The Old House


Bonnie M. Wells

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House Needed A Lot Of Repairs


The house was already quite old when Wild Bill's brother bought the property on which it sat. Many years earlier the property was owned by an elderly gentleman who lived in the house and farmed the land.

By the time Wild Bill rented the house from his brother and moved into it, the entire place needed a lot of repairs.

Wild Bill was our friend back in those days, so everyone pitched in to convert the old house into a home.

No brag, but when "my crew" went to work, it was something to behold. Within a few days we had carpets replaced, ceilings repaired, walls and woodwork repainted, windows repaired, and the outside of the house scraped and repainted. Actually it wasn't a bad looking place at all when we were finished with it.

Half a dozen or so of us used our trucks and helped Wild Bill haul landscaping timbers, decorative rocks and split rail fence for the yard, and a load or two of new gravel for the semi-circular drive way brightened everything up.

Wild Bill had been raised on a farm and enjoyed having a nice garden. I also grew up on a farm and knew how to raise and preserve almost everything so we decided to go "partners" on a garden area to the rear of the house and garage. The property was plenty large enough to support the garden area and still have a very large yard. We edged the garden area as well as part of the drive-way with some of the Black Raspberry plants that Wild Bill had brought from his former residence.

The place was actually beautiful when we got finished with all the work. An old hand plow graced one side of yard and rested on a stump that I'd located near my home and that it had taken three people to load and haul away! It looked fantastic beside that old plow.

Across the yard we placed a very old hand operated well pump, and one of the neighbors gave me a hand operated grind mill that, if the facts were known, may have come from that very piece of property to begin with. It looked great sitting next to the pump. Flowers of various kinds complimented the yard decorations, and the place was very, very sharp. In fact, it was an attention getter. Traffic passed the house continuously since it was located on a main drag through the town. Dozens of people that none of us knew blew their horns and gave us a thumbs up. Everyone seemed to approve of how the place was shaping up, and how we'd kept it as close to "country" as possible.

It was one of the few places in town that if you just looked at the property and blocked out the surrounding business, you could well imagine that you had stepped back in time at least a hundred years. Everyone loved the place and we all spent a lot of time there ..... for awhile.

My mother was especially fond of Wild Bill's home. We'd sit in one of the porch swings and she'd reminisce about how things were when she was a girl ..... growing up right there in the same town.

Mom said the area was known as Rockland back in her youth. All the kids came to the area and worked for the old man who owned the piece of property that Wild Bill lived on. She said Charlie Covey had owned it back then and raised huge crops of green beans. Of course, back in those days the property {farm} was considerably larger because it included several acres of ground that today housed businesses and apartment complexes. Still, she liked to talk about "the old days" and how the town {city} of Belpre had changed. I enjoyed the stories.


Work's All Done - True Colors Shine Forth

We got a taste of Wild Bill's true colors almost as soon as all the work around his home was finished.

We'd co-gardened that year, and I did about 90% of the garden work. At first I didn't mind, but then I noticed that while I was working like a dog, he was playing. That didn't sit well with me. I wasn't much on playing when there was work to be done.

And I didn't like unfairness. One of the first things I noticed was the difference in how he treated people. If my daughter or one of my friends mowed his yard, he thanked them and that was the end of it. But, if his own son mowed the yard, he paid him $10.00 per hour! I thought that was a considerable amount of money to pay a ten year old kid, who already thought the world owed him a living. I felt he should be teaching the boy other values.

Wild Bill didn't like sweet potatoes, so when it came planting time, I bought several dozen sweet potato plants myself. I cared for the plants the entire summer, and never once asked him to do anything to them. I raised the plants for a couple of reasons. First of all, I liked sweet potatoes and wanted some for the winter months and special occasion dinners. And my second reason for raising them was because my aunt, my cousin, my mother, and half a dozen friends had put in orders for sweet potatoes. I'd already priced the potatoes to them by the pound and their orders were written in my gardening book, just waiting for the harvest.

Harvest time came. My mother and my aunt actually came to see the sweet potatoes! And oh how they bragged. Those were the nicest sweet potatoes they had ever seen.... and they were, they really were. I hand dug every potato. They were hauled to the garage and sorted and weighed. Then I got out my bags and began bagging them up and writing the name of the person who was to receive them on the bag, along with the purchase price.

