Another Circus Dream


Bonnie M. Wells

* indicates name has been changed:

Date of Dream: October 27th, 2004:


The dream began with *Wild Bill sitting on the couch in my living room. He wore a jean jacket, light colored button down shirt, jeans, cowboy boots, and a western style, brown, leather belt.

He had a friend of mine with him that I hadn't seen in several years. *Sherra seemed nervous and didn't have much to say. Wild Bill didn't seem to have any trouble speaking for both of them, so I just listened as he rattled on about how they thought they'd stop by and let me know that they were now dating each other.

"Well, that sounds about right," I said. "The two of you should make a pretty good match."

"You can't be trusted to walk around the corner and she can't be depended on either, so I'm sure you'll be happy together." I said.

"Oh, you're just jealous," Wild Bill remarked.

"That's enough! The two of you can leave, because as far as I'm concerned neither one of you are my friends, and probably never were.

Sherra looked as if she was wounded, and began to say something, but I stopped her in mid sentence ....

"And as for you," I said as I pointed at her. "You came here and stayed with me off and on for years. I babysat for you at one time. I've known you since the day you were born. You pretended to care about me, right up until I gave you a dog that you said you wanted. I could have sold *Sparta for several hundred dollars, but instead, I gave her to you. You've never had the decency to come visit or bring her to visit, send me a Christmas card, give me a phone call, nothing since the day you left here with her."

"If you think I'm not aware that you drive right past my house on a regular basis, and that you actually have a home in this area, you can think again. I'm fully aware of what you've been doing, and if you want to stick your nose up in the air and pretend you're better than me, then you go right ahead. But I know why you're doing this.

You're listening to that pack of trash that insists that I "framed" Wild Bill back in 1994 and sent him to jail. It was his lie then, and now it's become your lie too. The two of you can leave now, because neither of you are welcome here anymore." I said as I opened the front door and indicated they were to leave.

Wild Bill didn't look too happy as the two walked toward a dark colored truck that was parked in my driveway.

Sherra got into the driver's seat while Wild Bill climbed into the passenger seat.

"We're going to the circus," Wild Bill said as Sherra started the vehicle.

"I don't give a damned where either one of you go .... in fact, as far as I'm concerned, the two of you are clowns and belong in a circus!" I said ....

end of dream


The above dream has not "panned-out" at this time. The names have been changed, but I do know and recognize the characters within the dream, and other than the names all details are correct.

This is the second dream I've had in the past two days in which Wild Bill appeared. It is unusual for me to dream of him. I decided to write the dream up and post it so that when it pans out, no one can accuse me of writing things "after the facts."

I will let my readers know as soon as anything happens. Most dreams do not come true quickly, so be patient.

2007 note: Wild Bill is now driving a black, Toyota truck:


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