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What Did They Say
Bonnie M. Wells

Note: Important/clue words are in "this" color: Links are at the bottom of the page unless otherwise noted:

They Said ...

Police Chief -- buried in a shallow grave -- 300 yards -- Interstate -- 290 -- teal zip-front -- pajama pants, -- second body -- heavily wooded section -- Hillside -- School's -- grades 5 through 9 -- found two rings -- near the ** River -- found in the woods -- the area can be reached by an unpaved, overgrown access road on a one-time farm. -- But investigators say it's unclear where the women died -- MARTIN -- theory links abductions, -- may point to a serial killer. -- "Here's another dead woman or dead girl," said John -- "I believe there's a serial killer in that area," -- Warren -- "There are quite a few girls missing or killed," -- "Many are blond-haired, blue-eyed... there just seems to be a connection." -- there may be links to other murders in the region, but a pattern is beginning to develop. -- other sex offenders out there arrested but never convicted," -- "There's no way of knowing just how many there are." -- "I don't want to alarm anyone," ** said about his serial-killer theory, but the murders are just too troubling to ignore. -- Police have not gathered enough evidence to bring charges in any of the crimes but have eyed suspects in each case.

When Did They Say This?

September 30th, -- October 1st, --

They Were Talking About Jenifer McCrady ... Right?

Well .... Belpre Police Chief Walker and Officer Dave Garvey did find Jenifer McCrady's grave on September 30th, and it was reported to the sheriff's department on October 1st. Her body was found in a shallow grave, in a wooded area that one could reach by an unpaved, access road, located on a one-time farm. Yes, she was found in a zippered, teal colored sleeping bag. Her vehicle was located near the Ohio River, and yes, she was on a hillside, about 300 yards from the interstate. The road was Township 298, though instead of 290 .... still, I guess it emphasizes the 290 ..or the 2-09, which was my brother Mike Martin's birthday. Yes, she was near the school , an elementary school for grades one through eight.

Well .... Yes, I did tell Detective John Winstanley that I thought we had a serial killer here because there seemed to be a connection in some of the cases. I thought there might be links to other cases in the region because I honestly thought I could see a pattern beginning to develop. But, no one listened. They all laughed at me, especially when I said there would be "Warren" connections. Jenifer was found in the Warren Local School District. And yes, I started looking at the "school" connections when Sheree Petry was murdered. She lived where the school team was called the Yellow Jackets, and of course Jenifer had been dumped here in Little Hocking ... where the team is also known as the Yellow Jackets. I thought that was an important clue, but I guess I was wrong. Of course, I also said that the killings would spread far and wide .... more out of this area, but yet connected by common denominators ... after 1996. Guess I might have been right about that ... then again, perhaps it's all "coincidence." That seems to be the preferred answer, anyhow.

Jenifer? Oh yes ... Jenifer was wearing pajama bottoms when she was found. And yes, her clothing was "mis-matched," but there again, I was the only one who made a big issue of it. Guess it didn't mean anything to anyone else.

Rings? Well .... yes, I had two rings stolen, Jenifer's two rings were found on the counter in her own kitchen, while Wild Bill had told his live-in-girlfriend to "leave the rings on the kitchen counter on your way out the door...", but .... well, that didn't mean anything either.

A second body? ... Oh no, that was speculation based upon the fact that there were two graves found in the woods where Jenifer was buried. It never was exactly clear where she was killed but the state contended that she was killed at her home and then her body transported to the grave. I wasn't too sure about that. I was just hoping the second grave wasn't dug for me! I mean, after all, I did have blond hair and blue eyes, as did a lot of our victims.

Well yes, my theory did link Martin, and the abductions, but I never could make up my mind whether it was Mike Martin, Patty Martin or me....Bonnie Martin-Wells. After awhile, it didn't really matter, nobody cared anyhow.

"There are quite a few girls missing or killed," ... Yeah, I guess I did say that ... but only because so many cases remained unsolved .... Anna Marie Brown, Jill Bohl, Marie Blough, Janet Miller, Terri Roach, Patsy Sparks, Charlotte Russell, Maybelle Clark, Kimberly Fulton, Kimberly Agent, Chastity Cottrell, Christine Ullman ... and others that had been "missing" for years. I knew they were dead, but ... anyway, that must have been me that said that, because I never found anyone else that seemed concerned about the girls and women. I mean, I wasn't trying to alarm anyone with my serial killer theory, it was just that the murders were too troubling {at least to me} to ignore.

