Where Is Osama bin Laden?


Bonnie M. Wells


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Mom's 93rd Birthday

It was the early morning hours of March 3rd, 2007. We would have celebrated my mother's 93rd birthday today, if she'd still been with us. I thought of her as the clock hit midnight, and rolled into March 3rd.

In some ways many things had changed since mom passed away in 1997. In other ways, it seemed nothing had changed.

Many of the unsolved murders that I'd worked for years remained unsolved. In other cases the people still remained missing. Then, there were those few cases that looked promising.

I was thinking about the cases [as usual] when the phone rang around 2:00 am. It was Sindee. We talked almost nightly.

With little more than a hello and how are you, Sindee boldly asked ....

"Where is Osama bin Laden?"

A Vision Of Osama

Sindee's question sent me reeling. I closed my eyes and immediately found myself [mentally] in a foreign land viewing a scene that I barely had time to describe before it moved on to something else..

"There's sand .... lots of sand... but Osama is not there." The terrain began to rise, getting steeper and steeper as it went. "He's bunkered in on a mountain side. He's inside the living area and there are two other men in there with him. Osama is seated at a rough wood table, and there is a man standing on each side of him."

"There's a map on the table. It is pale green and pink in color. Osama is pointing across the map.... moving upward and to the right .... with his right hand, as if showing the other two men something."

I continued talking as Sindee made notes as quickly as she could. "Osama and the two men with him wear the traditional white robes and turbans that he is so famous for. His beard is all gray and straggly. He's not in good health ... I think he's had a stroke that has affected the right side of his body, because his right hand looks strange. His thumb is slightly curved inward; the index finger points to the map, but is also not straight as one might expect it to be, and the remaining fingers on his right hand are only slightly curved downward and under. It's about like the hand would be if it held a baseball, excluding the index finger."

My vision switched to outside the compound. "There are hundreds, if not thousands of 'troops' surrounding the area," I told Sindee.

"Our troops?" she asked.

"No, these are Osama's troops. ** They do not wear clothing like his. They are dressed in darker clothing, like [ ninjas ] or something. They appear to be getting ready for something, while bin Laden and his two associates discuss the plan." **

"What kind of military supplies do you see?" Sindee asked.

My sight was directed to dozens of 'pack animals' - donkey's, mules, burros.

"Do you see any camels?" Sindee wanted to know.

"No, I see no camels, or motorized vehicles of any kind." I replied.

The area appeared to be a mountainside, and it appeared to be rather high up on the mountain.

I wanted to say that I thought Osama was pointing north and east on the map, but I was 'lost' in a foreign land and could not determine which direction was which.

"Can you see words or names on the map?" Sindee asked.

I could, but I could not make them out. I could also see a U.S. Military base that wasn't too far from this compound, as the crow flies. It is located somewhere in the sandy area before one begins the mountain climb. I realized that our land equipment was all but worthless against this area. Approaching on foot would also be difficult because of the vantage point they had. It would be nearly impossible to 'sneak up on them' and their animals. The animals themselves would give notice of strangers approaching.

"This man is bunkered in somewhere that is almost impossible to get him out of," I told Sindee. "I don't know how he's done it, but it appears to me he's in the safest place in the world! How can that be? Where is that place?" I wondered.

"I have to go to the computer Sindee. I have to do a map search and see if I can figure out where this man is," I said as I opened my eyes and ended the vision.

My Map Quest

Within minutes I'd located several maps of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and it didn't take me very long to see the resemblance between my vision of Osama bin Laden's right hand and a small strip of land that cuts across the northern tip of Pakistan, but which is actually Afghanistan.

The land bears a striking resemblance to a right hand, forefinger pointing, thumb slightly folded inward and the remaining fingers folded slightly inward.

Many of the maps demonstrated the area that I'm talking about, but I chose the one above because it actually had an arrow pointing to the 'hand' of my vision!

Some of the maps I saw showed the area marked as Tajikistan on the above map, as Russia.

It appears to be a very mountainous region, and accessible only by trail. This would explain why I saw only pack animals and no motorized vehicles. The location would also explain why I felt he was in an area that was about the safest on earth. With Russia due north, China due east, and Pakistan to the south, it would be very difficult to get to him in this area.

Our government has long suspected he is somewhere along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border. My vision indicates he's also incorporated the borders of Russia and China in his hiding spot - thus making it extremely difficult to perform any type of military action against him. About the only way of striking him would be by air or missiles. If we misjudge the strike, we could accidentally hit China, Russia or Pakistan. Not a pleasant scenario by any stretch of the imagination!

