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Bonnie M. Wells

In The Beginning

In the past five years or so, many people have contacted me and asked that I take a look at cases of missing or murdered people. In many instances the person who writes to me is either related to the missing or murdered individual or they knew the person in some way - ie; friends, class mates, co-workers, etc.

And I have always tried to be fair in my dealings with everyone. Sometimes I did have some psychic information that I felt pertained to the case in question, and would promptly reply and send whatever I could. In other cases, I had nothing to offer, and that has always made me feel bad. I understand the frustrations that come with not knowing, and I always hate to have to add more to the person. But sometimes, I have no choice.

And so it was with the case of the "Three Missing Women In Missouri."

I knew very little about the case - wasn't even certain of the date, much less the victim's names. And of course that always makes me feel like a heel, but I am only one person here, and I cannot keep up with every case in every state - although at the rate I'm going, it sometimes seems as if I am doing that very thing!

Facts of the case:

On June 7, 1992, Sherrill Levitt, her daughter Suzie Streeter and Streeter's friend, Stacy McCall, vanished from Levitt's home at 1717 E. Delmar St.

I'd never known Sherrill Levitt, Suzanne Streeter, and Stacy McCall, so when I received the first letter from Ken, I had no choice but write back and tell him that I knew nothing of the case he was interested in. Thus began a friendship and an extended interest into many different facets of life. After a few months I began to realize that the vision that Ken spoke of, was far more profound than either of us had realized in the beginning.

The First Message From Ken

Dec. 5th, 2004

Dear Bonnie Wells:

I ran across your posting at Dr. Godwin's website. I went to your website and you mentioned that you have psychic ability.

I am curious as to what your impressions are about the three missing women case of Springfield, Missouri in 1992.

For an overview please go to:

3 Missing Women

Next, there is a website that tells a remarkable story of how an old lady experienced a vision with Suzie Streeter, one of the three missing women.

For an overview please go to:


A few lines from above mentioned web site:

"I met with an elderly lady, a locally well-known psychic, in Springfield, who told us about an experience she had regarding the three missing women.

"I saw Suzie," she said. "I don't know how I knew who she was, I just knew it was Suzie Streeter, one of the three missing women. She was wearing a simple cotton dress, with a small floral print. She was barefoot. She led me to an area of ground shaped like a triangle. The triangle was as large as a field, and had what looked like an old wagon track cutting through it on one side. Out in the center of the triangular area is an old cistern, which is like a well for drawing water. This is a concrete cylinder sticking up out of the ground, with a round wooden cover. The cistern is washed out on one side, and doesn't hold water any more.

"Suzie showed me where the cistern was, but we couldn't go straight to it. We had to walk the triangle then through the underbrush to the cistern. As we began to walk toward the cistern, the brush got so high and thick, I couldn't get through. I thought, 'How am I supposed to get through here,' when suddenly I felt myself being lifted and carried around my waist, by a large, strong person, who had me under one arm, and was carrying me with my head and feet hanging down, and he carried me over the brush to the top of the cistern. It was wood, about three feet in diameter.

"Then we were down in the cistern, which was like being in an underground room. One side of the cistern had washed out, and there was an opening about the size of a two-car garage leading out . The cistern cover was above us, over our heads. There were rocks [the size of softballs] under our feet, and down around the rocks, I could see water moving. That's where they are. They are in that cistern. They are near water. I saw two men there. One wore a hat like Colonel Hogan on Hogan's Heroes. The other was the big man.

Back To Kenny's Letter

Six years ago, I also experienced a vision with one of the three missing women. It is a detailed vision and it was with Stacy McCall.

I am curious as to what your impressions are.


Kenny Young

Kenny's Vision Of Stacy

On Sunday, November 15th 1998, at just after 4 oíclock in the morning, I was awakened from my sleep by a cold wind that went right through me.

I was lying on my back and opened my eyes just as a deep masculine voice announced - "Itís a woman."

The voice was so deep and powerful, it went right through me. I couldn'tít move or speak. The only part of my body that I could move was my eyes.

I looked to my right and for the first and only time, I saw Stacy McCall. She was kneeling as if she was in prayer and she was facing away from me. From her left shoulder to her elbow was angled at 45 degrees and her forearm was parallel to the floor. She was touching me with her left hand. Her touch was ice-cold.

She was wearing a yellow shirt and I could clearly see the fuzz balls that were on it. There was a pile of hair on her left shoulder and I watched it fall from her left shoulder and bounce. Her hair was perfect. I could see every single strand of hair. Her hair and her shirt were perfectly illuminated.

