The Circus Dream


Bonnie M. Wells

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The Circus Dream

January 15th, 2004

The phone rang. I walked down the hallway and turned into a bedroom on the left and answered the phone in that room. It was Wild Bill. "I thought I'd call and tell you I'm going away for a year or so and won't see you for awhile," he said, as I listened in silence.

We chatted and laughed about things just like we did back when we were friends; back before I discovered what kind of person he really was, and walked away forever.

He said he had gained a lot of weight, but mostly in the tummy area. I laughed and said, "Oh too. Must be our age."

"None of my jeans fit right anymore," he complained. "If they fit around the waist then they are baggy in the seat and legs, but if I get them to fit there, then I can't button them," he laughed.

"I know exactly how you feel," I said.

"Well, I got me some of those special made overall's, and by golly, they fit real nice." Wild Bill said.

"Oh really? I may have to get me some of those," I laughed ... just as Mike walked past the doorway...

"Who's on the phone?" Mike asked as he reached for the door knob to let the black, German Shepherd pup out the door and into the fenced in yard area.

"It's Wild Bill," I replied, "he called to tell me he was going away for a year or so and wouldn't be seeing me for awhile."

"Who's that?" Wild Bill asked.

"It's Mike. He wanted to know who was on the phone, and I told him it was you. He's letting our pup outside," I informed Wild Bill.

We discussed the pup for a few minutes and then I told Wild Bill that she looked a lot like the two dogs I'd sold to the circus years ago! I asked if he'd ever seen the big black cats at the circus .... the ones trained to jump through rings of fire. He said yes, he'd seen those cats and they were really nice cats. I told him the two black dogs that I'd sold to the circus had been trained for the same thing and I said they were absolutely beautiful jumping through those hoops of fire ....

End Of Dream

The Dream vs Reality:

My house is designed nothing like the one in the dream. In the dream there was a hallway that more closely resembled the hallway that we had in the house trailer that we originally bought with the piece of land that our home now stands on. The main exception would be that where the door that led outside was located in the dream, was the door opening into my daughter's bedroom in the trailer: That trailer has been gone from this piece of land since the early 1980's.

I have not had a phone conversation with Wild Bill since 1994:

None of my German Shepherds were ever sold to a circus:

The German Shepherds that I own at this time are both past six years of age, and do not stay in the house.

I've never worn overall's and have no intentions of getting a pair just to see how they fit. And I have no knowledge of "special made" overall's such as Wild Bill spoke of. How they were "special" remains a mystery.

Wild Bill and I never attended any circus shows, and I do not recall ever seeing black cats jumping through hoops of fire except on tv. I have absolutely no recollection of ever seeing a dog {of any breed} performing this stunt.

There is five years difference in Wild Bill and my ages, with me being the eldest. Our birthdays are not in the same month, although they are both in winter months.

January 16th, 2004

On January 16th, 2004, the new owners tore down the house where Wild Bill had lived, back at the time that we were friends. Of course this made me think of him, and reminded me of the dream I'd had just a day earlier. {see story...This Old House }

Although I wouldn't know it for several days, Wild Bill went to a woman who gets her hair done at my daughter's beauty shop and complained to her about several things .... one of which was the fact that he had gained so much weight that his jeans didn't fit right anymore! He said if they fit in the waist then they were baggy in the seat and legs!.... and I was impressed with this tid-bit of information!

January 21st was my birthday ... I was reminded of my "age" as I'd said in the dream. But more importantly, there was something happening just a short distance from me that I was completely unaware of at the time it was happening. Only after I learned the following details was I able to see how the Circus Dream had "panned-out".

Let me preface the story by saying this ...

When Wild Bill and Cindy B. lived near my home, my husband had a group of guys that he played cards with occasionally on the week-ends. Sometimes they would all meet at our house and sometimes it would be one of the other guy's homes. Often, they met in "Tri's" home. Tri and his wife Cristy live about a mile from our house. I remember telling Mike to always make sure Wild Bill wasn't following him when he went to other people's homes. The man follows people and learns where their family members and their friends live. Then strange things ..... unexplainable things ..... bizarre things ... happen to those people, and no one can ever explain it! I had my suspicions, and kept a close eye on the rear view mirror! But Mike and most of the people around me thought I was being silly. "Okay, but don't ever say I didn't warn you," I'd reply.

Cristy was also a client at my daughter Christina's beauty shop here in Little Hocking. Although Mike and Christina knew both Tri and Cristy, I knew neither of them.