I worked late into the night, all alone in the old garage. Wild Bill went to bed because he had to go to work the next day. I didn't mind. It was well after midnight when my project was finished and I left for home.

The potatoes were all ready to be delivered during the week-end.

I remember it as if it were yesterday ....

Saturday came and I drove to Wild Bill's place. He wasn't home. I thought he was out paying bills or running errands, so I let myself into the house and began cleaning, dusting, laundry, etc. I did most of his housework, back in those days.

Finally he returned from his errands and I was about finished inside the house so I told him I was going to deliver the sweet potatoes to everyone. He never said a word .... just walked on past and into the laundry room. Okay, I thought, guess I'll deliver them by myself too ..... even though his former mother-in-law had ordered a larger amount than anybody else!

I went to the garage ..... and every sweet potato I'd had was GONE!

Wild Bill informed me that he didn't want his garage "cluttered up" with those damned sweet potatoes so he'd just got up real early and loaded them all up and took them down and gave them to his former mother-in-law!!!!! GAVE! The man GAVE AWAY "my" sweet potatoes! He didn't even have sense enough to at least get the amount of money that his former mother-in-law was supposed to pay for her share of them!

Ticked? Oh, you never seen ticked until you seen me that day! I threatened to dismantle that entire city block...

Well, needless to say, I figured up what my labor was worth, all the tending to the crop, digging, sorting, weighing, bagging, and I presented Mr. Hot Shot a bill, and told him since he was so damned generous with everyone else, he could just pay me ..... and by the way, the price for my housekeeping services just went up too!!!!

I suppose that was among the first indications that Wild Bill could not be trusted .... could not be depended on. It certainly would not be the last .... or even the worst indication....


Unnecessary Lies

I'd tried to overlook and forgive so many things during the time I was friends with Wild Bill. And most of the time, I'd eventually decide whatever he'd done to me wasn't as bad as I'd made it out to be ..... some said I was too sensitive!! Imagine that .... and at the same time others said I was entirely too hard ....especially on Wild Bill ... of course, I think it was mostly Wild Bill that said that!!

There had just been so many lies .... so many uncalled for lies and tricks ..... and I just didn't understand.

I remembered the day he was supposed to come to my house and have lunch with me and my grandson Joshua. Joshua loved Wild Bill. He just thought there was no one like him. Well, I guess we all did ..... for awhile ....

He called that day to say he couldn't come down because he'd ripped his pants out and had to go home and change. He said he'd just swing through Hardee's and pick up lunch and eat on the way back to work. I assured him that Joshua was disappointed, but that we understood, and we'd see him for lunch some other time.

I honestly never gave his story another thought until the next day, which was a Wednesday.

I stopped by his place on my way home from shopping, and we sat in the swing on the back porch and visited while we drank a couple of soda's.

I suddenly remembered his ripped pants and told him if he'd go get them, I would sew them up for him while I was there.

He declined my offer, saying he had already sewed them up!! I was surprised. He'd never sewn anything else in the time I'd known him.

"Oh, I have to see this," I laughed as I got up from the swing. "Where are they? I want to check out your sewing job."

First they were in the dirty clothes .... I didn't mind. I'd just dig them out and take a look at his handiwork ....

But, before I could get through the door his story changed ....

"Neah, I was teasing you. They were torn up pretty bad, so I trashed them. The trash men have already taken them away," he laughed.

I wasn't laughing .... and I wasn't as stupid as the women he was obviously accustomed to. His trash pick-up was Monday night. He'd ripped the pants on Tuesday.

I never did find out why he'd created this stupid, meaningless, unnecessary lie. But he did create it, and he'd create dozens more just as stupid, just as meaningless before I finally walked away from him for good.


I Walked Away

By 1993 things had gotten so bad with Wild Bill that even my friends were starting to despise him.

Judy had loaned him the money to buy his Toyota truck, and she was to the point that she wished she'd never loaned him the money. In fact she said he should be forced to walk.....everywhere he went. Sometimes I agreed!

