The Pickton Series

News Articles About Canadian Serial Killer Robert Pickton

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Robert Pickton, Serial Killer

6 Tipsters Split $100K In Pickton Rewards

A 'Sex Worker,' And A Human Being

Statement Of Det/Cst Lori Shenher Regarding DCC LePardís Report On The Missing Women

How Serial Killer Robert Pickton Slipped Away

Former VPD Geographic Profiler Finds Little Solace In Pickton Report

Distrust, Anger Builds Over Politician's Appointment To Head Pickton Inquiry

Portraits Of The Good Women Pickton Killed

Our Indifference Fostered the Pickton Horror

Our Fractured Forces: Is It Time To Overhaul B.C.'s Police System?

Coleman, RCMP Show Inquiry Needed

Timeline: Problems Prior To Pickton's Arrest

Officer Haunted By Robert Pickton Report: 'I Just Wanted To Do Justice'

The Predator And His Prey

Pickton Documentary Looks At Serial Killerís Inner Circle

Women Being Pushed To Their Deaths By Drug Dealers

Some Questions Need To Be Answered

Pickton Inquiry Could Focus On Lives Of Sex Workers

Oppal The Wrong Man For Pickton Inquiry

Damning Evidence Excluded

The Sickening Truth

Women Continued To Vanish, Even With Pickton In Police Sights

High-Profile Critic Of VPDís Handling Of Pickton Case Expected To Shake Up Inquiry

Police Foresaw Pickton Inquiry, Noted Bungled Investigation, Almost Two Years Before Serial Killerís Arrest

Pickton Inquiry Evidence Points To Failure Of Individual Officers


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