Wild Bill's New Truck

A Dream By

Bonnie M. Wells

Dreamer: Bonnie M. Wells

Date & Time Of Dream: 6:00 a.m. / Feb. 7, 2009

My husband and I were walking down a long corridor in a huge building with big windows that overlooked grassy areas as well as parking areas.

As we neared the exit of the building I decided to run to the rest room before leaving, and told Mike I'd be right back.

I walked to the end of the corridor and turned left into a small area that separated the men's rest room from the women's. Just as I turned the corner I noticed the small chain that was draped from the door handle of the women's rest room over to a wooden step ladder. A small white sign hung over the chain that said 'out of order'.

"Just my luck," I mumbled to myself as I turned to go back to where Mike stood waiting for me.

I could see him standing there as soon as I left the recessed area, and I realized he was now talking to Wild Bill.

I don't know what they were talking about but when I got to them Mike said, "are you ready to go," and I nodded yes, but the rest room was out of order so I'd look for another one as we went.

The next thing I knew we were outside the building and entering a parking area that had several levels to it. Wild Bill was bragging about his new vehicle, and as we entered an area where there seemed to be dozens of vehicles parked, he looked at me and said ... "I'll bet you can't tell me which one is mine."

I glanced up and down the rows and immediately pointed to a large, white, Toyota truck with a silver, over the cab, camper on it, and said ...."right there."

"How could you know?" Wild Bill asked. "I just got that truck. You are the first person to see it. I haven't even taken it out to show it to my mom yet." he said.

"It's a white Toyota, isn't it?" I answered ..... as if he would be the only person in the world driving a white Toyota truck!

He opened the driver's door to reveal black interior, and said, "Go ahead, climb up in there and see what you think of it."

"No," I replied, "I can't get up there."

"Sure you can," he said, "Just step there on the running board and then on up into the foot hold spot and on up into the truck."

"No," I replied. "I can see just fine from here. It certainly is a nice truck. I especially like that built on camper. You don't see much corrugated aluminum anymore," I said.

"I'm going to walk down there and see if there's a rest room," I said to Mike as I pointed down the corridor to my left.

"You don't have to do that," Wild Bill said, "I'll open the camper for you. I have a rest room in it .... and beds, a living room and small kitchen..... everything I need. It's very nice. You're welcome to use my rest room."

"No, thank you. I'll just walk on down there," I replied .....

End Of Dream


The last account I had on Wild Bill's vehicle, he was driving a black Toyota truck:

He has not owned a white Toyota truck since 2002, and it was not a full sized truck like the one in the dream:

The vehicle in the dream actually resembled a small motor home:

I have never seen 'corrugated aluminum,' but it looked like the old fashioned corrugated tin that people once used to roof a barn or shed.

When I told Sindee the dream she immediately said the building and parking area sounded like Marietta Memorial Hospital: I agreed.

Wild Bill's 'mom' lives in the Beverly, Ohio area, and it is his custom to show his parents {his father is now deceased} and his siblings any new vehicle {or woman} he gets, so I assume he was headed for his mother's home when he left the area in which we had been speaking to him.

A few years ago, I learned that Wild Bill does own a very small, silver {shiny metal like the one in the dream} pull behind camping trailer. I once saw it sitting at his parent's home with a for sale sign on it. Whether he actually sold it or not, I never knew. He may still have it, and still use it when he's working away from this area.

The last ticket that Wild Bill received {and that record is posted on this web site} he was driving a full sized, white, pick-up truck, but it was not a Toyota. If memory serves me correctly it was a Chevy, and according to the police report it was running a Wyoming license plate: Some people have thought it might have been a company truck. I do not know.

The dream may {or may} not be a {revelationary} dream - as something had already happened locally just 3 days before I had the dream. However, I did not learn of this event until it was announced on the local news on the evening of February 9th. I am watching the event and monitoring the dream to see if it actually does fit the case, and will let my readers know as soon as I can determine anything for certain.




February 25th, 2009: As of last night, I believe the above dream was an indicator of the Kimberly Jones case.

It has taken me some time to track things down, and I have been working with actuality as well as psychic/spiritual information, and had to have enough time to be able to sort the information that has come in to me from several different sources, and from several different states.

Last night I was able to determine that my 'Wild Bill' character does in fact have an actual connection to at least one member of Kimberly Jones' family.

Back in the early 1990's he exposed himself to one of Kimberly's female relatives. It was reported to the Belpre police department, but nothing was ever done with him -- as usual.

This woman was one of five that I have tracked down over the years that reported him to the police for exposing himself and threatening to rape them -- usually at Civitan Park in Belpre, but always right out in public, and often in broad daylight.

I can only pray that he is not actually involved in Kimberly's disappearance, because if he is ..... well, the case will never be solved.

I've spent twenty years tracking this man, and no amount of information or evidence has ever been enough to get anything done with him.

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