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Vibrational Patterns


Bonnie M. Wells

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My first encounter with "Vibrational Patterns" as applied to human beings came in the book The Celestine Prophecy, written by James Redfield.

Redfiled speaks of spiritual transformation and evolving to a higher plane of existence.

The book seems to be a champion of modern day guru's, mediums and some psychics, although I wonder how many actually understand what the book actually says ..... at least enough to use it as a basis for their psychic work.

Redfield seems to indicate that the real meaning of life will not be found in religion or material wealth, but rather in things like auras.

He speaks of nine "insights" found in an ancient culture which, if followed will bring humanity to supposed perfection.

Quote: "The Ninth Insight explains how human culture will change in the next millennium as a result of conscious evolution. It describes a significantly different way of life. For instance, the Manuscript predicts that we humans will voluntarily decrease our population so that we all may live in the most powerful and beautiful places on the Earth."

Quote: "Our needs will be completely met without the exchange of any currency, yet also without any overindulgence or laziness."

Quote: "The Ninth Insight says that as we humans continue to increase our vibration, an amazing thing will begin to happen. Whole groups of people, once they reach a certain level, will suddenly become invisible to those who are still vibrating at a lower level. It will appear to the people on this lower level that the others just disappeared, but the group themselves will feel as though they are still right here -- only they will feel lighter."

Quote: "When humans begin to raise their vibrations to a level where others cannot see them, it will signal that we are crossing the barrier between this life and the other world from which we came and to which we go after death."

Quote: "At some point everyone will vibrate highly enough so that we can walk into heaven, in our same form."

Needless to say, anyone who knows me can guarantee you that my copy of The Celestine Prophecy would take a person twice as long to read as any new copy of the book because the margins are filled with notes, Bible quotes, and cross references. And anyone who actually knows me could {and probably would} tell you that I was not the least impressed with the book, and hold very few views in common with it, especially the ones that {in my opinion} appear to promote "communism" as a desired way of life.

I do not like communism. We are as close to it in this nation today as I ever want to come to it. I do not approve of one class {group} of people having to work themselves to death so that another class {group} can sit on their asses, drink booze, do drugs, deprive their children and emotionally and mentally prepare those same children for another generation of entitlement at someone else's labor and expense. No sir, I do not like the concept of communism, and it will be a cold day in hell before I "see trees and rivers and mountains as temples of great power to be held in reverence and awe," as the book proclaims.

And as far as "vibrating into invisibility" is concerned ..... it seems we might have some believers in this principle already! However, I remain convinced that if they "disappeared," someone should go in search of them! If no one else will, then I suppose I will, because I have enough trouble believing in the Christian "rapture," much less in "vibrating into Heaven." Nope, if some people want to tell reporters and such, "It's all vibrational patterns," and those same reporters are too ignorant to pin the person down and ask for an explanation, then I guess that okay, but it is not my way, and never will be.

Of course, I have my own definition of Vibrational Patterns ..... and by golly I can explain it, and even offer some excellent examples of it!!

As Uncle Kracker says ...... Follow Me .....

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My Theory


According to the law of physics in which energy is considered to be continuous, I believe that all things put off vibrational patterns, and this includes vehicles.

I also believe, and can substantiate my belief, that there are people who can "tune in to" these vibrational patterns. Granted, they are few and far between, but there are people who can do this.

In my opinion, I happen to be one of those people. If that makes me psychic, then so be it.

I also believe that it is possible that humans do send out "vibrations," while they are alive. However, I do not believe that dead people, animals or anything else send out vibrations.

A person can tune in to the vibrations of something mechanical, such as a vehicle, and actually track it or be sensitive enough to sense its presence before it comes into view. I have done this many, many times myself and have seen others that are quite good at it. For example, I can usually sense a police cruiser within a mile of it, provided I'm not preoccupied with something else.

There are some cops in this area that could verify {but they probably won't because that's just the way they are} that I was, at one time, very much in tune with Wild Bill's white Toyota truck. There were those who said the reason I could do this was because I was "obsessed" with Wild Bill. Those people were wrong, and I tried to tell them they were wrong. They based their opinions on their own emotional response to things, whereas I was not operating from emotion.

I have one friend who never actually knew Wild Bill, and yet, she was eventually able to "tune into" him in her own way. To this day, her knee begins to tingle whenever he's within a short distance of her. Each time this happens he will drive by within a few minutes. As he disappears the tingling subsides. I suppose she was/is "obsessed" with him too!