On January 20th Cristy attached name tags to the collars of two of her three dogs. The Golden Retriever stayed in the house most of the time and didn't need a tag, but the two black dogs .... Luke, the male German Shepherd, and Riley, the black, female Labrador "pup" of the trio, enjoyed being out in the fenced in yard, and often spent several hours outside before Cristy or Tri brought them in for the night. Although Riley was about a year old, they still considered her "the pup."

On January 21st, Cristy brought the two black dogs into the house for the night and noticed that Riley's collar was missing. Thinking she had somehow slipped her head out of it Cristy made a mental note to look for it the next day and to tighten it a notch when she put it back on the dog.

January 22nd, 2004: Tri and Cristy returned from the grocery store just after dark. When they went to let Luke and Riley into the house, they discovered the gate standing open and both dogs missing.

The Search Begins

I wasn't aware the dogs had disappeared until Christina called and informed me on the afternoon of the 24th, so the dogs had already been gone two full days at that point.

Already Cristy and Tri had driven miles and miles of back roads, driven and re-driven the highway near their home, enlisted the help of everyone they knew in the search for the dogs, and were actually going door to door trying to find the dogs. They put up flyer's with the dogs' pictures on them in every business they came to and asked the employees to please call them if they spotted the dogs. They alerted the humane societies in Marietta and Parkersburg to be on the lookout for the dogs, and to call them immediately because the dogs were loved and wanted.

Late in the evening of Friday, the 24th, Cristy finally got a break in the "missing dog case," when some people told her that they had seen the two dogs near the fire department. That was less than a mile from my home. I thought the dogs were working their way home, and were coming from the north. How they got "north" was anybodies guess. I had my own suspicions however. It sounded like Wild Bill's calling card" to me! Strange that I would dream that he had "called" me. Even stranger that I'd dream of two black dogs and a circus. Or was it? Hadn't I managed to protect myself and most of my friends and family, for years now simply because I paid attention to my dreams and took whatever precautions they dictated?

A phone call to Tri and Cristy revealed that the two dogs had spent a lot of time in their yard, and although there had been times that they "escaped" from the yard, the furthest they'd ever gone was around to see the neighbors. And they had never "opened the gate" by themselves before. And yet, none of the neighbors had seen the dogs running loose that evening, although one close neighbor had seen them in their yard just before dark. I question Tri and Cristy's arrival time again, and learned it was about fifteen minutes after dark. Fifteen minutes was plenty of time to open a gate and release a couple of dogs. It was not really enough time for the dogs to roam around the neighborhood, and go visit their other canine pals {which is usually exactly what happens} and then be completely out of hearing distance by the time their owners got home! That would require quite a bit more time. However, it would be plenty of time to coax the two dogs into a vehicle and drive away ..... perhaps even passing the owners on their way home. That would be thrilling for a dog thief.

The search for Luke and Riley continued. Even after dark, everyone kept looking and calling for the dogs. Tips came in slowly, but eventually several people reported seeing the dogs in the area on Friday afternoon. No one reported them prior to Friday. The really strange part was ... the area they were seen in was within a ten minute run from the dogs' home! So why did it take them 24 hours to get there?

I'd been around dogs all my life, and had raised German Shepherds most of my adult life. I knew dogs about as well as any person could, and I knew German Shepherds as well as I knew myself.

Cristy thought the dogs had "ran off" and gotten lost. I didn't think that. Children get ticked at mom or dad and they "run off" sometimes ... but dogs didn't normally run away from home. Not if they had a good home and were well fed and cared for, and I knew these two dogs were very well cared for.

No, these dogs didn't run off and get lost. Lab's were used for search and rescue, drug work, tracking, etc. and German Shepherds could out perform the Lab's in all categories. Those dogs didn't get lost within a mile of their own home, and then not be seen by anybody for 24 hours. Those dogs were several miles away from their home when someone opened the door of the vehicle that hauled them and tossed them out....and I'd guarantee it!

I'd also guarantee the dogs were confused for awhile. Probably hung around the road where they were dumped for awhile, waiting to see if their new friend was coming back, and then the Shepherd put his nose to the ground, sniffed a few times, walked around some more and got his bearings, sniffed the air real good, and lit out for home!

It was a long trek, but he knew the direction, so off they went.

Luke Comes Home

The last sighting of the two dogs was in an area called Gentry Heights. They had been seen crossing the highway and heading into the woods that led to the area a short time earlier, so Cristy drove into the housing addition and began asking questions. One man said he'd actually tied the dogs up for awhile because he knew they had to belong to someone. He'd made some phone calls and spoken to some neighbors, but no one in the complex knew the dogs, so after awhile he turned them loose. He said they sniffed the air and lit out over the hill and toward the highway. The direction he indicated was in a straight line from the dog's home! That Shepherd was bringing them in, just like I figured he would .... provided they didn't get hit on that damned highway, because they had to cross it one more time before they could get home. Still, they were within ten minutes of home!

