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Bonnie M. Wells

The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls (Exodus 23:20).


The 'whistle blowers' are a group of people very dear to my heart and I have the utmost respect for them. Many times these people lay their entire life on the line in order to do that which is right, and too many times they suffer consequences that never should have been doled out to them.

In many instances their whistle blowing comes from a desire to help other people and perhaps even to save the lives of others. Left unheeded, many times their warnings culminate in disastrous situations .... sometimes for themselves, but more often for others.

Some say they are modern day prophets ..... perhaps they are. Regardless, I know how they feel.

A few years ago, I began noticing things that didn't look right to me. A friend of mine always seemed to be 'connected' to murder cases. Eventually I noticed they remained mostly unsolved murder cases. I began documenting things and having other people document things they saw, and thus began an eighteen year {so far} nightmare of trying to get someone to take a serious look at this man in connection to some of these cases. My reward has been horrific.

I've been ridiculed, criticized, slandered, called crazy, stupid and a witch!

I've lost friends and family because of my commitment to this project, and yet, I remain as steadfast as ever, because I continue to say things do not look right around this man. And if the day should ever come that it turns out that I have been right all along, then I want the entire world to know I did my best; never backed down; never surrendered and never stood in silence, and the cost was never a consideration.

One {former} sheriff went out into the community and told people that I was an ungodly liar, and besides that I am a witch! I am neither.

In one case, a lawman traveled several hundred miles to consult with me on an unsolved case. After meeting me and my family and spending most of the day with us, he was gracious enough to tell me that the prosecuting attorney in his home town had told him to be sure and bring his gun with him because he was probably coming to 'interview the killer!' When this officer went back and tried to tell the prosecuting attorney that I made a lot of sense and had the best theory he'd heard so far, he was removed from the case. The case remains unsolved to this day.

Another {former} city police officer told people that I was either psychic or I had something to do with an arson, and he just didn't believe in psychics! Well, I am psychic, and I've never committed arson or murder or any other crime in my life.

I've had police officers and citizens alike call me and pump me for information on cases so they could turn around and give it to someone else in hopes that other person would get the credit. It worked once. It will never work again, because that's why I built this web site. No one will listen .... before or after the facts ..... and this web site stands as a testimony to what I said; when I said it and many times to whom I said it.

I guess I was a whistle blower long before it became fashionable .... and I'll be one long after the others are forgotten. That's why I decided to add some of them to my web site ...... so they wouldn't be forgotten.


Bonnie M. Wells

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