It seemed everyone had a theory and a "suspect," in almost every case, and yet, in all the years that dragged past, Police have not gathered enough evidence to bring charges in any of the crimes but have eyed suspects in each case.

No, They Were Not Talking About Jenifer McCrady

And neither was I when I warned in 1996 and 1997 that "the killings will continue .... same themes, just different places ...... for awhile, and then, it will be our turn again.... and once again, someone here will get to bury a member of their family ..... provided she is ever found, that is.

The above bits and pieces of information was copied from various news sources, and concerned 2 skeletal bodies of women that were found in Massachusetts in September of 2003.

Massachusetts is approximately eleven hours away from this area. That would seem like a long drive to some, and yet, I recall reading about Ted Bundy and how he drove for miles and miles for his victims. I've read extensively in the past few years. Thank God I always liked to read and have always been a very fast reader, otherwise, I could never have read the books I've read, wrote 25 books myself, and maintained such a huge website.

Jenifer McCrady's case is "solved." Her State Trooper husband was convicted of the crime, and everyone seems quite satisfied about the case. I certainly hope they are right.

Now, if someone could just explain to me how in the hell I know all these "coincidences" are coming ..... well in advance of their arrival .... I certainly would appreciate it if that person would explain it to me.

I didn't just stumble across the information about the Massachusetts cases. I was waiting for it to surface. If need be, I can prove that I have been watching Massachusetts since shortly after the 1996 murder of JonBenet Ramsey. And I've been predicting an increase in homicides of women and girls, starting in Ohio and moving eastward, since June of 1995. If local authorities would tell the truth, there are many that could confirm this last statement. I also said there would be many found near rivers, and those that were not close to a river would be along interstate highways. In some cases, they would be near both.

There are code numbers" as well as "chosen names" and "chosen occupations" for the victims. Most, if not all, are not "random" kills. The killer {or killers} can be traced to the victims, but not by looking at their immediate past. One has to look back 2 to 4 years in advance of the murder. There is a name that law enforcement can inquire about. In fact, there are several.

The "school" theme began with 14 year old Barbara Barns in Stubenville, Ohio on December 7th, 1995: The "restaurant worker" theme began many years ago, possibly as far back as the early 80's, and the "nurse" theme got it's solid start on April 14th, 1994, although it had been brewing for several years even by that time. It's hard to say when the "hooker" theme actually began, but I believe hookers are easy targets, and serve as "fill-in's" until the killer {or killers} can actually reach the intended target.

In the month of October the "important dates are as follow .... and in the following order" 1. October 16th / 2. October 1st. / 3. October 10th: Note: Allow a 3 day spread each direction on a strike date:

My Profile Of An East Coast Serial Killer

In my opinion ..... for whatever it's worth ....

I believe the killer ....

Is an organized personality; Employed possibly by a company that involves "river work," that requires or offers "east coast" travels;

Has low self esteem; Is jealous of, and intimidated by, other men and their possessions; Sees women as "possessions";

Drives decent, reasonably new vehicles with good tires and in good running condition; Possibly trades vehicles often, which allows him protection from anyone who might have previously seen him, and saves him from having to explain the exceptionally high mileage of his vehicle; Probably owns two or more vehicles or has access to them; Probably owns or has access to a pick-up truck, a passenger car, and possibly a motor cycle, and probably switches vehicles frequently;

Is a "morning" person, meaning he gets up early; Watches people ..... especially women and girls ..... and is always on the prowl, whether driving to or from work, eating lunch in a restaurant, visiting a doctor's office, paying a bill, etc.;

May have both an eating disorder and a sleeping disorder .... both of which are probably triggered by food allergies; Is sexually dysfunctional in several ways; Resents authority figures and/or anyone who tells him what to do;

Doesn't like a "scene" of any kind that draws attention to him, but at the same time craves attention, recognition and praise;

Sees everything that he does wrong as "somebody else's fault," and sees himself as a "victim" of women in particular and humanity in general; Feels "entitled" to whatever he wants;

Has a very short attention span and seems "preoccupied" most of the time ... He is preoccupied! He's plotting his next murder!!;

Is always rushing around, always busy....running here and there, but accomplishes very little;

