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The Old Man & The Bear

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Bonnie M. Wells

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Dreamer: ASB/226

Date of Dream: 7-7-09

Dreamer reported: An elderly man struggled with a bear that was trying to come into his house through an open window.

Dreamer was aware of a woman being somewhere in the background but never saw her.

end of dream //

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There was no need to do an interpretation for the above dream because before I could even think of doing one, the following article appeared on national television news.

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Homeowner Interrupts 2 a.m. Bear Break-in

By Gus Thomson Journal Staff Writer

Weimar homeowner Gus Hetland looks through the shredded screen

a bear ripped through to get into his kitchen Thursday morning.

He was awakened by a scratching noise.

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Waking up Thursday morning to the sound of scratching coming from his kitchen, Weimar homeowner Gus Hetland decided to investigate.

But the shape he could make out near his supper table turned out not to be human.

It was a bear that had scratched through a screen window and shimmied through the narrow opening to get inside.

Hetland, 86, said that the 2 a.m. wake-up call had him thinking “burglar” but the bear was a total surprise.

“I just let out a loud sound like a dog barking and the bear went out the window so fast,” Hetland said.

The emboldened bruin vanished into the night, leaving a shredded window screen, a torn lace curtain and a few pine needles on the kitchen floor as souvenirs.

Hetland said he’d been noticing in recent days that his outdoor fountain had been losing water and now suspects the bear had been visiting at night to quench its thirst. Thursday morning, it made a move toward more substantial fare inside the house.

“They can smell food we can’t smell,” Hetland said.

The fridge remained untouched, suggesting Hetland discovered the bear early in its foray into the home for a late-night snack.

“It’s a good thing we were home,” Hetland said. “If we were away, it would have torn up the whole house.”

In 20 years, Hetland had never seen a bear before in his Sleepy Hollow neighborhood. The rural home abuts wildland, including a seasonal stream.

Coyotes, a bobcat and deer have been sighted but bears have shied away.

That is until the morning trip to the fridge that Hetland hopes won’t be repeated.

His wife, Judy, said Hetland is constantly cracking wise so she initially didn't’t believe his contention that a bear had broken in.

“I thought it was a joke until I saw the damage,” she said. “I’m just glad I wasn't’t the one who walked in on the bear.”

Carol Singleton, State Fish & Game Department spokesperson, said that if Hetland made a loud sound like a dog, he was in line with guidelines to try to scare an intruding bear with noise.

Bear intrusions are sporadic in California. In the 1990s, a bear broke into a home east of Colfax and made national news when it was caught by the owner sipping on a soda can from the fridge it had opened with a claw. Last month, a San Bernardino County homeowner came home to find a bear feasting in the kitchen on a meal that included a two-pound box of chocolates.

Singleton said people can help prevent intrusions by keeping smelly things inside, including garbage and pet food. A bear-proof garbage can is a plus in rural areas to discourage wildlife looking for an easy meal, she said.

Singleton said that people in a bear’s presence should try to find a safe place and if they feel threatened, call 911. Local law enforcement should be first responders and they can follow up by calling Fish and Game, she said.

The Journal’s Gus Thomson can be reached at

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In my opinion, the above article is simply 'conformation' of ASB's dream, and serves to show us that the Lord does in fact send dreams, and then, on rare occasion, allows those dreams to pan out so that the entire world can see them.

There again, I believe this is so that we common folk down here will continue to have faith that He does watch over us .... is aware of our plights in life .... and wants to encourage us to continue to have faith in Him, and his ability to show us what comes.

I also believe the Lord wants us to know that if a person in West Virginia or Ohio can have a dream that pans out in California, as this one did, then should we doubt those dreams that we have that involve local crimes and cases? I think not.

Another interesting spiritual vision that can be found on this web site is one of my own that forewarned of the death of Michael Jackson.......... another Ohio to California situation. Seems we may be heading into some tough times where California is concerned. Hopefully, the Lord will warn some of us, and we'll have time to warn others. All we can do is wait and see, I guess.


Bonnie M. Wells

Psychic / Dream Interpretor

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The dreamer has seen this page and says that Mr. Hetland is the elderly gentleman seen in the dream: // BMW - July 25th, 2009


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