ranger. Kathee says she believes the man in the pictures is wearing a 'state park' uniform. We don't know if Army guys are ever sent to work for the park authorities or not, so there again, no one can say for certain that it is Robert Cox in the pictures.

However, during my research into the Liberty Bell, I ran across the following interesting information, and thought I'd include it on this page:

Odds & Ends Of Interest:

On {{June 6th}} 1944, when Allied forces landed in France, the sound of the bell was broadcast to all parts of the country.{the night of June 6th is when the women disappeared in Springfield. }

Pennsylvania is misspelled [Pensylvania] on the Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell cracked the first time it was rung:

The bell was purchased from England in the mid 1700's. Mr. [Robert] [C]harles made the purchase. {same first name as Robert Cox, and same last initial - C : the women disappeared from 1717 E. Delmar Street}

The Liberty Bell bore the words - "Proclaim Liberty thro' all the Land to all the inhabitants thereof - [Levit]. XXV.10 [Leviticus] {{Sherrill Levitt}}

June 6th, 2004

To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, the Normandy Liberty Bell was cast. It is a reproduction of the Liberty Bell, made from precision measurements - without the crack. The project was a cooperation of the National Park Service.

The names Marty, Josie, Tilly and Jill are fictitious names - changed for reasons of privacy, to protect the identity of the real people.

I sincerely thank all involved for selecting me to share their story with and for permission to write it up and post it on my web site.


Bonnie M. Wells

Sept. 24th, 2007

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