The searchers went home at dark on the evening of January 24th. The dogs should have been waiting on the porch when Cristy got home ..... but they weren't. Nor were they seen anywhere along the highway that they had to cross ..... or any of the back streets, yards or business they had to pass. It was almost as if they had descended the hill from Gentry Heights and just disappeared .... again!

Once again I was reminded of "our age and Wild Bill" because January 24th was Wild Bill's sister's birthday. I tried to shake the feeling that he was somehow behind every bit of this situation with these two black dogs. Of course I suppose it could all be another of those damned irritating coincidences ..... even the dream could be a coincidence .... yeah, right.

It was four o'clock in the morning {January 25th} when Luke came home! Cristy opened the door and he pranced in ..... Riley was not with him.

I questioned Cristy about Luke's condition. Here's a dog that's been wondering around for 50 some hours. He's had no sleep, shelter or rest, no food and no water {everything was frozen solid in this area the entire time the dogs were gone.} Cristy said the dog walked past his food dish, past his water dish, and went over and laid down beside the Golden Retriever.

"What condition are his feet in?" I asked. "Excellent," she replied, "He has no cuts, bruises .... his body is warm and not cold like it should be from being out in those horrid temperatures. He's not dirty, cold, hungry, thirsty or tired."

"Someone just let your dog out of their car, and he came home," I said.

Cristy said that was exactly what Tri had said. He'd been saying that the dogs had been stolen all along. I thought he was right. My main concern was .... what did they do with Riley? Where was she?

Another Dream Pans-Out

As far as I'm concerned, the Circus dream was about Tri and Cristy's dogs and what was about to happen.

I cannot explain why I was given the dream, but I suspect it has a lot to do with things that have happened here in this area that people really don't want to believe.

And, I continue to think that if these simple dreams can pan out so perfectly, then why is it that the important ones ... the ones that identify a killer, an arsonist or a rapist can be so wrong? In my opinion, they are not wrong. They are every bit as accurate as the simple ones.

The name Tri means "three" and reminds me of a "Three ring circus." Christy's name contains Cir...and the letter S / Cris. The only letters remaining from CIRCUS are the C and the U. Once again, I am reminded of the dream in which Wild Bill said he called to say ...."I won't "see you" for a year or so, because I'm going away."

Remember how I mentioned my own daughter, and how the hallway in the dream somehow reminded me of the hallway in our old trailer, and how the door in the dream was in reality the door going into Christina's bedroom in the trailer?

One nickname for Christina is Cristy or Christy. But the really intriguing part of this story is the fact that when my family met Wild Bill, my daughter Christina was living on "Riley" Drive in Marietta!

So, let's examine what we have at this point ....

Cris - Christina / Three / Mike / 2 black dogs / about a year / the actual name of one of the dogs...Riley / C..U - see you / "our age" - in reference to both my birthday and to Wild Bill's sister's birthday - both Aquarians - "The Age Of Aquarius" / Wild Bill - went to his friend and said word for word what he'd said to me in the dream / telephone call / Little Hocking dogs / special made over-all's - Tri, Cristy and everyone they knew made dozens of "special" trips "all over" the entire area in search of these two dogs / lot of weight - "lot of waiting":

Riley Comes Home

Luke had been home for more than a day by the time Riley got there!

She had been picked up by a man who works at a nearby business ... in the same area where the two dogs had been seen heading into Gentry Heights a couple of days earlier.

How the dogs got separated between the housing development at the top of the hill and the road at the bottom of the hill is anybodies guess. But they obviously did get separated.

I'm almost inclined to think that whoever stole them to begin with picked them right back up at the foot of that hill. Then he waited until late into the night to bring Luke home and kept Riley with him as he headed back north. She may have been released again some distance away. Perhaps even in the same area she had been released the first time. Only this time she was tracking alone. It was easier though, because she could pick up Luke's scent and follow it. And sure enough, it brought her right back past the same place she and Luke had passed before.

This time though, the employees had all been alerted, and everyone was watching for her. Thankfully, someone saw her and was able to get her to come to him so he could bring her home.

So this story has a happy ending. Too many of them don't.

If I were Tri and Cristy, I'd buy myself a real nice chain and pad lock for my gate.

Never the less, I'm thrilled the dogs are home, and hopefully there will be no more episodes of this kind in our area.

Bonnie M. Wells

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