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Bonnie M. Wells

The Phone Rang ....

and when I answered it a woman's voice politely asked - "Are you Bonnie Wells?"

"Yes," I replied, can I help you?

And thus began another conversation with a stranger; about another missing girl that I'd never known, but which I'd already given my all to help find.

This page involves information from a gifted child - a dreamer and visionary. Therefore I will do it a little differently than my previous pages concerning the three missing women in Springfield, Missouri, and will withhold all names, or *change them so that the true identity will be concealed ...... strictly for privacy reasons.

Here's the story, as I received it. Later I will show my readers what Kenny Young and I were able to glean from this remarkable story.

August 22nd, 2007

Eleven year old *Marty went to bed at his regular time. School had started back up for the 2007 season, and as any other child, he was excited and reluctant all at the same time.

Marty was no stranger to prophetic dreams and visions, as he'd been having them since the age of three. But, it had been awhile since anything had come to him, and so, as with most children, the memory of his last vision had faded, and he gave no thought to such things as he went to bed that August night.

By ten o'clock pm. Marty was well on his way to sleep when there was a tug on his blankets. Thinking it was his cat who had decided to bunk with him for the night, the child didn't bother to open his eyes to see for certain.

Within a second or two, there was another tug on his blankets. This time Marty realized it was someone trying to get his attention. He opened his eyes, to see a young woman who appeared to be in her mid teens looking down at him.

Marty did not know the young woman, and was instantly wide awake .... "I need help," the young lady said just as she vanished into thin air!

Now Marty really was 'wide awake,' and making tracks for his mother!!

*Josie listened intently as her son described the young woman he'd just seen in his bedroom.

"She wore a summer outfit that consisted of a hot pink blouse with the small [spaghetti-type] straps; a pair of matching shorts [or possibly one of those skirt/short combos] bobby socks, but no shoes, and a gold band on her left hand.

Eventually, Josie was able to convince Marty to return to his bed where he had no further interruptions the rest of the night.

August 23rd, 2007

Marty was not expecting a 'visit' from the teenage girl at his school -- but that's exactly what he got!

As the other students went about their normal activities during the break period, Marty was being directed by a girl he didn't know, and taken from one area of his school to another to be shown things he didn't quite understand.

First he was taken to the gymnasium, where the teen-aged girl pointed at the gym floor, but said nothing.

Next the duo made their way into the library where Marty was directed down a corridor of books about crime, and where the word 'murdered' was pointed out to him by his invisible [except to him] companion!

Then the girl led Marty down another row of books about vehicles. She stopped and pointed at a 1992 KIA book, before leading Marty out of the library and into a classroom where she pointed to a map of 'Missouri' just before disappearing, exactly as she had done the night before.

Upon arriving home from school that evening, Marty could barely wait to tell his mother of the visit.

After discussing the days events with his mother, Marty promptly set the events aside and got on with his evening routine.

Although it wasn't long until his bed time, his mother Josie decided to take what little info they had and get on the computer to see if they could find out anything.

1992, KIA, murdered teen-aged girl; Missouri.

Within a few minutes Josie and Marty were looking at pictures of missing people. as Marty scanned the faces of them, one by one, he shook his head 'no.' None seemed to be the girl who had come to him twice now ..... until.....

Josie hit a web site that had pictures of Sherrill Levitt, Suzanne Streeter and Stacy McCall. Marty's eyes scanned the page, and came to rest solidly upon the picture of Stacy McCall -- "That's her right there," he told his mother.

Josie Contemplates

Long after Marty had gone to bed, and her husband had gone to his late shift job Josie sat in the silence of her home and thought about the strange activities of the last couple of days.

Marty had 'seen' things before, but nothing quite like this.

Who was Stacy McCall? Why would she come to a child who had never known her, wasn't even born when she disappeared, and a child who lived more than 300 miles away from Springfield, Missouri where she had lived, gone to school and disappeared?

Marty had selected Stacy's picture as the girl he'd seen -- but was it really her? Could it be someone else -- but who?

Whoever the girl was, she had indicated that she'd been murdered in 1992 -- but, Josie reasoned .... 'Stacy McCall had disappeared in 1992, along with Suzanne Streeter and her mother Sherrill Levitt, but in all these years there had never been any actual evidence to prove the three missing women had been murdered.

From what Josie could determine from the small amount of internet research that she'd done thus far, public opinion seemed to be divided on the subject.

Many people seemed to believe that if the women were still alive, they would have contacted someone by this time -- but, there were those, mainly Stacy McCall's mother who just insisted that her daughter was still alive and would someday come walking through the door.