It has been 13 years since I was around Wild Bill, and yet, I can still sense his presence, and can {almost always} detect the direction he's heading ..... and he doesn't even have the Toyota anymore!

Following are a few examples of my experience with "vibrational patterns," and the ability to locate things based upon the ability to tune in to such patterns.

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The Trans-Am


Several years ago my husband and I decided we wanted another vehicle. We spent a few days driving around to various local car dealers and looking at what they had, but couldn't find exactly what we wanted ..... perhaps because we didn't know exactly what we wanted! Regardless, after about three week-ends of driving around, I decided I wanted a Pontiac Trans-Am. I'd been a Pontiac fan since the day I began driving, and had never really changed my opinion. I liked Pontiac's ... period.

We drove around and looked at the ones that were available, but none suited us. We finally gave up and came home.

That night {and I do have the date somewhere in my notes} I had a dream about a white Pontiac Trans-Am. When I awoke the next morning I informed Mike that we had to go to Parkersburg because "my Trans-Am" was sitting on a car lot on 7th Street!

Now Mike and I have been together forever, but still, the man remains a skeptic. "We just drove that entire area yesterday, and there are no white Trans-Am's on any lot on 7th Street," he said as I put my shoes on. I'd go without him ..... and he knew it.

We drove back to Parkersburg; drove up 7th Street looking as we went .... Sure enough, there she sat! A solid white Motor Sport Edition {MSE} Trans-Am. "That's my car," I said as it came into sight.

"No way," Mike replied. He felt it was too high performance for me to handle .... {I didn't have the heart to tell him I could out-drive him any day of the week!!} ... and besides that it was entirely too expensive. There was no way we were going to get that car.

Mike worked afternoon shift back then, and I was doing dishes as he prepared to go to work the next day {a Monday}. "What are you going to do today?" he asked.

"I'm going to wait until you are out of sight, and then I'm going to Parkersburg and buy that Trans-Am that I dreamed." I replied. Poor man, he just never knew what I would do next.

"Oh no you aren't," he said. "I'm not concerned because you can't get it anyway." Funny, he didn't sound too sure of himself.

The Trans-Am was sitting in the drive-way when he came home that night! I'd borrowed it over night, but I knew it wasn't going back. And it didn't.

I had that Trans-Am for a long time, and took several people a ride or two in it. Mysde could tell a wild tale or two about it, as could old Wild Bill himself. I always wanted to write "Wild Child" across the hood scoop on it but Mike never would let me. Didn't matter.

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Wild Bill's Toyota


The year was 1991 and Wild Bill and his wife had just filed bankruptcy and lost almost everything they didn't own to begin with. He needed a vehicle to drive to work and back. I went in search of one, but it was a difficult task since he had no money and couldn't get a loan.

Once again, a dream would play an important part in my search.

I dreamed of a white Toyota truck that was sitting in someone's yard for sale, but I didn't know where the area was that was shown in my dream.

I told Mike and Wild Bill about the dream. Mike was skeptical as usual and Wild Bill didn't know me well enough at that time to know whether to believe me or not. Mike assured him I was telling the truth ..... If I said I dreamed it, I did dream it. Didn't mean the dream would come true .....

It was about three days after the dream and Mike and I were going through Belpre via Putnam Howell Drive.

He was talking about something as we passed a house with a white Toyota truck sitting in the front yard with a for sale sign on it!!!

"Turn around and go back," I ordered as he proceeded to cross the railroad tracks and head out of town.

"No. I'm not going back there. That truck will cost too much, and I'm not going back."

He was moving slowly. I could get out .... "Okay, stop the damned car and I'll walk back. You go on home and I'll bring the truck!" I smarted back at him.

He wasn't taking any chances. He turned around and went back!

Our friend Judy had agreed to loan Wild Bill $3,000.00 to purchase a vehicle with, so I knew I had to get the truck for that price.

I knocked on the door and a woman answered. "How much is the Toyota truck?" I asked.

She looked at me for a second or two, and stammered .... "$3,000.00"

"I'll take it." I replied.

Later she told me that she had no idea why she said $3,000.00 because her husband had just told her not fifteen minutes earlier that he wanted $4,000.00 for the truck! It had a brand new motor in it and a new paint job, and was well worth the $4,000.00. But, I only had $3,000.00 so that's how much it was.

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Tracking The Toyota


I remember the day that the cops could not locate Wild Bill and they called me for assistance. I told them to stay put and I'd go out and find him, and I did. I drove to an area in Belpre and parked. My friend Diane was with me and she asked ..."What are you doing?" I replied that the Toyota was coming my direction and would be there within a couple of minutes, and sure enough, within just a few minutes it came sailing through the underpass right in front of where we sat.