During this time, she was still touching me with her left hand. She was touching me in an inappropriate spot, my private area. I wanted her to move her hand but she would notít move it. It was very uncomfortable and I felt violated by her ice-cold touch.

Next, I watched her hair as it went into her scalp. I could see that her scalp was black. At that moment, I knew that this was serious. I knew that since her scalp was black that her face would also be black. None of her flesh was illuminated, only her shirt and hair and they were perfectly illuminated. My heart was pounding through my chest and I knew that if she were to turn around quickly, my heart would stop.

She turned around slowly until she was facing me, without ever moving her hand. We were about a foot and a half apart, close enough so that I could see her hair as it went into her scalp just above her forehead.

Her face was black. There was no eyes, nose, mouth, ears, or chin.... only a black void and when I tried to look at her face, it was as if I was not allowed to look at her there.

I sensed a focused anger, a righteous anger about her. It hurt me physically to try to look at her face, so I looked at her hair where it entered her scalp just above her forehead.

During this time, she never moved her hand from my private area and her touch remained ice-cold.

Several moments later, just as I was recovering to the point that I was about to regain my ability to move and speak, she turned as if she was saying "NO!" and disappeared.

At that moment, I regained my ability to move and I lunged forward to give her a hug but she was gone.

End of Vision:

The Journey Begins

I answered Kenny's letter within a few hours of receiving it, and within a very short time we were writing back and forth on a regular basis.

From the moment I read Kenny's first letter to me, I felt a sincerity about him that is unusual in today's world. He seemed to care a great deal about three women he'd never known. Perhaps that's what drew us to one another since my own web site and books are full of such cases.

Following is my original response to Kenny's first letter to me.


Thank you for writing.

I will try to answer your questions in 2 ways - first logical reasoning/profiling - and then by psychic analysis:

Three missing women from Springfield, Missouri:


1. The first thing that strikes me is how similar in appearance the 3 women are to one another. Of course, with Sherrill Levitt being the mother of Suzanne, one can understand their resemblance to one another. However, Stacy does not appear related, but does bear a strong resemblance to the other two:

2. All three names begin with the letter "S". Coincidence, or design? One would have to wonder.

3. Someone followed Suzanne and Stacy from their graduation party ..... might have been stalking one or more before the party.



I feel the presence of a dark haired, older man who drove a dark colored vehicle. ... van comes to me: Checkered shirts comes to me: a man who likes hunting, fishing, outdoor activities: A river bank with a large tree root protruding from the water:

Prime target Sherrill Levitt: Secondary target: Suzanne with Stacy being a bonus but not actually a target:

Feel the man entered the house around midnight. May have followed the girls to see where they were going, came back, entered the house, subdued Sherrill {who may have been in bed asleep at the time} and simply waited for the girls to return.

Feel he took the women in a south easterly direction from their home: All three are close together, with 2 side by side and the last {Stacy} a few feet away {to the west}.

One or all knew the man - feel it was Sherrill - he may have done some odd work around the house or yard within 1 year prior to the abductions:


Robert Craig Cox

Soon after I received Kenny's recounting of his vision of Stacy, I learned of a suspect in the case of the three missing women. I did a computer search and read the postings on Alex's web site as well as news articles and the opinions of others. They seemed to correspond with my own thoughts, feelings and instincts:

Kenny wrote: In Suzie's Triangle, the old lady describes a man wearing a Col Hogan's hat. Since Bob Crane portrays Col. Robert Hogan, this could be the first name of the person who is responsible. Also Bob is a short form of the name Robert.

In the vision with Stacy McCall...the last name of Cox is given. When the two visions are combined...there is only one name...Robert Cox.

Suzie gives the first name and Stacy gives the last name.


I Replied:


I believe Robert Craig Cox may very well be your man.

"Army Ranger" is something that I have been playing around with for quite some time now. I've known it had something to do with a dead girl, but couldn't figure out who or exactly where. I now think it may be your case.

{See the Dove Series on my web site - The Doves - for more details:

West: Texas is "west" of Missouri:

Using the "triangle theory" ..... Stacy points toward her killer:

I believe the "triangle" is not so much a "place" as it is how the bodies are laid out or placed ..... two more or less side by side and the third away from those two and toward the west, giving a "triangle formation."

I'm getting a negative feeling on this Thomas guy. I can't tell if it's because of another Thomas {Corscadden} who was supposedly connected to the Jodi Huisentruit case or not. I tried to tell them he wasn't connected, but oh no, we can't listen to me, we have to do it their way, which got nobody nowhere in a hurry because he wasn't connected. Oh well. So, that may be what I'm feeling about this Thomas .... I don't know right now.