Pat hated him with a passion and insisted he could not be trusted. I had no choice but agree with her. He'd proved time and again that he couldn't be trusted.

Even my mother who had always been a staunch supporter of his, was beginning to question many of the things he did and said.

I suppose the episode with *Jessa was the final straw, and showed everyone what he actually was. I'm sure it's what turned almost all of my family and friends against him.

He'd been dating the dark haired woman for a few weeks. I knew he was cheating on her because I'd watch and after she left for work he'd head for the bars of Parkersburg. Often he brought a woman home with him and had her up and out of the house before Jessa returned.

"What a piece of trash" *Tammy remarked as we watched him pick up a woman at the Oasis Club. Jessa had left for work only one hour earlier.

He didn't know I was watching him that night. He thought he knew all my friends and their vehicles. He was wrong. In fact he was wrong many, many nights!

Anyway, I'd ran across him somewhere, and he wanted to boast and brag about his woman. Well, I suppose that was natural ... didn't bother me any .... until he said....."So, I don't need you anymore. Jessa has a checking account and credit cards; she has her own home that I can move into any time I get tired of where I'm living; she has a job and a newer car than yours, which she'll let me borrow whenever I want it; she'll clean my house and I don't even have to pay her ..... and she's going to buy me a boat, so I just don't need you anymore!"

Well, I was certainly glad of that! I'd hate like hell to tell a "needy person" no when they asked for my help ... but that's exactly what he was going to be told, just as soon as Jessa found out what he'd been doing to her behind her back .... and oh yes, she most assuredly was going to find out, because if there was one thing in this world I could not and would not tolerate it was being used, and this piece of trash was using everyone he could lay his hands to.

Well, what can I say ..... Jessa found out what he was doing, and she dropped him like a hot potato .... probably a lot like a hot sweet potato, come to think of it!!! Dang him, someone otta take a rope and hang him!

The last time I ever sat foot on his property, and had a civil conversation with him was the first part of March 1994. I walked away that day, and never went back...

I'd already seen what he was doing, and I knew that sooner or later his luck was going to run out. I didn't want to be there when it did, and I certainly didn't want anyone blaming me.

Nobody seemed to realize how bad off he really was ... or if they did, they wouldn't admit it.

He was obsessed with his sister for one thing. That bothered me. I couldn't figure out what the actual roots of his obsession was, but I'd noticed long ago that every time he met a new woman, the first thing he did was take her to meet his sister. At first I hadn't thought too much about it, but then it dawned on me that this was not a normal thing for a man to do. I had three brothers. None of them had ever dragged each date to meet me. Heck, I barely met Joyce before Mike married her, and Charlie had dated Brenda for months before our parents met her, much less me. Bob remained single, and I could not name one woman that he dated. Wild Bill's actions were out of the norm.

Then his sister met a man and began living with him and talking of marriage. They bought a new house trailer and Wild Bill went to see it. I'll never forget his attitude that day. He seemed very irritated and I tried to find out if it was the new trailer that he seemed jealous of or just what... suddenly he blurted out....

"I suppose she'll have to hang on to him for the next ten years now until he gets her trailer paid for." I was speechless .... did the entire family think this way? Were they all takers and users?

I knew the guy his sister planned on marrying. He was a nice guy. I went to school with his cousins ....*Sharon and *Jackee and both were friends of mine all the way through school. They were pretty decent people...

Almost as soon as he found out that his sister planned to marry in June, he went bonkers. It was no time until he was picking up women one after another, sometimes two or three in the same day. It was horrible. His house was like a brothel. I was glad he was doing his own housework!!! I wouldn't have wanted to touch anything in that house by that point.

He'd been seeing *DeAnna night....after her own boyfriend left for work!! .... for several weeks by the time I stopped to say good-bye to him in early March. I knew he was seeing her well as a dozen others, some of which were well known hookers. The entire pack was going to die of AIDS and I knew it.

It took me awhile but I finally learned who "DeAnna was ..... she was the daughter of *Sharon ..... that made her a second cousin to the man his sister planned on marrying! Bingo. He was getting even with *Tony for marrying his sister!!!