"How do you do that?" Diane asked. I couldn't explain it, but the fact remains, I could {and did} do it on a regular basis. There were many, many times that I would be talking to someone on the phone and would tell them that I had to go because the Toyota just started up and I needed to see where "he" was headed in the middle of the night. I was NEVER wrong, and the astonishing thing about this was the fact that Wild Bill lived 6 miles from me at that time! From six miles away, I picked up the "vibrational patterns" of that Toyota truck.

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My Chevy Van


In 1986, '87 and '88 my only child {Christina} was married and living in Kansas. Her husband was in the U.S. Army at the time and they lived near Ft. Riley.

Mike and I purchased a van so that when we decided to go visit we could take my parents or other people with us and we'd all be comfortable. I liked the van. It was a nice handling vehicle and had enough room in it for everything, including my German Shepherds if I wanted to attend a dog show or needed to make a trip to the Vet.

However, after Christina returned home, and I'd gotten pretty much out of the dog business, the van was often impractical. So, the time came that we decided to trade it off.

Now I'm not sure how the rest of the world is with their vehicles, but I get pretty attached to mine, and regardless of how much I want the new vehicle, I hate to let go of the old one. However, until I traded the van off, I never once considered that the vehicle might be fond of ... or have an attachment {surely not emotional??} to me!

Several months after the van was gone from our lives the phone rang one day and I answered it.

"I know you don't know me, but I think I have a van that used to belong to you." the caller said.

It really was no mystery as far as determining who had previously owned the van. I'd had a Granville Shepherd decal in the center of the wheel on the back of the van and my phone number had also been there. It seemed that even after the decal and the numbers were removed, you could still see the outline and read the kennel name as well as the phone number! Guess once something is mine, it never changes regardless of where it goes or who has it!

After the new owner and I had spoken for a few minutes he said something very peculiar to me .....

"You know, I'm sure this is going to sound crazy to you, but would you please tell me how to get to your house because I think the van misses you and wants to see you." he said.

I was somewhat taken aback by his comment, and yet, I didn't want to hurt his feelings so I told him how to get from Athens to my house. He was here within a half hour, and nothing would do but that I got into the drivers seat and drove the van!

We went all around the area... up through our old stomping grounds in Belpre .... down past Wild Bill's house ..... who I thought was going to have a stroke when he looked up and saw me driving a vehicle that had been gone from my life for several months at that time. But probably the most comical sight was the look on my daughter's face when I passed her on Washington Blvd! I headed out Putnam Howell Drive and before I could go an entire block Christina was on my bumper with head lights flashing!

I pulled over and watched in the large outside mirror as she came creeping, cautiously, up along side the van.

"What the hell" ... she stammered as she reached the driver's door.

"It missed me so Mr. ____ brought it to visit, and it wanted to go for a drive around the area, so here we are!" I laughed.

We had a nice visit that day, and I told the van's new owner he was welcome to bring "her" home to visit anytime he wanted .... or anytime "she" wanted. All my vehicles are "she's" and I never questioned that any more than people question why boats usually have feminine names. That's just how it is.

But that was the only time the van came to visit me ...... however, it was not destined to be the last time I would visit the van!! Something even stranger lay a few years down the road.

Meanwhile, the guy who bought the Trans-Am began working with my son-in-law and so I got to see that vehicle from time to time. It was almost as if they just couldn't actually be taken away from me .... or, perhaps they were as much "in tune" with me, as I was with them. But that's an entirely different subject and has nothing to do with "vibrational patterns" as such.

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The Corvette


Mike decided he wanted a Corvette. I didn't care one way or the other, but if I was to have one I preferred a new one. Nothing doing, he wanted an older model Stingray, so the search began.

We called about several vets advertised but all seemed to need several thousand dollars worth of work, and that's not what we wanted. Weeks dragged by. Finally Mike saw an add in a news paper about a Corvette in West Virginia. It was quite a drive from our house to go look at it, but we figured if it was in good shape we'd buy it and bring it home that day. Only problem was, we couldn't get an answer when we called the number.

Mike can be somewhat impatient at times, and Lord knows I have little or no patience, so within a couple of hours we were both getting a little ticked.

Mike went out side and tinkered around in the yard awhile. I decided to read some of my book, and sat down at the kitchen table as was my custom. I'd no more than opened the book though when the add in the news paper seemed to attract my attention. I ignored it. Mike came back inside and I went to the living room to talk to him, but by the time I sat down I felt I just had to go pick that paper up ....

