Visions Of Suzanne 2007


Bonnie M. Wells

September 17, 2007

Although I'd spoken to Josie only one time before, I could tell she was upset when I answered the phone.

"Marty had another vision - only this time it was Suzanne Streeter who came to him,' Josie blurted out.

Once again, Marty had gone to bed, and just as with Stacy, the vision came to him shortly before sleep.

Where Are They?

There had been no further communication between Marty and Stacy McCall since late August, and the child was somewhat surprised that Stacy did not return, but instead it was Suzanne Streeter who came to him.

He and his mother had discussed the August events at length, and after speaking to me, Josie had encouraged Marty to speak freely with Stacy should she ever return. So, even though this was not Stacy, Marty began questioning the aparation....

Suzanne informed Marty that -- she had been stabbed in the stomach, and she believes she was the first to die because she isn't sure how the others died.

She says she, Stacy and Sherrill Levitt are 'buried under concrete,' and she and Stacy lay side by side while Sherrill is off to the side and a few feet away from her and Stacy.

When asked if they were buried under the concrete at Cox Hospital South [as Tim Gray and associates indicated back in April of 2006 ] Suzanne replied -- "That rings a bell."

Something About Stacy

When asked to 'give us something about Stacy that only her family would know,' Suzanne told Marty --

'At age 3, Stacy and her mother loved to finger paint together.'

Who Is The Killer?

When asked about Robert Cox, Suzanne told Marty that she "knew the name but not him personally."

When asked how many were involved in the abduction and killing, Suzanne replied that there were "three men involved, but only one did the killing. He killed all three."

Suzanne Apologizes

Perhaps the spirit world does not realize that Marty is an eleven year old child who wasn't even born at the time of the disappearance of Stacy McCall, Suzanne Streeter and Sherrill Levitt. Maybe our 'age' has no bearing upon the spirit world. Then again, perhaps they do realize, because Marty says that Suzanne apologized for frightening him.

When asked if she wanted Josie to call - 'Bonnie or Kenny,' she replied .... "Call Both." And so she did.

The last words that Suzanne spoke to Marty, were "We will help you."

Now whether these words were directed toward Marty and his mother, or toward Kenny and me, I'm not certain, but I suspect they were for Kenny and me since we are the ones who began working together more than three years ago, and since we are the ones who was working the 'spiritual' aspect of the case.

Regardless, we are doing everything we can to get the attention of authorities who could core the concrete at Cox Hospital and put this issue to rest, once and for all.

The names Marty and Josie are fictitious names - changed for reasons of privacy, to protect the identity of the real people.

I sincerely thank both Marty and Josie for selecting me to share their story with and for permission to write it up and post it on my web site.


Bonnie M. Wells

Sept. 17th, 2007

Based upon research conducted by 'Marty's' mother and aunt, the following page may show some interesting information. How it fits into the case of the three missing Springfield women may be somewhat obsecure -- then again, it may be one of the best clues anyone has ever received! You decide.....

"That Rings A Bell"


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Bonnie M. Wells

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