My original thought that bin Laden had suffered a stroke may simply have been because of the way he held his hand. However, after locating the area on the map that looks like his hand looked in the vision, I'm inclined to say it was simply an 'identifying' factor and has nothing to do with his health.

Osama's Soldiers

I would venture to say that Osama does not have as many men with him in his mountain hide-out as I saw in the vision. However, I do believe this represents the number of men who are actually part of his 'army' throughout the entire world .... or at least the eastern part of the world.

There is one thing clear about the vision. Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida army of terrorists remain a world-wide threat.

The fact that [in the vision] the men wore dark clothing, some dressed in Ninja style, also indicates his army is diversified and come from ** many countries. It also shows a 'close proximity' to China .... once again reinforcing my opinion that he is bunkered in somewhere along the Chinese border.

Other web research indicates that the 1991 Gulf War established U.S. Military bases in various areas of the mid-east. One of which is located in Kuwait, while others are located in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. This must be the U.S. bases that I saw in my vision. They are not 'close' to where Osama bin Laden is if you consider 'land miles,' and yet, they are within striking range by air, or even ground to air missiles. There again, one would have to be right on target, because a mishap of any kind could affect China or Russia or another 'neighboring' country.

Time Period

In my opinion, the time period in which Osama bin Laden might intend another strike is around our 'Easter' time. I believe this is why the map was pastel shades of pink and green.

Although I spent a couple of days roaming around the internet in search of 'national colors, flags, etc.' the only thing that I could find that was pink and green [although not exactly the right shades of pink or green] was the flag of Palestine, which is pictured below.

And even though I admit this could be an indication of 'direction,' in my opinion, at least at this time, I do not think that is what the colors indicate. I am more inclined to believe it is the time period in which an attack from bin Laden and his troops is the most probable.

A little over a year ago, I worked a vision that someone else had. April 10th was the date of that vision, and I said then, and am repeating it now ..... the date of the vision is important for two reasons. The vision involved a missing persons case in Missouri, but more importantly it also showed something that was going to happen on the 'world' scale during the same time period that the missing person case was well underway.

The missing people from Missouri are Sherrill Levitt, Suzanne Streeter and Stacy McCall.

Kenny Young is the person who had the 'world event' vision on April 10th [several years ago.]

Kenny's visions also involved the number 911. Therefore I believe that his visions not only involve the three missing women - who [as far as we can determine, at this time] were located on April 17th, 2006.

{*** Attention FBI: *** We may never know for certain though because police in Springfield, Missouri are refusing to examine the place where we believe the women are located. ***}

So, at least for now, I have no choice but move away from that portion of Kenny's visions and into the world arena. If his visions are correct [and thanks to the cops down there, we can neither prove nor disprove anything for now] but if they are correct, then we are up for another strike such as we had on 9-11 a few years ago. And since the 'World Trade Centers' were the brunt of that attack, I am guessing the next one will involve 'the world,' and may be simultaneous strikes in several countries.

Since the colors of pink and green remind me of Easter, and even the word Easter contains the word 'east,' and since Easter is only two days away from the anniversary of Kenny's vision, I am inclined to believe that we are now looking at the time period in which bin Laden and his al-Qaida forces may make a mighty effort to attack those whom they perceive as enemies.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong about Osama bin Laden and his intentions, but just in case, I will send this page to the FBI. What they do with it is up to them. I just don't want President Bush to think I had a vision that might have given advance warning, and might have saved lives, and I did nothing with it. No Sir, don't want our president to ever think that .... although all things considered, he should know me better than that!


This page was sent to the FBI in [Cleveland, Ohio] and in [Cincinnati, Ohio] on 3/29/07: There has been [no response] not even acknowledgment of receipt: No problem. I did my job. The rest is up to them.

Here's a quote from a news article I found on the net yesterday:

Tue Mar 6, 2007

WANA, Pakistan (Reuters) - Seventeen people, including 12 al Qaeda-linked Uzbeks, were killed on Tuesday in the first reported clash between militants and tribesmen in a Pakistani region seen as a hotbed of militant support

Explosive Eggs!

The following dream comes from Albany, Oregon on 4/11/07:

What appeared to be [Easter eggs made of jello-like substance,] each containing 3 small balls of explosives within them, were scattered around the yards of houses on **Chicago Street.

