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Bonnie M. Wells

This story actually begins with 'chip readings' done by Sindee Davis and me on April 9, 2009. We took turns doing the readings, and the following was one of mine. At that time we had no idea how important, or accurate the readings would turn out to be. For now, I will present the reading that pertains to the deaths of three people. Then I will move on to demonstrate and explain the fulfillment of the reading, through news articles and other sources of information. The story will then be 'linked back' to other stories on my web site that pertain to some of the people involved, as well as dates, times, places and numbers that have been re-occurring throughout the years that I have worked psychic homicide.

This story is 'color coded' for research and verification purposes.

The Chip Reading - 4-9-09 -








News Articles

ORIGINAL STORY PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (AP) - Two adults and a child have died in an early morning fire at South Parkersburg home in western West Virginia.

WTAP-TV reports that the fire started at 5:30 Sunday morning at a residence and firefighters found the home completely engulfed in flames.

The names of the victims have not yet been released.

Fire inspectors believe items too close to an electric heat source may have started the fire.

Captain Tim Flinn of the Parkersburg Fire Department says the structure's frame and some paneling inside helped the fire spread.

Flinn says no smoke detectors were found at the home.

The victims are known to be two adults and a child. When firefighters arrived shortly after 5-30 a-m, they found the entire structure in flames.

"It was fully envolved," says Parkersburg Fire Chief Eric Chichester, "and it caught the exterior of the garage right beside it and got it on fire."

An investigation continues, but by afternoon, inspectors believed that items found to be too close to an electric heat source may have been what started the fire.

"From the framing of the structure and some paneling inside," fire inspector Tim Flinn says, "there were quite a few combustibles that aided the fire to spread."

Captain Flinn also said no smoke detectors were found inside the home. In spite of some obstacles, fire fighters were able to put out the blaze quickly.

"We had a lot of power lines down in the middle of the road where they were at," Chief Chichester added. "There were a lot of extenuating circumstances on this, but they did a very good job. And it was quite a distance from the road, too, so that made it a little bit tougher."

But they could not get to the fire quickly enough to save the victims, who, according to preliminary reports, may have died from smoke inhalation.

The names of the victims were not made available Sunday.

The bodies have been taken to the state medical examiner's office, and Captain Flinn says an autopsy could be performed late Monday afternoon.

Update: 10/12/09

The names and cause of death have been released for three victims of a weekend house fire.

Captain Tim Flinn with the Parkersburg Fire Department says 26-year-old Jesse Hayes, 21-year-old Amanda McClain and her son, 11-month-old Conner Joy all died of smoke inhalation.

The three were living in a home on Camden Avenue that caught fire Sunday morning.

Neighbors say they were just getting to know the couple and the little boy who just moved into the neighborhood.

"I stopped and introduced myself. They told me their names. I told them our names and welcomed them to the neighborhood," Jennie Stringer, a neighbor, said.

"She said she liked it and that there were kids around for her kids to play with, and that it was just quieter," Angel Stringer, a neighbor, said.

Family, friends and neighbors have set up a memorial in front of the home.

They're also planning a fundraiser to help pay funeral costs. A yard sale/bake sale will be held at 909 Camden Avenue on Saturday, October 24 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Captain Flinn says the cause of the fire remains under investigation.


Amanda Reann McClain-McCune, 21, of Parkersburg passed away Oct. 11, 2009, at her residence in Parkersburg.

She was born Aug. 28, 1988, in Parkersburg. She was a daughter of Robert Dwayne McCune and Donna McClain.

Amanda was a homemaker and a very loving person.

She is survived by her son, Owen Joy of Parkersburg; two sisters, Dawn and April Stoody, both of Columbus; two brothers, Joshua McCune and girlfriend, Janifer Rector, of Parkersburg and Devin McCune and fiancee, Amber Smith, of Indianapolis, Ind.; grandfather, Richard Burdette of Walker, W.Va.; grandmother, Barbara McClain of Springfield, Ohio; special friend, Larry W. Smith of Parkersburg, who mentored Amanda; and several aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.