"That's too damned warped for me," Judy said when I told her.

Yes, it was pretty warped alright, but it was what made me start looking to see what else he'd done in order to get even with people whom he felt had "taken something away from him" .....

{PLEASE see The Lion Roars & A Wildcat Takes His Mate.}

It was the morning of ** April 14th, 1994 that Wild Bill took *DeAnna home and discovered her boyfriend waiting for them!!! They tell me it was a real show. I'm just sorry I missed it! Wild Bill ended up at the hospital with separated ribs....and the game was up. Within a few hours he'd have even bigger problems and wouldn't have to worry about sneaking around with other men's girlfriends and wives!

{Please see The Zappa Dream for complete details of April 14th & April 17th, 1994}

2013 Note: **For verification see record insert at bottom of this page:


Home Again

Wild Bill spent 60 days in jail as a result of his actions on April 14th, 1994, and when he got out he hit the streets with a vengeance!

Maybelle Clark was the first to end up murdered after he got out of jail. I'd already seen one "Clark" bite the dust. He had been a Washington County Deputy who had been gunned down in his own home 42 days after Wild Bill's first arrest, back in 1980.

So, naturally I tacked right to his bumper on the 42nd day after he got out of jail..... and took a witness with me! We saw him pick up a woman who fit Maybelle Clark's description. He left town for about three hours that night. Of course we had no way of knowing where he went, but we figured he'd bring his woman home with him so we waited ... he came home alone! A few days later Maybelle Clark was found murdered. They said she was a Parkersburg hooker and had been dumped down around Charleston West Virginia.

I said, "Oh hell, here we go again.".....{Three hours was perfect timing for a trip to Charleston back!}

{The "Clark" cases remain unsolved: Please see This Bell's Gonna Tell for details}


Still Hookin' & Crookin'

Jail taught Wild Bill absolutely nothing. He was still soliciting sex from hookers and non-hookers alike. But nobody was watching, so no one saw it except me, and a few friends.

By the time Maybelle Clark was murdered, he'd already met a woman who was destined to "help" him put a semblance of normalcy back into his life ..... and home.

The old house was beginning to look rough around the edges. It hadn't actually been cared for in several months. I kept telling friends to watch him because he was looking for some woman stupid enough to move in with him and do all his work so he could continue to drive by the house with hookers or "homeless" women, and show them the castle they could live in if they would but obey his every command !! .... and of course, ignore his every action!

The woman he'd picked up with as soon as he got out of jail worked at a local hospital. I thought that was a little strange. He seemed attracted to hospitals ... or the women who worked there .... His first wife had been in nursing training when they married. His second wife had worked at a hospital. He'd dated a few nurses. The woman he'd exposed himself to in Marietta and ultimately ended up in jail over was a nurse.... hum, "Maybe it's uniforms," I thought. I was forever trying to figure out what made him tick.... or better yet, find out what would make him stop ticking!! He was worse than the Energizer Bunny, and not nearly as cute!

I dubbed his woman friend "*Chevette Woman" the very first time I saw her little gray Chevette at his house. It would be a long, long time before I discovered her correct name. After awhile it didn't matter anyhow because everyone that knew me referred to her as Chevette Woman.

He had been out on a date with Chevette Woman the night Mabelle Clark disappeared from Parkersburg. They went to a movie and out to dinner. He could really be a nice guy when he wanted to. He'd taken her home after their date and gone back to his house.

He dropped Chevette Woman off at her apartment and left. I'd give him just long enough to call her and tell her he's going to bed, and then I was banking he'd come right back out and head for the honky tonks of Parkersburg..

I didn't have a cell phone in those days (not sure anyone did) so I headed for a pay phone to call and see if he was on the phone. Sure enough his line was busy.

I counted to a hundred and left the pay phone area and took a spot in a dark alley where I could see his house but where he wouldn't notice me. I was driving the Trans-am that night and the little jewel would move .... but she was loud. I knew I had to get the vehicle shut down before he came out of the house or he would hear it, and I knew he'd recognize the sound.

I barely got the car turned off before he came out the back door and got into the truck. He was off into the night and headed for the bars of Parkersburg ....

