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Melanie Renee Metheny

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Melanie Renee Metheny was born June 21 1985: She is white, 5 feet 3 inches tall, with long, straight strawberry-blond hair, weighs about 100 pounds and has brown eyes.

The 21-year-old from Belle, West Virginia vanished without a trace on July 19th, 2006.

The former Riverside High student, wants to be a nurse and has been studying to enter college, her father said. She’s a quiet woman, he said, who spends her days taking classes to prepare for a college-entrance exam.

Metheny dropped her children off at Country Kids Daycare in Belle about 7 a.m. on Wednesday July 19th [2006]. When she didn’t return at 6 p.m. to pick them up and day-care employees couldn’t contact her, they began to worry.

Metheny’s family contacted police soon after. Family members suspect foul play. They’ve scoured the Kanawha Valley for a sign of her gold and tan 1998 Chevrolet Ventura van, to no avail.

Melanie Metheny’s boyfriend, Jared Davis, was the last person to see her on Wednesday, her father said.

He said she stays with Davis part-time in Campbells Creek, but lives on Midland Avenue in Belle.

About six months ago, another young woman went missing from the Belle area, Stover said. About a week later, she turned up after just spending time with a boyfriend.

Employees at the day care say they can’t believe that would be the case with Matheny.

Anyone with information about Matheny can contact the ** Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office at 357-0169.

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Missing Mothers Van Found

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Charleston [West Virginia] police found Melanie Metheny's 1998 Gold Chevy Venture Van on Wyoming Street about 1:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon [July 23rd, 2006].

Kanawha County Sheriff's Deputies say neighbors first noticed the van about 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, that's six hours after Matheny was last seen.

Deputies do not know why the van was there and a search did not find what they're calling any positive evidence. Deputies will conduct a forensic exam.

“I've never known her to be on the west side, so it just baffles me,” her father said.

If you have any information on Metheny's whereabouts call the Kanawha County Sheriff's Department at 304-357-0169.

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The reality of only finding Melanie’s body has been a cold one.

Just three weeks ago, a woman’s body was found in Jackson County, and just last week, one in Wood County [West Virginia].

Neither of them was Melanie, although the latest one was a Metheny, but as it turns out, it was ** Sherry Metheny.

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From Find Melanie.Com

Comes The Following Quote

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Police have followed many leads that went nowhere, Lane said. They are now going back and interviewing everyone again, essentially restarting the investigation, he said.

One thing police would like to learn more about is a mysterious red sport-utility vehicle. Police said that on the afternoon of Metheny's disappearance a witness on the West Side saw a woman inside the SUV struggling to free herself and yelling, "What about my babies?"

Police described the witness only as someone close to Metheny. Lane said police haven't been able to find the SUV.

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Sherry Metheny

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My apologies for the briefness of news concerning Sherry Metheny.

Although I have done several internet searches, looking for additional information, I have found absolutely nothing.

I do recall when a body was found in Wood County [ I live straight across the Ohio River from Wood County, in Washington County, Ohio, so the entire area is 'home' to me.] But, the discovery was mentioned one time only, and as far as I know, no one ever learned the woman's name, or what had happened to her .... whether she was murdered, or just what.

So, since I like to crawl out on that lonely old limb, I'm going to venture a guess that Sherry Metheny was in fact murdered.

I'd also guess that we'll never hear anymore about her case, and it will never be solved. Course, that's just my opinion .... for whatever it's worth.

Beyond my 'guessing' there lies many questions that may never be answered either -- then again, perhaps they will be answered someday.

I'm told we do NOT have a serial killer in this area. Actually, I've been told that many, many times in the past 20 years .... while the murdered bodies pile ever higher!

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Something That May -

Or May Not Be Important

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The following story is told elsewhere on this web site - and if I ever remember which page I tucked it onto the end of, I will come back to this page and put a link over to that page!

Meanwhile, I want to list the information here because it may be important to Melanie Metheny's case.

Some background:

My husband usually works Monday through Friday, day shift. However, there have been times that he has had Friday off, and there have been a few times he's had Monday off.

In October of 2006, he was off on Friday for three weeks in a row.

Each time that this occurred, Mike went to shoot pool with friends on Thursday night -- since he did not have to get up early the next morning and go to work.

My grandson Joshua was playing football at Warren High School that year and usually needed a ride home after practice. Most of the family took turns going out to get him. On this particular night his step-father Bryan was supposed to go get him, but had to work late so my daughter called me and asked if I could go get Josh. I said sure, and sat the freshly made batch of chili off to cool just before going to get him.

I picked Josh up a few minutes after 6:00 p.m. and headed straight back to the house for dinner.