[A man suddenly shows up in the dream and is inspecting the eggs. The dreamer tells him not to crack or break open the egg because it will explode and kill him. He pays no attention and breaks open the egg he's looking at.

The egg explodes and kills the man,] just as the dreamer warned. The dreamer's [white van is struck by an egg that is hurled from somewhere and it explodes] just as the dreamer's parents home and all their neighbor's homes begin to explode.....

end of dream:

In The News - April 12th, 2007

BAGHDAD, IRAQ: April 12, 2007 -- A [suicide bomber detonated ] a vest packed with explosives inside Iraq's parliament building, killing at least eight people in the worst-ever breach of security in the heavily guarded [Green Zone.]

Iraq's national security adviser, said in a television interview Thursday night that investigators had identified [three ] suspects linked to the bombing.

And yes, the [green] depicted on above map - IS - the shade of green that I saw in my vision of Osama bin Laden!

"Elsewhere in the capital, a [ truck bomb ] destroyed a bridge over the Tigris River, killing at least one person and severing a link between the now Shiite-dominant eastern side of Baghdad with the Sunni-dominant west."// {Washington Post}

But, this is not all the 'news' of 4/12/07. Another astonishing event occurred also. Read on .....


** Photograph of Christopher Paul, 43, released by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, 12 Apr 2007**

[Note that this man's name contains the word/name Christ: Easter time concerns Christ! And YES, the pale green shown in this photo is also the green of my vision!!! Keep in mind, I only sent the warning to the Ohio FBI. ]

A Few News Clips From Various Sources:

By Michael Bowman / Washington / 12 April 2007: "The indictment, handed down by a federal grand jury, alleges" -- "Paul is said to have traveled to [ Pakistan and Afghanistan for training at an al-Qaida military camp." ]//

"By mid-1991, the indictment alleges, he actually joined [al-Qaida and stayed at a guest house exclusively for al-Qaida members," ] said Justice Department spokesman Dean Boyd. "He returned to the United States, taught [ martial arts ] at a mosque in Columbus [Ohio] ," //

"Justice officials say the case underscores the need for cooperation among government agencies in fighting terrorism and should serve as a strong warning to any U.S. citizen who considers joining forces with America's enemy.

Paul has not been convicted of any crime and is innocent until proven guilty."

William Hunt, left, first assistant U.S. attorney, answers questions at a news conference at the U.S. Attorney's Office in Columbus, Ohio, Thursday, April 12, 2007, about Christopher Paul, a 43-year-old Columbus man who was arrested Wednesday for conspiring to provide material support and resources to terrorists and conspiring to use a weapon of mass destruction, as Tim Murphy, special agent of the [ ** FBI Cincinnati Division, ** ] looks on. (AP Photo/Paul Vernon)

By Matt Leingang, Associated Press Writer | April 12, 2007

"COLUMBUS, Ohio --A federal grand jury indicted an Ohio man on charges of joining al-Qaida and conspiring to bomb European tourist resorts and U.S. government facilities and military bases overseas, officials announced Thursday." //

"The investigation into Paul and his activities spanned four years, **three continents and at least eight countries, FBI agent Tim Murphy said. " //

"The indictment says Paul traveled to Germany about April 1999 to train co-conspirators to use explosives to attack European and U.S. targets, including government buildings and vacation spots frequented by American tourists. //

"It does not name specific resorts or buildings that might have been targeted, but gives U.S. embassies, military bases and consular premises in Europe as examples.

"Paul also is accused of storing material at his father's house in Columbus, including a book on improvised land mines, money from countries in the Middle East and a letter to his parents explaining that he would be "on the front lines," according to the indictment.

"Paul's sister, Sandra Laws, answered the door at the two-story, [ pale green ] home she shares with her father, Ernest, in suburban Columbus but declined to comment on the case.

"No charges are expected against family members, authorities said.

"Paul was born Paul Kenyatta Laws. He legally changed his name to Abdulmalek Kenyatta in 1989, then to Christopher Paul in 1994, according to the indictment.

[ "After finishing his al-Qaida training in the early 1990s, he returned to Columbus to teach martial arts." ] //

Associated Press reporter Doug Whiteman contributed to this story.

Does The Suicide Attack On Virginia Tech Fit Into This Story?

Without a doubt I will have to do another page and attach it to this one because I'm sure there is not enough space left on this one to do up the story about what happened at Virginia Tech.

But for here and now, I want my readers to know that I believe this is all connected, and I also believe we have not seen the end of it.