Your dream/vision:

Deep male voice: The voice of God telling you what you were looking at:

Ice cold touch with left hand: Death; reason for death - something to do with marriage or romance gone wrong:

Kneeling as if in prayer and facing away: Victim was sodomized:

Wearing yellow shirt: Victim was dressed from waist up when she was killed:

Felt violated: Victim was violated:

Shirt & hair illuminated: This is what will be "seen" when she is found:

Hair-black scalp: Indicates most of her hair will be "gone" by the time she is found, but there will be enough to see and enough of the shirt to see also:

Turned to face you: Indicates victim was raped as well as sodomized:

No flesh illuminated: No flesh will remain by the time she is found:

No eyes, nose, mouth, chin, etc. No flesh will remain. Only a skeleton:

Focused anger: Victim did not die quietly. She fought, and may well have put some hurt to her killer's private parts!

Righteous focused-anger: Aimed at her killer, and showing "where" she put the hurt to him!

It hurt me physically to look at her face: Shows she was facing her attacker when she "put the hurt to him!" May have taken him to his knees.

Unable to move or speak: What her killer felt when she kneed him or hit him in his privates:

Several moments later - I regained ability to move and speak: What her killer did:

She turned as if saying "no" and disappeared: When her attacker "went down" she turned from him and ran in the opposite direction:

Lunged forward to give her a hug and she was gone:

Her attacker raced after her, caught her and in one swift lunge took her down {probably by the hair of her head} and snapped her neck and she was gone .... dead:

Special Notes:

illuminated - bright; shinning: Robert = bright

crag {Craig} = the neck, throat or craw

cox = to act as coxswain on a boat or to a crew / cox-swain = a petty officer or other person {in charge} of a ship's boat and acting as its {steersman}

Cock = male of the chicken/birds: Slang for male sex organ:

In my opinion, your dream/vision revealed the name of the abductor as well as what happened to the victims, and what at least one victim did to her attacker, as well as how she was killed. It may also explain why she will be located a short distance away from the other two victims. She was able to "make a run for it," but he caught her. He snapped her neck with a military movement which is quick and silent.

Pretty impressive dream. Hope my interpretation helps.

Strange that you should come to me just as I'm working a case here in Ohio of a girl named Stacey Colbert. She disappeared in 1998 and was just found murdered one county north of where she disappeared from.

Well, I was a "dove" in my earlier days, but in recent times the Lord has permitted me to become a "ranger." Now I have to find all the girls that were "left behind."

I will try.....


Some Key Points

Hi Bonnie,

All I can say is wow! I think you have a gift :-) You hit some key points on the money. I believe that the person who did this Robert Craig Cox. Currently he is serving a life sentence in a Texas prison for a robbery that he committed there. He is not eligible for parole until 2025. He stated in the media that he knows where the women are located and that they will never be found.


The Big Man

The elderly lady that Alex spoke to, and who described seeing Suzie Streeter in a vision, also mentioned two men being present, and described one as "the big man."

Since I had not been on the 3 Missing Women case from the early days of it, I had some catching up to do.

Kenny was most helpful because he'd already been researching the case for several years, and had a lot of information by the time he contacted me.

He was also quite good at "letter writing," and didn't hesitate to contact people who said they knew something about the case, which provided me a lot of information that might otherwise have gone unnoticed, or which would have taken a lot of time and research to discover.

And so I was not surprised when Kenny sent me information about a very large man, who claimed that, in the early morning hours of the night the three women were abducted, he had been driving his lowered, white Thunderbird with a sun-roof along interstate 70 a couple of hours away from Springfield, Missouri, when he came up behind moss-green colored van with Pennsylvania license plates.

As he got closer to the back of the van, which he claims had windows all the way to the bottom of the doors, he noticed what appeared to be a struggle going on inside the van.

He maneuvered his T-Bird alongside, and slightly behind the van and continued to watch as a man repeatedly struck a woman, until she was either unconscious or dead, at which time the attacker let go of her and grabbed a second woman and began beating her. He claims neither woman tried to resist the attacker and therefore he believes their hands were tied and they were unable to defend themselves or ward off the attacker's repeated blows.

This "witness" claims that the attacker eventually noticed him traveling along side of the van and watching the events inside of it, and tapped the van's driver on the shoulder and motioned toward his T-Bird. The attacker then reached out and pulled closed some curtains inside the van and the witness could no longer see what was going on.

The witness then claims that he decided to speed up and pass the van, and as he did he glared at the driver of the van through the open sun-roof of his car.

The witness claims that he learned of the abduction of the three woman at a later date and continues to wonder if that is what he saw along the highway that fateful morning.