She was preceded in death by her son, Conner James Dwayne Joy; grandfather, Donald McClain; grandmother, Ellen Burdette; and Amanda's love, Jesse Wade Hayes, who passed away trying to save Conner.

Services will be 11 a.m. Saturday at the Leavitt Funeral Home in Parkersburg with Dr. Kurt Busick officiating. Interment will follow at Evergreen South Cemetery. Visitation will be from 6-8 p.m. Friday at the funeral home.

An online guestbook may be signed at

Conner James Dwayne Joy, 11 months, of Parkersburg, passed away Oct. 11, 2009, at his residence.

He was born a son of Joseph Matthew Joy of Parkersburg and the late Amanda Reann McClain-McCune.

He is survived by his father, Joseph Matthew Joy of Parkersburg; his brother, Owen Joseph Joy of Parkersburg; his paternal grandparents, Angela and James Joy of Parkersburg; maternal grandparents, Donna McClain and Robert McCune of Parkersburg; and several aunts, uncles and cousins.

Conner was preceded in death by his loving mother, Amanda Reann McClain-McCune.

Services will be 11 a.m. Saturday at the Leavitt Funeral Home in Parkersburg with Dr. Kurt Busick officiating. Interment will follow at Evergreen South Cemetery. Visitation will be from 6-8 p.m. Friday at the funeral home.

An online guestbook may be signed at

Jesse Hayes, 26, of Coolville, Ohio died Sunday, Oct. 11, 2009, as a result of a house fire. He was born April 25, 1983 in Marietta, son of Bruce Sr. and Melissa Capehart Hayes of Coolville. He was a member of the Coolville Lions Club. Besides his parents, he is survived by two brothers, Bruce Jr. and Michael; maternal grandmother, Alice Capehart; paternal grandparents, Clarence and Thelma Hayes; one niece, Ashlyn Hayes; and several aunts and uncles. He was preceded in death by his grandfather, Buford Capehart; and a nephew, Austin Hayes. Graveside services will be held Thursday, **October 15, 2009, at 11:00 a.m. at the Stewart Cemetery in Hockingport with Rev. George Horner officiating. There will be no visitation. Arrangements are by White-Schwarzel Funeral Home, Coolville, OH

Comment From WTAP NEWS

Posted by: Megan, David and Jane Wilson

Location: Coolville Ohio on Oct 13, 2009 at 02:35 PM

Hey Jesse, I live in Chicago and mom and dad told me about what happened.

I'm glad we are friends and hope someday to met you in Heaven.

Dad will miss you too.

You and Jay always took up for me in school while others put me down. And you could always cheer me up.

It was you and Jay, and my mom and dad to tell me never to give up in my acting and to live my dreams.

I moved to Chicago 6 months ago and mom and dad said you came over one day and stayed all day with Jay and you asked about me, and said to tell me to never give up; To show all the kids that use to laugh at me that I could make it and that you where very proud of me.

Well the first movie is out I did on DVD and the theater - one called Red River comes out in 2010. It will be sad that you will not be here to see me on the screen. But in heaven with God you can see everything. Thanks Jesse for being a good friend to me and my family. We will miss you and remember all the good times we had - like my 16th birthday party at the Martin's house.

Love, Meg



Bonnie M. Wells






When Sindee and I first did the above chip reading, neither of us knew what we were looking at. I wrote the reading down, dated it and put it away. When the call came in concerning the deaths of the three people named above, I remembered the reading and went back and checked it. Even I was surprised at how accurate it was.


The paternal grandfather of eleven month old Conner Joy is listed in the above article as James Joy. Those who know the man the best call him Bo. I have never met either Bo nor his wife Angie, but know some people who do know them, and can most assuredly say that grief has come to Bo Joy and his family.

Also, at this point, I want to mention the peculiarity of the date of the reading... April 9th. The reading was done precisely 6 months to the day prior to the family moving into the house where they all lost their lives. I have been told they moved into the house on October 9th.