If I am right, we're in for some more major trouble. I'm trying my best to determine which direction we should watch the closest. At this time, I'm thinking [west] of Columbus, Ohio. However many miles Blacksburg, Virginia is [east] of Columbus, then I'd suggest we watch that distance [west] of Columbus.

I just did a map search, and am posting it now, well before I get the other page done because I think this is important:

Columbus, Ohio to Blacksburg, Virginia [Virginia Tech] = 350 miles:

Columbus, Ohio to **Chicago, Illinois = 354 miles:

"Chicago" was warned about in the 'Explosive Eggs' Dream. I find it very odd that there's only a difference of 4 miles between Columbus and Blacksburg [350] and between Columbus and Chicago [354]

Some of Cho Seung-Hui classmates told of him having a 'make believe girlfriend whose name was Jelly. This is awfully close to 'jello' as mentioned in the Explosive Egg dream.

In my personal opinion, Chicago, Illinois should go on full alert, and be prepared, because this just doesn't look good to me.

And another thing before I leave this page. I'm sick of hearing the so called 'experts' say that you cannot predict the behavior of these sickos, and you can't identify them by their behavior. Like hell you can't. I've been identifying them for years and years now, and I've been predicting their behavior even longer!

Psychopaths fit a profile folks. There's nothing mysterious about how their minds work ..... it's all negative, nothing positive, simple as that. You feel love, they feel lust: You give out of kindness, they take out of meanness: You admire and respect others for their work and effort, they despise and resent everything anyone else has or does: You work, earn and respect, they resent work, steal whenever possible, and have no respect for anything: You offer a helping hand, they demand a hand-out: You should work your guts out and have everything you earned taken away as soon as you get it - in fact, just bypass you, and give it to them, because they shouldn't have to work and earn anything. You work and build it up so they can snarl up their noses at your efforts and tear it all down at first opportunity. The system, their families, everyone has catered to them from childhood up to keep peace in the family, the home, the school, etc. not that it ever worked or that anyone was ever able to do enough, give enough, care enough about them.

More of those 'money making experts' whine that we must 'understand' these pieces of worthless flesh. Well, I've just given everyone a crash course in 'understanding them,' never charged anyone a dime and I say --- It's time to stand up to these greedy, jealous hearted, sulking bully's and start kicking some serious ass in this nation!

Oh, and by the way -- As the home of Christopher Paul's parents was the right shade of green, so was the home of Cho Seung-Hui parent's, the right shade of pink!!! And who the hell was he calling deceitful charlatans anyhow?

2009: Another Election

Obama vs. Osama

Kyrgyzstan Says Decision To Close US Base Is Final

The Associated Press // Feb. 6, 2009

BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan -

Kyrgyzstan will not reverse its decision to close a U.S. air base on its territory that is key to American and NATO operations in Afghanistan, a top Kyrgyz security official said Friday.

The statement by Kyrgyzstan's National Security Council chief Adakhan Madumarov appeared to dash any U.S. hopes of securing a last-minute reprieve for the Manas air base, which is located just outside the capital of Bishkek.

"The fate of the air base has been sealed; there is no doubt the bill to revoke the basing agreement will be ratified," Madumarov told a news conference.

Parliament is due to consider a government-sponsored bill to close the base next week.

Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev stunned Washington when he announced the closure of the base earlier this week after securing more than $2 billion in financial aid and credit from Russia.

Losing Manas now would pose a serious challenge to President Barack Obama's plan to send up to 30,000 more U.S. forces to fight surging Taliban and al-Qaida violence in Afghanistan.

That threat comes as increasing attacks on transportation depots and truck convoys in Pakistan have raised doubts about its ability to protect vital supply routes. About 75 percent of U.S. supplies to Afghanistan currently travel through Pakistan.


A dream has come in and been reported to me on December 29, 2009 indicating military action possibly involving Palestine. The dream -- Two military men, decorated, one wearing a green uniform and green beret, the other wearing a coral/cinnamon colored uniform and beret: Dreamer was told that the 'biscuits were done and the military men were waiting for me to serve the sausage gravy." end of dream: Repeat dream/ two nights in a row.

My interpretation: WARNING: Military action possibly involving Palestine {their flag has two colors involved in the dream} is eminent ...... Terrorist, possibly involving Israel; Bin Laden; etc. // Possible strike zone - United States / Israel / mid East.

This is posted in the early morning hours of December 30th, 2009: May God be with us.....



Bonnie M. Wells




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