Supernatural Experiences

Following is a partial letter from Kenny to Robert Cox - the primary suspect in our abduction case:

Interestingly, the name "Stacy", "Stacey", or "Staci" is derived from the Greek word "Anastasis" which means "Resurrection."

During the past 6 years, she has touched my life like few people can. What I am about to share with you is a story for the ages.

Sometimes, God looks down at us from the Heavens above and He smilesÖ

Eleven days after I experienced the vision with Stacy, it was Thanksgiving Day. I was watching the Detroit Lions playing their annual Thanksgiving Day football game on television. As I was watching the game, my television changed channels by itself to the television show "General Hospital." Suddenly, I was watching Luke and Lauraís Wedding. It was a special edition episode. I used my remote and changed the channel back to the football game. A few seconds later, my television changed channels back to General Hospital. It was just after 3 pm when this happened.

My television would change channels on a regular basis to a television show with a hospital theme. Sometimes it was "Mash" and other times it would be "General Hospital" or something similar. One time, I was talking with a friend from school and I was watching the weather channel. Next, my television switched channels and I was watching "Mash". I went numb because I knew that this was something supernatural. I remember dropping the phone. In January of 1999, I found out from the online archives that Stacy modeled wedding gowns. I thought back to the "General Hospital" Luke and Lauraís special edition episode and it really hit me hard. It felt like time came to a stop.

In early 2000, I went online and pulled up a list of all the hospitals that were in Springfield, Missouri. The only one that stood out was Cox Hospital. The problem was that there were several Cox Hospitals. I didn'tít know which one to focus on. At that point, the only thing that I had to go with was "Cox" and "Hospital".

On Sunday, [*June 4th,] 2000 at 8:00 in the morning, I was awakened by a knock at my front door. It was the police. They were answering a 911 call from my house. I let them in and I explained that I didn'tít call 911. I had no reason to. They searched my house and they took down my name and number and then they left. Later on that afternoon, there was another knock at my front door. It was the police. They were answering another 911 call from my house. I explained to the officers what happened earlier that morning. They told me to call the phone company because there probably is a problem with my phone line.

So, I called the phone company. They called back and told me that there wasn'tít a problem with my phone line and that the problem might be my phone. So, I disconnected my phone from the wall jack and left it that way. I knew that it was going to happen again and it did. On the evening of Monday, June 5th, there was a knock at my front door. It was the police. They were answering yet another 911 call. I asked one of the officers: "How long ago did the call come in?" He said: "A few minutes ago." I asked him: "Did you speak to the person who made the phone call?" He replied: "No, it was a one second hang up call and it came from your phone line." I replied: "Thatís impossible!" I showed the officers my phone jack and that there was no phone attached to it. There was no way that I could have made the call. They were pissed and they told me to call the phone company.

So, I called the phone company and explained that the police were pissed and that they need to send someone to my house to fix the problem. They shut off my phone for two or three days and they fixed the problem. I havenít had it since. That experience scared the hell right out of me and it really stuck with me. It really made me think.

On August 14th, 2000, I was going over the vision with Stacy for what seemed to be for the millionth time, when I realized something. Stacy was to my right and for the longest time, I could only see her from behind. This gave me the words: "Right behind" or "Right in back of." I took it one step furtherÖ"Right in back of Cox Hospital"

My feeling at that time was Cox Hospital South. However, I had nothing to back it up with. Early in 2001, while I was working at the Detroit News & Free Press, there was a person who transferred from the Springfield News Leader. His name is Dan and he lived across the street from Cox Hospital South at the time the women vanished. I asked him if he could tell me anything about Cox Hospital South. He told me that they were expanding the parking lot at the time the women came up missing.

When I experienced the vision with Stacy, I watched her hair fall from her left shoulder and I didn'tít know what it meant.

In April of 2002, I realized something. Stacy was touching me with her left hand. Her hair fell from her left shoulder and when she turned toward me, she turned to her left. So, the word "left" is very important in the vision.

When I went to the internet and pulled up a drawing of Cox Hospital South, I noticed something. When you stand in back of Cox Hospital South and face west (Stacy was facing west when I experienced the vision), you will find yourself between two buildings. One of them is on the right and the other is on the left.

The one on the left is Cox Medical Plaza II and is now known as the Hulston Cancer Center. At the time the women vanished, this area was an open field.

June 4th

Kenny has informed me that the number 29 occurred to him repeatedly in several different ways, prior to June 4th. He says this phenomena continued for several days, and that he could not explain it. I can. June 4th, 2005 was my husband and my 29th anniversary! It was just a few months before this anniversary that Kenny contacted me for the first time.

For more of this story, please see the next page.

Thank you

Bonnie M. Wells


See following link for amazing news coverage of this case!

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