"Gonna get me a woman," I could just hear him saying!

Within an hour or so he had come out of a bar with a blond on his arm. Then he'd left town, and came home alone some three hours later.

"Bet he doesn't go home," I thought, when he rolled off the Belpre end of the bridge.

And he didn't go home. He went right straight to Chevette Woman's place and parked in front of her apartment. "Alibi established.

He was "cleaning the upstairs out" by the time Mabelle Clark was found, and within a week he had Chevette Woman spending the nights at his place. And on those few nights she wasn't there, he went to her place. "He's getting ready to move her in," I told my friends.

She moved into his house in October of 1994.

{If you want to see "who" he was getting even with at this time, and "which woman" had been snatched from his clutches, please see, The Lion Roars & A Wildcat Takes His Mate;}

I hadn't seen the inside of the house in a long time but if the outside was any indication, it was going downhill rapidly.


He Brought Me Back!

Chevette Woman only lived with Wild Bill for eleven months. She thought they were going to get married. I knew better.

I went dancing on September 16th, 1995, and he told her to take all her belongings ... well, except the things he wanted to keep .... like all the food in the house! ..... and get off the property!

He was sure good at running people off the property. Come to think of it, his sister liked that expression too. Funny, both of them were leaching an existence off relatives! Neither one of them owned a square inch of anything!

I'd originally met Wild Bill on September 27th, 1990: On September 27th, 1995 he moved a woman named Bonnie into his house! I was impressed ..... depressed ..... and just plain hard pressed for answers! I'd never seen anything like that in my life .... or had I?

{Please see: Sgt. Harper's Call And The Hootin' Honey:}

For the next two years Bonnie H. and her three kids were in and out of Wild Bill's house so many times that it was difficult to keep track of whether they were living there or not. During this same time period, the woman rented at least four apartments, and spent several nights in motels .... like I said, he sure liked to tell people to "get off the property".

He'd always drag Bonnie and the boys back though. He just had a way of making people believe he was really sorry for whatever he'd done to them, and of assuring them it would never happen again. "Typical psychopath," I said on more than one occasion.

By the time Bonnie moved out for the last time the old house was looking pretty bad. The paint was all peeling from the outside, the roof had to leak because there was no gravel at all on most of the shingles. We seen Wild Bill burn or trash most of the furniture he'd had when I knew him. A lot of it he had bought from me or my family or friends. Some of it we'd actually given to him even though we could probably have sold the items and got a pretty good price for them. Like the green, fur recliner I gave him because his back hurt. I'd paid $800.00 for the chair and it was one of the best on the market. We'd watched it carried out in ragged pieces.

"There really is something wrong with that man," my cousin had said when we witnessed the destruction to the furnishings that were piled on top of the burn pile, or tossed into the trash for pick-up.

"Is it him, or is it us?" I asked. MJ looked at me strangely.

"The Bible says fools dangle pearls before swine," I explained.

I thought it was us. We'd given good, expensive items to a moron who didn't know or appreciate quality when he saw it. So be it. Everybody deserved a chance. He'd had his last one.


He's Getting Brighter - But No Smarter!

Even as Wild Bill was trying to force Bonnie H. back into his house, he allowed his son to move in with him, and began dating a woman who lived real close to me!

It was Bonnie H. and I working together that learned her name and whereabouts. We made a pretty good team actually. Bonnie said we were the "same coin" .... I thought she might be right. Only problem was I couldn't figure out which side of the coin I was. Bonnie said I was "heads" since I was smarter than her! I disagreed with that, after all she'd gotten as much, if not more information on Wild Bill than I had. I said no, she could be heads and I'd be tails, but then she said she didn't think "being tail" suited me....duh...the woman had a point! I went back to heads....then she informed me what that meant....well hell....just give me the damned edge and you take heads and tails!!!

Wild Bill's new woman drove a Plymouth Neon so I dubbed her "Neon Woman" even though we knew her name almost as soon as he began dating her. And once again I was shocked, surprised and impressed at my boy. Not only had he "duplicated or symbolically replaced" me within his life over the past two years, but now he was working on the girl who had been my closest companion during those long nights when I watched him from dark alleys. [Sindee D.] had been there by my side, and now he had picked up a blond named [Cindy B.], who drove a white car and lived in Little Hocking! I'd driven a white car when he met me, was a blond and lived in Little Hocking! It was a bit much.