"What's wrong with you?" Mike asked as I rebounded from the couch.

"I don't know" .... I said. "I have to read that add or something" ....

I picked the paper up, ran my hand over the add, and laid it back down before returning to the living room.

We'd been sitting in the living room a total of five minutes when I told Mike .... "Pick the phone up and try that number again. The people are home now."

He looked at me as if I was nuts, but he dialed the number none the less.

The man of the house answered the phone on the second ring .... and told Mike he'd just walked through the door as the phone rang!!!

We went to look at the car, which the owner said was in "mint" condition.

Detroit really needs to educate people as to the meaning of mint condition! Mike was real disappointed, but I wasn't. Somehow I knew before we got there what color the car was, and what condition it was in ..... and I told Mike too! He didn't believe me until we got there and sure enough, I was right. We headed back home ... without the car.

We were coming across the Belpre/Parkersburg bridge when I suddenly said .... "Take the highway and go right straight to Athens. The Corvette you want is sitting on a corner in Athens, and it's silver."

"Woman, you are definitely going to drive me crazy, if you don't stop this bullshit," Mike replied. "We are NOT going to Athens. There are no Corvette's in Athens. It's a college town and the kids buy up everything as soon as it hits town. I'm not wasting a trip to Athens."

"Okay, I'll just go by myself," I replied. And down the road we went .... toward Athens!!!

He wasn't in a very good mood as we traveled, so I didn't say much until we entered Athens and there, on the first car lot, on the corner of the car lot, sat a nice looking silver Corvette!

"Pull over. There's our car." I instructed.

"There's no sense in stopping here," Mike replied, "we can't afford that car."

"Stop the damned car Mike," I ordered. "If you think I went through all this for nothing you are crazy. I'm buying that damned Corvette, and that's that. I WILL make them an offer and they WILL accept it." I said as he pulled up to the curb and put the car in park.

I did make an offer that day, and the car lot manager laughed at me!!

"Okay, that's it. You fix this, you replace that, and when the car is ready {at the price I offered} you give me a call, and we'll come down and pick it up." I responded to his chuckle.

"Yeah, she's serious," Mike replied as the man looked questioningly at him.

Mike followed me back to our car and we came home..... without the Corvette.

"Better go tomorrow and take the money out of savings for the car," I said as we drove toward home.

"You really are nuts if you think that guy will ever call, after the way you acted," Mike said.

"He'll call. Just as soon as he has the work finished. He'll call."

And he did. It was two days later but he called and said we could come pick our Corvette up because it was ready to go ...... and yes, at my offered price!

We drove down to get the car. After signing papers and being there for a half hour or so we started out. Mike was going to drive the Corvette while I drove the vehicle he'd driven down to Athens.... my T-Bird.

We'd walked out front and was standing on the sidewalk talking to the salesman who really seemed to like my style of doing business by this time, when I suddenly "tuned in" to something coming from the rear of the building.

"What's back there?" I interrupted the conversation and pointed to the rear of the building.

"That's our garage area," the salesman replied.

"I'm going back there for a minute Mike," I said as I started that direction.

"What for ..... why are you going back there .... hey, wait a minute," Mike called after me. But I didn't stop or wait. I marched around the corner and into the garage and there, up on the racks, getting some undercoating sat my old blue Chevy van!!!!! The mechanic said it was being readied for a trip to New York.

I reached up and patted her on the bumper and told her to have a safe trip, turned around and walked out.

You could have heard a pin drop in that garage. Every guy in there stood in suspended motion and stared at me. Mike just shook his head and muttered something about 'trying to live like this' .... and off we went with our Corvette!!!

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When I was A Child


Now whether anyone can "explain" the things I've recounted here concerning vehicles, or not, I cannot say. I'm sure there are those who won't even believe what I've said, but those people can rest assured that if need be, I can and will prove every word of what I've said. There are enough strangers involved so that no one in their right mind could accuse me of having my friends tell the stories for my benefit. Besides that, I don't operate that way .... never did.

When I was a child, we lived on a gravel road. Our house was located three miles from the nearest 'paved' road, and we had no telephone. We were 'country people' and the 'city lifestyle' was quite foreign to us in those days.

Our summers were filled with as much, if not more work than our winters were, and we seldom visited anyone because there really wasn't time for visiting.

