The Balding Man


Bonnie M. Wells

Followed by modified reprint of The Swimming Pool Basement Dream from - PC-2:


Dreamer = My daughter, Christina Gordon-Anderson:

Date of dream = summer of 1995

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The Dream


Dreamer is working in a restaurant that is located where The Ice Cream Churn used to be. However, the inside of the restaurant was more like the old Elby's Restaurant than that of the Ice Cream Churn.

Looking at the restaurant from the boulevard, to the left was a beauty shop owned by a woman named Terri. Dreamer realized that there was a swimming pool located between the restaurant and Terri's shop.

The cook, waitresses and hostesses that should have been helping the dreamer were all gone and she worked alone. She was very frustrated and proclaimed loudly to anyone who would listen .... "I don't work here anymore. I cut hair now."

A group of teenagers came into the restaurant. Just as the dreamer began to take their orders, an older man with a receding hair line came into the restaurant and began talking to the dreamer and following her around.

Another group of teenagers came in. The older man continued to nag at the dreamer about something but she could not make out what he was saying to her, and yet she found him very irritating. He left the restaurant and returned a few minutes later and again tried to interrupt her work. Again she did not know what he wanted. He left and returned several times, and each time the dreamer found him more irritating.

Finally the dreamer became angry with the older man and a fight erupted between them. It ended with her killing the man and tossing his dead body into the swimming pool!

The cops came and began to question the teenagers about the dead man, but no one suspected or questioned the dreamer!

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End of dream



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My daughter never worked at the Ice Cream Churn, but she certainly did work at Elby's Restaurant. She worked there when she was 18 years old.

My daughter looked a lot like Terri Roach, enough so that a picture of Terri once fooled my husband! He thought it was a picture of Christina!

Elby's Restaurant had waiters, hostesses, waitresses, cooks, etc. but the Ice Cream Churn didn't.

Terri Roach was working at Elby's Restaurant when she disappeared and was ultimately found murdered in 1990: She was 18 years old at the time:

At the time Christina had the Balding Man dream, she was a beautician, and had been since 1991. She was employed by a woman named Terry. Her shop was never located next to the Ice Cream Churn, and there has never been a swimming pool at the beauty shop.

However, and this is the strange part of this dream .... the property that Terri Roach lived on was in fact located next door to where the Ice Cream Churn was located. Several years after Terri's murder that property was sold to a woman by the name of Mary, and does in fact have a swimming pool on it at this time!

I believe the Balding Man dream and the Swimming Pool Basement dream should be considered together. The SPB dream was reported to me in 1992 by a woman named Mary Dye .... not the same Mary as now owns the property where Terri Roach once lived.

I'm convinced the "older man" was symbolic of someone who had been "following Terri Roach .... and perhaps even following my daughter" during the time they worked at Elby's.

Christina did have a stalker back at that time and I still remember driving to Belpre and following her home on many occasions. This would be something that I continued to do regardless of where she worked in Belpre, because it didn't matter how many times a person reported a stalker to the police in that city. They refused to take the warnings seriously. So far it's cost three of their residents their lives. My daughter was not going to be number four if I could help it.


Following is a condensed version of the Swimming Pool Basement dream:


The Swimming Pool Basement Dream:

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A dark haired man slaps a girl that the dreamer believes is Terri Roach:

Inside the house in the dream was a set of old, rough, wooden steps leading to a basement.

Each time the dreamer started down the steps she thought she was walking down into a blue, oval shaped, swimming pool.

It was a reoccurring dream, but, according to the dreamer {Mary} the dream ended at this point every time:


More Facts:

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The man I call "Wild Bill' in my stories was a dark haired man who had a receding hairline and some front balding in the early to mid 1990's.

His comment - "I wish to hell, I'd left Bonnie alone and just "took" her daughter." - made to a mutual acquaintance led me to believe he had been watching, following and perhaps stalking my daughter for some time.