Public opinion also seemed divided on the subject of 'psychic/spiritual' events and while some claimed to believe in such events, Josie had no choice but be convinced of the events because it was her own child that was having the visions -- and it wasn't the first time the child had 'seen things,' -- things that 'came to pass.' So, no, Josie didn't doubt that her son had indeed seen someone. However, the question of who it actually was remained.

Josie didn't know what to think. Her sleep was troubled and fitful that night as she tried to rest with all the unanswered questions drifting through her mind and invading her sleep.

Ask If Her Name Is Stacy

Marty's sleep had been undisturbed the night of August 23rd, 2007, and when he got up to go to school he didn't seem any more apprehensive than if none of the last two days events had ever happened. Josie marveled at how the child took it all in stride.

"If the girl comes to you again," Josie instructed Marty, "ask if her name is Stacy."

"Okay," he agreed, and off to school he went for another 'normal' day!

The girl was waiting for Marty at his locker!!

Calmly recalling his mother's instructions, Marty telepathically communicated with the girl .....

"Is your name Stacy?" He asked her. "Yes," came the nod of her head.

Then, Marty asked if Stacy knew who killed her, and she shook her head 'No,' as she drew her right hand across her throat.

No More Visits

Marty has received no more visits since August from the girl he and his mother believe is Stacy McCall.

Josie has spent a few weeks trying to read up on the case, and it was while doing this research that she ran across my old web site [ which has not been updated since last May, because I can no longer access it.]

After reading the pages I had posted Josie decided to call me and ask if I was interested in what her son had seen. Without hesitation, I answered that I was.

And thus unfolded the above story on the evening of September 12th, 2007.

I agreed to write up the events, and put them up on my [new] web site so everyone could read them and decide for themselves what they believed in, or didn't believe in.

It makes no difference to me - whichever way they decide because long ago I decided I would follow whatever path God directed me down. And over the years I have marveled many, many times at the number of people who have come to deceive -- and yes, they can deceive me, but they cannot deceive God, and one by one they are removed from my life -- while I usually sit around and wonder what happened to them!!

I do not get the feeling that any portion of the above story is fabricated -- however, considering all that has been done to me over the years, I have become somewhat doubtful at times.

Therefore, as instructed by the Bible, I try to 'test all things, that they be of God.' For I know, God's 'things' do not change with time.

The very first vision that I ever worked about Stacy McCall came from Ken Young. That was several years ago, and over those years Kenny [as I call him] and I have become close friends who often debate the mysteries of nature and beyond.

Kenny remains one of the few people whom I have ever met that continues to be amazed at the mysteries of life and death. He and I are sometimes like two children in wonderland! We are excited and thrilled by the wonders we see around us, and cannot understand why others cannot see the great marvels and mysteries that we see.

Still, we test all things ...... and so it was with Marty's visions.


Stacy McCall was [not] wearing an outfit that was [hot pink] in color when she disappeared. She was wearing a yellow shirt.

We do not know why this girl appeared to Marty in a hot pink outfit, but we suspect it is a clue that might only be understood by those closest to her.

Stacy was not [married] so why the gold band on her left hand? / Because she modeled [wedding gowns.] There again, a clue for those who really want to understand what Stacy is trying to tell us.

Why did she take Marty to school and point at the gymnasium floor? / Because [school] was the last place that Stacy had been. She and Suzanne had just graduated from high school.

She pointed at the floor for [2] reasons.

1. She is 'under' a 'floor' of some type. I personally believe she and the others are buried [under the floor] of the parking garage at Cox Hospital South in Springfield, Missouri {as told elsewhere on this web site.}

2. Stacy was a secretary for a 'gym' in Springfield, Missouri.

She pointed at the map of Missouri because that's where she lived, and she disappeared in 1992, the year of the book she pointed out to Marty. Why the vehicle? Stacy's father sold automobiles.

Why was she not wearing shoes, but was wearing 'bobby socks?' / Because she disappeared in the month of June ... when a lot of kids go 'barefoot.'

Marty says Stacy said she did not 'know' who killed her. How did she take that question?

I believe she did not know the man personally, and this is what she meant when she shook her head no in response to his question. However, in spite of all the nay-sayers, both Kenny and I continue to believe that Robert Cox is the person responsible for the disappearance of the three women.

If one looks closely at the name Robert Cox - nickname for Robert can be Bob or Bobby -- Bobby Cox -- Bobby Socks. Actually, it's brilliant!

Stacy McCall's graduation picture:

Kenny asks: "Is this the 'hot pink' top that Marty saw?"

The names Marty and Josie are fictitious names - changed for reasons of privacy, to protect the identity of the real people.

I sincerely thank both Marty and Josie for selecting me to share their story with and for permission to write it up and post it on my web site.


Bonnie M. Wells


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