Visions II:

Yesterday; Today; Tomorrow


Bonnie M. Wells

In His Own Words:

On April 10th 1996, I was awakened out of my sleep by a flash of light. I was lying on my right side and I opened my eyes. I could see in the reflection of my bedroom window that something was most definitely behind me. I quickly turned over and I saw a lamp.

The lamp was an inch from my face. It was about a foot tall, cylindrical, and it was transparent as if it were made of glass. There was an orange filament that ran from top to bottom. The lamp emitted a perfect orange light. The light was blinding. It was like looking at the sun, but it didn't hurt my eyes.

The lamp slowly moved away from me and stopped at the edge of my bed. I was lying on my left side and I had all of my faculties. I could have touched the lamp if I wanted to. However, something told me not to touch the lamp, so I didn't. The lamp then continued toward the center of my bedroom and it came to a stop. Simultaneously as the lamp disappeared, a circle of fire appeared in its place.

The circle was about 4 feet in diameter. I could see the carpet designs inside the circle. However, everything outside of the circle was pitch-black. I couldn't see anything. Next, a wave of fire emanated from the center of the circle. It was like throwing a pebble into a pond, except that it was fire. The fire had height to it. The base flames were orange and the tips of the flames were blue. I could hear the waves of fire. They sounded like waves from an ocean. When the first wave of fire reached the perimeter of the circle; a second wave of fire emanated from the center of the circle. It was as if the second wave were chasing the first wave. During this time, I was sitting on the edge of my bed and I was pinching myself. I said out loud: "I am not dreaming this. This is really happening to me."

When the second wave of fire reached the perimeter of the circle, the circle of fire disappeared. Simultaneously as the circle disappeared, a candle appeared by my bedside. The candle was to my left and just out of my line of vision. At this point, I had backed up onto my bed because I was scared.

The light from the candle lit up the southwest corner of my bedroom (my right hand side). The light on the walls was beautiful. It was mesmerizing. It was as if one were reading a book by candlelight. Next, the candle started to move toward the center of my bedroom where the circle of fire and lamp had been. When it came into view, the candle was a small white candle that was in a black urn with two handles. One handle on each side. The flame was a tall yellow flame. There was gold Arabic writing on the black urn.

The black urn continued to move toward the center of my bedroom. At one point, it disappeared and reappeared as if it were passing through a barrier of some type. The tall yellow flame was similar to a torch flame. When the black urn reached the center of my bedroom, it came to a stop. Next, it started to sink into my bedroom floor.

After the black urn completely sank into my bedroom floor, my room went pitch-black. Several moments later, I felt the word "Fire" and it shook my body. It was a powerful force and it went right through me. It came from above me. To say that I heard the word "Fire" would be an understatement.

Next, I walked into my living room in red lights, my clock displayed the time. It was 6:00 am. I turned on my living room lamp and I picked up my Bible and I started to read it. I was just visited by the Holy Spirit.


My Comments:

I believe that Ken's vision concerns the United States and some type of strike against the U.S. by foreign countries.

It is possible that "fire and water," are both clues that designate a 'time period,' in which this 'strike' will come. It may also indicates the 'direction' within the United States in which we should be watching.

In my opinion, we need to be alert to threats coming from mid-Eastern nations such as Iran, Syria and possibly Arabia [ especially since the Twin Tower Highjackers were all Arabian!] and we need to safeguard our southeastern borders in this nation.

More info concerning this can be found within the "George Bush / Presidential" section of this web site, as I have never stood in silence, but have warned the president of approaching things since 'before' he was our president.

I think the hurricanes that struck Louisiana, Mississippi, and our southern states last summer was a forerunner of national disaster. Those hurricanes were followed very closely by huge fires in our western states - some of which continues to this day. These too were forerunners - a chance to get in practice; get organized; learn how to respond and what to do, where to go, etc.

The news of the past six months has not been encouraging. Huge quantities of supplies never got where they should have gone. Large amounts of money were stolen or misappropriated, as was food, water, clothing, bedding, and various other things intended for the victims of these hurricanes and natural disasters.

This absolutely must come to an immediate halt, because if I'm right, the day rapidly approaches when all Americans are going to have to help one another and work together to save our great nation.

And it is with this hope in mind that I send forth my warnings, and the warnings of others who have come to me and given me their dreams, their visions.


See following link for amazing news coverage of this case!

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Bonnie M. Wells

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