My dad held down a full time job on the B&O Railroad and then ran a 160 acre farm in his 'spare time'! However, regardless of how 'cut off from civilization' we were ..... and looking back, I now realize we really were .... it didn't seem to matter to me.

On occasion I would tell my mother that we had to get our work done early because we were going to have visitors later in the afternoon! Mom never once doubted my word; never once questioned me as to why I thought that, but simply smiled and said everyone had to get busy then because things had to be done before we could play. And without fail, before the day was done, someone came to visit.

Now this might not sound like such a big deal to people now days because we live so close to one another and things are just different than when I was little. But back then, we didn't have 'company' very often. My Uncle Bill usually had a neighbor to drive him down to visit us once during the summer, or sometime around the Holiday season. Aunt Edna would make a couple trips at some point during the year, and on very rare occasions my Aunt Dorothy and her family would come to visit. But these visits were so rare that no one could have predicted them. More often than not, our family would stop by their house as we came or went from the grocery store, and we children would get to play together for an hour or so while the adults chatted.

I do not recall ever being able to determine 'who' it was that was coming to visit ... just that someone was coming. Perhaps I tuned into their thoughts even as they occurred to them .... I honestly do not know. All I know is, I was never wrong, and it was something my mother spoke frequently of right up till her dying day.

This web site contains many, many stories. Some are about me and my family and friends. Many are about unsolved murder cases or missing people cases. Others are about my animals, and various other topics of interest to me {and hopefully to my readers!} However, there is one very unusual and strange story that I have not told on this web site yet. Perhaps this is the page where it should be told.

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Before They Died


Back in 1976 I was working at the old A.B. Chance Company as an Inspector. I'd divorced my second husband John Michael Williams about three years earlier and Mike Wells and I were planning on getting married.

I was renting a house in Belpre, located at 714 N----- Avenue, and although the location was convenient, Mike and I both wanted out of town. I wanted to return to the Warren school district so that Christina could attend the same schools I'd attended. So, as our wedding day approached Mike and I began looking for a piece of property. We hoped to find something that already had a house or mobile home on it, but if not, then we planned on building a house someday.

There was a piece of property advertised which was located on State Route 339 at Veto. I called the owner, a Mrs. N----- and asked directions. We went to look at the property; liked what we saw and selected an acre that was situated right along the road.

Mrs. N------ priced the ground to us at $1,500.00 per acre. It was a fair price. There were no utilities, nothing on the ground, so by the time everything was put in and we bought a mobile home or built a house we'd have a pretty penny in the property. We agreed on the $1,500.00 and asked Mrs. N------ how we should go about paying the money. She suggested we go to her attorney and sign the papers and give him the money. Sounded fine with us so off we went .....

When we arrived at the attorney's office he was on the phone with Mrs. N-----. As soon as we were seated he explained that we needed to go back out to her house and get a description of the land in question ..... and then he said something that I'll never forget .... "You're getting a very good deal on that property because she could get twice that amount of money out of it." I disagreed and told him so. That was farm land and it was completely undeveloped.

We returned to Mrs. N-----'s house and lo-n-behold she informed us that we'd made a mistake! The land we wanted was $3,000.00 per acre whereas the ravine that ran through the property, where neither man nor beast could have lived, was the $1,500.00 per acre land! I informed Mrs. N----- that it was she and her attorney who had made the mistake. They'd picked the wrong person to lie to and try to swindle.

Mike and I walked away that day and never looked back.

Within one week we found the place where we now live, and bought it at first sight. It had a house trailer on it then, but that was OK. We moved into it on our wedding day .... June 4th, 1976 and lived in it for eight years while we saved the money to build our own house. And we did build it ourselves too .... no contractors, just us and a few friends.

But I never forgot the dirty stunt Mrs. N----- and her attorney pulled, and years later I would come to wonder if something far greater than a place for me to live was not at stake. If so, ... well, it may be revealed someday ...... perhaps not.

I met Wild Bill in 1990, and was absolutely astonished to discover that if we had bought the piece of property from Mrs. N-----, back in 1976, we would have been Wild Bill's, very close, next door neighbor!!!!

I was also astonished to learn that he had bought his property in June of 1976.

I've dealt with people named N----- three times since my first encounter. Not once have they been fair, honest or trustworthy. It has taught me a valuable lesson.

And today, twenty eight years later, I can only wonder if their actions prevented me from being in a spot where a killer might have been apprehended long before he ever became a killer. If so, their lives will never be what they should have been and prosperity will continually slip through their fingers and flee from their lives.

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Bonnie M. Wells

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