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Thirteen Also

In 2009


Bonnie M. Wells

* names have been changed to protect the identity of those innocent people tangled in a web of insanity, spun by a maniac.

For awhile I thought we were going to make it through 2009 without any disasters. I should have known better.

I met *Kayla through one of the cases I'd been working for several months, and she in turn introduced me to *Randy, who was a former deputy sheriff and continued to be a private investigator.

Randy wanted to meet me in person, and hoped that some day he and Kayla could visit me and discuss some of the cold cases that we were all interested in. I'd like that. I liked to talk about 'my cases,' and every once in a while I'd run across a tid bit of information that I didn't have, and I'd add that to my file, and keep on working all the cases.

It was mid September by the time Kayla and I got around to discussing the man I call Wild Bill in my stories. As I described him to her she began telling me about a man who had come into the store where she used to work and who had tried to get her to leave the store with him. She never went, and I was glad of it because I figured if she had gone with him, I'd be working her case today too!

On November 7th Kayla's boyfriend, *Chip injured his back while at work. Later, Kayla suggested he go to the emergency room just to make sure the injury wasn't more serious than he thought it was. After awhile he consented to allowing her to drive him to the hospital.

They sat at the hospital's emergency room for hours {which is a common thing in this area. If it really was an emergency the person would be dead before anyone ever saw them!} After seeing a doctor and leaving the hospital, the couple decided to go get something to eat, since neither of them had any dinner before going to the hospital.

They had only been in the restaurant a matter of minutes before two motor cycles pulled up, and parked - one on each side of Kayla's vehicle ..... even though there was ample parking elsewhere.

The two cycle riders came into the restaurant and seated themselves at a table where the bearded one could see Kayla.

Kayla had not seen the man I suspected was 'Wild Bill' since she stopped working at the store where he had tried to get her to go out with him .... but, I had sent her a picture of Wild Bill taken in 2005, and although she could not say for certain it was the same man who had come into the store, she now thought it was the man sitting at the table in the restaurant, staring at her! Then she heard one of the waitresses say, "Be with you in a minute Bill,' and she knew for sure it was him.

The couple finished their meal and left, and thought no more about seeing Wild Bill that night --- but I did. When I found out, I thought a lot about it, for you see, I know old Wild Bill and I know how he works. The one thing I didn't know was who his 'partner' was that night ..... and I wondered what would happen to that guy before all was said and done. Time would tell ... and then, so would I....

13 days later, on the 19th of November, a building in which Randy had some things stored was set on fire. The fire department said it was arson ..... no doubt in my mind that it was arson. It was also an anniversary .... I'd had my little house dog Copper put to sleep on November 19th 2007. One week later someone tried to break in my back door. I'd seen this reversed in 2009 with another friend of mine who had a rental house that I'd gone and helped her do some work in. I was waiting and watching ....

The fire was started at or around noon on the 19th, and by 5:30 that day Wild Bill and his girlfriend Cindy B. were down in Jackson, Ohio and parading themselves in front of my friend Sindee Davis. I said right then ... "He's done something and is establishing himself an alibi." I was right.

I didn't learn of the fire in Randy's storage building until December, and by that time we'd had another incident.

In the early morning hours of December 2nd, {13 days from the fire that destroyed Randy's possessions} someone opened the door to my kennel area and released all of my cats!

The Rottwieller next door to me had already killed one of my cats in September {the 19th} and I'd been trying desperately to keep my cats away from him ever since ..... now Nugget was missing again!

I was outside at 3 o'clock in the morning, all alone, with a flashlight trying to find my cat. All of them came running except Nugget, and I feared the barking of my dogs and the dogs of both of my neighbor's dogs an hour earlier was the last sounds that Nugget ever heard. I was heart sick. I'd had that cat ever since I'd found him in the area where Jenifer McCrady's murdered body had been buried.

I finally went back in the house and called Sindee back to tell her that someone had let my cats out and that Nugget was gone, then I went to bed and tried to sleep .....

I was back up at 9 a.m. -- dead or alive I had to find my cat.

I decided to release the goats and hose out their pen before going down into the lower section of our property and beginning my search for Nugget.

The water hose was kept in the kennel basement where it was heated, and that way I had water all winter long for my animals and for cleaning.

I opened the door into the kennel basement and there, on the table, along with Chessie, Miss Kitty and Mia sat Nugget!!!

Whoever had taken him must have been holding him somewhere, because he would have come to me when I called him, if he could have.

I'd venture to guess that they realized I had gone back into the house and was not coming out anymore until daylight, and they had gone back down, opened the door and put Nugget back into the basement with the other cats.

They'd better bring themselves a lock cutter the next time because the hook has been removed and a pad lock has replaced it. I'm sick of the game, and it's one thing to pick on me but it's an entirely different matter when they pick on my animals ..... and by the way buddy, you really would not have wanted to encounter me that night anyway because I had a loaded and cocked pistol in my pocket, and YES, I would have emptied it on you in a heart beat.

13 more days takes us to December 14th - another anniversary - and a birthday. See my page on Leah Hickman - murdered on December 14th, 2007 - case remains unsolved.

Will there be another strike on December 14th? Or is my memory of the events of that day enough for him? I honestly don't know, and suppose we will have to wait and see ... I'll be ready, whichever way it goes.......


Leah Hickman