{Please see The Duplication Of Me - Bonnie Martin-Wells,}


Wild Bill's Plan Backfires - Big Time!

The other Bonnie pleaded with Wild Bill not to give up his home and move in with Neon Woman. I said not a word.

He moved into Neon Woman's mobile home in November of 1998 ..... and his life was never to be the same!

His son remained in the house in Belpre. It continued to deteriorate.

"Probably no one willing to pay him twenty bucks an hour to take care of his own home," I said when it was mentioned to me. I reasoned that if he was making ten dollars an hour at the age of twelve, then he probably thought his time and labor were worth at least twenty nowadays. Oh well....

I guess that first winter with Neon Woman was pretty rough on old Wild Bill. They say he's had back surgery several times, and I guess the snow piled on top of the roof to the point it was about ready to cave in. So, he had to climb up and sweep all that off. Then, I hear the septic lines froze and busted directly under the trailer. Bet that was a stinking mess! And then, the next thing we knew he was accused of raping Neon Woman's 13 year old daughter! I figured he did that ... and a whole lot more. Apparently there was enough evidence to convince the Washington County grand jury because they indicted his worthless ass. But, Prosecuting Attorney Michael Spahr came to his rescue just in the nick of time and had all charges dropped. Didn't matter to me. I'd had enough. It was time to "GET OFF THE DAMNED PROPERTY!"

The property Cindy B. rented to set her trailer on suddenly went up for sale! And it was sold within a few days. The first thing the new owner did was tell Wild Bill and Neon Woman that they had to move! And move they did! All the way out of the area ..... at least twenty miles from my home. His prowling my property in the middle of the night was over .. or at least considerably slowed down because now he had to find a place to park his vehicle and then be prepared to explain to a deputy sheriff why it was parked there! He didn't trust me with deputies. He thought I knew them all and they all knew and liked me .... hum.... he may have been right ....

As soon as he cleared Little Hocking he made a beeline for the other Bonnie and informed her that he could go back to "his" Belpre house any time he wanted to. Actually, I didn't figure he was going to be allowed to leave Cindy B. for at least seven years .... isn't that how long it takes the statute of limitations to run on a rape charge? Yep, think so. Old Wild-Assed-Bill had been trapped in his own game!

Still, there was no sense in taking chances....

It wasn't long until rumor had it that Wild Bill's brother had sold the property on which he'd lived in Belpre! Not only was he never going to return to it, but even his son was going to have to move because the old house was to be torn down!!!!

Well, he had one last trick up his sleeve. He'd been sneaking around with a certain Marietta woman {yes, I have her name} behind Cindy B's back, and he'd managed to get a few messages to me via her, as she was a client of my daughter's at her beauty shop.

I wasn't too concerned about her though until she left Marietta and moved into Belpre. Well, I didn't actually get concerned about her. I could care less about her. But I did become concerned that he had a "landing pad" so close to me. He could commit a crime and then run to her for cover....which she would gladly provide....and furnish him an alibi. Not good .... not good at all.

It's my understanding that someone bought the house that Wild Bill's secret mistress is renting. I guess she has to move because they intend to tear the house down! And I said...

"Well golly-gee, imagine that! Sounds like a series of those irritating 'coincidences' to me!"


Here We Go - Off The Property!

I watched Wild Bill help his son move from the Belpre property on the last day of August 2003.

It had been five long years, but the tide had finally turned.

From the end of August until January 16th, 2004, the old house sat there empty. It still pulled at my heart strings when I drove past. It hurt to remember what it had once been and how so many hopes and dreams had been shattered, how many friendships busted up because of lies and deceit. I was not a person who took friendship lightly. I valued my friends and tried very hard to treat them with respect and dignity. And I expected the same from them. Wild Bill had been my friend. I loved him as much as any friend I'd ever had. He had betrayed my trust and devalued my friendship. I'd not been treated in such a manner until he came into my life.