October 9th is the birthday of the son of the man I call Wild Bill on this web site. As we go along I will show how Wild Bill ties in with this picture just as he has with so many others in the past.

The fire occurred the night of October 10th. That was Wild Bill and his second wife's wedding anniversary. Just another oddity, I suppose.


In the beginning, I believed this pertained to the baby that died. Now, I can see it also pertains to Jesse Hayes, because from this point forward the rest of the reading seems to be geared toward Jesse Hayes. I will explain as we go along. Anyway you look at it though -- he died.




This part of the reading didn't make any sense at all to me until I discovered the above letter on the WTAP web site. Then it made pretty good sense.

When Meg told how she had moved to Chicago, and was now acting in movies, I could easily see .... ROAD TOUR and when Meg thanked Jesse for being a friend to her and her family, I easily saw PALS.

The word RIVER has a dual meaning just like 'he die' had. The fire took place in a house located very near the river, and if you read Meg's letter, you will see that the name of the movie she is starring in is titled Red River. To say I was impressed even at this point would be an understatement. But it was to get much better!

As I read through Jesse Hayes' obituary I discovered 3 names that came directly from my own life .... Michael, Clarence and Thelma. In my life they were all MARTIN's! Mike Martin was my brother; Clarence Martin was my uncle and his wife's name was Thelma!

However, it was Meg's next to the last word in her letter that just floored me .... she said, "We will miss you and remember all the good times we had - like my 16th birthday party at the Martin's house."

If one goes back and looks at the date of the reading, they will see it was in April. Jesse's birthday was in April. April 9th was 'Passover - Holy Thursday,' the day before Good Friday.

Continuing with the date of the reading for just a moment: The updated news article above states - "A yard sale/bake sale will be held at 909 Camden Avenue...." If one looks at the date of the reading they will see 4 {which has already been identified and explained} and then 9-09. I find this extremely odd, but the date of the reading has become the address of a bake sale to raise funds to help with expenses!

I believe in my heart that God sent that message {and others} to me and Sindee because he knew we would write them down and see the Miracles within when they panned out.

This is not the end of the story though, because the rest of it is just as unlikely and bizarre as that which I have already told.

The above obituary for Jesse Hayes says .."services will be held October 15, ..."

Jesse Hayes was buried just one day shy of 13 years to the day his mother accused Terry Hook of entering her home and threatening bodily harm to her.

Those wishing to read that story can do so by clicking on the link at the end of this page which is titled By Hook Or Crook.

That case was never actually resolved, although I did report to authorities that Wild Bill had actually confessed to his girlfriend at that time that he had 'set Terry Hook up,' but that I had stuck my nose into it and got him off the hook.

I only did what I knew in my heart was right. I wish everyone else had done the same.

And in closing this page tonight, I can only hope that the authorities will look very closely at this case and make absolutely certain that the fire really was accidental, because beyond all the highly unusual things that I have already listed on this page, there is yet another common denominator that needs to be mentioned.

As I have already pointed out, there are at least 3 separate times that Wild Bill has surfaced within this picture. 1. His son's birthday // 2. His old wedding anniversary // 3. The fact that he bragged it was he who went into Melissa Hayes' home, and not Terry Hook.

But, beyond that is this "13" thing that I've been watching for a long time now. I've mentioned it to several cops -- but, as with everything else, it has been ignored .... and knowing in advance that it would be ignored, I did what I do best .... I wrote it all up and posted it on this web site so anyone and everyone could read it. Those wishing to see what I'm talking about should check out my page titled 'Everything's Thirteen,' and all links connected to it.

I suppose the world will see it all as coincidence - again, and that's okay with me. I've done my job, as usual, and the rest is up to the Lord. I'm sure He will set the record straight ..... sooner or later.

By Hook Or Crook? {Hayes Strike # One}

Tracy Jean Hayes; Arkansas {Hayes Strike # Two}

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