The Crystal Girls

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Bonnie M. Wells

Crystal Marler

Missing Since: October 12, 1998 from Kentucky

Found murdered: April 2009 / Kentucky

Crystal Gail Soles

Missing Since: January 24, 2005 from Andrews, South Carolina

Krystal Coy

Found Murdered: January 2007 / Kentucky

Crystal Gayle Hall

Missing Since: March 1, 2009 from Kentucky


I have nothing to say: The following is simply open for individual interpretation, and it matters not to me how it is seen or interpreted. // Bonnie M. Wells

Sole: Sole (fish), several species and groups of flatfishes:

The family of the "true soles" Soleidae, including the common or Dover sole Solea solea, highly esteemed in European cooking.

Coy: The word "koi" comes from the Japanese word meaning “carp”. Koi fish have many different colors with the major colors being black, white, red, yellow

Hall: Family atmosphere is definitely present at Serb Hall. On any given Friday, the Hall serves 1,500 to 2,000 plates of fish. The Hall offers one of Milwaukee's most famous fish frys, so most patrons are after the traditional cod, which comes battered and fried or broiled.

Marler: Olin Marler Charter Fishing and Dolphin Cruises is Destin's first established cruise service. We offer the best in Deep Sea Fishing and Dolphin

From Billfish To Bottom Fish, He's Caught Them All

The Crystal Sea

There's no relief from all the thunder;

And just when I'm about to sink,

A still small whisper makes me think

About the Crystal Sea.

In the Crystal Sea that's made of tears

From all man's pain throughout the years,

There's a special part that's made for me

God takes my tears and pours them all

In the Crystal Sea

Now little feet walk on the Streets of Gold.

I may not see them until I am old.

I know they're putting handprints

In my mansion in the sky.

Why God took my children

I may always question why.

But in the Crystal Sea that's made of tears

With all my anguish through the years

There's a quiet cove that's made for me.

God takes my tears and pours them all

In the Crystal Sea.

So I won't drown, he catches all my tears

And pours them....

In the Crystal Sea.

By: Dana Stuart

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