He had lied to me and about me, and he'd done everything humanly possible to destroy my reputation and credibility. It had actually worked with some, and for a long while I grieved over these lost friends and acquaintances as if they had suddenly died and been ripped away from me. Some were police officers, and along with the pain of their loss I suffered from knowing that they had chosen to become part of the conspiracy against me. That really hurt .... for a long while. I even grieved over the loss of Wild Bill's family. They too had become my friends ... or so I thought.

And it took several years for me to lick my wounds and heal all the deep cuts .... cuts that I'd never deserved.

During that "recovery" time, I was on the defensive so much that I had difficulty recovering to the point that I could launch an offensive. I'm sure the world will be very pleased to know that I have made a full recovery!

I didn't lose any friends ... they lost the best friend they could have ever had. I lost absolutely nothing. They lost everything.

Told you I recovered!


Old House Down

On January 15th (2004) I had a dream about Wild Bill. It was the first time I'd dreamed of him in a long while. {See The Circus Dream for details}

And on January 16th, the new owners rolled demolition equipment onto the property where Wild Bill had once lived and began the complete destruction of everything standing!

I knew it was coming, and yet, it was still a shock.

Several of us had wanted to go into the empty house and look around because we felt there was something there .... something that we needed to find ..... something..... perhaps hidden in the attic, or maybe under the house in the crawl space leading to the living room floor furnace ... or maybe he had knocked out chunks of concrete in the basement walls and hidden things there .... maybe behind boards around the fireplace ... maybe he left 'evidence' in the attic of the old garage ....

I decided our suspicions were ridiculous. If he had things hidden in there, wouldn't he have had sense enough to remove them when he moved out?"

And even if he didn't get them then, because his son was still there to guard things ... wouldn't he have gotten them when he helped the boy move back in August?

Still, the feeling of 'hidden things' persisted. Even my grandson Joshua felt it, and wanted to go to the new owners and ask permission to go into the house.

I refused. I knew it wouldn't do any good. Regardless of what was found inside that house now, would never do any good. Josh didn't care. He still wanted to go in.

I'd been told that Wild Bill had bragged to certain people about taking part in the murder of three black men. He claimed {according to my informant .... and yes, I had a witness} to have buried the dead bodies in the dirt, in a crawl space under someone's house.

I didn't believe it when I heard it. He's far too cleaver for that. Oh, he may have used the opportunity to do a little bragging, I don't doubt that. But he certainly didn't give away any incriminating details of the whereabouts. No, if anything was buried, it wasn't dead bodies. Although it may very well have been clothing, jewelry, purses, shoes and other personal belongings to some dead bodies!!! I didn't doubt that for a moment! Nor did I doubt that it was connected to that old house in Belpre. {See The Teddy Bear Killer Dream}


An Angry Man

Within a day or so of the house being torn down, Wild Bill went to visit a woman whom he knew had contacts to me. They had known one another for several years and I can actually remember him bragging that any time he wanted to get a message to his ex-wife or someone the woman knew he just went to her and told her the information because he knew she'd bust her ass to tell the person. Sounded like birds of a feather to me!

*Ms. Gossip did exactly as he hoped. She rushed to tell a close contact of mine that Wild Bill was really angry over the house being torn down. She said he threw a real tantrum ... ranted and raved over it because {according to her} "He had 'things' .... and 'stuff' in that house that he wanted to get out of there before it was torn down, and he had not been able to do so!

As I said before ... the house had sat empty 3 1/2 months. There was no furniture, no clothing, nothing visible within that house. What kind of 'things and stuff' could the man possibly have been talking about? And pray tell, where could these things and stuff have been located within that house? And of course, the next question must be..."why"....

Why did he put the items wherever he put them?

Why didn't he remove them when he left the premises himself back in 1998?

Why didn't he remove them when he helped his son move in 2003?

There are two possible answers to the "whys" in this case.

1. There is absolutely nothing there, and the man has devised another plan to attract my attention. In this case, he has failed miserably because the only action I intend to take is writing this page!