Is either married or in a relationship with a woman who is stupid and needy enough to accept his excuses for not being home when he should be; Has much difficulty in maintaining relationships with women; Uses women for cover and alibi's; Always has at least 2 women "on the side" of any given relationship .... just in case he needs yet another alibi!; Likes to "pay women to have sex with him," because this makes him feel justified in his entitlement attitude and helps to reinforce his opinion that all females are whores and just after his money;

Has dark hair when it's dyed, otherwise it's silver/gray; Weighs 175-200 pounds; Is 5'8" to 5'10" in height, very well muscled {especially in the arms and upper body}, not a bad looking guy, wears jeans and button down shirts as opposed to pull over shirts; Prefers work boots, cowboy boots to tennis shoes, but will occasionally wear tennis shoes in the summer months; Always carries spare clothing in his vehicle; Takes things from every woman he meets, and gives them to other women .... may do the same thing with his victims ... take from the victim and give to the living, or .... take from the living and give to the dead!;

Is not a good conversationalist, but uses flattery and entertainment to attract the victims, most of which go with him willingly;

Is the "great pretender" ..... pretends to be "lost" in strange cities and asks women for directions ....especially to beer joints and motels; Is not a drunk, but likes women who are; Does not do drugs, but likes women who do; Does not smoke, but likes women who do ..... and everyone knows "smoking kills!!"

Prefers women/girls who range between 5 foot and five foot, six inches tall; Has no "hair color" preference, as that depends on which "theme" he's working on, but does prefer "long hair," to short ..... unless the short haired woman has the right name, address, license plate number, or look, and then that's okay;

Hates his father and pretends to care about his mother, but actually resents the hell out of her; Is probably the "first born" within his family and has a sibling very close to his own age. This is probably where the jealousy first began in his life;

Is probably a "well known" sexual pervert among the people who know him; Probably has several "minor offenses" to his credit, some of which are unprosecuted sex crimes; Is a "loner" most of the time, even though there are people in his life.

Has few, if any close male friends; Has few, if any actual hobbies and interests outside sexual conquests, even though he has talents for several things such as leather work and wood work;

Is not an "original" thinker, but is a "copycat" of other people's work and talents .... in other words, he's a damned thief, but probably lives in an area that's filled with the same kind of drab, dull, boring thieves as he is so no one notices!

If I'm Right

If my own imagination is not "running wild" and somebody really is "duplicating" the 1996 murder of Jenifer Lea McCrady - {and we know it's not her husband doing it, because he's sitting in the Ross County prison!!} then how many more do we have to lose before the duplication is complete?

Let's take a look at what we have thus far that is so similar to the McCrady case that even I wouldn't know we were talking about other cases unless I was told ....

September 19th / buried in a shallow grave / in the woods / near a school / teal zip up garment / pajama bottoms, but no matching top / "mother" / near river / "river" / September & October / duck; duct / wrapped in a blanket / plastic bag over head / 2 rings / missing purse / access road:

That's a lot of "coincidences" right there .... wouldn't you agree?

Well, let's all hope and pray that I'm wrong, and that none of these cases are connected to the McCrady case in any way, shape or form. I'd hate awfully bad to think that an innocent man had been sitting in prison for murdering his wife, while the real killer was allowed to roam around the area at will; spend years setting things up so that he could "duplicate" the case in such a way that few would ever notice, and continue to get by with it. I'd really hate to think that. However, it might be better than the alternative thoughts .... the thoughts of how long and hard one lone woman has worked to get ahead of and stop a psychopath, while authorities sat on their asses and made fun of her while innocent people were being murder just because they "fit" the warped "duplication puzzle" that the woman had figured out years ago, and tried desperately to warn law enforcement of.

Call It What You Like

Call it "coincidence" if you like -- doesn't actually matter to me anymore what anyone calls it. I just recall telling local cops that they'd better start practicing their "Copycat" calls because they were going to need them. Sounds like this might be a good time to start using them, because there certainly are a lot of similarities between these Massachusetts and Pennsylvania cases and the McCrady case. How many people in Massachusetts or Pennsylvania do you suppose followed the McCrady case .... or even heard of it for that matter? How many here in Ohio do you suppose are monitoring the news in other towns and states, waiting and watching for their family member's case to be re-enacted?

Bonnie M. Wells

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