Mike had to work the next day, so he had not planned on going anywhere that evening.

Josh and I had just sat down to the table when Mike informed us that a {red} vehicle had pulled into the driveway. Not recognizing the vehicle he thought it was some of Joshua's friends, and called for Josh to answer the door. The conversation that took place soon brought me from the kitchen to see what was wrong!

Outside the door stood a young man who appeared to be in his mid twenties. He had dark hair, was slim built, and not real tall .... maybe 5'9" or so, would be a decent guess.

This young man seemed intent on coming into my home to 'demonstrate a bottle of Formula (*409) , " and didn't seem to want to take no for an answer!

When my husband - who is 6'4" tall and weighs 240 pounds raised his voice and said -- "I told you we are not interested, now don't make me get up out of this chair!" -- I left the kitchen to see what the heck was going on!

The man at the door took one look at me, and whirled around and headed for the red Jeep Liberty that he'd been driving! In fact he left so quickly that one of his loafer type shoes came off in the driveway! Instead of putting it back on, he reached down, grabbed it and went to the vehicle with just his sock on that foot!

I did manage to get into the living room in time to see that this person, who was so intent on demonstrating Formula 409, wore no company uniform; had no decals or other identifications on his clothing or the vehicle, carried no paper towels or other items that one would expect to see such a person carrying; had no clip board or other fact gathering materials -- absolutely nothing except a bottle that said Formula 409!!! And it was an 'old' bottle -- not like the new ones in the stores at that time!

Something else that Joshua and I noticed -- Josh more so than me, because I just got a glimpse at the vehicle and the young man.......

In the front seat of the red Jeep sat a blond haired woman. She had her hair pulled up, but even so, I could tell it was quite long. She was wearing very dark, very wide sunglasses, and kept her head turned so that all either of us could see was a side profile. It was far too dark to be wearing sun glasses. I believed {and still do} her to be Cindy B. that Wild Bill has been living with since 1998.

In the back seat, directly behind the woman sat a man. He had a full, long beard, that was mostly white, and a shaved head! He too turned his head so that I could not get a good look at his face. However, as many, many people can confirm, I have NEVER needed to see Wild Bill to know he was there! And I said then, and I'm saying now -- The man in the back seat of that vehicle was Wild Bill.

What these people had planned, and for whom they had it planned that night is anybodies guess. But I do not believe that bottle contained Formula 409, and I do not think the man intended to demonstrate anything. I believe that those three people intended to do me great harm that night.

I believe that someone had been watching my house close enough to determine that for the past three weeks I had been home by myself on Thursday evenings. Mike usually didn't come in from shooting pool until ten or after, and Joshua was usually at home on those nights instead of at our house.

I don't know exactly what they had planned, but I can tell you here and now, it would not have been a pretty sight.

And since I'm telling people so much -- maybe I'd better tell that trio something.

When I'm home alone, and someone knocks on my door - I look through the opaque glass and see if it's someone I know ..... and if it isn't, I have a pistol in my right hand, and yes, I most assuredly can and will use it. I told you that once Billy Boy - have you forgotten? I will splatter your ass all over Little Hocking if you mess with me.

And Cindy B. - did you think no one knew you were coming to my home in November of 2005? Think again. Law enforcement knew exactly where you were, and you might be interested to know that as we sat at the kitchen table and talked, my pistol lay within easy reach on the chair beside me.

I don't trust you people. I know what you all are.

PS: Remember, Ohio has that damned 'concealed carry permit law' now days. Makes it difficult sometimes, doesn't it?

Back to Melanie Metheny:

I don't know what kind of a vehicle they were talking about when they said - "red sport-utility vehicle" - but if it was a red Jeep Liberty, then I would suggest the Charleston police get in touch with John Winstanley at the Washington County Sheriff's Department and see if someone can't do some records checks and find out who owned that vehicle! Maybe they still have it.

I was told that right after the incident happened at my house, Cindy B's son Teddy decided to move out of this area. Personally, I believe he's the one who was driving the Jeep Liberty that October evening, and I believe he was to render me helpless and then the other two idiots would have come and helped him get me into that vehicle.

By the time Mike came home, I would have been long gone -- and would simply have been another skeletal remains in a monster's secret dump site {if} I was ever found.

What scares me the most though is - Mike would probably be sitting behind bars today if they had actually pulled it off!

This all occurred just three months after Melanie Metheny disappeared from Charleston. Charleston is only an hour's drive from here, and Wild Bill has been roaming around Charleston and Huntington, West Virginia for years! He's no stranger to any of our cities.


Bonnie M. Wells

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Bonnie M. Wells

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