2. He did have 'things and stuff' hidden within the walls, under the floorboards, in the attic, etc. that were so 'incriminating' that he didn't dare let anyone.....even his own son....see him recovering the items. Perhaps he thought his brother would never sell the property and he would always have access to it. And then when it was sold, perhaps he was given no advance warning, and was not able to get inside the house without his son being present.

If this were the case, I'd think he would have came back to the house after he helped his son move out, and he would have retrieved the items .... unless the locks had been changed and the house keys turned in when they left the last time! That would have presented a real problem.

There's a church real close to the old property where Wild Bill once ruled as king of the concrete jungle. There is a sign board in front of the church.

I drove past there a day or so ago, looked at the bare .... torn up ground where his beautiful berry patches once graced the land, and looked up at that sign .... it said.....


What could I possibly say to top that!!


2013 Record Insert:

Marietta Municipal Court Clerk's Computerized Public records:

State of Ohio Vs William R Bauerbach

Docket for Case Number : 1994CRB00442

Date Description Case # : 1994CRB00442

Case filed on : 04/25/1994

Date of violation : 04/14/1994

Filing agency : Marietta Local Police Dept. Officer badge : s3

Violator name : William R Bauerbach

Violator address : 1924 Washington Blvd. Belpre OH-45714

Applicable violations : (1) 2907.09(O) Public indecency

Degree : n/a

Original plea : G

Final plea : G

Sentence : Sentenced Date : 04/25/1994

Fine & costs : 306.00

Total amount to pay : 306.00

Receipt no : 94006508

Date : 04/25/1994 Amount : 306.00

Applicable violations : (2) 2907.24(O) Soliciting:

Degree : n/a

Original plea : G

Final plea : G

Sentence : Sentenced Date : 04/25/1994

Fine & costs : 250.00

Total amount to pay : 250.00

Receipt no : 94006509 Date : 04/25/1994 Amount : 250.00

Activities: Arraigned On: 04/25/94 at: 09:00 AM


Ohio Revised Code: 2907.24 Soliciting - after positive HIV test - driver's license suspension.

(A) No person shall solicit another to engage with such other person in sexual activity for hire.

(B) No person, with knowledge that the person has tested positive as a carrier of a virus that causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, shall engage in conduct in violation of division (A) of this section.

(C)(1) Whoever violates division (A) of this section is guilty of soliciting, a misdemeanor of the third degree.

(2) Whoever violates division (B) of this section is guilty of engaging in solicitation after a positive HIV test.

If the offender commits the violation prior to July 1, 1996, engaging in solicitation after a positive HIV test is a felony of the second degree.

If the offender commits the violation on or after July 1, 1996, engaging in solicitation after a positive HIV test is a felony of the third degree.

(D) If a person is convicted of or pleads guilty to a violation of any provision of this section, an attempt to commit a violation of any provision of this section, or a violation of or an attempt to commit a violation of a municipal ordinance that is substantially equivalent to any provision of this section and if the person, in committing or attempting to commit the violation, was in, was on, or used a motor vehicle, the court, in addition to or independent of all other penalties imposed for the violation, shall impose upon the offender a class six suspension of the personís driverís license, commercial driverís license, temporary instruction permit, probationary license, or nonresident operating privilege from the range specified in division (A)(6) of section 4510.02 of the Revised Code.

2013 Notes: Bill spent 60 days in the Washington County jail, and was turned loose on humanity again.

To the best of my knowledge, he was not charged with a felony Ė although, unless my understanding of Ohio Revised Code 2907.24 Soliciting is faulty, he certainly should have been.

He did use a vehicle in his crime, although he was not in it when he solicited Judy C. Perhaps this is why the court did not suspend his driverís license. As far as Iím concerned this was the least of important things that should have been done back in 1994.

March 2000: "William R. Bauerbach, 46, of 1924 Washington Boulevard in Belpre, was indicted on one count of rape, one count of attempted rape and one count of gross sexual imposition. Bauerbach is alleged to have had sex with a 13-year-old girl in the winter of 1998."

Note: He was turned loose again. There was enough evidence for a grand jury to indict him, but not enough for Prosecuting Attorney Michael Spahr to prosecute him.

Michael Spahr is no longer our prosecuting attorney:

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