This has always seemed like a very strange comment to me, especially considering the fact that the man never dated my daughter; never gave any indication that he wanted to date her; would never have had the chance to date her; and was nearly old enough to be her father!

This same man has a history of stalking young, teenage {or younger} girls. He has sometimes followed girls and found out where they lived. He has also been jailed for sex crimes committed against teenage girls and women.

At the time of Terri Roach's murder, this same man showed up at work with deep scratches on his neck, face and arms. When questioned by co-workers he informed them that he'd obtained the scratches while cleaning out his blackberry patch. Terri was murdered the first week of July. You don't "clean berry patches" in early July. That's when you "pick" the berries.

Although Wild Bill has owned tame black raspberries for many, many years now, the only time he ever got all dug up by them was when Terri was murdered.

Terri was found in a wild blackberry patch on Cole Coffman Road by a man who had gone out to pick blackberries!

I was told she put up one hell of a fight against her killer. Personally, I've always believed the fight began inside a house or a vehicle and only after Terri tried to flee from her killer was he able to hit her hard enough with "something" to stun her and perhaps knock her down so that he could finish the job. She died of "blunt force trauma" to the head. The location of the injury indicated {at least to me} that Terri was running from her attacker when she was hit.

I was also told that Terri Roach was dating a married man, twice her age, with salt and pepper hair, a full beard and mustache:

In 1990 Terri Lee Roach was 18 years old:

In 1990 Wild Bill was a 36 year old married man, with salt and pepper hair, full beard and mustache.

Whoever Terri was seeing, reportedly came to the back of Elby's Restaurant and talked to Terri on several occasions. They say he gave her money. I say he took her life.

As in Christina's dream, the teenagers that Terri worked with were questioned after her murder, however, no one ever questioned Wild Bill about her murder ..... even though by 1994, there was ample evidence to merit such questioning. The dream indicates that even though those around the killer were questioned, the killer was not. I find it absolutely amazing that in 1994, those who had worked with Wild Bill during the time of Terri's murder were in fact questioned about the scratches that were seen by several people {not me. I didn't know him at the time Terri was killed.} but that he was never questioned about the murder himself. That still seems very odd to me.

As I write this page, Terri's murder remains unsolved. I have long since given up any hope that it will ever be solved. It's never mentioned, and neither are the other unsolved murders of the area. That's okay.

I took a personal interest in Terri's case because I've always felt her killer intended to kill my daughter. Perhaps he was stalking her when she worked at Elby's, and suddenly he lost track of her. That's because she quit her job there, got married and moved to Kansas. She and her husband spent three years at Fort Riley, Kansas and then came home.

Perhaps it was Terri Roach who took Christina's place at Elby's. Perhaps it was Terri who took her place in the grave. I've always felt this was the case.

Call it guilt ..... call it shame .... it doesn't matter to me anymore what anyone calls it .... I believe that Terri died in place of my daughter. On one hand I'm exceedingly thankful, and at the same time I'm terribly ashamed that I'm thankful.

When I finally learned where Terri was buried, I visited her grave. And I made her a promise. I promised I'd never give up until I saw her killer behind bars.

That was back in my naive days. I've since realized I will not live long enough to see him punished for what he did to Terri, and what he wanted to do to my daughter .... and probably me and my sister too!! .... so the only thing I can do is write up the stories and tell the world.

And I have done that, both in the Pure Coincidence Book Series and in the individual story clips that have been posted on this web site. Terri's case has remained my "pet case," although I have taken an interest in many others.

Perhaps someday the world will take an interest too ... then again, perhaps they never will.

I will leave this page with a question or two for my readers, and especially for anyone who knew Terri.

Did you ever see Terri talking to a man in a red and white Ford Ranger?

Did you ever see a red and white Ford Ranger "hanging around" the general vicinity of Elby's Restaurant in Belpre?

If so, please send me an email. Thank you.


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